Wednesday, 31 May 2017

STORYTIME! First Bank Mobile Banking Theft

Story story-Storyyyyy; Once upon a time- Time Timeeee
Today's Story is about an Old Man who was a victim of Mobile Banking theft.
This is a true life story i happened to witness at a Garki branch of First Bank Nigeria in Abuja late December 2016.
A friend and I went to the bank and while carrying out our transactions, we saw this old well dressed man walk in looking slightly frazzled, we thought nothing of it and faced our business. We were drawn into the convo regardless due to how audible the voices of the old man and the bank teller were. The old man had come with a friend and spoke a bit of Hausa, he had come to withdraw 100k and complained about the incorrect balancd he got after his transaction. The bank teller supposedly dug up his account statement once he had duly authorized the action and upon scrutiny by both parties found out credit card recharges, amounting to about 50k, had been made via his mobile banking app to his personal phone line that had the app on it and other lines (which were switched off when they tried calling it). They also found money transfers were made to two different accounts to the total sum of 200k. In Total the money stolen from this dear old man came to 250k (no b small money o!chaiye!!).
Most people in the banking hall within earshot of the matter felt for the man, other people laughed and made unsolicited comments or drew their own conclusions.
The old man was visibly upset by the whole incident, he said had never made a transfer on his mobile banking app as he didn't know how to.
He was advised to request a copy of his bank statement so he could identify the thefts, names and bank details the transfers were made to as well as the phone no.s that were credited so he could raise a case with the concerned banks and have the thefts investigated formally as a criminal case. The Top suspects for the theft are his kids, or a tech-savvy relative close to him. They most likely helped him setup the mobile banking app and have access to his pin and token.
He went to the customer service section to continue his complaint and sort out the mobile banking app while the other customers discussed the matter and speculated-some said it must be his kids as kids of these days are smart and floor their parents in all these new tech,they also have easy access to the devices hence one had to be careful.
Na so we see am o my people. We no know the end of the tori. I pray the old man followed up the matter seriously and the culprits were caught. Its painful to lose one's hard earned money moreso by theft.
Moral of the Story- Lock ur phones (we all have sensitive info on our phones theses days to risk having them without locks) and keep your phone code to yourself. Keep your banking app/online portal pin to urself and safely store away your token whenever it is not in use. Technology can sometimes work against you if you don't take the necessary safety measures.
No be only thief wey carry gun sabi steal. Till next time...
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