Sunday, 30 June 2013

P-Square - Personally

Enjoy this MJ Tribute. Naija Version.loved the dancing and lil comedy

Amazing dance free styles to Toni Tones -I know What You like

Mad dance steps!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Have a good laugh. Julius Agwu - Crazy Interview Demands

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pityriasis Rosea (Skin infection) II

This is just a brief update of my present condition.

4th week-the trunk rash is slowly fading away, still itches slightly, rash has moved to my arms and thighs.using moringa oil/coconut oil @ night.

5th week-rash on hands and thighs are drying up and the trunk rash is totally gone and the spots are scaly and fading off. The itching is way less even when I sweat. Still sticking to my regimen. Please don’t peel the dry skin/scaliness off, you may end up hurtn and scarring yourself, especially if the spot is not dry enough.

6th week-rash all over is completely dried, scaling and the spots are still fading out. The itching is at the barest minimum.

It's a Batch wedding!

You all know how much i love weddings, well at least from the number of posts i'v put up here related to weddings, you have a good idea! It is quite apparent and if you did not know before i have said it now o. I started out this year with only 3 weddings in view and now i have one to attend for every month from now till November, i know December go soon join in!!I have already attended one in January (was a bridesmaid), one in February, one in March, one in April (was a bridesmaid) and one in June, so i have only been free of attending a wedding in May!I am certain in another life that i am a wedding planner, i should count my bridesmaid dresses also, e go don pass 27 o!lol. Forgive me though as i digress, this post is about a batch wedding i attended in Kaduna last weekend.
The 3 couples
me humble self
3 couples got married in the church at the same time, it was a new experience for me although my friends said a couple of big churches or parishes do it so more of their members can get married in the church. The 3 different couples had their individual sets of Bridesmaids and groomsmen, the groomsmen were just for decoration and pictures though and maybe to dance in with the couple at the reception venue. These were the colors 1st couple-Peach and Turquoise (the couple I was attending for, their bridal train had the nicest oufit) 2nd couple-red and gold 3rd couple-Olive green and all the bridesmaids sat together opposite the couples on the stage. The grooms stood on the stage with one empty seat beside them, the pastor said a prayer and the service began promptly at 10am, the choir began singing, the brides danced in with their fathers on their arm and their train behind them one after the other (the dance was very brief as it was not just 1couple to be joined) before they joined their individual grooms on the altar. There was a brief admonition to the crowd and it was time to join the couples, they were joined one after the other, the fathers came on stage separately when it was the turn of their daughters to confirm they were the ones giving them away, vows were read, rings exchanged, photographs taken and everyone took their seats. After this, there was a super long sermon (I was asleep so I have no idea what was preached), I woke up just in time for the couples to sign the marriage register one after the other and show off their marriage certificates to the crowd, as this was ongoing, offering baskets were being passed around. I left the church after dropping my offering and went into the car to receive some AC and charge my phone. The service finished about 15mins later and we went down to the reception venue. 
It was a nice venue, or so i thought at first glance (green grass, creeping green grass on some of the walls and a water fountain although without water) although they had made no provision for parking so people had to park on the roadside. I entered the area reserved for us and that was when I saw it!!! The décor was tacky and dirty, the t! absolutely no effort had been put into it, it was an eyesore, if not for the couple and my fiancé I was with, I would have left for home after I saw an insect crawling up one of the chairs (not just any insect o, but the famous black&orange skirt and blouse insect that scars u with its toxins if it climbs your skin, especially if you mistakenly try to kill it). The chair and table covers where white and visibly dirty, the satin decoration looked like it had been pulled out of a cup, there was a vase on a couple of tables filled with water and multicolored gels that made me just want to puke! The stage arrangement was rubbish, the high table was placed behind the couple so the parents of the couple who happened to be seated there were watching the chair the couple sat on throughout the event! I stayed however and as I looked around it dawned on me that the venue probably came with decoration, most of these places came with a package deal when you want to rent them, which was the explanation for why they could not be bothered to make the place look nice, or at the very least CLEAN!
The MC did not help matters either making drab jokes (“no dancing of dt asotob (azonto) dance that makes you look crippled here or our security agents will arrest you”  and how a section with a ribbon around it to show it was reserved for guests made them look like cultists and that they were in bondage!! *rme) and absolutely un-entertaining (he was from the church). He made the best man read out the order of photographs so the poor guy only managed to appear in one pic. The music was boring, the church said no secular naija jamz, strictly Christian music, then why not make a selection that the guests can dance to. The only ones played that were a bit nice and that I recognized were Olo mi-tosin martins, Oruka-Sunny nneji, Igwe-Midnight crew and Wifey-Eldee.
They banned spraying of the couples!! One red cap chief that came around ended up spraying the guests who swiftly put the money in their bags. Nigerians are not fans of dropping money in trays, they need that band/dj to make their head swell with music that they just throw money in the air. Couples make a lot of money from this at weddings. It can be naira, dollar, pounds, just name the currency, as long as the music dey enter brain, they will stand up and spray. Enveloped money and dropping money in trays just don’t work. The food was ok, jollof rice, moi-moi and beef. It did not stop me from having goatmeat peppersoup when I got home though.
It was over in an hour and a bit and some woman came to talk about women empowerment for widows, singles etc (really!! Talking about widowhood @ a wedding!!*smh)

I don’t subscribe to the batch wedding though, I mean this day is going to happen only once in my life, so I don’t see why I should share any moment of it with anyone, I want a slow and steady walk down the aisle, not a rushed one. This is one day I want it to be all about me and my man. If you are using a green area for your reception, I advice you get someone to spray the grass with a pesticide before the event so your guests are not itching under the table.
As for the superlong preaching, that thing dey tire me and most guest I believe, would it kill to keep it brief and straight to the point?!don’t bring your own family issues into it, in the name of advice to the newly weds biko!we don do marriage counselling already, we don’t need another long session during the wedding ceremony. Left to me I will jst get a minister to do the ceremony and join us at the same venue as the reception. Brief and straight to the point, and people will move to the reception area from there,enjoy themselves and not have to drive or be stressed locating the reception venue. After eating, dancing and being entertained, everyone one goes home happy with their quality souvenirs (not dunlop slippers o!). It all boils down to planning at the end of the day. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Revenge of the Rats II

that big hole u see is thanks to the famished rats
The rats decided carting away my sponge (’t enough (of which I found it under my cooker while cleaning up the kitchen) and it was time for payback as I have starved them and tried to chase them away. First they broke my light bulb which is their ladder for coming into the kitchen and then dey tried another tactic to get my attention, they decided they would eat through the flexipipe under my kitchen sink. That totally got my attention!! My kitchen is split in 2 by a wooden demarcation ‘cos I’m not a fan of sharing or leaving open  to strangers the space I make my meals. Food is very sensitive; the foodstuff, the preparation and medium of taking it in (eating utensils), I feel safer/better knowing I am responsible for all. The kitchen got flooded ‘cos whenever my neighbours opened their tap it would flow through the connecting pipe to my side of the demarcation and all the water would end up on the floor thanks to eaten up pipe. I had to pay a plumber 3k for workmanship, transport and to buy the plastic type of pipe they can’t eat through, I also called a carpenter to seal off their ladder hole where my lamp holder is connected to and to paint the water soaked wood with oil paint and spray it with solignum to ward off termites (I no get power for any new fights) and that cost 5k. All together I spent 9k, plus my transportation from work to supervise the jobs *sigh, it is well. I would have loved to fumigate but that will involve my neighbours also relocating during the process and they are not down for that, hopefully these measures will deter them and send dem scurrying elsewhere to find food otherwise I will employ the use of rat gum, poison and the likes to get rid of them. Hope y’all are having a rodent free week unlike moi. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blogs and Labels

This is a brief and quick one. I realized while working on my Yaaoch series (1-3) post that there is a need for me to link such posts that have parts together. One way to do that is to either use the same labels on the posts, so when readers wanna read the whole series they can click on the label to view all posts. The second way is to drop the link of the previous post (e.g. part 2) in the new post (e.g part 3). Why am i even bothering about this you may ask. Well, it's cause i want my readers to be carried along on what i am writing about so they get the full gist. chao for now! Oh and i will be using both methods. Remember to smile, it's one of our best accessories :D

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yaaoch Part 3 (Back to square 1!)

My new ‘Wax’ Spa- Bnatural Spa
Lol!! Don’t mind me, I had to find a new spa for my waxing needs after my not so pleasant experience at MB Hammam during my last wax session (new therapist) it was a horror! the 1st therapist practically bruised me without taking out the hairs until she finally gave up and told me her thumb cound not allow her continue; they sent in a replacement who talked and apologized almost throughout the session and barely managed to make it look decent. I was quite upset at the service, the pain and my time wasted, i expressed my disappointment to the manager who apologized and said i'd get a discount for my next treatment (definitely not waxing). I was able to locate Bnatural Spa (No. 30, Mediterranean str, Imani Estate, Maitama) and although not as efficient as my former morroccan lady at MB Hammam, this new spa will serve my purpose just fine. I am still using MB Hammam for my hammam sessions though, i have a free hammam on my loyalty card to do thanks to all the referrals and gifts of spa treats i have made to friends. I hope i enjoy the treatment as usual as i will be very sad to go hunting for a new spa for hammams also.You can check out my Yaaoch Part 2 here Take care of you and remember to spoil yourself once in a while. 

Nelson Mandela Comic

"...You know that you are really famous the day that you discover that you have become a comic character!"-Nelson Mandela.
I thoroughly enjoyed this comic and finished it in 2 days thanks to work and other distractions. It shed a new light on the struggle and sacrifices made to attain unity and eliminate racism. This is a fight still being fought today. I hope to see a comic like this out of Nigeria soon. I wonder who would be a worthy character. Thank you Ishaya for bringing this book my way. Toodles!XooX

Capital Naturals 2 (Natural Hair Meetup!!)

I'm so so excited! i stumbled on a natural nigerians Abuja meetup on Facebook and trust me to follow every link from thereon to get connected *grinning. Anyone who knows me knows i went natural about 4 years back and i have to say i have been loving the journey so far.

My 1st natural hair meetup! can I get a whoop whoop!! Lol. Don’t mind me jare, I’m just super excited ‘cos i unavoidably missed the first meetup (Capital Naturals 1) that Natural Nigerian coodinated in Abuja (and I was not pleased) and I don’t have the luxury of being in Lagos to attend the ones that hold there frequently, I think they are going to their 6th session (Naturals in the City-NITC)!!

I made sure I set a reminder on my phone as soon as the new date for the next meetup got out. Saturday morning came and my alarm went off to remind me of the meetup. I rolled around in bed and thought about missing it but I said NO! i got outta bed, did a few chores and dolled up. I tried to open NN’s facebook page, to get the venue of the meetup on my phone to no avail (MTN!!), luckily I had a modem at hand and was able to check it on my computer. I was getting ready to head out and that’s when my house caretaker knew he’d come and tell me about some plumbing issue in the kitchen! Mba! I must go for this meetup o, I told him I was apparently on my way out and the issue will have to wait till I was back (All these enemies of my hair progress!lol). The venue was The HUT (Plot 20/22 Aminu Kano Crescent, Maitama), and luckily it was not too far from my house. I got there just in time and settled in. I happened to bump into a couple of my friends and that made me feel even more at home amidst the other strangers present. I have to say I learnt quite a lot from the meetup and not just about hair. There was a short presentation on hair science (cuticles, cortex, etc.), a hair turban-ing tutorial by our new Capital stylist (I can’t wait to try her out-here’s her blog link, a makeup tutorial by Omegie (, Hair care tips, a brief talk on Shea butter and Moringa oil, seed and leaves, Questions & answer session and finally it was time to shop till you drop for natural hair products, makeup, t-shirts, etc. I was able to get only a bottle of Moringa oil (which I have been earnestly searching for) ‘cos I forgot my ATM card at home and was low on cash. I was happy with my buy though and got the complimentary cards/flyers of most of the vendors, so I can reach them whenever I need any of their products. I forgot my camera at home also *smh but luckily I was able to capture most of the beautiful faces present with my friend’s camera, I would have been so sad if I did not get any pics. MTN also tried to dull me by messing with my network all day, luckily I was able to get some tweets in about the meetup before the network went totally bonkers! (All these forces sha. My God is bigger than you All in all it was a lovely crowd and I had a good time. I got there at about 1:30pm and did not leave till 6:00pm I think (I was there till err1 left sha). Here are a couple of the things I learnt:
  • Scalp care promotes hair growth
  • Massage your scalp with oil once in a while, it is both relaxing and stimulates the scalp 
  • Wash your hair with your finger pads and not your finger nails Learn to deep condition your hair Keep your hair moisturized (Water->Leave-in conditioner->hair butter/oil)   
  • Don’t use too many products    
  • Discover the regimen and technique that works best for you and stick to it 
  • Don’t Backcomb your hair {combing downward from the tip of your hair (ends) to the root (edges)}   
  • Essential oils are very potent (never use alone!!) and a few drops should be mixed in other normal oils before us  
  • Don’t rub your hair vigorously while towel drying
  • The source of your shea butter/other products matters!!! Some may have biological matter! Check NN’s post on her experience ( follow this link for answers to your shea butter questions (

Moringa Oil -cost 
Oh and before I forget NN (Natural Nigerian) is such a sweet, straight-forward person, enjoyed my brief chat with her. Watch out for the Pics,, i intend to get them from my friend (Achenyo-she was the compere of the event) soonest, for now you can follow this link to Nigerian Natural's blog where she put up some pics from the event, see if you can spot me :D !

Complimentary Cards (Front)
Complimentary Cards (Back)

The tentative date for the next meetup is July 6 (no venue yet-you can check the fb page for updates …..or NN’s blog…., so set your reminders people and come and enjoy a socializing, enlightening and rewarding time! The meetup had a mixed crowd of those with natural hair, relaxed hair, weaves, braids, and transitioners so please know that everyone is welcome, at the end of the day the aim is to teach us how to care for our hair properly and even our skin.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Chic Schooling (Living up to the 'ideal')

Two of my girlfriends felt the need to give me a chic lesson. They say I have the potential to be more of a chic but I am not seizing the opportunity. Their case against me is as follows:
  1.  I do not wear makeup enough
  2. I wear flats too often to work even though i have heels and fancier shoes
  3. I do not fix my nails or wear nail polish
  4. I don’t wear nicer clothes to work as much as I have them
  5. My jewelry is not nice/solid enough
  6. My bag is not expensive enough, I don’t change it often enough and the ones I have are not nice enough
  7. I spend too much money on my skin
  8. I don’t ‘invest’ it weaves
  9. I wear only one wristwatch
  10. I do not fix my hair enough
  11. I tie scarves too often
I believe this "intervention" probably unknown to the culprits is a form of peer pressure, a certain look has become an ideal and because one of them felt I had the potential to live up to that ideal and the other does her best to be that ideal, they tried to pressure me into seeing the ideal from their point of view and become subject to it. Well my answer is No!
I am my own person and I have been for several years of my life, I have had to mature quickly due to some responsibilities assigned to me early on in life. I have never been one to follow trends or what is in vogue, I have my own style and way of doing things and happen to be quite content and able to make use of what is available to me. I can be a tomboy, hot chic, casual chic, just casual, rugged. It depends on my state of mind and at the end of the day I think it’s up to me to choose how I want to express myself. Of course suggestions can be made about outfits, style and the likes by friends, but when they feel the need to state it as the above, I see no point in regarding it.
My response to the ‘accusations’ leveled to me are as follows:
moi without makeup and wearing a scarf
my famous black flats and one of my bags
  1.  I do not need to wear makeup if I do not want too. I think skin care is the most important, if your skin is well taken care of u’ll need less make up and I can choose to make up when necessary to look older/more mature or just glam and choose not to makeup when i don't feel like without people getting used to my made up face and assuming that’s my real face(we fit change face now with makeup techniques n products). I hate being asked if I’m ill just ‘cos I choose to go without makeup. Luckily no 1 has asked me that in years ‘cos I’m not always made up and my skin can breathe. A smile is all u need to be fully madeup. 
  2. I love shoes! Anyone who really knows me knows that. That said I’m more of a comfort person whenever I can afford to be. If there is an important meeting or I’m in the mood to be extra chic, I totally rock my heels, otherwise my black flats work just fine for me and are corporate enough, sorry if they are now a bore to your eyes or don’t live up to your high heels but I do not feel the need to always add a few more inches to my height, I choose comfort over fashion as regards work. If it’s an outing and suited to any of my fancy shoes u can be sure I’ll rock them.   
    my heels rack with a couple of shoes missing though
  3. my lovely white nails
    I have beautiful nails, I am aware and people tell me all the time, they are white, healthy and I grow them a bit long and keep them trimmed. I see no reason to fix. I actually like wearing nail polish, but detest when it gets chipped or cracked and i have to take it off, so I don’t bother at all, except I have a wedding or I just feel like it. I don’t see why I should make it a regular thing though. 
  4. nappy hair, very mild makeup and one of nonchalant office wears
    Again, my dressing depends on me and from whose perspective it is I’m not wearing nice enough clothes (my friends can say this ‘cos they have had access to the other kinda clothes I have in my wardrobe). I admit I can be a bit nonchalant about my dressing at times and my excuse for that usually is me being too lazy to iron (I really hate ironing!!) but it’s hardly ever unofficial, just not so ‘chic’ at most. But then again I know how to dazzle (dress to impress) when there is the need ‘a meeting’ or ‘event’ or even just 'cos i'm in the mood to be fly, so I think I'll survive. I dress the way i wanna be addressed.
  5.  I’m not really a jewelry person, I’m more routinely when it comes to that, I pick a set that works with most of my outfits and stick to it except I’m out to be fiery or jazz up an outfit with my jewelry. I do not subscribe to the theory that your jewelry has to be always be big or heavy or loud or blingy or whatever else they say it has to be to look nice on you. If I like it and it goes with my outfit I will wear it.
  6.  I’m not a fan of bags, never have been. Left to me I’d carry a purse/wallet and be on my merry way. A bag is more of a necessity to me than an accessory. The different colors I have is just because of how much I love colors, left to me I’d rock a big black bag that can contain all my stuff all year round. One of my 'intervention' friends is a big fan of bags ‘correct bags’ i.e the Michael Kors, Prada and co. and will spend all her money on one whenever possible. My priorities are different, I have about 5 different colored bags that are functional and i doubt I’ll be adding to the collection anytime soon except I get one as a gift or I find one so irresistible that I have to have it. I interchange the bags from time to time and they function just fine for me. I doubt I will be getting any ‘correct’ bags as I cannot justify to myself spending so much on a particular item. 
    straightened natural hair,made up,heels,gown-close to 'the ideal'
  7. short weave,painted nails
  8.  I can justify spending money on my skin! Totally!! This is the one thing that I’m guaranteed will stay with me through my years on earth so why won’t I spoil it. I try to eat healthy, go for hammams, massages, spa treats and the likes ‘cos when I look good (my skin), I feel good. Its not only a physical thing but also mental. I can do self treats at home but I don’t consider my spa visits a waste either, as I can totally relax and be spoilt by someone else instead of doing the work myself. Oh and my fiancé also loves my skin as well!lol 
    very mild makeup and my natural hair stretched out
  9. Weaves! Lol!! Brazillian, Peruvian, Indian, Bohemian, Nigerian?? lol etc. *rme with their super high price tags, again I do not see the point. I hardly do anything in life that I do not see a reason for or that I cannot justify to myself. I own none of the above named or the others that fall into their category and it’s not because I’m #TeamNatural! (not just with my hair but living as a whole), I have grown out my natural hair for about 4years now and I am still loving it. That aside though, there are times I braid and wear weaves, I go for the normal priced weaves whenever I want to do weaves, i look at the quality, if it suits the hairstyle I want to make, my stylist’s opinion and the price tag. Once all that is put into consideration, I’m good to go. I am very versatile with my hairstyles from super short styles to long styles, curly styles, etc. and once I’m done with the weaves I thrash them if I see they are no longer nice to serve any future purpose. Most of my friend’s that ‘invest’ in these weaves say they buy it ‘cos you can wash it, use heat on it, curl it up, It doesn't shed, looks chic, lasts longer, etc. but what I have noticed is them having just one is never enough!! They always want more even if they are doing the same hairstyle with it. If you can afford such extravagance then by all means buy away, otherwise i consider it a waste. I have a friend that spent about N150,000 to buy such a weave and ended up broke and still gave out the weave eventually!! O.o nitoripe why?! I told my friends even If I was a millionaire, I would still rather use the money to go on a trip rocking some long loose braids in Ghana, The Gambia or somewhere else I can have a nice time and make some good memories! They could not believe I was saying that *shrug* that’s how I see it though. 
    my famous black watch and painted natural nails
  10. I did not even see the need for this point. I just dey laff as dem talk this one. No be time dem dey use watch for? Well I know people use their wristwatches as a status symbol thanks to the price tag such as the ‘Rolex’, ‘Hublot’ and co. I have a couple of wristwatches but I can’t be bothered to match them to my outfit all the time or get the overly expensive ones. I wear my slim black one unless I’m in the mood for a change (which is rare) or the battery stops. Its function to me is to tell time and occupy my wrist. Shikena.
  11.  I do not fix my hair enough. *giggles. That’s part of why I have healthy natural hair, I allow my own hair and scalp to breathe and its beautiful enough for me to rock without weaves. I can braid, rock my hair or do weaves. My choice and they all look good on me. 
    me made up wearing a scarf and 'jewelry'
  12. This one is not even a point. I tie scarves because I love scarves and also when I’m having a bad hair day. I have always loved the look on northerners and muslims, it just has this elegance to it. I don’t see why I can’t rock scarves just ‘cos I’m not a northerner or muslim. I shall drape my scarf, turban it or wear it however I please because I like them and the look they give. Oh and my fiancé likes it too :D *bonus
Geeky look, very mild makeup, glasses and nappy hair
Nappy hair,colorful outfit,one of my bags, made up-weekend outing
Having responded to all the accusations leveled against me, I hope I have been able to convince and not to confuse you with my point. Lol!! (ignore me). This 'intervention' was held at that broke period in the month when salaries have been exhausted and it was lunch time. I'm hungry and broke i heard one of my 'intervention' friends lament, i asked her what she wanted and sent someone to get us something to eat. I left their office with a smile on my face, i believe i had established my point.
dolled up with makeup,not brazillian weave, jewelry and hot outfit all done by me :D - 'the ideal'
bohemian curls,painted nails,made up and jeweled up-wedding tinz
Friday outfit-made up, wearing abaya and wearing a scarf
made up and scarf draped
At the end of the day, I think it all boils down to contentment and self-esteem. If you can afford all the above and want to use them then by all means,enjoy; but do not let material things define  you. As for me I have learnt to live with a little as well as a lot and I am happy and contented with the little and many I have. If you have followed my blog well, you’ll know I have lil/no issues with self-esteem. I learnt to love myself from an early age and that I don’t need accessories to increase/determine my worth. I want whoever meets me to like me for me and not a screensaver version of myself; when i shed all the material things, is there any substance left to my actual person? I have been blessed with someone that knows me and takes me as I am. As for the above it’s all about perspective. Eventually everything in life is vanity. Good to choose ur team well. I have chosen my team. Healthy living, running my own life race, touring the world, enjoying the simple things of life and doing what makes me happy. If you do any of the above, i'm not trying to crucify,keep it up but do it for you and not to please anyone or live up to expectations otherwise these things will consume you. Do what makes you happy (but not to ur detriment or that of others if possible) and allow others do the same. Enjoy my pics for you to draw ur own conclusion. I found these posts on BellaNaija and Diary by Emmy that kinda relates to what i'm saying, you should read the comments on the posts also