Friday, 18 March 2016

MEN; Learn to cook!!

Years of women taking care of the household, cooking and raising the kids has over-conditioned the mind of most men (especially the majority of Nigerian Men in this scenario) to believe it is their entitlement for a woman to cook for them. Most of them believe they have no business being in the kitchen and that is the 'wackest' thought process ever!!
Food is necessary for Life and Energy. Go on a Fast and you'll testify.
It is therefore a no-brainer that every HUMAN BEING (male and female) acquire this survival skill moreso after attaining the age of independence. Most Bachelors learn how to cook especially if they are broke and  don't have a nice housemate/girlfriend cooking for them every other week.
The worst bunch of entitled men are Married Men (the majority); The wives DO EVERYTHING! Hold down a 9-5 job, cook, clean, do laundry, garden, look after the kids, etc. the list is endless; and we honestly wonder why married women look worn out so fast, of course they'll age when all the load is on their shoulder. The married women who look good with all this stress on them are those that take out a lil time to pamper themselves and get some help.
The kitchen is not meant for only Women and Male Chefs/Cooks. Cooking does not make you any less 'macho'! Check out these 'Macho hotties' throwing it down in the kitchen. Men, you will not die if you cook.
The Kitchen is for everybody.
I did not learn how to cook properly till i was out of Uni and living on my own; i had to learn because i had to eat and also spare my pockets daily restaurant trips. I HATE when guys/gals say 'oh i wasn't raised cooking'. Everyone was raised differently and we all learn and change as we grow so that is not a valid excuse. I wasn't raised being in the kitchen either, i learnt the skill, so anyone (male/female) can learn especially in this 'Internet Age' (Google,YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest etc.) where all the resource (recipes, etc.) you need is available online. Check out this post for more tips on easy cooking and more.
Here's a list of EASY meals all men should at least know how to make:
  • Boiled yam
  • Egg sauce
  • Pancake
  • Fried egg
  • Toast
  • Sandwich
  • Boiled White rice
  • Spaghetti
  • Stew
  • Stirfry (Chicken/Beef/Veg)
  • @least one kind of Sauce
  • Yam porridge
  • Beans porridge
  • White Beans
  • Fried chips/yam
  • Fried plantain
  • Boiled Plantain
  • Grilled chicken
  • Oats
  • Custard
  • Pap
  • Peppersoup
  • Swallows-Poundo,Cemo,etc.
  • @least one Soup-easiest i can think of is Okro soup
Why MEN (and Women) should learn how to cook:
  1. You are responsible for your welfare
  2. Its a BASIC survival skill (not having to depend on someone or a place to get fed)
  3. Starvation hurts. Food is essential to life
  4. A Hungry Man is an Angry Man
  5. Saves you money (eating out is expensive)
  6. EVERYBODY loves a man that can cook.
  7. Women find it sexy, oh yes we do!! You're saving us stress and feeding us a tasty meal-it don't get no better. Total libido booster
  8. Your significant other/spouse is a human being and deserves a break too
  9. You can fend for your significant other/spouse when ill
  10. You can fend for your kids when necessary
Baby Steps to getting Comfy in the Kitchen:
  1. Start by warming ready made meals (by microwave or on fire)
  2. Keep your significant other company in the kitchen and Watch her cook n prepping ingredients. You can even ask questions. (if u feel the kitchen is too hot, newsflash-she's feeling hot too)
  3. Help out- with prepping ingredients for cook, do the dishes, serve urself ur food,clean the cooker,etc. wen u r done.
  4. Learn where the cooking ingredients and utensils are stored
  5. Go to d market with her and see how she bargains and what she buys-a few trips later you will know ur way around.
  6. Check out cooking blogs and YouTube vids and start practising with simple recipes-dere's soooo much resource online
  7. Practise, Practise, Practise 
  8. If you come across any issues or things that scare you in the kitchen, Google it or ask someone. There is always a solution, food/cooking hack, etc. Other people have faced such problems and most likely found a way around it. Check out this Twitter Thread Guys made of what they hate about cooking and solutions provided in the replies.
  9. We have all had cooking disasters at one point or the other, its a learning process. Check this Twitter Thread hopefully it will ease your mind.
Most men will break down if they were to switch roles completely with their Significant Other/Wives/Mothers/Sisters and DO EVERY SINGLE THING they do for just one weekend .
I'm glad to have brothers that do not see household chores and cooking as strictly a woman's job, i happily give them recipes and take up their offers to help out around the house. Their future wives will definitely appreciate it. I pray to have a partner who helps out with regards to this and raise even better sons & daughters that can fend for themselves without feeling they are entitled to having anyone(especially Women) cater to their every whim.
The men that get on my nerves are those that want fresh food cooked 3-4 times a day but cant even fry an egg. Its just wrong mehn and in most cases even their mums never did that so i dont get the acquired taste except their owned an eatery or there was no way to store/preserve food. If your wife likes to cook fresh food all day errday, that's her prerogative and totally fine but to DEMAND that from her is just slavery. Some men wont even enter d kitchen to keep their gf/wives company talk less of doing other stuff.
I know there are women out there who do not want to see men in their kitchen, i also feel this is wrong, if a guy wants to cook please let him. It is not a taboo.
Dear Most Men(i know there are exceptions), 
Women are also human beings. We get tired, frustrated, resentful, exhausted, etc. having all the load, cooking included, solely on our shoulders. We would like to hear 'What would you like to eat dear' instead of 'What am i eating'. Please do the needful and treat us right as fellow human beings, It is not too much to ask that you at least learn this basic skill. Quit taking us for granted. You don't want to imagine how this world will be if all women go on STRIKE. Please follow the example of other good men. Thank you as you make amends from today. The women in your life will definitely appreciate it. 
I personally enjoy cooking but honestly only when i'm not under pressure or have other people's stomach's depending on me otherwise its just one of my daily chores. I will still touch on this subject when i write the post on 'MEN and House Chores' so watch out for that post.
This was a bit of a Rant but very necessary. "Women are the foot-soldiers of Patriarchy" and its about time that changed.
When men say "women go through a lot. Let's appreciate them". That's nice, but what are you doing to make the situation better?

Please Share it! :)

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