Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning! This is a term used by people aLl around the world practically everyday whether we get up on the right side of the bed or not. I remember wen i was younger my parents gave me so much hassle about greeting 'em whenever i see 'em in d morning. I was quite rebellious wen i was younger due to a variety of factors,i was a smart kid and got 'independence'(entering second sch) wen i was very young.i did not see the point in saying good morning wen d morning did not feel so good!i gt a series of beatings and wordings from ma mum and dad about this,partly 'cos we yoruba and respect is such a huge deal our tribe and greeting is a big part of respect (btw words worked better on me than beating, i was a guru @ 'chesting' beatings meanwhile words could make me cry buckets n b good (4a while). Now i'm grown (well to an extent) and i realised saying 'Good morning' has become a part of me regardless of wat side of d bed i wake up,i don't know if it counts as a good habit but  guess ma folks are happy that all dat talk finally sunk in my skull,i wonder if this will make me try to sink into the skull of ma kids or if i will find it disrespectful when someone passes me at work in the morning without a greeting 'Good morning'.we'l v to wait to find out ma reaxn to ma kids but as for ma colleagues, i don't really give a hoot if they greet me or not. This post is dedicated to ma sweetheart Tope a.k.a 'Pope Carter'

Good Morning

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Apples,berries,oranges are no longer fruit names.they either represent a telecoms company or phone companies. So... V bin using ma n97mini and enjoyin it since ma friend got it 4me until it got some mad virus that crashed my 8GB memory card,luckily ma music and important pics were not on it, lost ma videos tho :( God dey. Anyway my friends had been bugging me to get a bb and I keep justifying to them y I do not need 1 as ma fone as all d applications and more that I nid xcept d bbm and I couldn't see any reasn y I should pay 5k for that and internet wen I could use the same 5k to pay for ma starcomms internet connection and enjoy browsing. I told 'em d only condition they'd see me with a bb is if someone got it for me and paid for d subscription.not long after I was offered a bb frr of charge while out wit ma friends,I asked d dud if he was gonna fit d subscriptiom bills and he sed no.I declined d offer as I did not see d point vn a bb wtht bis workin.later on ma friend and I were discussn and she sed I shld v just collectd it anyway,to cut d story short sm1 gt me a bb(current and nice lookn) and paid for d subscription (yay). It would be an understatement to say m enjoyn it,I get to v my share of the bb pin hype,etc but wat I love about it most is I v a mobile internet and can do practically wateva I wanna.I'm bloggin on it ryt nw and its so much fun and easy,I believe it will even make me more consistent wit ma blog posts 'cos all I need to do now weneva I wanna blog is pick up ma fone and type away. I still love my n97mini and I'd probably love it more if I could v internet on it always tho its d fact dat it slides up dat trips me d most!dats dat bout me fones.btw* my boss jst got an ipad as a gift and after commenting that there's noting special bout it and its just a hype and a feel cool be in vogue syndrome that drives it, he has fallen in love with it and its applications!dats wat hpns.enjoy but dnt get sucked

Colors (Signature of Times)

To be with you is my choosing, I cannot see my life without you Silver and white,yellow and blue, Gold and peach, These are the colors that cultivate My painting of you. You are one in a million That is yet to be to known Your character is much preferred. My heart has long been weaving a dream, That dream is now complete. Orange and lilac,cream and beige, Colors that have conpleted My symphony of you (Extract from Signature of Times by Said Shuaib) I love dis poem 'cos of all d colors used in it. I love colors (u cn tell by jst lookn @ma blog) also lv it 'cos was written by a Nigerian (was suprised and impressed)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Letter to my Laptop

Dear lappy, Oh laptop of mine, why art thou forsaken me. i'v been useless since yesterday when u flashed me the dreaded blue screen and up till now the IT peeps have not been able to fix u. i promise to get an external and back-up, i promise to defragment you and not overload you with junk, i promise to install an updated anti-virus on u, i promise to clean u and not eat on u, i promise to scan the flash drives i put on u before opening them, i promise to start shutting u down and not hibernating always as i usually do.if only you will come back to life and be of use to me. i shall fulfill this promise.
Yours faithfully ************* Tamiko Adyms

Friday, 15 October 2010


I deactivated my facebook account on the morning of September 27 for no particular reason. i made up my mind the night before that i was going to deactivate my account, got to work the next morning, went thru my messages,notifications,wrote a note on my wall,etc. then deactivated the account... did not have a reason to, just needed a break...from what precisely i rally cannot say, just knew i needed to get away from it. What is really there to facebook that some are addicted it? What does it provide its users? The ability to network with friends and family, to acquire more 'friends', to take a peek into their life and share their experiences and thoughts through videos and pictures. You get to spy/stalk on spouses,ex-es,friends,relations,parents, etc. reminds me of an episode of southpark in which Stan did not want to join facebook 'cos he did not want to get sucked in and his friend went ahead to create an fb page for him and he ended up getting sucked oh well i re-activated my fb account some days back and i realised i did not miss much. too much fuss 'bout fb and with the new app to show ur location what more do stalkers need and some people put way too much info on fb..not worth it. i love netwroking, tweeting,fb and the likes but i'm still cautious cos the truth is anyone can take on the identity of whomever they please or be whatever they wish on the internet.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

British scientist Professor Robert Edward who invented the fertility treatment IVF won a Nobel Prize for medicine. Apparently about 4million babies born to parents who would have otherwise failed to conceive was made possible by his work.He and his partner Patrick Steptoe who died in 1988 developed the technique in which egg cells are fertilized outside the body and implanted in the womb.

The first test tube baby Loise Brown was born July 1978. They were criticized by other scientists and the Catholic Church who called the research unethical,immoral and dehumanising and Nobel Laureate JAmes Watson who with Francis Crick discovered DNA said IVF research would necessitate infanticide. . They prevailed on all this,despite finding it difficult to find a willing clinic from which they could consult so they set up one . Since the birth of IVF, he co-founded the Bourn Hall clinic in Cambridgeshire with Dr. Steptoe to help childless couples and it now treats around 900 women a year.


I have decided that instead of waiting till I have internet connection before blooging and if I truly want to be consistent. I will just type whatever I wanna blog in Microsoft word and when I have internet access I’ll just post it.let’s see how that goes.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Who can one call a friend; I looked up the definition of a friend in my Encarta dictionary and choose the following from the results I got:

  1. Somebody emotionally close: somebody who trusts and is fond of another
  2. Acquaintance: somebody who thinks well of or is on good terms with somebody else
  3. Ally: an ally, or somebody who is not an enemy

We use the term friend relatively depending on what we making reference to.

I use the term friend to refer to acquaintances and people I am close to but when I have to differentiate the relationship between my friends and I, I refer to my acquaintances and allies as friends, friends I trust and share stuff with as my close friends and then the tinier circle of lesser friends whom I’m really really close to and can tell virtually anything as my best friends

I also looked up the word friendship in my Encarta dictionary and choose the following from the results gotten:

  1. Relationship between friends: a relationship between two or more people who are friends
  2. Mutually friendly feelings: the mutual feelings of trust and affection and the behaviour that typify relationships between friends
  3. Friendly relations: a relationship between people, organizations, or countries that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval and support

The form of friendship that exists between my close friends and I is the mutually friendly feelings as explained above and that which exists between my best friend and I is of a higher, more intimate level than with my close friends.

Lately I have been having discussions with myself ‘bout who my close friends really are : an incident happened that triggered this, I’d rather not go into details and although its been sorted out I still had the urge to blog ‘bout it.

I like to think of myself as an open-minded and easily approachable person, I try my best not to judge as I try to put myself in the position of the person involved and try to react in the best way I think i would like to be reacted to if in that situation. I have a lot of friends of different personalities and few close friends with varying personalities also and I still somehow manage to coordinate them and respond to their needs from me in terms on friendship individually while still taking into consideration their different personalities.

I have a big issue putting my trust in any person, myself included, as I have been disappointed by people that I put a high level of trust in, countless times and even I have disappointed myself on few occasions by not meeting up to some expectations I set for myself. It really hurts when people that matter to me disappoint me(its easier to forgive myself than others), so over the years I have built wall after wall of guard around myself to prevent getting hurt when I am disappointed. It’s probably not a good thing but it works for me.

I manage to put a lil trust in my close friends though, that’s why I find it easy to share my strengths, weaknesses, happiness, sadness, worries, hopes, dreams, aspirations, etc with them and I expect them to be able to do the same with me but when the they do not feel comfortable enough to share the above with me then I begin to wonder what is the point of us being friends, if u can’t share these things with me because you are worried things may not work out how you plan or for whatever reasons best known to the persons involved, my walls just crumble and it hurts real bad and I could make very drastic decisions at that point about the relationship we have. If I can trust you enough to share all these things with you without knowing what the outcome will be and you have to wait till it’s all in check before you can share yours with me it really says a lot about our relationship. It hurts even more when for instance it’s someone i consider a close friend that I have known for about 5years or more, shared a room, house, friends and experiences with and I find out you are going for your master’s from a friend from another state or that the masters has been in the pipeline from a someone I consider not as close as we are. Damn!! It hurts real bad. Or whether it’s the fact that I spoke to this person that I consider so close to me some days before the person travelled and made the travel seem so trivial like it was a break from work or something of that nature that I didn’t bother to stop by the house, just to find out later from a mutual friend that this close friend of mine has gone for her studies and will not be back in town till about 2months later. It made me think and come to the conclusion that although I considered this person my close friend, this person probably did not see me in the same manner.

Although I can be very free, naughty, talkative, spontaneous, and all the other words that are used to describe me, I am actually a very analytical person, if some people could take a peep into my brain, I’m 90% sure they would be surprised by what they would find in there. I think a lot, even when I am talking I am thinking and at night before I go to bed I think a lot about a variety of things from work, studies, friends, relationships, skin issues, exercising, food, family, cosmetics, money, shoes, clothes, fashion, birthday gifts, health, French, Hausa, music, movies, my body, marriage TV series, novels, internet, acquiring properties, my blogs, to the future, etc, not necessarily in that order though. So as aloof as I may seem sometimes I still think about my whole day detail after detail and fill my diary to include even the smallest amount of money or outing or experience I had during the day.

Anyway that’s off my mind now, I feel better and sadly another wall propped up by reflex to enhance my disappointment shields. I really wished it were not like this but that’s that.

I like reciprocated actions. Shikena.

Monday, 11 October 2010


Apparently they lifted the ban on us on!!!! i had a feeling that would happen tho....


World football governing body FIFA suspended Nigeria on Oct 4, 2010 from all its activities, over allegations of government interference in the running of football in the country. The implication of the ban is that Nigeria’s super falcons will not participate in the 2010 African Women Championship which begins later in the month in South Africa (so unfair at least they better than the super eagles or should I say super chickens,now they don’t get the chance to show off their skill), it will also deny the Flying Eagles a place to the Libya 2011 African Youth Championship as well as the Super Eagles qualification to the 2012 African Cup of Nations tournament in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The suspensiom will be maintained until the court actions have ceased and the duly elected Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Executive Committee is able to work without any interference.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Skin Care,etc

Listening to Sade Adu- By ur side,sipping a cup of Amarula and it just suits the mood i'm in..been kinda blue this week for no particular reason but i guess i can associate it with ma period....trying to prepare for my presentation on the 24th,we do friday presentations weekly in my office and dnt wanna be caught unawares thinking there's time and all.. meanwhile bin checking up on skincare and all that beauty stuff...i believe great skin is the best asset and accessory any female can have..even skintone,smooth shiny skin and complexion are what i crave..therefore i have decided to pass on ma fair and white range which i switched to from my neutrogena sesame oil and clear essence complexion bar as it seems to be worsening my skin condition contrary to what ma cousin who uses it diligently and shows good results suggested. Its making making me unevenly fair instead and leaving blotches on my skin which i don't like plus ma sunscreen supplier says to wait as she does not have at the moment, if only the sun UV rays will wait also..sigh*. i have decided to take matters into my hands after a session with my beauty consultant Antonia Keiko Anni. The conclusion was reached that my skin likes local so we following my skin route-bought a container of village fresh (Ghanian soap-i used to use it back in the days and got excellent results) and got some bowls of shea butter (sending some to my beauty consultant tho) for ma body and i've started diligently taking a warm shower every night after work (quite soothing and relaxing)...during the weekends i have a salt and oil warm shower and a pedicure and manicure....i love pampering myself and relaxing...i'm gonna do a spa soon as i have cash to spare, but for now i will just savor the mini treats i give myself...btw*listening to Janelle Monae-tightrope(love this song) and love her (cute face and wild hair) i'm crazy about looking good with no foundation,concealer,etc on and looking even better with them on or less (like d pic below) wink* i have gone to several site to check up the benefits of shea butter to the hair and skin and its countless, it includes but is not limited to -
  • Preventing sunburn on neck and face
  • Helps in healing wounds and scars
  • contains vit A, F and E which is great for the skin
  • eliminates dry patches on feet,elbows and knees
  • restores shine and naturally occuring oils to hair
  • helps reduce/eliminate scalp dryness
  • Great moisturizer
  • Reduces strech marks,wrinkles,skin cracks
  • revitalizes and refreshes skin
  • reduces razor bumps after shaving
  • even skin tone
  • reduce acne
  • absorbs quickly wtht greasy residue
REALLY!!! need i say more - lucky for me i'm in Nigeria where i can access it easily and cheap, the only thing people have a problem with is the smell,i don't though and i use the unrefined one..there are 3 different types though (unrefined,refined,highly refined), it is extracted from the nuts of the shea-karite tree and only found in the tropics of Africa, for more info you can google benefits of shea butter,its called ori in yoruba. that aside i have been reading up several sites on bad habits that lead to acne,black spots and other skin drama and here are a few for whoever is interested
  1. Going to bed without removing make-up (the body temperature increases when you sleep and ehnaces absorption of whatever is on the surface..i'm sure you would like it to be beneficial ingredients not the day's mound of oil buildup and dirt which cause zits,etc)
  2. Skipping sunscreen (which blocks UV rays that cause wrinkling,sagging,speckling,etc.)
  3. Smoking (apart frm health issues,causes deeper wrinkes and blotchier skin tone)
  4. Drinking too much (causes skin sagging)
  5. Using wrong product on skin (may be too harsh and cause complications consult a beauty specialist and read ingredients and directives b4 buying products)
  6. Using dirty make-up brshes or puffs (need i xplain y?)
  7. Overexfoliating can excarbate oil production and worsen breakouts by spread of bacteria
  8. Sleep deprivation which can aggravate skin conditions and stop skin from repairing day time damage etc
  9. Eating Junk food (Gabbage in, Gabbage out)
  10. Popping zits (i am guilty of this and have the trophies in form of black spots..thing is it can cause infection,and spread to other areas as taunting as those zits are .DNT POP IT
  11. Not Exercising which increases blood flow to the skin causing healthylooking flush and decreases stress which may result in acne,talkless of its other health benefits)
  12. Overloading n products (ingredients can conflict to yield disastrous result,take note)
  13. Tanning (forget the celebs who do it and can splurge on products or plastic surgery,etc tanning beds are worse 'cos they emit concentrated UVA light which penetrates deeper of a combo of UVA and UVB rays which is wat the sun gives out. The skin thickens and produces melanin (the pigment that darkens cells) to protect itself when exposed to the sun and any pigment change can lead to pemature aging and increase in probability of having skin cancer.

that's d lil i have gotten for now will post more as soon when i get

Friday, 27 August 2010

Lotz a Diff. Sturv

!!!!!Happy Birthday Keiko!!!!!

It was my personal person keiko's birthday yesterday..wish she were in Naija we'd have had a way to v fun,eat waffles,v a glass of wine, etc..i sha know i'd v made her go out..anyway had to make do with a facebook post on her wall,dedicated my yahoo status to her,a post on twitter,called her for some minutes then finally blogging 'bout it. She means a lot to me and though i may not be able to define it in words m sure she knws and like i told her today while chatting 'she's all that and a big deal' and i knw she's going places.
Saudi couple "hammer 24 nails" into Sri Lankan maid
How do people get this mean,how will you hammer a hot metal into a living person, sometimes i do not comprehend the extent to which human beings can be cruel not only to animals and plants but to beings like themselves. Sometimes the things i see in the news makes me understand why God sent th flood to wipe out the earth..and on the flip side, the compassion some human beings show to animals, plants and people like themselves makes me understand why God tried to warn them through Noah and ended up sparing those that listened..all in all i Thank God human beings ain't God,i wonder what the world will be like. to read more follow the link
I hope justice is served to the people that did this though
We had a heart-to-heart, i have my regrets and i'v learnt to live with them
I believe i'm wiser now and more experience,picked my lessons from the saga and moved on
Can't turn back the hands of time and change the past
maybe the lessons picked have made me a better person and maybe not
i think they have though. Shit happens
Betrayals,Loyalty....all form a circle and we all in it,
at the end we all to blame so why not leave blame out
Punished myself for years and thought the end result was deserved
Maybe, Maybe not.
What is learnt is all that's important.
The 'Now' is what counts
I'm proud of how far i have come and my person..
could i ask for more from me
Maybe, Maybe not
But i'm content for Now
for what the Me of then Has become Now

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Busy bee

Been so so so busy its unbelievable..d clock just keeps ticking and before i blink another day is dawn..there someone new in my life and i like him a lot,hope it grows into something good tho 'cos i'm enjoying it..nothing extraordinary is happening nw though ..had to blog now or else..hmmm.. checked out a new shisha place..'carribbean wine cafe' love the dj.. and d setting and they have so many flavors to pick is good can't complain and living it to the fullest!! kipin in touch with more of ma friends and i like that..keiko especially. read Scientists have developed biofuel for cars from waste produced in distilling Scotch whisky. Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have produced a type of fuel called butanol using "pot ale" — the liquid residue from copper stills — and "draff," or leftover grain. They say it can be used in ordinary cars without adapting the engines. And unlike some biofuels, it is made from waste products and does not require a crop to be grown. The researchers say they have filed a patent application for the fuel, and plan to set up a company to get it into British gas stations. in case u dont know i v a soft spot for renewable energy so this caught my eye..for more info 1 in 5 US teens have slight hearing this n v decided l turn down my earphones..i wanna hear well in old age fore more info

Monday, 2 August 2010


Some joys are better expressed in silence as a smile sometimes holds more meaning than words. I was asked if i enjoyed having you in my life and i just smile. I have learnt that people may likely orget what you said, what you did but rarely forget how you made them feel.
Soooooooooooooooooooo, its a new month and all...i like new months,cant really say why i just do.
went home on saturday evening after chilln with my best friend for a bit, always love the feeling when i get home,'cos of the distance and all i actually do miss my family peeps and feel good when i see them esp my vewi nutty brother. Anyway got updates on what had happened while i was away and what will be happening while i'm in to jist with my mama as usual.... Went to church and it was fun which is more than i can say for other times, gave my testimony 'bout my job, etc and we all went home staight to bed i guess we were exhausted. My cuz and i came bk to town and continued our brothers and sisters series, i saw my best friend and before i knew it i was off to snoozeland.....
plus i saw the cutest baby in church(i love babies esp cute ones!),its hard to believe we were all once innocent looking, even terrorists,robbers and what have you.
Read my whole blog some weeks back and it made me smile,couldn't believe i posted some of the stuffs on it,some seemed immature,others (comme ci comme ca), thought about deleting some but changed my mind,i view it as a way i can assess my growth and i have to say i like how far i have come...hmmm..yes i do..
New Week
Wish i could stay in bed, but obviously i can't so i'm at work and will be for th next 4days between 8am and latest 8pm, might as well make the most of it.
Our Gown
This is for keiko to view,everyone said i was looking hot! on friday i knew i was is our gown and how it looked on me,try not to add weight :p :) O.O

Friday, 30 July 2010

Stuff a beautiful day, its still raining here,wish i were in bed under a duvet but then i'm in the real world on my chair in front of my system at work. Been assigned some more responsibilities on my job, i don't mind.
was reading on the net about hw atm's are not so safe anymore,etc..follow the link for more info>>
Freedom-what really is the definition of this word? need some help here? was reading bout the new rule in Iran 'bout the 'legal' haircuts that can be this bondage or wat! i know it's an Islamic country and all and i have nothing against the religion, but though i'm not an expert on what is contained in the Quaran(i think dats d speeling), i'm pretty sure there's nothing in it about d hairstyles that can be done.i wonder what the governments' reason is for imposing this new low.I for 1 have lived under some form of closure and i can testify that whatever will be will be,when you keep bottling up stuff, one day its gonna explode..
everybody cannot think the same way! even when u under the same religion..moving on
nothing much has been happening with me,i've had more time to chill with my bestfriend and that's good.that remind's me i read 'bout this facebook data torrent debacle about facebook users' dat being collected,though some may not see a big deal in it since most of the stuff on fb is not considered private anyway, i worry for new or trusting users who fill in every blank on fb including their residential address,phone number or any other details that may be considered private,a lot of harm can come to such if the wrong pple get a hold of this information or even pictures considered funny or harmless at the time of uploading.i also recently watched a video bout a girl who had all this info on fb and some pictures guys would find arousing or provocative,next thing she had a guy stalking her and calling her incessantly,even though she stopped picking his calls her address had been on her page,he located her and the end of the story was very sad.l try to get d pic and post it on my fb and here..better safe than sorry or dead
this news made me more conscious and review my privacy settings and info i have on fb and other sites as m not one who is too picky before adding someone..
that's that...(btw)
dis pic reminds me of ma good friend keiko i guess it's mainly d dressing

Went to maitama park with ma best friend, buger lounge to be precise and it was yum burger and dis(spring rolls,samosa,beef/chicken balls and shrimp(vewi vewi tasty) washed it down wit chapman...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


dint believe it was me..i did that and that and that? wow! can't undo wats been done though not one to dwell on d past or stick with regrets movin on... wiser now...

Monday, 26 July 2010

Fun! the weekend was loads of fun..went out wit me gal n friends to smoke some shisha(felt so good) bin long i tried it and we got to do a lot of catching i got to sleep till really late on saturdayhung out wit ma best friend and he took me all the way can't ask for a better friend really,he got to see the new house and spared me a lotta stress...finally got to c ma siblings after two long weeks, apparently me smallest 1 had missd me a lot 'cos he jumped on me before i even came in the gate or maybe it was 'cos i brought the SFC chicken and chips i had promised him,anyways it felt good to see them all again.After settling down weall ate and chatted and watched some yoruba movies,mum was away so we had the generator on till real late. Sunday was cool too....had a lot of washing piled up since before my Lagos trip so did all that (the biggest pile v ever handled in my life) after conquering it with big help from ma fave cuz,exfoliated,had a warm oil bath 4gt to add salts,gt a pedicure & manicure,etc all dat girly suff i haven't had time to do in a while and it felt so so so so good,then did some pounding and God was very faithful to hold the rains and send some sun so almost all me clothes got dry,jisted with mumc when she got back for very long,watched some T.V,sorted out my clothes for the week for town and tidied up my wardrope,woke up early this morning,gt dressed for work and mum dropped me off saving me some cab cash and rain drops... Today so far..doing some research,bin about my social networks,chatted with my friend keiko and i'm happy 'bout what we chatted on.....hmm... hmm..balanced ma shoe debtors accounts and organised the bills i got and wat i gotta do for the far all is good.wat can i say..

Friday, 23 July 2010

New Day

It's a new day...started with some rain (washed d dirt away){very symbolic} luckily a colleague stopped by to take me to the office so i did not get wet..yippeee**. i've been doing a lot of reading and writing down 'bout my new role,my responsibilities and certifications i may need to do to make me more efficient..the feeling is good i have to say and as the pressure is not yet concrete i am not overwhelmed by it..did some catching up with friends and my folks and siblings and they all really proud of me..blush*my close friend sammie and i are going out later tonight,it's bin a while we saw and we need some catching up girl time..m in a good zone and i can only hope it lasts even if not forever for a while..month end is getin close so i guess that's helping my mood plus i get to do some shopping for corporate outfits..btw..i love shopping..then i'm gonna open a deposit account..gotta b poundwise u know..thats that for my best friend and i are gonna v lunch today...and ma shoes and clothes are selling so i get a lil cash from that also...things are taking shape i have to say and somehow everything is falling in place..i thank God....

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Beginnings

I haven't posted for bout two months now and although i feel very bad about it,i feel has been killing me softly with a target to meet and all that..i console myself by reading ma best blog and doing a lil social networking before i go back under the pressure of meeting my targets...yh yh..i always have some justification or excuse for not blogging but really put urself in me shoes..i blog in me head u know and if only i could install it on my phone, the world will be a better place for us l consult wit my tech peeps bout if there's some way i could put it on my phone...a lot has been going on with me by the way...had my b1 french school exams sometime in June,had my Nigerian Institute of Management exams too in the same month.....had a job interview & job test this month and my french lecturers wedding in the same week, somehow i managed to them...where's the space for some relaxation in all this plus i work on saturdays 9am - 6pm(yup!)....well all that has changed and i thought today will be a perfect day to revive my blog also.... I GOT PROMOTED (well kinda)...was formerly working as a contract staff for my company but just got made a permanent staff some days's a good feeling not having targets to meet and belonging somewhere but i know it's gonna be challenging and i have a lot of responsibilities to handle(Only God can help me).I also have a lot of research and study to do 'cos i'm going into a newly built department and i gotta make an impression and meet/exceed(if possible) the expectations set for me. All in all i can't complain 'cos God has been breathtakngly faithful to me*i think my name should have been favour* seriously He has,taking in2 account how unstable i have been with Him...Today's blog and today mean a lot to me...the beginning of soooo many things i have been stalling/slash an end to things i'v been saying i'll stop..By his grace i'll do all this....i will be patient even though its not my strong point but i'll try...Oceanic Bank is getting on my nerves by the way..i got money in my account but because i havent operated the account in 6months or so i cant access my money and i'v gone there 'bout 3times to clear up the domancy issue and truth be told i'm frustrated to the point that i may just go down to Ota to close the account after i get my money...mscchhhhhewww!! m gonna go dere tomorrow again sha and see how it goes..My best friend Mandela completed his Masters last month and i'm sooo sooo sooo proud of him..he means a lot to me and he's been dere for me through a lot of stuff and i know he's proud of how far i've gone also..thot 2say that..notin soo soo spectacular has happened while have been off blogging anyway,somehow wit my busy life i manage to keep in touch with my friends and i'm happy about that..i aim to keep developing myself and be a better person..right now though french class is on hold till i have some free evening time to continue probably next month but i have to say i'm proud of the progress i've made and can't wait for my result to be out although i miss my french class peeps..i'll survive..thats it for now..i'm really happy 'cos of my new position and the end of the month is coming so is i bloggedddd.....i'm getin a laptop from my company so i'll try to blog even if its not during working hours probably at night...may good things follow...a house....a car...a no particular order tho..that's all for now..tata!!!

Friday, 30 April 2010

random news

  • Naija is off the U.S terrorist list,i hear we v been off for a while but m just getn to know and i'm mighty happy 'bout we bk in visa lottery
  • El-Rufai is coming back tomorrow....hehehehee

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Moi,Nigeria Latest et al

I miss the old days when ther were less things to worry 'bout,i'd look forward to watching cartoons when i came back from school especially on Channels television, the lines of colour with an annoying tune in the background that they'd always play before they'd start broadcasting, they'd say the news and then the cartoons would begin,some of my favorites were felix the cat,pinocchio,tom and jerry,voltron, etc. it was even more fun when it was raining heavily outside and NEPA decided to favour us with Light,i rily miss those dayz Channel was done with their cartoon they'd start their marathon news and we'd change to DBN days before Satelite TV came into our lives and we can now have cartoons all day long.There were less things to stress one out (politics,money making,fashion,etc.) Saturdays, after we were done with our lil chores, we'd all sit and watch the Charlie Boy show with Tunde & Wunmi Obe making us laugh our heads off (they were not yet married at the time),then they had the candid camera where they'd play pranks on were the times family really bonded, not now that err1 including ma lil siblings have got more important stuff to worry 'bout according to,school,exams.promotion,interview,games,etc.)
Now to grown up stuff and outta me daydreams,
  • Speaker of the House of representatives Bayero Nafada said that the National Assembly would create 10 new states, 5 from the North, 5 from the South next year...for more naija news on this you can click the vanguard link on the blog......
  • The INEC (Independent Electoral Commission) president Prof. Maurice Iwu has been finally sacked by our beloved Acting President Goodluck Jonathan hopefully someone to handle the position will take his place...for more naija news on this you can click the vanguard link on the blog...
  • The senate is probing Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima (former Governor of Zamfara State) over his alleged marriage to a 13yr old Egyptian girl, he was said to have paid a dowry of 15million naira and to have brought in and lodged her numerous family members from egypt in Protea Hotel for about a week.imagine the cost of the hotel bill(and they say there's no money in Nigeria mschew!)lots of women associations are protesting the alleged marriage apparently what he's doing is legal in the islam religion but illegal in the federal law..let's see who will prevail..for more news on this you can click the vanguard link/linda ikeji link on the blog
  • Dagrin is dead,Nigerian's mourn him..i liked 1 or two of his songs..oh well at least he got some hits out before leaving planet earth....for more entertainment news in naija click the linda ikeji link on the blog.
I wonder what's gonna happen with voting in Nigeria (2011) err1 seems desperate to lead the country IBB, Atiku, Goodluck. and the PDP party constitution clashing with the Federal constitution and all that wa o..Are we gonna have a fair election or will there be brutal killings,bribes,or war..God take control o..what voting system should be adopted that would serve the citizens of Nigeria best and not the corrupt money/power hungry politicians we have? Should we expect a 'free & fair' election or rigging of polls that has become a norm? Should we use the 1993 voting system chaired by Prof. Humphrey Nwosu, which seems to be the most successful although there are arguments that it was not efficient since IBB cancelled it and no winner was declared, Is the electoral process is to blame or is it not efficient enoughor is it that the success of these elections are dependent on the attitude of the people of Nigeria & the politicians involved in the process, if so doesn't this mean we are practically doomed to never witness what can be termed a 'fair' election as most Nigerians have lost the will/zeal to vote and would rather exchange their votes for the lil offers made by desperate political aspirants as they believe their vote doesn't count eventually, then why not make some cash off it.Can we say Nigerians are wrong to think this way after seeing so many elections come and go and the results? can anything be done to drastically change the orientation of the Nigerians? Can we have a fresh person in Govt. or will the same ol' politicians that have been there since the conception of democracy and even some that were there during the military rule keep recycling themselves? Can we have an "Obama"..Was Maurice Iwu the problem of the electoral system? Can we have people like El-Rufai, Ribadu,Dora,etc. who in our very corrupt change made immense noticeable changes in the various positions they held, though the first two have been extremely frustrated..What exactly do we need in Nigeria?? So so so so many questions........where are the answers gonna come from? i finally got round to blogging a bit, i feel a bit fulfilled plus i'm kinda hyper today maybe its 'cos i ate before leaving for work or because french class was very interesting and i got to eat the plantain and fried peppery stew i'd been craving all week,whatever the case i feel good!! pa ra ra ra na na na i knew that i would now!! so good! so good!! i got the adrenaline lasts till weekend....btw m listening to a playlist with head,shoulders,knees & toes,party hard,breathe in breathe out..u cant imagine!!!lol

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New Ministers of NIgeria

According to Nigeria World 1. Agriculture Senior: Prof. Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Junior: Awodele Najeem Adewale 2. Justice Mohammed Bello Adoke 3. Aviation Mrs. Fidelia Njeze 4. Commerce & Industry Senior: Jibril Martins Kuye Junior: Ms. Josephine Tapgun 5. Culture & Tourism Abubakar Sadiq A. Mohammed 6. Education Prof. (Mrs) Ruqayyatu A. Rufa’i 7. FCT Bala Muhammed 8. Environment Mr. John Ogar Odey 9. Finance Senior:Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga Junior: Aderemi W. Babalola 10. Foreign Affairs Senior: Henry Odein Ajumogobia Junior: Dr. Aliyu Idi Hong 11. Health Senior: Suleiman Bello Junior: Idi Hong 12. Information & Communication Senior: Prof. Dora Akunyili Junior: Mr. Labaran Maku 13. Interior Senior: Emmanuel Iheanacho Junior: Mr. Humphrey Enemakwu Abah 14. Labour & Productivity Mr. Chukwuemeka Ngozichineke Wogu 15. Mines & Steel Development Musa Mohammed Sada 16. Niger Delta Affairs Senior: Peter Godsday Orubebe Junior: Samuel Ode 17. Petroleum Resources Deziani Alison-Madueke 18. Defence Senior: Adetokunbo Kayode Junior: Murtala Shehu Yar’Adua 19. Power Arc. Nuhu Somo Wya 20. Police Affairs Alh. Adamu Waziri 21. Science and Technology Muhammed K. Abubakar 22. Special Duties Ernest Olubolade 23. Transport Yusuf Sulaiman 24. Youth Development Akinlabi Olasunkanmi 25. Women Affairs Josephine Anenih 26. National Planning Commission Shamsudeen Usman 27. National Sports Commission Ibrahim Isa Bio 28. Works Senior: Sen. Sanusi M. Dagash Junior: Chris Ogiemwinyi 29. Lands, Housing & Urban Development Nduese Essien

Monday, 29 March 2010

Men and Cheating (pt 1)

According to GQ Apr 2007 pg 160 Davy Rotubart talking 'bout how men deal with their conscience when cheating...he says men blur the line o commitment e.g terming it 'thing while i'm away from home' or just a 'tryst online'. Most times men are/can be kind-hearted,responsible & commited;do the right thing and be faithful but also they wanna f**k the woman next to them,that they are married don't meant they'll be unattracted to women.when men are happy & in love et al it's less of a struggle but the attraction never goes away..there's always that 'Jimmy Cricket' voice saying "don't do it" while estimated 5% of men are satisfied with their wives, the other 95% will like to hook up with other women and find a way to silence jimmy like pinocchio did... The most challenging part is concealing 'it' or for some living with themselves afterwards, they find a way to convince themselves it isn't really cheating(that's when the use of term's for it comes in), each man has a different life is different and bends to specific needs & opportunities of a situation;there's no international standard for what constitutes infidelity,no manual....into this void fools rush; {making out doesn't count (not cheating if you don't have sex), Phone sex, BJ (she can't get pregnant by swallowing), going down on her, one-off thing,purely physical (cheating involves deep emotional component) lol..yh ryt!,prostitute(i'm paying for services and she's a professional), lap dance,Grinding (shooting a load ain't cheating..cmon!!),affair (i'm saving my marriage)..etc the list of conscience killers could go on forever and they actually work..toeing the line is irresistible;keep making excuses,boundaries for wrong you know u gonna cross and keep making new ones u still gonna cross to be continued.............

Thursday, 11 March 2010

the written so phar....

i have finally admitted i gotta start from somewhere if m gonna end up blogging all i v been writing in my in no particular order here गोएस: REHAB Celebrities and Rehab...Tiger woods got me thinking/writing this
According to GQ Apr 07,pg 72 The definition of rehab - an exit strategy, a formal escape from disgrace whose greatest virtue is lack of paparazzi. --Tiger woods for sex (after getting disgraced/exposed) --Whitney Houston for drug addiction --Rev. Ted Haggard disgraced by a male prostitute who he'd been having a 3yr meth-fueled affair with went to rehab for reparative treatment which lasted 3weeks lesson 1: when in trouble, act rehab as ur ultimate saviour and gain mass sympathy. --Grey's anatomy guy went to rehab for dramatic gay bashing (in other words expressing his opinion openly about the gay population) --San Francisco mayor Gavin Newson went to rehab for inappropiate fondling & banging of campaign mangaer(his best friend's wife) i can't help but wonder how rehab helpd that --Miss USA for excess boozing and coking --Britney for erratic shaving and being outta control Rehab has become the easy way for high profile types to pretend to take reponsibility for their actions while in actual fact assuming none. it provides unimpeachable cover and allows the famous point fingers everywhere but at themselves....and they go to rehab for various things ranging from drugs, alcohol to temper and sex.. the nigerian celebrities are yet to discover the luxury of rehab luckily for us they still think of it as a psychiatric hospital for crazy people (yaba left).mayb that is what has kept them safe and in line so time's up..l put up sm more soonest..

Saturday, 13 February 2010

M not tired

Forgive my not bloggin all this while and trust me i have a whole lot a stuff in my head i wanna blog about..thing is i vnt had tym to go renew my internet subscription but i'll do dat asp and blog till i drop...miss blogn and my internet life makes me feel like i'm lost in d world..anywa Vice President GoodLuck Jonathan is now the Acting President pending the return of His Excellency President Yar'adua frm wherever he is in the world...i guess Goodluck is really living up to his name from lecturer>commissioner>deputy governor>governor>vice-president>acting president and he might just end up being the president, u never know,and all these without much stress if i may people be careful how u name your children they most times live-up to what u call them...i wish him d best while he is there tho...and as u knw if u follow ma posts i love jotting down,so i v already jotted all i wanna blog 'bout down so i dnt miss nutn and i plan to pay for my subscripton within the week so if i dntt u free to beat revoir mes amis!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

More pics

Happy Nu Month!!

Nigeria is blessed..was thinking bout all these countries experiencing hurricanes,tornados,earthquakes,tsunamies,flood,land slide and other natural far as i knw our worst natural disaster here is flood..we have every reason to give thanks to God..we have human resources,mineral resources,capital,land,water,etc in abundance...even if we don't make the best use of it..Singapore for example which cut out of Malaysia have to buy their water and they don't have much land so they have to build storey buildings and skyscrapers and we have more human resources than they do..yet their economy is far stronger than ours..and i believe it is because the people and the leaders want their country to move forward so they work together obeying set down rules and punishing those who go against it regardless of their position in authority..afterall it is the people who make up the country....Nigerians have diverse orientation,some don't care,some care 'bout themselves and their immediate family,some aim to make a change but do not have the capacity to,some just want their share of the national cake..and so on and so forth..Like Ribadu and ElRufai who have made commendable changes but are now being hunted down...people aren't motivated to do much than keep body and soul together...Nigeria can be much more than it is..if we all join our heads together in the right direction..there'll be a change...even with our corrupt leaders...

Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Green eyes and Natchi Hair(Nappy Head)

Love my green contacts..m getting blue 2mw..and i'm happy with ma hair growth only challenge is goin to the salon they always try to convince me to put relaxer and they just comb it anyhow...mchew!!!l survive shawish gamine were arnd to boost ma hair morale tho.i'm on ma afro kinky braids for now so i'm safe frm the salonists..a lady commented that she liked it,it looks full healthy and curly...i blushed a bit ...i knw ma' been kinda slack onmy exercising so i been walking more anddancing whenever i get the chane..mostly belly stuff tho i enjoy that..i've also been kinda slack on ma fruits intake..its gonna be better this month tho 'cos we fasting and m gonna be using strictly fruits to only challenge now remains brushin before bed..dunno y its so hardbut it is when i hve time i'll take a trip to the dentist mayb he'll find smtn to motivate me..or an alternative... I've learnt so far that to get rid of bad habits replace them with good ones...happy nu month!!

Babies,coneption and the likes!!

Everything about babies amazes me, from when the millions of sperm are released and one his he egg to form a foetus to their growth in the womb,to when they are conceived lookin as tiny as imaginable or smtimes even tinier than immagined, to them sucking on their mother's birth,to the growing up..hmm...thats a lot of stages which i pray to experience someday..while in church today babies just kept going in and outta ma hands,either asleep or to eat or the likes...i love kids but babies even more,their frgility supercedes me and is incomprehensible,some the stature of their mothers who might have gained not more than an extra pound and some that gain loads of pounds..Children are a beautiful gift from God regardless of ther sex or the no.s in which they come..i noticed babies r attracted to me and me to themm..really cant say why but somehow i manage to make them smile and even the ones that wouldnt allow anyone apart frm their mother carry them i have succeded in wooing even if not for a long tym..if not that it isnt bibical or morally right to have a child outside wedlock..i believe i would have had 1..i can hardly wait to experience how it feels to be connected to another being by my umblical cord..God kep me till then ad make it i haven't come across any ugly baby..even the deformed ones have innocence as a sort of beauty,their large goo goo eyes and pupils..aww...can't wait to have mine


Money's slow to enter,quick to do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Work Ethics!!

i don't like offices without work ethics e.g dis my office there's too much "yorubaness","hausaness" and lil "iboness" that the office is more or less an informal setting.An organisation where the boss speaks yoruba to the workers and they have to rely in yoruba to else they could get penalised..firstly the yoruba culture as far as am concerned has too much hypocrisy in it;for instance you can't tell an adult he's lieing even when he is,or that he's doin something wrong when he obviously is,u have o put respect even if u insult the person one's he turns his/her back...the adults are always right..etc.then there's so much use of brother,sister,uncle,aunty as a sign of respect..imagine this in an office setting it's highlyirritating,i wanna work in a place where my views can be voiced in english i don't have to think of how to tell an older person what he's doin is wrong ..etc..and i have also noticed that use of language promotes gossip..this was d norm at lunchtym in my former office 'cos majority of the workers were ibo..we need proper work ethics to be able to commune well with one another cos those that don't speak the ruling language in the organisation usually feel left out and thats how people break out into tribal roups of gossip in the office...thats my observation for now

Work Ish!!!!

Bin dieing to post this since friday but nepa and sleep were not in agreement with me.Got a query at work yesterday for leaving when i was told to stay behind and i was told to replyiin writing why i shoul continue working in the company...i laffed when i read this letter even tho it hurt me real bad..dunno y i cnt help stuff like this get to me when i knw its haters behind it,and there will always be haters..truth is they keep you goin and on ur got to me reald bad anyway cos a meeting was called and me and 2 other colleagues were told to read out the letter in front of everyone after some pips just finished gettin hit me like a bomb 'cos if i say i was expecting it thats a big lie..i was even very sober that all ma french pips noticed it but i had to say it was fatigue..huh!..glad i dint leave sch tho..'cos that's how low my morale was...after class we watched a movie..La maison de bonheur..and it brought bouts of laughter outta ma mouth and prbly improved my listening skill a bit...after that i felt much better and when i got home had a cold shower..poured the water down slowly frm ma head..and i dnt think anything coulda felt better or more refreshing...this same work is the 1 i compplain bout that i stay late in order to meet targets,d same 1 i face to and fro traffic for and get home exhausted..every1 is human and i believe at some point we all require some form of appreciation even those of the choleric temperament,which i happen not to fall in2.asides not being appreciated but being put down at every opportunity which just makes my morale low and not motivated to put in any extra effort than i need to.On the day the query was referring to i left work at 7:30pm because an application we were meant to use was malfunctioning and that was the third time i was trying it to no avail..i notified my team leader and he DID NOT say i should stay behind (so i wonder why that was put in the query).I replied the query when my anger had calmed down so i could think rationally and use the correct words...i indicated that i had met all my targets from day 1 of work even when it meant staying extr hours and that i would hv waited a while longer if i had been told to but i wasn't.i thanked them for a chance to prove my efficiency and i await a feedback on monday...i'll blog about the work ethics in the office at night..for now i gotta head to church..i'm late already..a bientot!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010


It's been agood day so far,dint face trn,what could be better!! even though i'v been kinda brk i kip getin just enuff cash to get me throygh the day..what can i do but thank God for this...i got ma freen contacts yst..i been dreaming to have them and i finally online is me to post pics..soonest and also of my hair which i have to say i'm xtremely pleased about it's growth.hmm...I AM PROUDLY NIGERIAN..anyday but it's hard to keep being proud of your country wen there r so many f*ups..1st the President iss AWOL and did not pass authority down to the vice which leaves me wondering if he expects the country to be at a standstill till his return. I also think the constitution should be reviewed 'cos i dnt understand why the vice-president is more or less a dummy until power is handed over to him by the president and which translates that he is irrelevant when the President is on seat..i think a Vicis supposed to support the head whether present or absent..else what is he being paid for...that aside we move to the 23yr old "terrorist".....Mutallab..i wonder what got into him nad he's supposed to be learned now he has singlehandedly managed to get Nigeria on the blacklist like things were not bad enuff already;...then we move to th Jos Crisis where the muslims are just making mincemeat of Chistians, it is quite appalling the extent of religious conflicts in this country..some may say its because of illiteracy they are easily brain-washed but what can be said about some1 like Mutallab who is well-read and exposed...then we move to the Ministr of Foreign affairs who messed up during a tv show hardtalk where he spoke with so much disregard and inexperience for his position as far as i'm concerned,and a similar case with sahara reporters...what of anambra state that's without a governor..funny thing i wonder is how come we not yet at war like other countries which don't even have half of this issues and bomb themselves day and night..Nigerians are survivors they continue to exit even in the toughest conditions and for this i gotta give sm kudos 2 dem...I pledge to Nigeria my country to be \faithful,loyal and honest......

Monday, 25 January 2010

La Semaine

The week as started and so far its been good,if there's one friend that kips me on ma blog toes its GAMINE and i love her was really stressful but i managd to get arnd all listed out to do. i'm always happy when i tick em all wen i get hm at night it gives me a feelin of achievement..i have reduced my reaing of books and i gotta work on that at least 1 book a week. On the other hand though i have been listening to audio i listened to Anthony Robbuns Powertalk,very educating, it was talking about how tounderstand people and convince them..some people move away from loss while some move towards gain...i plan on getting more of this books. i have observed that human psycology really catches my interest so i plan to do wat i can now to gather knowledge..information is essential 4growth as far as m concerned even ma devotional referred to that today..for spiritual growth 1 must be well-fed just as it applies to physical growth and brain development.i'v also been listening to some french audio tapes which is improving my accent and vocabulary. DISCIPLINE It is necessary to make a headway in life..discipline of the body and its members,the mind...if 1 is able to achieve this i believe notin is impossible to such a person. i'm trying to achieve that with my self..God help me.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Past week

This past week has been so stressful..walahi!shuttling bt french class and work..i gotta wake up by 5 to leave hm early 4wrk else i'll face crazy traffic and even with my early rise i spend nothing less than an hour going and 2 cmn back cos of sm stupidly positioned speed bumps and constuction work that's taking forever, then i gotta hussle and meet my target at work before heading to french sch and coming home,the annoying thing is i gotta work on saturday's also it really sucks but wat can i do...omo wa se o ri all though i give God thanx 'cos smtyms i wndr hw i get the strength..then i been listening to anthony hopkins how to read body's really insightful how our body speaks more non-verbally than verbally and how being able to decipher this language could help a situation,..had to save it on ma phone 'cos there's no time to listen to it i still go french school though and i have to say i'm gettin better..came across a title 'When No is Okay' in my Open Heaven's devotional and in summary it was talking 'bout when we pray to God for something and it seems we are not getting it it's either we r asking amiss or he's waiting for the right time or,there's smtn better than what we r asking for which requires a little we should learn not to presssure God into giving us less than He wants to.well that's bout it for now...gotta go to bed..i got an early call tomorrow...wish i had a machine tat could transl8 ma thot into blogs ..i always have a lotta things i wanna blog about but once i get on the page it all flies away..anyway..y'all have a great week ahead..l b back he here soon

Thursday, 21 January 2010

so Far so good

yup far i've been good on ma resolutions...have been havin Carrots and Oranges as part of my healthy living.I have managed to juggle work and school, i have to say its quite stressful but God is faithful..i have also managed to keep in touch with ma close friends..gamine espescially and i'm happy about that.and i've been sticking strictly to ma bathing at nights..m still tryn 2get used to the brushing part..i gaggle with water and salt tho whenever i cnt work up the strength to i have been bloggin far je suis tres heureuse et mon francais est meilleur...not much upd8 4nw apart frm dat...a bientot!!

Monday, 18 January 2010


It took all ma willpower for me to be bloggin today..i was in a mad traffic on my way to work and had a repeat on ma way bk home. i had to jump right int the shower on gettin home to clear ma head else i woulda just fallen into bed ...which would have been disastrous cos i gotta prepare 4 2mw..dint do much at work 2dy..ordered sm clothes online from my friend who makes 'em i gotta admit they're really cool and i'm reallly proud of how far he's gone to say the least.. French school is goin on well, thanks be 2God 'cos i really dunno hw i gt d strength to do all these things...haha that reminds me i forgot to mention that my cousin whom i blogged about earlier that was pregnant has given birth to a baby gal...yup.and i'm her Godmother, i named her Anjolaoluwa(we r enjoying the riches/grace of God)anjie for short and i plan to go visit her with gifts as soon as i can get off work...that's 'bout it for now...a demain..

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

His Promises concerning me

My Living Words For This Year
  • II Tim 2:15;22-23 - It is By His grace that we are not consumed
  • Heb 12:2a - Be diligent to always present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth
  • Matt 6:33-34 - 'But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you'......
  • Deut 28:1-14
  • Matt 6:25-34 - My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory;....
  • Rom 8:28 - And we kow that all things work together for good to those who love God,... be cont.

Sunday, 10 January 2010


The title of this post is so like some sci-fi movie year..Thank God for allowing me, my family, relatives and friends make it into the new year..i got so many resolutions made..some i'll post some i won't and by his grace i hope i'll be able to stick to them 'cos if there's one thing v come to realise it's that we need His help in every step we take. 2009
is a year i won't forget in a hurry. i love writing because it keeps me focused,i can track my progress and back-track on past events and i must say it has helped me in self-analysis and to improve on my person over time. My main resolution in 2009 was to abstain from alcohol and i was able to stick to that eve up till now. I took my NIIT course and started attending french school and was able to sit for the A2 i can say i dint waste d 5months i had after youth service.i can say the exit from 2009 into 2010 was full of hope for better achievements.....
Truly it sounds like one of the years i thought i'd never see 'cos rapture (the coming of Christ) would have taken place. i enter this year full of hopes, dreams, plans, goals and resolutions.
I termed this year the year of New beginnings
My Resolutions
  1. Develop a closer relationship with God
  2. Be diligent in paying of tithes and offering
  3. Stick to #resolution
  4. Improve on me all round and be the best i can
  • Time Management - Wake up Early, Be Punctual to work, Come home early, Don't Procrastinate
  • Health - Exercise, bathe and brush before bed,have regular medical check-ups, eat fruits, eat healthy
  • Mental - Read more, learn more
  • Extra Curricular - Take swimming lessons and salsa class
  • Anger Management - try to be more patient, humble and listen.
  • Family - Help out more at home, spoil my mum and siblings
  • Languge - Keep improving on french and Hausa skills
  • Blog - at least once a week except wen there's no internet
  • Friends - Shed off leeches and Keep in touch with true friends
  • Truth - Be more truthful and honest

Well..that's it for help me God..Amen