Monday, 11 April 2016

Services at Online Marketplace {Jiji}

Online marketplace is not something new and obscure anymore. No wonder these services have become so popular. Nowadays people use every chance to save some time and money, so a universal shopping spot, where you can buy absolutely everything at affordable prices, is a thing no one can ignore. 
An online marketplace is a kind of a shopping spot, where people come to sell their goods. Actually, it is very similar to an ordinary market, only with several differences caused by this ‘online’ part: there are web pages instead of counters, categories instead of lines, and phone conversations instead of face-to-face communication. The greatest advantage is that you don’t have to pay any rent for a shopping spot, as all ads are posted for free. And you still can bargain!

Jiji is a place where people sell stuff to people. This ensures direct communication and the lowest possible prices. We don’t hire any assistants or mediators, so we don’t have to pay extra charges or any additional fees. Personally, we don’t sell anything. We help other people to sell and try to make this process as easy and convenient as it is possible. 
Besides a huge selection of various items – from shoes and shampoo to cars and houses – we offer a wide range of services. You can find information about them in a proper category. Whether you need a help with cleaning up, building or landscaping, finding a new apartment or removing, taking care of a child , health care or personal training, throwing a party or organizing a wedding, you can find an assistant here there are almost 10,000 thousand specialists from different corners of the country ready to help you. Choose the one you like the most and don’t hesitate to contact this person.
And don’t forget that Jiji is an online marketplace, No. 1 in Nigeria. It means the biggest number of adverts and users; to be precise, 530,000 active offers and over 10 million monthly visitors. Enjoy!
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