Saturday, 19 September 2009

Been a long time

It's been a while since i blogged and it aint totally ma fault...i think...a lot has happened meanwhile...well all i have been thinkin bout bloggin on just flew outta ma head.m loving jeremiah's song i'm a star..tink its d video that got me hooked on best friend and confidant has gone back to school and i'm quite sad but i believe we'll make it...i'm taking french classes and so far its been good...sallah holiday is coming up for the muslims on monday and tuesday to end their fasting period rilly hope moi un petit ami has ma time he's always so busy with work that he hardly calls or texts and when i do it takes him a while to reply..i do ma best not to be a nag by not complaining but truth is i'm getting fedup there's nothing i love in a relationship more than attention and heknew this before we got together.i'm hoping for both our sakes that this is just a phase that'll pass...(one of the reasons i dont do long distance relationship).well thats the update on me for now i think..oh and i had to defer ma admissinon to durham(m vewi sad bout it)thanks to recession or thats what ma dad says.oh well i believe at the end all tins will work out for good..nid to get a beta job till nxt year tho and occupy myself..m tinkin of doin a certified computer course and learn an additional langage to french while waitin, and better ma driving skills etc etc.oh yeah and get better at making hair on ma head and other pips.thats d deal for now and by the Almighty's grace his plan for me will come to pass..btw..i'm loving ma keri hison revoir!!
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