Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Man in the Mirror

I'm starting with the man in the mirror, i'm asking him to change his ways & no message could have been any clearer, if u wanna make the world a better place take a look @ urself and then make a change.....u gotta get it right while u gottime..u cant close ur mind.... This is just the chorus of the song and it speaks volumes to me, if u wanna make d world a better a place start with u.......

Dream dreams

Dream dreams no matter how big u can't fully comprehend the essence of dreams, its dreams that become reality, i have big dreams o as in very big ma self..i see myself having my own empire,having a phantom no matter how many new cars come after it that are more appealing..lol..i'm gonna have a bike..a lamborbike to be precise once i get someone to build it..m gonna have a shisha/hookah room in ma house no matter how small or big i decide to make it(yh yh call me an addict), i'm gonna have a good husband and good cute kids(amen to that)..and so many other things v dreamt off..they actually keep me goin when m in ma alone zone and they come to me they drive me to work harder so i can get d best outta me and make ma dreams reality...keeping the she in ma mirror motivated...


The rich also cry

Monday, 29 June 2009

random thot brewing since saturday

ok 1stly m supposed to close from dis office tomorrow..gotta get t internet..2ndly gotta transfer all ma docs from ma office system to ma laptop btw today and tomorrow..plus m feelin much beta today took some medication saturday..m hungry tho..lol..micheal's death just dawned on me yesterday when i was listening to his songs made me real sad and i actually cried...very rare trust me i rarely cry when people die even those close to me..think thats just how i was configured so u knw just how bad the realization hit me..listening to keep it in the closet..i hope he died of natural causes cos if some1 killed him that's very cruel....so m transferring ma docs to ma laptop now and clearing ma desk of all pending...its funny how some things u think u've locked up jolt u to reality..a twist of the arm and feeling of helplessness brings memories of that guy u were crazy bout tho he used to hit on u..think its the feeling of helplessness that takes ur voice..humming somebody's watching me...had so many things i wanted to blog bout but they all seem to be flying outta ma head, so annoying and i dnt like writing stuff down no more people just like snooping round (guess its human nature 'cos i also do it sometimes..lol)..yh i got thinkn yest bout how unfit i've become..i cant do ma chinese bend no more and some things i used to do wtht stress b4 now really hurt...so i made up my mind to keep ma star player motivated and looking as fly as possible..despite how ill i was feeling and ma sad micheal mood...i lookd for ma old videos i loved dancing to in school piled them all up and played each of them and danced ma heart out and trust me i haven't felt that good in a while after that i got on ma ass did 50 situps..did i mention i used to do a hundred of it with legups and yoga, etc every morning in school, wth extras on saturdays mayb 200..u may ask y i stopped..mehn! i got lazy and no more motivation, then there were so many flabby bellies around to keep me goin not to get 1 and d compliments were also a great boost plus i had friends to work out with, but the ones here just lazy..lol...i don't care tho cos ma mind is made up and after the situps and legups yest and stretches and the way ma body hurt i knew i had to keep goin..plus i cant wait to get rid of this braids i got on wanna feel ma hair and pour water on it....i need a new wardrobe o....money is good abeg..well sha vewi soon ..i'll take me time but 1 things 4 sure m gonna earn that tho..its so funny how things just seem to work out for me wtht really being in the plan..frm nursery sch till...date...micheal's death just dawned on me again probably 'cos i'm still listening to his songs..who is it..i would totally understand if a public holiday is declared 'cos of him cos he affected the whole world..while watching my Zee cinema yst micheal was also on the news and believe it or not they also got some steps from him for their indian songs from him...made me sad again..plus i totally love indian movies, cant get enough of them,was up till late watching Zee...mehn! life wuld be so dead without music glad there's music in the world.i feel like looking natural today so dint put make-up on..i can feel my skin breathe, ma sunscreen's fininshed o gotta buy a new 1, mehn! dey should pay my salary quickly o..popc has gone back lag..m happy dont blame me or call me we dnt get along that well when w c..distance totally works for us,although i enjoyd his stay o...i need a new system..and i wanna convert d hard disc in ma old system into an external..i'll sort that out later...

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Friends..u'll fall in2 1 category

Love is like a butterfly, d more u chase it, the more it eludes u. But if u just let it fly it will come to u when u least expect it. Love can make u happy but often it hurts, but love is only special when u give it to someone who is really worth it; so take ur time & choose d best.
Love is not about becoming somebody else's perfect person it's 'bout finding somone who helps u become d best pron u can be
Never say i love u if u don't care Never talk 'bout feeling if they aren't there Never touch a life if u mean 2 break a heart Never look in the eye when all u do is lie The cruelest thing guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her & dis works both ways
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good u are 4 each other
Love ain't 'bout it's ur fault but i'm sorry not where r u but i'm right here not how could u but i understand not i wish u were but i'm thankful u are
Heartbreaks last as long as u want & cut as deep as u allow them to go, the challenge is not how to survive hem but to learn from them
How 2 be in love; Be consistent but not too persistent Share & never be unfair Understand & try nt to demand u'll surely get hurt but never keep d pain
It breaks ur heart to see d 1 u love happy with someone else but its more painful to know that the 1 u love is unhappy with u (Totally tru i gotta say)
Love hurts when u break up with sm1. It hurts even more when some1 breaks up wt u. But love hurts d most when d person u love has no idea how u feel about him or her...
A sad thing 'bot life is when u meet some1 & fall in love, only to find out in the end it was never meant to be & dat u have wasted years on some1 who wasn't worth it. If that person doesn't worth it now, he/she won't be any more worth it year or 10yrs frm now
My wish 4 u and 4 me is a man/woman whose love is;
Honest,mature,strong,protective,encouraging,neverchanging,rewarding & unselfish....
Friendship fails when communication is unclear, truth is violated, integrity forsaken, time uninvested, risks not taken,control is d goal, trust is broken, self-interest is d rule, manipulation is allowed & God is ignored...........

Life Lines

Humming in ma head..Micheal's man in the mirror i'm writing the lines
  • When u lose, don't lose the lesson
  • Take into account that great love & achievements involve great risk
  • Respect yourself, others, and take responsibility for your actions
  • Learn the rules so u know how to break them properly so true
  • Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship (hmm...i'll try)
  • When u realize u've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it
  • Remember, not getting wht you want sometims is a good thing(yh i remember my unanwsered prayers..lol)
  • Spend some time alone everyday (i do that a lot... i think)
  • Open ur arms to change but don't let go of ur values
  • Remember, silence is sometimes the best answer (i totally love silence)
  • Live a good, honourable life, then when u get older & think back, u'll be able to enjoy it a 2nd time
  • A loving atmosphere in ur hme is d foundation of life
  • Sare ur knowledge it's d way to achieve immortality
  • In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with current situation, dnt bring up d past (dis is kinda hard for me and i think most people but m making a conscious effort towards practising it)
  • Be gentle with the earth
  • Once a year go someplace u've never been
  • Approach love & cooking with reckless abandon
  • Judge ur success by what u had to give up to get it
  • Remember dat d best relationship is on in which ur love 4 each other surpasses ur need 4 each other
  • Avoid bad habits (dis is so much easier said than done)
  • Always listen to good advice
  • Be alert always, then wait perhaps what u're looking for will find u (i wonder if dis works tho)
  • Always be ready 4 surprises in life (i think i am it's been a while anything caught me off guard)
  • Always look at where u're going
  • Be determined in achieving ur goals (i try o keep ma star player motivated..wink*)
  • Don't let situatins confuse u (i try)
  • Don't stop ur curiousity, Dont't stop learning (yh ignorance is costs so much more)
  • Always comb ur hair (y is dis even on the list i can totally survive wtht combing ma hair)
& most of all SMILE...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Micheal Jackson..King of Pop(Legend)

1958 - 2009
So many thots been running in ma head all day to blog...and this had to come first Micheal Jackson is dead at 50yrs...when i think about it i think he could have done more...made a come-back but all dat rests with him in the grave..may he R.I.P...despite all the accusations leveled against him(true or not) and his life in general it is undeniable that he mad a very clear mark in music,his print boldly shows in the sand of time..my personal favorite album was thriller...loved it so much..liked Bad too and some others..how did i even come about knowing Micheal...my dad..yh thats the answer i grew up hearing a lot of Micheal songs,lionel richie,bob marley,etc..to name a few..ma dad used to be a DJ so we had the turntables back den and the big discs i remember we had Mariah Carey's Honey disc..lol..so funny how technology has simplified all these things..back to Michael then..no matter the color of his skin and the reason he gave for changing it i love his music till date therefore i still consider him without hesitation the King of Pop..people are still gonna hate on him and some are still gonna be die hard fans..i dnt think i fall into any category but he will definetly live on for decades to come through his songs...loved his videos(Remember the time,black or white,thriller,et), dance moves, creativity in general....funny how much love u can get when u dead and cant apprec8 it...all in all...the world of music and dancing mourn u Michael..R.I.P.
Apprec8 what u have, it may not be dere forever and all it may need to stay may be ur Appreciation of its existence.Kapish.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


i'm totally looking forward to this passing out of a thing, not the parade tho..think that will just be a lotta stress m vewi happy to be done wit nysc plus i got a mini-reply from the school i applied to for ma masters got me a bit elevated and made me feel i v at a least a little direction.I've submitted ma two forms..remaining one other form and final clearance from ma office.....ma "boss" will drag that 1 as long as she can m sure...any which ways i'm closing from this office 30th of june./...adios DBI

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dancing & Exercise

Dancing is such a fun kind of exercise even tho i been lazy recently...procrastinating my sit-ups and leg-ups and little yoga stunts...i feel myself getting stiff..arrgh..gotta focus need to be fit ma only form of exercise lately is walking from the junction to work and ma morning stretches..not good enuf tho..and v not been eating ma fruits as usual and can feel the change in ma body and hair texture..lol..i promise to get back on track even if i just start on weekends..i promise...lol..and dancing too...hmmm..wat else..oh yh and drinking lots of water...here i come Fitness!! 26-06-09 Yipee!! i'm so proud of myself after ma resolution to start exercising again i actually stuck with it, when i got home from work i did 20sit-ups, 10 leg-ups, jogged around a bit and did some not so stressful yoga stretches...proud of me> ; )..lol..oh and i almost forgot i danced like crazy with ma friend..felt ma muscles wounded...but it also felt very good..m glad m gettin back in shape plus v been eating ma veggies and drinking lots of water...plus i actually did 50situps dis mornin..culdnt do leg ups was late for work...m feelin so good if i can keep dis up i'll be fit in no time altho i have to start eating fruits again..oh yh i took one bite of an apple ...lol..if dat counts...

Life in brief

Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many pple call u and its not about who u've dated are dating, or haven't dated at all. It isn't about who u've kissed, what sport u play or which guy/girl likes you. It's not about ur shoe or ur hair or the color of ur skin or where you live or go to school. In fact it's not about grades, money, clothes or colleges that will accept you or not. Life isn't about if you lots of friends or if you are alone and its not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life isn't just about. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. Its about how you feel about yourself. It's about sticking up for ur friends and replacing inner hate with love. Life is about avoiding jealousy overcoming ignorance and building confidence. It's about what u say and what you mean. It's about seeing people for what they are and not what they have. Most of all it's about using your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise; These choices are what life's about Author:unknown

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

heart break exounded...me..sunset

Hypocrisy or Sincerity

O.k....here's wat happened ma cousin got pregnant yeah pregnant...and she's not yet married which on theNigerian scene is a total catastrophe....can't blame them or can i...the thing is she's 29 yrs old so i really dont see wat they yapping about i believe she's old enough to take responsibility for her actions without anybody stressing her, thats another thing, she decided to keep the baby and that jjust caused anoda drama in the house...imagine the so-called"christians" in the house want her to get an abortion ...i dont get which sin is greater in their books fornication or murder...then again guess its the same in their books...arrgh almost went crazy yesterday when she told me they wanted her to still g ahead and get rid of the baby after she'd told 'em she wanted to keep the baby..i mean it just makes sense she's old enuf..like duh almst 30...her juniors and mates have like 2 or 3 running around..plus men are scarce these days not to talk of good ones i just dnt get y they are all against her having her kid and they all trying to stress her...i mean are they tryna tell me 2wrongs=right...she's trying to make the best of the situation..and i'm really proud of her 'cos if i were in her shoes i'd be devastated confused,etc to say the least and i'll totally understand ma parents yelling at me cos m still young regardless if ma mates have kids and i have my whole life ahead of me..wouldnt just make much sense having a kid now.....reminds of when one of ma aunts got pregnant in school and decided to keep the baby and dint tell no one bout it till she was like 8 mnths gone..totally understand now 'cos they'd have either pressured her into getting rid of the baby or made her life hell..she gave birth to her kid..finished school and is working....apart from it being murder sef dnt tink ppl look at the risks enough..every1 just wants to save face and act dignified even when the case is totally opposite...like she could die in the process from excess bleeding or smtn like that,she could destroy her womb,etc....i believe in the long run keeping the baby makes more sense and if u find a man that cant deal with ur baby in the long run he's not worth it and doesnt really love you like he says....

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ma Hair & Stuff

Took out ma weave yesterday and pourin that cool water on ma hair had neva felt so good....lav the texture of ma hair..i'm totally feeling ma natch ish..wink* after conditioning and combing..sadly lost some hair but ts all good i guess i towel dried and applied ma treatment...hmmm..olive-oil,then wrapped the hair up and went to bed..feling great after having a fight..lol....slept well...woke up today feeling great got a ride to work....lucky me cos it was raining..wink*....got to work in ma good spirits...think its partly cos of ma hair..but then cant be sure m just saying ..then went for a marketing meeting with clients..had ma waffles v been craving for..got sharwama.. and am eating away..wonder how i getaway with eating all this stuff and not adding a pin..all ma fat friends envy me...gotta thank God for that...mehn ma fingers are aching so l just...stop.here..l8r

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Over-Reactor

This is the boss who doesn't seem to be happy unless everyone's in panic mode. Everything is over-inflated. It's not an issue, its a problem. Its not a problem its a crisis; its not a crisis its the end of the world. This boss can often be quite fun to work with when things are going well, but the moment things go wrong, the old stress-o-meter spikes big time. The most common mistake people make while trying to deal with their over-reacting bosses is to try and placate them- to soothe them and reassure them that everything will be okay.This approach usually backfires, as bosses will now feel compelled to argue in support of their position. The rant escalates, along with your stress. The best approach to take with an over-reacting boss is an agree-echo-resolve technique. You agree with his(her) assessment of the situation, echo his concern and introduce a possible solution. Be careful you dont come across as mocking your boss but do make a point to absolutely support his(her) concern. One of the reasons that the Over-reactor behaves that way is because he(she) thinks overreacting is the only way to get people to take action. The more he(she) sees that you are as committed as he is, the less he(she) will rant in future........Good luck The Guardian June 5,2009-pg29