Sunday, 29 January 2017

How I Gain Weight

I know most people that read this will probably be like "Seriously! We need a post on weight loss mahn not weight gain! You have no idea how much weight i put on during the holidays".
Well i gat u, i already wrote about how to lose the holiday weight fast and i am personally finding it useful currently. Can you imagine that i moved from a Size 8 to Size 10!
Woe unto small chops & cakes!
Majority of my clothes did not fit after the holidays and i'm definitely not ready to accept this new size and change my wardrobe. Nope!
I have started working out, eating really healthy, snacking mainly on watermelons, counting my calories and i'm currently on a 40 day church fast. Fasting is not only a spiritual exercise it also helps detox the body when done properly and combined with a healthy diet. Thankfully i'm almost back to my regular size and i won't stop till i get my Teyana Taylor bod😁 *fingers crossed*
Anyway enough of my stories ba, this post is about how to gain weight not how to lose weight.
There are people who struggle with weight gain and for a variety of reasons either because of stress, eating too little, high metabolism, burning more calories than is consumed, etc. I recommend the Superskinny vs Supersized show for anyone facing this challenge. You will definitely learn a thing or two about how to improve your diet. I typically lose weight when i'm really stressed with work and extra-curricular activities.
Being skinny does not always mean you are healthy/fit. We need to always find a balance, if not you end up fatigued and burned out very easily.
Food is Fuel for our Body.
I'm no professional but this is how i gain weight somewhat healthily:
  • Know your Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • It goes without saying that you will need to eat and not just eating your regular portions. 
  • You will need to increase your food intake even if it is slowly and more times a day 'cos it will take a while for your stomach & body to adjust to not getting full quickly. Try to eat at least 3 proper meals a day and increase it from there
  • Accept that it may take some time to add the weight
  • Accept that you may add weight in places you don't want to except you are also on a good workout routine (e.g thighs, stomach) 
  • Balance your workout with a proper diet- It could be with smoothies and fruits before you can access a proper meal
  • Eat a balanced diet- It should include good fats & oils, protein & carbs at the very least. You want clean calories
  • Eat coconuts, avocados & dates
  • Drink full-fat yoghurts (I recommend Habib Yoghurt) esp with Fura (ground millet)
  • Dairy & Whole Eggs are great for weight gain
  • Drink Water only before or after your meals not during
  • Do not keep climbing the scale to see how much u've gained-You will be disappointed, instead measure ur weight loss by how ur clothes fit or by using a tape rule
  • Meal planning you can have a timetable, make a list and cook from it or prep ur meals for the 3days-1week ahead. Planning ahead helps you if you are not one who enjoys cooking or has time to eat out.
  • Diligently keep a daily food diary/calendar (click here) to account for how well you eat daily (You can take pictures of what you eat as a photo diary)
  • Involve a close friend or family member to help you on your journey and keep you accountable
  • Switch up your meals every once in a while. You can go to restaurants or find new recipes online to spice things up
  • Take Multivitamins especially the ones that improve your appetite
  • Stock ur fridge, freezer and pantry with the good/healthy stuff and snacks (Fruits, Veg, Nuts, etc)
  • Find useful resources online
  • Get enough sleep, rest or downtime especially when stressed
  • If your case is serious you may want to consult a nutritionist or dietitian to recommend a n effective solution for you.
I hope this helps someone out there that has been struggling with weight gain.

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