Friday, 17 February 2012


I consider myself slightly fit and as much as i try to do more to keep fit and be healthy so many obstacles stand in my way. I have found different maneuvers around them though, for instance i take the stairs at any opportunity instead of the elevator or escalator. I try to drink a lot of water,i' m not really a soda person anyways, i take juice instead. I try to eat have a balanced diet but that's kinda tough 'cos it'll involve me cooking and i can be very lazy when it comes to that (i admit). I leave for work early and come back worn out, I just eat whatever is available or have snacks/chocolate or go to bed like that. At work i eat a fairly balanced diet but lets be real that's just 1 meal outta the 3 i should be having. I don't have issues with my weight, i just wanna be healthy.

Exercise is another challenge i'm facing now. I'm considering joining a gym seriously. While i was in school i was super fit! I used to take long walks, jog, do sit-ups,leg-ups and a bit of yoga. I have to say i had some time on my hands though and i had friends to motivate me. Now though work and social activities, etc don't give me much time, but if there's one thing i've learnt,it's that there'l never be time for anything except you make extra effort to create time.

Anyways, i intend to join a gym asap and once my house hunt is complete and i have my own space, i will cook more. I also wanna start swimming again, dancing,etc basically get involved in fun activities that help one stay fit.Dance or play golf  or box some dude on Xbox or do some random exercise on Wii.
I came across this site my friend sent me and i intend to use it to track my progress and explore all the fun challenges it entails. Please Enjoy and i wish you all the best in your pursuit to be fit and healthy.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Legend is Gone :(

I can't believe Whitney Houston is dead! and she was just 48years old! She was more or less in her prime...1st Michael Jackson now Whitney, its soooo sad!
I really felt she was better and going to have an awesome comeback after all her drug drama. The Friday before she died, i was in a Whitney mood throughout work, i played her songs throughout, just for my friend to wake me very early on sunday with the news of Whitney's death. It did not sink in at first, i thot it was one of those pranks people play saying celebrities are dead till the celebs come out to say they are hale and hearty...sadly, this was not one of those, her death became more apparent as i saw it all over the news and music channels were playing her best songs as a tribute to her. As i listened to her songs, it was as if she was alive again. Had it not been for drugs, etc, this rare gem would have remained with us. People say we pay more attention when someone dies, we play their songs, watch their movies, things that used to belong to them or that they were involved in become very expensive and we are still willing to purchase or have them. I think its because we just have not been able to come to terms with how final death is, we can't believe that person we spent time with, mocked, laughed with and shared memories (good/bad) is gone forever, so we try to find anything that will make us feel their presence and what other way is there to do this than look at pictures, listen to their voice and watch videos they were in. It makes death seem unreal to relive the moments  that have been captured. I think pictures and videos are one of the best things that happened to human beings. We can capture precious moments and at a glance at these photos and videos, we can literally go back in time and relive that moment. If you go through my blog u'l notice i use photos and videos a lot, i can't help it. I love taking pictures, nothing professional or touched up just something i can look back on and smile or cry.
I wish Whitney's daughter and mother all the strength in this world 'cos i learnt they were real close to her, i can't imagine how they must be feeling right now especially with all the news in the media about Whitney being unstable and her death being shocking but not surprising. Regardless they have lost a loved one and i can imagine how that feels, i even feel for Bobby Brown even though i'm not a fan of his and i think he had a bad influence on her with her use of drugs and all, i'm sure he is not in the best place right now.

As i watched her videos on TV and especially her rendition of the American National Anthem at some superbowl event, it was very intense to say the least and you could see the passion and fluidity when she sang the anthem.

I love all her old school songs but the one i have been listening to over and over is 'i look to you'.It just says so much without trying and the lyrics of most of her songs follow the same pattern. Even her movies 'the bodyguard', 'the preacher's wife', and 'waiting to exhale'.

She was a strong black woman and was a role model for many in and out of the music industry despite all that she went through.She wasn't perfect, had her many flaws and personal struggles but her impact was greatly felt, she won all the awards you could think off and reached heights that most musicians only dream about. I guess we should thank Clive Davis for allowing us experience Whitney's out of this world voice.

May her soul Rest in Peace
Whitney Houston

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just anoda Valentine's day

Exchange of gifts..bla bla bla...and the day comes and goes... i'm happy its a workday

Is it really a special day or it has become a cliche?

Do we have to pick just one day to show love to our dear ones in material form or should we embrace making it a habit to do this daily. Truth is while we may be waiting for February 14 to come, our loved ones may not wait around.

Show love whenever you can and to whoever you can...Xoxo