Thursday, 20 January 2011

Indian Song -my all time fave!

Suraj Hua Madam(English version)

The sun dims into twilight, moon beams brightly

I stand still as the earth moves around me,

The heart beats faster as my breath goes deeper,

Is it the call of first love?

My love, is it the call of first love?

Savor these beauteous moments, when everything changes,

Our dreams blend into the realms of reality.

I wonder if our love travelling through centuries,

Has bound us in its silken threads

Let this season of love remain eternal

Let us meet through lives and lives, like today

I stand still as the earth moves around me

The heart beats faster as my breath goes deeper,

Is it the call of first love?

My love, is it the call of first love?

The colors of our souls has melted into one

I can’t say which one of me is you and which of you is me

O beloved, it’s the waves of your love that drown me,

Before transporting me to the shore

It’s the thirst of the ocean,

It’s the dream of the night,

The hearts of the flames have been set afire

I stand still as the earth moves around me

The heart beats faster as my breath goes deeper,

Is it the call of first love?

My love, is it the call of first love?

You can watch the video here

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Language & Me

I love languages so so so much,sometimes i can't believe how much i do ,one of my friends even said that she's sure i'm a language in another life,lol,i wish i could understand and speak all the languages in the world even; when i was in Secondary school i used to think i would end up being a linguist as i was very good in French and Yoruba which were the only languages that were taught in my school at the time, i was equally quite good in written and spoken English,so funny now thinking back,i was obsessed with my Oxford Dictionary then and would read it after most English periods if i was free to learn new words and memorize transcriptions and i would practice pronouncing most of these words in front of everyone in class by mimicking my English Teacher (Pastor Saint),i was quite mischievous then and a 'tomboy'. I also loved reading novels a lot which kept my dictionary and i close friends as some big words would pop up once in a while in my novels ranging from 'Silhouette,Harlequin,Mills&Boons,Danielle steel,Heartsong,Nora Roberts,Stephen King,and so many others i cannot even recall now' (sadly i don't have the luxury of time to read novels as i would love to these days). ok..ok...novels will be for another post, back to my love for much as i loved French and was tired of always conjugating verbs,they scraped it when i was in JSS3 for lack of a teacher to my great disappointment, but i excelled in Yoruba, partly because i am Yoruba by tribe and it was spoken often to my siblings and i @home,and also because i had great interest in it and would go through my Yoruba literatures and textbooks during my free time to get a deeper understanding of the language and its history. I remember once reciting a Yoruba poem in class from a literature called 'akewi n ke' titled Ekun(cry),i remember some bits of the poem and it made me smile.
I believe all children should be encouraged to know @least 1native language and 1foreign language apart from English which happens to be our 'lingua franca'. From observation i have noticed most children can only speak the language from their mother's side,guess that's why its called 'mother tongue',since most mothers spend more time with the kids at home and speak their native languages to them.....back to me anyway,my 'Yoruba' which i am very proud of is quite good and give me an advantage since i look 'Igbo' so i get to know if a Yoruba person is gossiping about me and most times they are,lol,out of mischief i wait till the end of my interaction with them before i let it out that i'm 'Yoruba' and leave them with stunned expressions ;).
Yoruba aside, i did something about my interest and love for French after Youth Service (NYSC), when i had some time on my hands i enrolled in Centre de Culturel Francais and it was a wonderful experience and due to my background i moved up very fast and between September 2009 and June 2010, i became very good @it and took the DELF/DALF A2 & B1 exams which i passed although the B1 was quite challenging. I had to stop the classes though 'cos i was taking them in the evening after work and my workload became more hectic,i intend to go back to school soonest though and master the writing and speaking of the language thoroughly :).
I love Hausa also since i came to the North and interacted with the people #IMO its the sexiest language in Nigeria, and i intend to master it completely by hook or crook :D, i know the basics though and i'm getting better thanks to my curiosity and my Hausa friends.
Other languages though i just know the common ones, Japanese i know some words in, thanks to my love for Anime (Arigato), Indian/Hindi thanks to my immense love for their movies and their songs (so soothing,makes me feel like i'm in another continent when i'm listening to them{i'll upload some on ma YouTube page soon}) a few of my faves are Yuvvrajj, Kuchi Kuchi Hota Hai, Kal ho na ho, Kabi Kushi Kabi gam, Mard, and some others that i can't spell, Malay which my chinese friends taught me when i was in singapore (ni hao ma), German thanks to my aunt that lives in Germany and dropped brought a dictionary along (Guten Morgen), Italian thanks to one time when our TV was stuck only Italian stations for about 6 months and oh well French, Spanish and Italian are all kinda related.
Hopefully when i have money i will still have interest in learning the languages, i will stick to my French for now tho :D

Monday, 17 January 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
Its a new year full of possibilities and bursting at the seams!
I can't wait to start my new diary!(i'm more diligent with diaries) so many diary options, thanks to all these banks 'kissing my boss's ass'. Oh well i will probably go with the First Bank diary since it's my dad's bank and their diaries are handy and nice.
I refurbished my blog some days back thanks to the newly configured wireless connection in my office, so hopefully with less work @work my posts will be more regular.
New Year Resolutions
I usually make new year resolutions because they keep me focused and unlike my usually unpredictable self, i manage to stick to them throughout the year.Even my friend (sammie) was curious about what my new year resolutions will be this year.
I had to disappoint her though because my resolution for this year was no resolution.
I have no reason for not making resolutions,i just did not feel like it, that does not mean i don't have things i want to achieve this year though, i do, and hopefully by God's grace i will,here are a few:
  • Improve myself in all aspects
  • Get my own place (in progress)
  • Get a car
  • Get another degree (in progress)
  • Continue my French lessons
  • Get a guitar and learn how to play it
  • Save more (this is already highly in progress)
That's basically it, and i also made up my mind that this year is a 'No Nonsense' year. I intend to cut off all the people that do not add value to my life in one way or the other and i have started doing just that, can't afford to carry extra baggage this year - 'Good riddance to bad rubbish' i say!
That aside it's been a great year so far! Last year was a good year and i thank God for seeing me, my family,friends and relatives through to 2011, i'm really sad and worried though about safety in Nigeria due to the Oct 1st and Dec 31st bomb blasts, i will do a blog post on these later on.
Merry Christmas
Christmas was great as the whole family (except my dad) was around, plus we were in our own house so we were all merry, plus this was a really "Giftfull" year (lol), my brother's got the PS2 they had been crying about so i'm not so pressed to get them the Nintendo Wii, instead i have to get them the CD's for the PS2 and i'm cool with it :D, i got my sister a blackberry, the look on her face when i gave her was worth it!, ma aunt said she prefer's cash so i gave her 5k,i got my mum a new phone also! It felt so good to be able to do something for my family,there was so much eating and drinking i felt bloated!lol oh..and i also paid full subscription + indian on the DSTV,so everyone was happy! i also got a lotta gifts since my birthday was on the 23rd, my brothers got me a gold necklace and earring set,O.Othey saved to buy it(brought tears to my eyes when they came to present it to me proudly!!),ma aunt got me a pair of colorful slippers,ma sis got me a silver brooch and pendant,my mum got me a cute nighty and gave me $100, she still owes me though!'s bout it. i'll do a post on my birthday in a bit!
I'm so happy to be blogging though!!!

Sex Appeal (is there more to it than we know?)

Sexiness-a personal preference or a complex biological equation

  • Is evolution driving how we pick partners?
  • Are we wired to read genetic clues in a potential mate’s face, shape n sway, scent and voice?
  • Is our unconscious more involved in choosing a partner?
  • Are we all working according to a genetic playbook?
  • Are monogamy and cheating programmed behavior?
  • Does everything boil down to passing on the best genes to our offspring and the best shot at survival?

Sex appeal signs begin with the face(there are so may elements to that make up the face!) (the lips,nose,eyes{shape & color},the ears,the cheekbones,the jaw,the ears)

Certain faces have achieved Immortality for their allure/sexiness

  • What makes a face drop dead gorgeous?

The Greeks believe the secret lies in a mathematical formula Plato the golden ratio,an equation for perfection –take a space and divide it into 2parts,the golden ratio is when the relative size of the small part to the big part is the same as the ratio of the big part to the whole .this ratio can be found in the structure of many living things including human beings.

The difference between male and female faces is caused by sex hormones, that is why most times there is no major distinction between boys and girls till they hit puberty.a more ‘masculine’ face suggests the man has high testosterone and a more ‘feminine’ face suggests the woman has higher female hormones like progesterone and estrogen and a healthy reproductive system, so when we say someone is attractive we actually saying the person has good genes and reproductively healthy.

When u spot someone sexy across a room,the spark felt comes from a lightning fast subconscious analysis of the person’s face,the brain also accesses symmetry of the face to get genetic clues.

Women get more attractive when they are ovulating,they have a healthier glow

There’s more to sex appeal than a pretty face though

  • What makes a body sexy?
  • Which body shapes drive us wild?

A woman’s breasts clearly signal that she’s past puberty and is probably able to reproduce,its no wonder they draw d eyes but that is not the only part of d body dat draws attention

Recent neuroscience has identified a part of the brain that is intensely active wen looking at a human body

All humans use mostly the waist and hips to indicate the a female gender

0.7 to 1ratio of waist to hips has been picked by researchers to be the sexiest female body shape as it indicates health/fertility

0.5/0.6 to 1ratio were found to be even more attractive which seems contadictory

The brain judges the body as it moves

Looks and body shape are not the only factor in sex appeal

The sound of the voice plays a role also

Men usually choose females with high pitched voices,younger women and women with high estrogen levels have high pitched voices

Women chose men with masculine voices,men with high testosterone have deeper voices

Womens voices just as their faces become more attractive during ovulation(her most fertile)

  • Is there a way to beat genetic odds if dey are stacked against u?

Men have toys! Cars,clothes,etc.

Women want good genes and deep pockets as men can just have sex and walk away while women can end up pregnant

Women can change their perception of men based on the car they drive(status)

Men prioritize attractiveness and women prioritize status(social & financial)

Choosing goes deeper!

Scent matters, the perfume industry was developed around this idea, that certain scents drive us wild and bring the possibility of sex one step closer

Every man has a unique smell

It seems that the involvement of scents helps one steer clear of relatives as well as picking a partner

The scent of women has a similar effect on men

A lot is in a kiss,u seeing,touching,tasting,hearing him

Testorone gets u in the sack, there’s a lot of it present in a man’s saliva, and when u kiss u are receiving, it is at the heart of a womans

Dopamine gives u feelings of elation, giddiness, euphoria, its d brain’s pleasure chemical

Drugs like cocaine flood your brain with dopamine, which makes you high

With both drugs and sex dopamine high is addictive; all it takes is a shot of dopamine to the brain to put one in d mood and then having sex just makes u want more

Intense energy comes from dopamine, elevated dopamine levels raises the sex drive even during non-romantic situations, sports like bungee jumping deliver a large amount of dopamine to the brain

  • Are humans biologically programmed to mate for life? Are we just chemicals & hormones on feet?

Watch the video (quite enlightening)