Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Silent Tears Trailer (2015)

The hypocrisy embraced by law enforcers in the name of "sanitizing" the streets who patronize the supposed culprits in kind or cash while they arrest those that don't 'cooperate'. Abuse of power.
The fear of detainment/assault women unaccompanied by men face when they are out at night, whether to hail a cab or meet up friends.
The archaic mentality that only women are/can be prostitutes and every/any woman alone on the street at a time considered "ungodly" is a prostitute and should be arrested/detained/molested without question.
I lived in one of the busy part of Wuse 2 where prostitutes did frequent and many 24hour businesses functioned. I could not comfortably stand on the street to hail a cab from 7pm out of fear that the authorities can show up at anytime and i could be arrested/detained/molested with no opportunity for explanation or to defend myself. We have heard the stories and no one wants to be a victim.

I wrote a post here in 2012 about my experience with the Nigerian Police authorities when we were stopped at a police checkpoint. A guy was driving and we were 2 girls in the car, next thing we were told to drive down with them to their station because we were assumed to be prostitutes!! Furious is an understatement of how i felt as i was very well dressed unlike usual nights i'm out with friends, i wonder what the story would have been if it was.

I applaud this documentary. Definitely long overdue. There must be a better way to "sanitize" the streets of Abuja without preying on the freedom of movement of Women.
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