Friday, 30 July 2010

Stuff a beautiful day, its still raining here,wish i were in bed under a duvet but then i'm in the real world on my chair in front of my system at work. Been assigned some more responsibilities on my job, i don't mind.
was reading on the net about hw atm's are not so safe anymore,etc..follow the link for more info>>
Freedom-what really is the definition of this word? need some help here? was reading bout the new rule in Iran 'bout the 'legal' haircuts that can be this bondage or wat! i know it's an Islamic country and all and i have nothing against the religion, but though i'm not an expert on what is contained in the Quaran(i think dats d speeling), i'm pretty sure there's nothing in it about d hairstyles that can be done.i wonder what the governments' reason is for imposing this new low.I for 1 have lived under some form of closure and i can testify that whatever will be will be,when you keep bottling up stuff, one day its gonna explode..
everybody cannot think the same way! even when u under the same religion..moving on
nothing much has been happening with me,i've had more time to chill with my bestfriend and that's good.that remind's me i read 'bout this facebook data torrent debacle about facebook users' dat being collected,though some may not see a big deal in it since most of the stuff on fb is not considered private anyway, i worry for new or trusting users who fill in every blank on fb including their residential address,phone number or any other details that may be considered private,a lot of harm can come to such if the wrong pple get a hold of this information or even pictures considered funny or harmless at the time of uploading.i also recently watched a video bout a girl who had all this info on fb and some pictures guys would find arousing or provocative,next thing she had a guy stalking her and calling her incessantly,even though she stopped picking his calls her address had been on her page,he located her and the end of the story was very sad.l try to get d pic and post it on my fb and here..better safe than sorry or dead
this news made me more conscious and review my privacy settings and info i have on fb and other sites as m not one who is too picky before adding someone..
that's that...(btw)
dis pic reminds me of ma good friend keiko i guess it's mainly d dressing

Went to maitama park with ma best friend, buger lounge to be precise and it was yum burger and dis(spring rolls,samosa,beef/chicken balls and shrimp(vewi vewi tasty) washed it down wit chapman...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


dint believe it was me..i did that and that and that? wow! can't undo wats been done though not one to dwell on d past or stick with regrets movin on... wiser now...

Monday, 26 July 2010

Fun! the weekend was loads of fun..went out wit me gal n friends to smoke some shisha(felt so good) bin long i tried it and we got to do a lot of catching i got to sleep till really late on saturdayhung out wit ma best friend and he took me all the way can't ask for a better friend really,he got to see the new house and spared me a lotta stress...finally got to c ma siblings after two long weeks, apparently me smallest 1 had missd me a lot 'cos he jumped on me before i even came in the gate or maybe it was 'cos i brought the SFC chicken and chips i had promised him,anyways it felt good to see them all again.After settling down weall ate and chatted and watched some yoruba movies,mum was away so we had the generator on till real late. Sunday was cool too....had a lot of washing piled up since before my Lagos trip so did all that (the biggest pile v ever handled in my life) after conquering it with big help from ma fave cuz,exfoliated,had a warm oil bath 4gt to add salts,gt a pedicure & manicure,etc all dat girly suff i haven't had time to do in a while and it felt so so so so good,then did some pounding and God was very faithful to hold the rains and send some sun so almost all me clothes got dry,jisted with mumc when she got back for very long,watched some T.V,sorted out my clothes for the week for town and tidied up my wardrope,woke up early this morning,gt dressed for work and mum dropped me off saving me some cab cash and rain drops... Today so far..doing some research,bin about my social networks,chatted with my friend keiko and i'm happy 'bout what we chatted on.....hmm... hmm..balanced ma shoe debtors accounts and organised the bills i got and wat i gotta do for the far all is good.wat can i say..

Friday, 23 July 2010

New Day

It's a new day...started with some rain (washed d dirt away){very symbolic} luckily a colleague stopped by to take me to the office so i did not get wet..yippeee**. i've been doing a lot of reading and writing down 'bout my new role,my responsibilities and certifications i may need to do to make me more efficient..the feeling is good i have to say and as the pressure is not yet concrete i am not overwhelmed by it..did some catching up with friends and my folks and siblings and they all really proud of me..blush*my close friend sammie and i are going out later tonight,it's bin a while we saw and we need some catching up girl time..m in a good zone and i can only hope it lasts even if not forever for a while..month end is getin close so i guess that's helping my mood plus i get to do some shopping for corporate outfits..btw..i love shopping..then i'm gonna open a deposit account..gotta b poundwise u know..thats that for my best friend and i are gonna v lunch today...and ma shoes and clothes are selling so i get a lil cash from that also...things are taking shape i have to say and somehow everything is falling in place..i thank God....

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Beginnings

I haven't posted for bout two months now and although i feel very bad about it,i feel has been killing me softly with a target to meet and all that..i console myself by reading ma best blog and doing a lil social networking before i go back under the pressure of meeting my targets...yh yh..i always have some justification or excuse for not blogging but really put urself in me shoes..i blog in me head u know and if only i could install it on my phone, the world will be a better place for us l consult wit my tech peeps bout if there's some way i could put it on my phone...a lot has been going on with me by the way...had my b1 french school exams sometime in June,had my Nigerian Institute of Management exams too in the same month.....had a job interview & job test this month and my french lecturers wedding in the same week, somehow i managed to them...where's the space for some relaxation in all this plus i work on saturdays 9am - 6pm(yup!)....well all that has changed and i thought today will be a perfect day to revive my blog also.... I GOT PROMOTED (well kinda)...was formerly working as a contract staff for my company but just got made a permanent staff some days's a good feeling not having targets to meet and belonging somewhere but i know it's gonna be challenging and i have a lot of responsibilities to handle(Only God can help me).I also have a lot of research and study to do 'cos i'm going into a newly built department and i gotta make an impression and meet/exceed(if possible) the expectations set for me. All in all i can't complain 'cos God has been breathtakngly faithful to me*i think my name should have been favour* seriously He has,taking in2 account how unstable i have been with Him...Today's blog and today mean a lot to me...the beginning of soooo many things i have been stalling/slash an end to things i'v been saying i'll stop..By his grace i'll do all this....i will be patient even though its not my strong point but i'll try...Oceanic Bank is getting on my nerves by the way..i got money in my account but because i havent operated the account in 6months or so i cant access my money and i'v gone there 'bout 3times to clear up the domancy issue and truth be told i'm frustrated to the point that i may just go down to Ota to close the account after i get my money...mscchhhhhewww!! m gonna go dere tomorrow again sha and see how it goes..My best friend Mandela completed his Masters last month and i'm sooo sooo sooo proud of him..he means a lot to me and he's been dere for me through a lot of stuff and i know he's proud of how far i've gone also..thot 2say that..notin soo soo spectacular has happened while have been off blogging anyway,somehow wit my busy life i manage to keep in touch with my friends and i'm happy about that..i aim to keep developing myself and be a better person..right now though french class is on hold till i have some free evening time to continue probably next month but i have to say i'm proud of the progress i've made and can't wait for my result to be out although i miss my french class peeps..i'll survive..thats it for now..i'm really happy 'cos of my new position and the end of the month is coming so is i bloggedddd.....i'm getin a laptop from my company so i'll try to blog even if its not during working hours probably at night...may good things follow...a house....a car...a no particular order tho..that's all for now..tata!!!