Thursday, 5 May 2016

STORYTIME! I Washed rice with OMO!

Before we get into the story lemme tell y'all about my plan. I've been watching a YouTuber of recent 'HeyParis' and her Storytimes are absolutely entertaining, hilarious and ridiculous!! I swear y'all need to check her out and come back and thank me. That being said, her storytime vids have inspired me to start something similar on here. I love to tell stories and i have quite a few stored away, this way i can segment my stories under the Storytime Titles, 'Tales by Moonlight' things but obviously this is more of a 'Tales by Screenlight' since y'all are gonna be reading my stories outta some type of screen. I hope you enjoy this new segment and i'm super-excited to get into it and also have this 'on record' for the future. So shall we?
Yup. You read the title right. I indeed washed rice with OMO a.k.a detergent. 
I believe i was about 10 or 11 years old (Year 2000/2001) and i was still in Junior Secondary School when this incident happened, we lived in 1004 estate at the time and although i had a very early on domestic training, somehow cooking was skipped. I hated cooking and being in the kitchen but i loved baking and experimenting if that makes any sense. 
I would always be outta sight whenever it was time to cook, either go visit my cousins and friends that lived in the estate or hide in my room or toilet and act like i can't hear my mum yelling my name from the kitchen. The most i ever did whenever serious cooking was going on was to unwrap Maggi/Knorr Cubes and crush them and after that wash up everything in the sink. I actually enjoy washing up till date. 
Anyways back to the story, on this particular day, my mum was not having any of my hide and seek routine and forced me into the kitchen, she said i should 'wash' some white rice and warm stew for lunch. I had heard of them washing rice before cooking but i had never seen the process. I asked the maid if i was supposed to use detergent to wash it and she sarcastically said 'yes'. How was i to know it was sarcasm??!! I put the rice in a bowl, put some water over it and added detergent (it was either, OMO, Ariel or So Klin) while my mind wondered on how dirty rice must be for it to require this kind of serious washing! I had no idea 'washing' basically meant rinsing out the starch in the rice. I washed and washed and washed this rice but because of the detergent it just kept foaming. I eventually called the maid into the kitchen and told her i was tired of washing the rice and the detergent wasn't going away. Boy did she laugh her head off!! I couldn' understand what was so funny till she said she was just joking about using the detergent. I was too tired and scared of how my mom would react to this huge blunder to even be angry at the maid. We had to thrash the rice and she showed me how to 'wash' a fresh batch. Thankfully my mum (typical Nigerian Yoruba mum) never found out, she would have rained words of fire and brimstone on my head and forced me to be in the kitchen everyday of my life as penance.
That's my story! Hope y'all enjoyed it. Check out my other cooking related posts, thankfully i'm a much better cook than back then and my mum is very proud.
Check out a list of some EPIC COOKING DISASTERS that i had a good laugh on from a Twitter thread featured on Zikoko. I had a good laugh reading this and it kinda made me feel better knowing other people have made mistakes and become better. I hope you have a good laugh off this and if you have had any cooking disasters, don't be discouraged. 
Practice makes Perfect and we all make mistakes. It'll be a good funny story to look back on in the future.
Please Share it! :)

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