Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Married to a Bearded Man...

The Pros & Cons.

  • You & Hubby get to put up those cool Beard Gang memes and laugh about them

  • Hubby looks as manly as it gets
  • You have something to fiddle with and detangle when you're bored or just chilling with hubby and he enjoys the stoking feeling (*singing 'Pe mi loruko, ko fa mi ni irugbon'-translation-call my name and pull my beard. its a popular yoruba phrase for teasing)
  • You have that inner happy feeling that your unborn child will get good hair genes
  • All the attention he gets from other guys (and gals), asking what secret formula he uses to have such a full 'healthy' beard (lol, i swear this really happens, we get stopped by total strangers for this)
  • Its an icebreaker a.k.a topic of discussion
  • I can share my hair potions with his

  • He is already half dressed and steady looking hot with za beard (trying to look hotter than me eh *side-eye)

  • There is gonna be hair EVERYWHERE!! in different curls and sizes and that equals cleaning 
  • Food easily gets caught in the beard trap and hubby has to be conscious of it whenever he's eating
  • He has to get regular trims and grooming to keep the beard looking great and majestic
  • You gotta help him get out any ingrown hairs with a pair of tweezers, no place for bumps around the awesomeness of this beard (I enjoy doing this though)
  • You don't wanna see hubby with a clean shave.  Baby Face.
  • It's a chic magnet(how is that a con right?? Some even try to stroke/pull it ??!! Well he's mine ladies!eyes/hands off)
  • Sometimes he gets weird looks at security checkpoints (No, he is not a terrorist 'cos he has a beard, Mr. Soldier *rme)
  • We get stares in Church (the eyes try to see through us and detect if we are terrorists or have an ulterior motive)
  • Random men walk up to him asking for beard secret/magic potions, grooming tips, etc. (sometimes we are not in the mood plixx! *rme)
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, hubby and I sure enjoyed it and had a good laugh with the I love the beard regardless of the Cons above though and we are keeping it for now. #TeamBeardGang
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