Friday, 30 June 2017

Natural Hairstyles I've Rocked

I'm now what you'd call a 'lazy natural' as i try to keep the most minimal & stress-free hair care routine and hairstyles. I was way more into my hair and products earlier in my natural hair journey but as i got to know my hair and its needs i figured out a regimen that works for me. I'm at my desired length now & stick to maintaining it and keeping my hair healthy. I randomly 'cut trim' my hair as i see fit when it goes past a certain length 'cos i find it harder to mange the longer it gets.
I stick to protective styles (Weaves, Wigs, Braids, Twists, Tying Scarves, etc.) most of the time otherwise i'll wear my hair out in ponytails with different parts, 4 stand-alone braids or 4 flat braids down my head. 
Every once in a while though i find a tutorial or event that inspires me to experiment with styling my hair myself or getting it done my someone.
This post is a compilation of pics of different styles i've rocked over the years {2012 till date}. Be Inspired & Enjoy.
Simple Fan Bun Updo
Chunky Flat Twists with Braid-Out 
Old Braid-Out (Packed & Unpacked)
Styled Braid-Out
Fan Buns
Chunky Flat Twists with Braid-Out
Poof Rolls (made-up name)
Crooked Crown Braid with a Donut Bun
Swirl Up-do Weaving by NatMane
Check out these YouTube Channels for 'Hairstyle Inspiration'
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