Wednesday, 27 May 2015

"Hip-Hop is only for Children"

We get home from Salamander Cafe where I just purchased Onyeka Nwelue's latest release "Hip-Hop is only for Children". I'm so giddy and can't wait to bury my face in the book. The Generator is on, I settle into my Sofa and turn on the TV to watch Skin Wars, 20 mins in,the light dims and goes out. 
Yup. Diesel has finished I tell my hubby, I turn off the UPS and open the windows for fresh air to come in. I recall that only minutes ago AEDC (a part of the dissolved PHCN a.k.a NEPA) had sent me a bulksms to apologise for the drop in electricity supply-how amusing. I put on the rechargeable lamp,turn on some slow jams on my laptop and plug my phone to my power bank as hubby dozes off to wonderland. I pick up my newly acquired novel, admiring the witty front cover and pweety bookmarker with the author's image on it before i proceed to peruse the book from the half title page to introduction after reading the author's bio. 
I smile as a warmth spreads through me,ever brazen Onyeka, I'm definitely gonna enjoy this book so I'm gonna take it jeje till NEPA/PHCN/AEDC or whatever new name dey go by decide to restore electricity or till all my appliances run out of power. For now,my spirits are up with hubby's head in my lap as I fan both of us and swat at the mosquitoes that made it into the house. The music and words of the novel soothe me.Its 9pm, Saturday. 
Chapter 3, Page 58, 11.58pm. I slide my bookmarker in, its time for a shut-eye.this is as jeje as I can go. The rechargeable lamp has dimmed considerably, the laptop is still going strong churning out sweet melodies with its battery drained halfway, still no electricity supply. I plug all appliance so they can charge up whenever they decide to restore light w/o interrupting my sleep. Thankfully its a breezy cool night, gotta sleep nude to make d most of it. As I crawl into bed and my eyelids start to close, I make 2 mental notes -Gotta get diesel tomorrow and also drown the house in insecticide, let the mosquitoes feast tonight.{This was during the period of the #Fuelscarcity (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene) that rocked the nation, NNPC/MOMAN/NARTO were all on strike, Airlines cancelled flights, Banks closed from 1pm, Telco's (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat) spread the word that mobile network would be shitty, No Power Supply either}
I finished the book by Monday,that's as jeje as I could go. 
It was a really captivating, insightful and interesting read and I definitely recommend it be read and digested by any serious Nigerian Artiste regardless of their Genre of music. 
It is a book that needed to be written and only Onyeka Nwelue could write it so. 
Please Share it! :)

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