Saturday, 31 December 2016

Best Birthday Ever!!

This is 27 and i'm kinda loving it already!!😍 but 1st let's quickly recap my 26th.
26th Birthday
I ended up not writing a post about my 26th birthday in 2015 due to procrastination πŸ™ˆbut i still enjoyed it as i've always enjoyed most of my other birthdays.I have learnt to be grateful for the gift of life regardless of my circumstance. I went to work as has been the norm for the past few years (The office typically closes for the year on my birthday usually a half-day for staff) and later on chilled with my friends. 
Happy work is over 
I got Cakes (you all know i love getting cakes on my birthday by now, even le hubby has come to terms with this). 
I got my 1st ever Designer Shoe (Gucci) thanks to Le Boo and my darling friend Yoee who travelled to Italy conspiring😍 I love shoes but i'm too frugal to justify spending big bucks on Designer brands for now.
Hubby also got me Nike Trainers in my fave colours
I also got a lovely perfume and body shop gift set from Yoee when she got back after my birthday.
My BFF got me a spa treat at Beyond Indulgence Spa, Body Products and Cards. She knows me too well. I'm all about being pampered and skincare and i looveee cards.
I got a lotta other stuff from hubby and friends that i've either used or can't get my hands on at the moment-Card from my baby bro, Jewelry set from my friend, Tech stuff from hubby and matching facecaps, money from a colleague, etc. (Cons of procrastinating a year + before posting). I also felt the love from my peeps outta reach via calls, sms, chats and social media posts; always a delight.
My birthday highlight was getting to spend quality time, chill, karaoke (thanks to SingStar on the PS4) and eat with my bff, family and friends and also make sweet memories; plus my shoeeeessss (best surprise gift).πŸ˜‚
Foodie Highlight😁
I had my best birthday yet this year, y'all know i like to write posts about my birthdays, i just love it.
Why was this birthday more special than the others you ask? Well lemme tell ya, lol. 
I woke up feeling good (my freshly made hair and the house cleaning i did in the early hours of my birthday may have contributed to this) with this inexplicable inner peace even though i had a busy and full workday (The office closed for the year on the 23rd as usual).
Birthday Work Selfies 
 Work is over, can u roll ur tongue?πŸ˜œπŸ™Œ
1st-I went all out for hubby's birthday (u know how i roll na) which was just a few weeks before mine so he 'tried' to match up for my birthday and got me most of the things i wanted (Cake, Cards, Perfume, Lunch Buffet & a Spa gift card). His handwritten love letter (i loooveee handwritten letters, i think they are the bestest sweetest things ever!) was my fave gift of all especially 'cos he read it out to me at the end of the night. It felt awesome to be the center of attention.πŸ˜„
2nd-My people were around, bff, close friends and my close cousin who i haven't seen in years. I also got calls,messages,chats,social media posts and sooo much love from my people from all over the world. The love was almost overwhelming but i enjoyed and appreciated every bit of it. It feels good to be celebrated and once a year works fine for me.
3rd-My boss and colleagues threw me a surprise birthday party and i had a lot of fun with hubby and my friends plus i got a Salary Bonus at work😁 
4th-I got many unexpected gifts, cakes, cash, jewelry, materials and cards from outta town/country friends
You already know this is now my official workbag, Its got all i needπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’š
My Gorgeous Ankara Bag by XanartShop πŸ˜
Virgos Lounge Dress πŸ’šπŸ’–
5th- i had a splendid overdue post-birthday holiday. We got Christmas gifts and chilled with my cousins and friends in Abuja on Christmas eve, then chilled with my lil bro, hubby, bff and friends on Christmas day then rested on Boxing day. I flew out to Lagos and visited ma lag peeps i hadn't seen in a while, some fam, some friends and i met their lil kiddos. Check out my post on Solo Christmas Cooking.
Karaoke on PS4 thanks to SingStar
Lasgidi was LITT! Literally
Lights.Blur.Gidi Nights 
The Year ended on the best note possible for me after being such a roller coaster ride, thankfully there were more highs than lows.
I got to celebrate my close friend's marital union with her and chilled with more friends and Uni classmates i hadn't seen in quite a while before flying back to Abuja to be with Le Boo and enter the New Year together.πŸ’šπŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
I'm sooo grateful for all of my blessings and though the year tried to bring us down, we prevailed. 
2017 will be a better year by God's grace and Cheers to 27 years and many more.πŸ’ͺ
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  1. /What an amazing birthday!

    Mine is in a week and I'm already sad that i won't get this much stuff :(

    The husband is out of town and I'm busy all week! IT's a milestone birthday too!

    I'm already planning the vex I'll vex for all of them when they get back...

    Happy 27th Tosin!

    Ummi's Blog

  2. Thanks Ummi! It really was especially for such a roller-coaster year.
    Happy birthday in advance! You have to plan something o, can't let a milestone pass like that biko. You can go for a spa treat or do fun stuff u like.
    The vex part will translate to post-birthday gifts ;)


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