Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!

Happy New Year!! 
I know my 1st post for the year is coming rather late, i've my hands full with our lil princess Kiara and that's also why there was no 2017 year end post.
Yes guys, we have a new member in our little family. She arrived on my birthday-Dec 23rd, that's how i spent my birthday so there'll be no 2017 birthday post (Enjoy my Labor & Delivery Story instead).
I got the best birthday gift & i have happily conceded to sharing my day with her henceforth (y'all know i take my birthday seriously).
More posts coming once i'm settled into the 'mom role' and have a routine. I have soooo much to share, especially about the pregnancy, baby shower, labor & delivery, postpartum & adapting to life as new parents so stay tuned.
I'm looking forward to all the year has to offer, may the odds be in our favor. Amen.
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