Friday, 12 August 2016

Painting with Le Hubby

Amateur artists @work
Our Finished Work
About 3 weekends ago, we found our creative side!! well...sorta
I found out about Artsplashstudio Paint Nite while researching for my Eat. Drink. Chill & Play Abuja Post. I was intrigued, checked out their IG page and sent them a DM *humming 'it goes down in da DM'*. I got a reply from them and we conversed, i sent them my email address.
I got a mail from them not long after which specified the date, venue, time, cost per person and how to make payment. 
It costs #5,000 per person and payment must be made before the date to confirm your reservation.
My artist friend Ifesinachi has tried to convince me severally to try my hands at painting due to my love and interest in art and creative activities. This was the perfect chance as I had been informed that participants do not need to have prior experience at painting. I wasn't good at fine art in Secondary School so I would definitely feel comfortable in the midst of fellow amateurs and having a guide was also a plus. 
I told hubby about it and 'whitemailed' him into joining me, its more fun with a fellow novice afterall.

The Paint Nite was on Saturday at Bamboo Lounge, Maitama and we got there early. There was a n ArtSplashStudio banner outside the room that helped us identify it. Our instructor, Mr. Bona and Christy were already there and welcomed us. The space had been set up with chairs and tables with blank painting canvases on easels, paint brushes, a rag and water to clean our brushes. It was to start by 7:00pm but we waited about 30 mins or so for the rest of the class to arrive while we conversed with our instructor, wore our aprons and got our different paint colors served on a paper plate.
Blank Canvas on Easel and Paint
Reference Painting
I initially thought there would be an outline or template for us to paint in but that wasn't the case, we only had a reference painting . We were gonna have to paint from scratch what was in the reference painting. It was a bit overwhelming to have to do it all on our own initially but our instructor, Mr. Bona ,coached us really well on how to go about it, mixing colors, etc.
Hubby in serious mode
Me feeling like an artist
We had a great time, nice conversation with others in the class, Christy was a delight and got us some great pics. 
In da zone
We got comfortable and painted our versions of the reference painting with the coaching of our instructor. Hubby and I definitely had fun and did not want it to end. We finished around past 9pm, took group and solo pics and the best part was taking home our precious creations. 
Group Pic
We are very proud of our amateur paintings, which are currently hanging on our walls at home and I intend to buy some paint and touch up my painting a bit and maybe paint some more.
I definitely have an even higher respect for artists and creators now, no be small thing abeg. 
I would really love us to try out pottery as well and explore our creative side some more.
We went to get some well deserved tasty Chicken Capitol Sharwarma for our hardwork. We'll definitely be back for some more painting fun with ArtSplashStudio.
Enjoy the pics.
Step out of your comfort zone and live a little!
Please Share it! :)


  1. Aha! I knew I saw you guys on their insta!

    Well done you guys!

    I also had the art splash studio experience recently and I had so much fun!

    I have a blog post coming up. Soon.

    Now I have to convince the husband to attend one...

  2. Lol!! Tnx Ummi, yesso please convince him, i never expected we'd have as much fun as we did. We didn't want it to end. I'll be on the lookout for ur post


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