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Solar Energy: Power Your House with Sun {Jiji}

Holaa, this post is about Solar Energy as the title of this post states. 
In case you didn't know my 1st degree is in Industrial Physics and my focus was Renewable Energy. I fell in love with renewable energy during my industrial attachment (IT) when i got to be actively involved in the solar electrification of  2 villages without power lines in Badagry and i also built an inverter as my final year project. Basically i have a super-soft spot for all things renewable energy, i'll tell you about that in another post.
Solar Energy is one of the forms of renewable energy and in Nigeria we are barely scratching the surface as regards implementing it even with the excess sunshine at our disposal for free. You mostly see Solar-powered streetlamps and portable chargers for devices but there is sooooo much more solar energy can be used for. 
In developed countries, they have embraced the use of different forms of renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass, etc.) to provide constant power supply to their citizens and are on a whole new level researching and finding new ways to harness this energy, they even have a reservoir and sometimes PAY their citizens to use up excess power!!! 
We all know how terrible power supply (PHCN a.k.a NEPA) is in Nigeria, most homes and business thrive on  Generators and they come with so much noise and air pollution, what about fuel and diesel scarcity, lets not get into it. We know the struggle.
I know people that have their homes powered by solar energy and i truly envy them, they don't worry about PHCN, charging up all their devices 'cos the light can go off at anytime, hurrying to do all chores that require light,  things in their refrigerator or freezer going bad and the likes. It's really bliss, i can't wait to have my own home and go all out, especially when you get quality equipment installed by an experienced specialist.  
Shoddy jobs and equipment are just a ripoff and result in your equipment not absorbing 'sun rays' as it should which means you end up draining your backup batteries unnecessarily and its basically a waste of your hard earned funds.
Please do some basic research on how Solar energy and equipment work, how to maintain it and Keep Reading this post to find out how to effectively adopt this technology for your personal use.

It is not a surprise that humankind has to deal with a wide range of serious issues nowadays. Besides continuous population growth and ecological situation getting worse, there is a problem related to limited nature resources and electronic waste. Together, they make researchers look for alternative options and solutions in various spheres of everyday life and activity. Let’s take solar energy as the example.
What is solar energy?
Well, it becomes quite clear after you hear the term: it is the energy produced by the solar power. Here we have to answer another question: how does it work?
Solar Panels
Producing solar energy means harnessing photons (or let’s say simply “sunrays”) into electrical energy. The easiest way to do this is to use solar panels. These devices are composed of solar cells, which can be installed on the roof of any building. Sun hits the cells, they are converted into direct current (DC) electricity, which flows through an inverter and then transforms into alternating current  (AC) power – the one that makes everything work. To make a long story short, sun beams make your computer work. And not only computer, but everything you’ve got at home.
How effective is it?
Solar energy is really effective for the countries, where the majority of days during the year are sunny – most of the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and some parts of the USA. The reason is that all energy that is produced is tracked through special net energy meter. When solar panels get more energy than they actually use, it goes to the electrical grid. It means you have a reserve of power for nights and cloudy days. Don’t worry: in most cases solar panels produce more energy than it is used.
What type of equipment do I need?
The basic thing for getting solar power is a solar panel. It has a list of specifications, which define, how active it is going to work and how much power to process. All panels are rated according to DC power produced in standard test conditions.
The main element in every panel is a solar inverter. There are three main types of inverters. Stand-alone models are used in systems that power homes or appliances directly. Synchronous models (or a grid-tie, as they are also called) can store the access of energy in the grid or sell it to the company. There are also multifunction devices that can do both.
According to the scale, we can distinguish microinverters, which convert electricity from a single panel, and string inverters, which deal with multiple panels.
If you want to be always sure to get enough energy, take care of the direct access to the sun rays.
How to make everything work?
Click here and look through the list of available items. Choose which one is the most appropriate for you and make an order. You can hire a specialist to install the system via the website, too. Don't worry, Jiji is the service you can rely on – the fact proved by hundreds of thousands of users who come back again and again. Come back for high quality, low prices, convenience, and reliability.
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