Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Crafting & DIYs

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop i made (1st attempt ever 😁)
Y'all already know i love planning events, travelling and writing,among other things. I also really enjoy Crafting & DIYs, especially when its Decor-related, in my spare time.
I stumbled on Paper Flowers while planning my friend's Baby Shower (I plan to do an updated post on planning a fun budget friendly baby shower so watch out for that) and that set the ball rolling. I got sucked in via YouTube & Pinterest into the world of paper flowers and there was no getting out. I made some and i fell in love!! Now beautiful paper, cardboard and card stock make me giddy and i go hunting for them. I imagine all the things i can create and get so excited. lol. 
I put up some pics of the Paper Flowers & Diaper Cake i made for my friend's baby shower on my social media and next thing i know i had express orders. 
These are the pieces i made below for a photoshoot and it took me some sleepless nights but i loved the finished products and it was totally worth it.
I'm currently working on the piece below and can't wait to see the finished product.
A huge shoutout to 'Anyone Can Craft' and 'Pearl's Crafts' for being the first to inspire and teach me via YouTube. I have found many other tutorials through them and i keep practising, experimenting and creating. I have been able to get tools (still on the hunt for more) to make my creative process easier and i'm trying other things as well. Practice makes Perfect.
I'm grateful that practically all my interests and hobbies have been lucrative in one form or the other. even this blog. This is my current obsession & has been part of the reason i have been off here for a bit (forgive me) as its quite time consuming, especially with a full-time job and other extracurricular activities.
Don't be scared to try new things and put yourself out there, you never know where it'll lead you. 
The world is your oyster. Happy Crafting!!
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