Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My Pregnancy Story & Diaries Weeks 1-5

I finally found some time to come on here with a post while adjusting to this new mommyhood life, do bear with me for now 'cos i can't stick to my 'regular' schedule.
Although i wasn't able to blog about my pregnancy, i documented my pregnancy journey using the Google Keep app on my phone. I decided to write this post as an introduction to my Pregnancy Diaries and as a follow-up to my Baby Pressure post so here goes.
Quick Recap-Hubby & I got married in May 2014 and agreed to wait at least 2 years before trying for a baby. We decided to wait an extra year 'cos Year 2016 get as e be back then and the dreaded biological clock was still on my side. It was by God's grace we were able to stand our ground and not succumb to all the Baby Pressure. Its our life afterall and looking back now, boy am i glad we didn't rush things.
April 2017 came and we decided we were kinda ready to start trying for a baby, before that we had started preconception care at the beginning of the year. Hubby & I did the necessary medical tests again (we had done them before we got married) and reconfirmed we were both medically fit to have a baby. We both started taking folic acid & tried to stick to a healthy lifestyle (diet, drinking more water, eating more fruits & veggies, etc.). I started exercising & was able to lose the 'small chops & enjoyment' weight i had piled on by December 2016 and went back to my regular Size 8 from Size 10. 
We started trying for a baby in April, i have a regular menstrual cycle so i just calculated my ovulation period &we basically just went with the flow and made sure we had sex before and after my ovulation. I honestly did not expect i'd get preggers on our 1st try, trust me if i did we'd have probably started trying in May 'cos i soooo didn't want a December baby talkless of a birthday mate. Alas we all know God's ways are not our ways.
People had made us feel that because we chose to wait, we would find it  difficult to get pregnant at all, not to talk of on the 1st try. That's part of the reasons i"m writing this post & the Pregnancy Diaries, to encourage any couple that have decided to wait a while before having a kid that it doesn't mean they can't get  pregnant easily when they are ready and they can definitely have an easy pregnancy & delivery.
I'm quite in tune with my body so when i started feeling funny and extremely fatigued, i had a strong feeling it was pregnancy but i did not want to jinx it. I stopped my workouts due to the fatigue and watched my diet. Hubby and i discussed and agreed to take a pregnancy test if i missed my period, which i did. I bought 2 of the #100 strip pregnancy tests from the pharmacy (nothing fancy), did them and they were both positiveđź’– We decided to keep the news to ourselves (it wasn't easy by the way) till i was past the 3 month mark (the risk of miscarriage and other issues is way less at this point).
Life was still pretty routine, nothing much had changed and sometimes i'd forget i'm preggers and wonder why i feel so tired. lol.
  • SYMPTOMS-Abdominal Bloating, Extreme fatigue, Frequent peeing and Swollen Tender Breasts
  • FEELINGS-Hubby & I were excited n happy to have gotten preggers on our 1st try. I missed being more active n working out, getting good sleep n waking up feeling rested. The whole thing felt surreal.
  • WORRIES-Eating the wrong thing or not eating food with essential nutrients/vitamins,Molar or Ectopic pregnancy,miscarriage,abnormalities or anything going wrong
  • ACTIONS-I Prayed about my worries, signed up on the BabyCenter App, joined Pregnancy, Baby & You BBM Group, read, researched and tried to eat healthy n nutritious food, drink a lot of water and take folic acid daily
Watch out for the rest of my Pregnancy Diaries Series.
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  1. congrats darling! i have been waiting for this post , i knew you would have a lotto write about... patiently waiting for the next.

    1. Thank you hun!!yessoo, sooo much to post. Sure u'll enjoy them

  2. Congratulations!!! I've been a silent follower of your blog and I've been so looking forward to this post...your first of all introduction post has helped me alot,my intro is on 28th of dis month. God bless you ma. Kisses to baby kiara.

    1. Thank you kindly!! Glad u found my post useful for your planning, i pray your event will turn out better than your expectation. Amen. Please look forward to the series of posts coming up. Cheers!


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