Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stolen Phone (Nexus 4)

spot my green case
My phone was stolen at my desk in the office and I was quite devastated. I really loved that phone especially because it was a birthday gift from my significant other (we got twin phones) and I was barely starting to enjoy the phone. I got the phone sometime in January and 2weeks later the screen was cracked and I had to send it to the US for repairs because it was not yet in the country. I get the phone several months later but the person that fixed it somehow sent I back without the simtray so I could not use the phone except with wifi. I ordered for a new simtray from my friend in the UK and 2weeks before it arrives my phone gets stolen. I guess I was destined never to enjoy the phone 'cos not long after BBM for android was released too.
Spot my green case on my desk
twin phones for d boo & i
I actually saw the guy the that stole the phone, I had stepped out with my boss into another office briefly and I came back to see a strange unkempt fellow alone in the office, I ask what he wants and he says he wanted to see my boss, (i later figured he had read his name off the door label). I tell him my boss is in a meeting and he’ll have to take his leave, it did not occur to me until a few minutes later to check if my valuables were still in place. That’s when I noticed my phone in my neon green case was gone, I searched everywhere for it to no avail and informed the security and searched the whole premises for the man to no avail. I accepted that my phone was gone. I blocked off my access to my emails via the phone from the web, counted my losses and mourned my phone by taking a day off work. They eventually installed CCTV cameras at my office to curb future thefts. My boss promised to compensate me for the stolen one (I think I’ll get the newer version) and that cheered me up. I have pics to reminisce over (it always put a sparkle in my pics) and for now I’m stuck with my blackberry. Don’t forget to always back up ur phone data, It makes the loss easier to swallow and deal with. 


Wednesday, 20 November 2013


You know how some brides can turn into bridezillas (godzilla’s bride) during their wedding period, sometimes it’s the mother of the bride that turns into mumzilla (godzilla’s mother). I happened to travel for a wedding in Calabar this weekend and encountered a mumzilla. My flight was moved 2hours ahead and I had to wait at the airport (crappy Nigerian Airlines that just take the piss, I wish they’d sign the consumer bill of rights into law, so they take their jobs more seriously or at least pay when they delay). I missed the traditional wedding and according to reports, the initial mumzilla action. I got to witness it the next day, after the initial yells for everyone to get up and shower, which is presumably normal on any wedding day. There was no light in the house and my phones were dead as well as that of another friend, we decide to head to the hotel to charge our phones and get dressed. Mumzilla happens to be sitting at the dining table and sees us leaving the house and she goes ‘I don’t understand why all of  you have to go to the hotel with her (the bride), you need to come back and pack souvenirs, that’s why you are here’. Seriously??? We travelled all the way just to pack souvenirs, thanks for the memo ‘cos it wasn’t received earlier!! *rme. We leave anyways ‘cos we know that’s not why we are there, when we were done in the hotel anyways we did come back to help with the souvenirs because the bride’s sister had a way better with words and was very nice to us. 

Next encounter with mumzilla was at the wedding reception when we couldn’t find the usher that was with the guestbook “why did you give an usher?! it should have been in ur custody! That is why you are here!”. Really??! We are here to pass around the guestbook, oh I’m so sorry, we forgot the ushers were just for decorative use. Mshew!rubbish! Anyways we eventually found the usher with the guestbook and handed it over to her. The wedding was finally over and mumzilla was out of our hair. She gradually returned back to human form but not without intermittent yells at the maids and whoever was in her way. My friend who had been there since the Wednesday of the weekend told us, we had not even seen anything, she had suffered more from mumzilla since she arrived early. She was yelled at that she was not a guest (although it was her first time in the house and she had taken out of her precious time to travel down early and support her friend) and she should prepare meals and serve the in-laws to be and she also tried to guilt trip her saying it was unfair of her to not help out as that’s why she was here.
It is actually unfair to the friends and guests of the bride to talk to them rudely or try to guilt trip them when you can just kindly ask for their help and appreciate their presence, the wedding would go on afterall if they were not present. Brides should try to caution their parents to be respectful when talking to their guests and friends. Mumzillas are just as bad Bridezillas and just as effective at ruining a wedding mood for everyone. Everyone should just breathe and plan ahead to avoid every last minute drama that tries to engulf you or your folks.
Here's an update 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Best Friend (in every sense of the words used) :D

I did a post way back here when someone I considered to be my best friend hurt me and opened my eyes. I thank her because she helped me see that I had an awesome friend who was more deserving of that title. My significant other always tries to fight for this title which I don’t mind but when he also observed how awesome she is he said we should share her! Na wa o, I no dey share abeg. I met Antonia in 2007 I think,  that was in my 300L, I met her through my ex-bestfriend and her roommate who she was classmates with, she’d come to browse in their room which got a better wifi-connection from the window. I’m cracking my head hard to remember these details so forget all the ‘I thinks’ that will be contained in this post. Merci. Moving on, when I first saw her I think I was attracted to her look, her outfit, stature and glasses, she looked like a boss walking on air and then she spoke and was so fluent. She laughed and I was in love!! Her laughter had so much character and was sooo full of life, can a person get any more real than that. Nope. We got closer when I’d visit her in her room, i knew most of her classmates and the girls on her floor, most of which were my acquaintances and a few friends. I got to know more about her, she was a Photoshop guru, she could draw, design outfits, she was an internet guru, hair guru, had a blog, writer of several short stories (gaminegirlie), a Nairaland (was really cool back then) regular, traveller (ajala traveller.lool)and a very smart hottie with lovely eyes and smile, among other things I could go on! She inspired me to start my own blog, I remember asking her something I wanted to do on the blog and she said ‘Google it’. I needed that kinda friend that would make me better and be frank with me. I got more and more close to her and people will ask ‘how are u even friends with her? She’s kinda weird’ and I just tell them well she’s really cool and think this weird they say she is, is just their inability to catch up  with her awesomeness speaking. I remember chilling with her during our graduation and taking pics and we had an Appletini in her room afterwards, doing yoga and Chinese bends and making silly videos (I wonder where all those pics and vids are sef), I don’t really recall.
We got even closer after school while we were serving, we started our natural hair journey around the same time and applied to schools together for our Masters programme, she’d visit me at work and I’d visit her at home, u get the drift. We both got our admission letters but I couldn't go and she went. That did not hinder our friendship, we kept in touch all the while, phone calls  yahoo messenger, email, et al and our friendship grew. She came around and we got to see, I was also finally able to get some time off work and travel to see her and I had a swell time as well. She is in the top 3 of the best people that I am privileged to have in my life and I really appreciate her and thank God for having her and I try to tell her how awesome she is as much as possible. We have our disagreements and different views at times and that doesn't prevent us from getting along. I love you Antonia!!! For who u are, all u’ve done for me and more!!

would go to super extra lengths to make her happy (and see her hearty grin) and it warms my heart to know she would do the same for me.  She’s my confidante, older sis, christian sister, bizness partner and more and I can count on her to give me her candid opinion and advice and viceversa. She’s the best friend a girl can ask for and I’m da lucky girl that got her!!!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Samsung Competition!!! I'm a finalist!!! Please Vote me!

Hi friends!!i need you to help me vote Adimula Oluwatosin to help me win this samsung competition. Thanks a bunch in advance. Click the link and click vote in front of the name then check the email u wrote for the confimation link which u'll click to tk u to a confirmation page and count your vote! Thanks a bunch!!Merci!!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

*Surprise Bridal Showers*

This is going to be a kinda 2-in-1 post about 2surprise bridal showers I was actively involved in planning. I learnt a whole lot of stuff on the web which really helped in my planning, so in the spirit of giving back I am doin this post. I hope it helps anyone planning to surprise their engaged friend, it really is the sweetest thing when friends to come to celebrate the graduation of one of ours from single-dom to double-dom.lool. you all know by now that I’m a clown. Sit back and feed ur eyes and mind and enjoy this picturesque post.

Bride-to-be in her 'royal' accesories (2nd shower)
customized tee for the friends (2nd shower)
Lingerie Cake (2nd shower)
souvenirs-rose pattern compact mirror & cupcake packaged towel
Surprise!! moment (1st shower)
DIY crown and name tag on a guest in the bedroom (1st shower)
Finger food array (2nd shower)
The first surprise shower I planned was for my friend Melissa (I blogged about her proposal here), her wedding was slated for April but I wanted to start off preparations for the bridal shower early to avoid complication, so I formed a BB group sometime in February and added the few friends I knew who in turn added some more from her University and Secondary school (I had met a number of them during her traditional wedding so it was not hard to flow), we were about 20 in total the group. I was glad discussions started early and all ‘cos I love to plan ahead so things go accordingly, although some of her friends thought the group was brought up too early, they eventually thanked me for starting it on time.
Make a to-do list. Here’s mine:
  • Selection of a Venue (Park, Hall, Someone’s house, commercial apartment)
  • Selection of a Tentative Date for the Shower
  • Decoration
  • Minimum amount to be contributed (usually decided after deliberations or can be before so there is a budget to work with)
  • Commencement and Deadline for Payment
  • Cake
  • Food (Preferably small chops-spring rolls, meat balls, samosa, cupcakes, doughnut, etc.)
  • Drinks (variety of soft drinks, malt, water, juice, punch, alcohol)
  • Gifts for the Bride-to-be (Lingerie, Customized t-shirt, etc.)
  • Eating Utensils (Disposable plates, cups & cutlery, toothpicks, straws, serviettes, foil paper, Knife for the Cake)
  • Games & Activities
  • Bride-to-be’s outfit (Crown, Sash, outfits, pins, etc.)
  • Others
Bride-to-be in customized t-shirt {front} (1st shower)
Bride-to-be in customized t-shirt {back}(1st shower)
Friends & Bride-to-be in sexy police outfit (1st shower)
  1. Start Planning Early if it is a surprise bridal shower that involves her other friends u don’t know. Why you may ask- because decisions involving more than 3 people takes a long time!!! talk less of 20 girls! You don’t even wanna know, and there are soooooooo many things to decide on and we haven’t even moved on to contributions for the event.
  2. Invite her close friends into a forum and let them also branch out and invite other close friends but remind everyone to be hush hush about it! Else they spoil the surprise.
  3. Do some research (Google is your friend, find sites with bridal shower post, games, d├ęcor, themes, etc. It will help to have some ideas to be deliberated on)
  4. Will the shower be themed or unthemed? (unthemed ones are easier)
  5. Welcome opinions and deliberate respectfully and be polite (you don’t know some of these ppl and dnt know where you may meet again. I remember a bridal shower that went awry due to the attitude of the Coordinator-not cool* remember it is not about you, but about creating a special memory for a friend)
  6. Once the major decisions are out of the way (mainly things that have to do with costing), the next step is to delegate (you honestly cannot do it all by yourself).  Pair up at least 2 people and make them accountable to the group, do this for all the different tasks in your to-do list. I t is ok to be involved in some and you also have to follow up on all the others to keep everyone on track (don’t be bossy/overbearing doing this though, it’s easy to get carried away-try to remember that the other friends also have their own life and schedules). One way I found easy was giving the delegates a week or 2 to come back and report their findings to the group so decisions can be made, and during that week, after discussions, we will gently remind them that we would be expecting feedback on the agreed date. I helps ease tension and burdening anyone.
  7. DIY (Do it yourself) In the 1st surprise shower, I bought cardboard pieces, glue and other materials from the market to make crowns, name tags and decorate the venue. While in the 2ndd, one of the ladies who was into printing, made tees for us although we paid for them, the price was very minimal. Make use of group members to cut costs (if there’s a baker or decorator among you, make use of them to save cost).
  8. Gather intel/info on your expected audience (are most of them single ladies or is it a mix of married women and single ladies, are they gentle or loud) this will help you in ur selection of games and activities for the day. In the 1st surprise shower I planned, I did not do this and the crowd was the loud kind dat mostly jst wanted to eat, make noise and get themselves & the bride-to-be drunk. We did not play up to half of the games but they still had fun although if I had known earlier I would not have planned for the other games and wasted resources. The 2nd shower was the opposite as it was made up of mostly married women. We played practically all the games and were able to compile a book for the bride from them.
  9. Have someone recording and taking pictures of the event so you can give the hubby to watch later and enjoy and the bride-to-be can also add it to her memorabilia.
  10. Make a nice playlist everyone can dance to, its usually safe to go with the songs in vogue
  11. You will need someone to act as a DJ overseeing the music, another as the MC and someone monitoring the food and drinks while u can be in charge of games and activities so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to handle it all, this happened to me at the 1st surprise shower but i learnt and the 2nd turned out way better.
  12. After the cutting of the cake, don’t forget to divide it so everyone gets a piece to eat and take home and also keep some for the bride-to-be to take home.
  13. Remember the food (preferably small chops-) can never be too much and its beta it goes round than for it to not. The guests can take home the leftovers of the food and drinks.
  14. Most importantly keep the shower a surprise right till the very end, don’t forget to have a believable story to get the bride-to-be to the venue without her suspecting anything.
  15. And just as important, don’t forget to have fun!!!
I hope this helps you in planning an awesome surprise bridal shower. Find the game docs here and feel free to customize it for your own games. Enjoy the pics. Please drop a comment if you find this post useful in ur planning or if u have any other ideas. Merci.

Cover photo used for the compilation of advice from friends
Photo used as target for Tissue wedding dress game

fooling around
Drink mixing chart
wedding ring ice cubes
Champagne cubes
photo cut out can be used for drinking like a sir
Photo cut used for the cardboard crown
Who has the groom game
Lipstick Souvenirs from the friends

Sex Pot
Helium filled ballon with fun pics of friends and the couple as decor
Bride-to-be in  sexy 1st outfit (1st shower)
Bride-to-be in sexy police outfit as 2nd outfit (1st shower)
DIY Fruit & Alcohol Punch i made (Crazy stuff)
Decorated  furnished Apartment we paid for the night (1st shower)
Friends, Bride-to-be and the Lingerie cake {All smiles}


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Forget Paris!! Go Accra!

I already hinted y'all here about the freshest travel blog on the web! Hope u guys checked it out. Well now i have a post up there u should definitely check out Forget Paris, Go Accra! lool. 
I love the title so much! Feel free to look through other posts on the site, enjoy the pics and daydream. You can also select a place to start planning your trip to as the site has all the details covered especially for Green Passport travelling. You can share the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. 
Follow them on twitter @FTN_Travel or Subscribe on the site via mail to get updates on the latest posts.
Hope u guys enjoy it. Thank me later or bring me a souvenir. :*

Monday, 23 September 2013

New Exercise Regimen

Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Kickbacks, etc all sound so exhausting in name talkless of me even motivating myself to learn what they are and do them. I used to be quite the Fitness addict in school, it happened after I lived with a roommate who played basketball and would tell me to join her during workouts. Na so I waka from 1 situp/legup to 5 to 20 to 50 and next thing I knew I could do a 100 of each daily on a good day and do loads of stretching/yoga poses, I could even do the Chinese backwards bend without aid! I walked a lot!!and practically everywhere was far from the hostel in my Uni, you’d hardly ever see me  wear heels to class,  I was a master of flats and sandals. We also usually had a jogging session every month or so (though I don’t think it really helped anyone as it was not frequent enough) and I loved it, we’d jog to the school gate and back and I would feel the fat burn in my thighs as they start to itch. I kept this habit up a bit after school for about 3years or so and I’d go on long walks, use the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. I have been super lazy of late though as work and other life activities have piled on. I hardly do situps/legups anymore. My major help was exercise done back den and luckily I watch what/how/when I eat, otherwise I honestly think I’d be outta shape by now. That said, I definitely don’t wanna wait around till I’m outta shape before working on myself. I wanna be that hot and vibrant grandma that people keep guessing her age (color me vain but I go achieve my aim). 
So I have come up with a way to motivate myself, I love dancing, always have, always will so this is my new medicine to keep fit. I’m usually in zombie mode when I get up early in the morning and get ready for work but I’m n batman mode and sharper when I get back from work. For the past week now, when I get home, I put on my fave playlist and dance my heart out while incorporating all dose plenty names at the beginning of this post into my routine (works wonders!!see sweat!) after that I skip for as long as I can (sometyms 200-1leg/2legs) and stretch my body when I’m done all the while my ‘Gingering’ music is on.
I have been far more active in the morning since I started this regime and I think soon enough I’ll be able to do some skipping, situps/legups in the morning before heading to work (AMEN). My night routine also forces me to shower at night, ‘cos of the sweat, which is good for my skin and my brain even wakes up a bit and I can do some work/thinking before hitting the sack.
Why bother, some people may ask, you have a nice shape and flat tummy. I bother because I wanna keep it that way, fit, firm and active, not panting after climbing just 2flights of stairs and its also good for the health and immune system. I wanna form all the possible good habits I can so when I need them the most they are already there. I hope this post inspires someone to find their own fun way to keep fit and live healthy. 

When you love you, you will take proper care of all things pertaining to you and people will learn to love you for you.

Hair Regimen

I was more active taking care of my hair when it was short, I daresay I even enjoyed it, but with every centimeter added I got lazy about it, luckily I found a stylist who could handle it relatively well. So this post will have my old regimen and new regimen and products used for both. I recently got my hair did by Natmane ( and she made some candid observations which I have put into consideration. I use too much heat on my hair! I only blowdry/straighten my hair about once a month but it seems the heat used during this process is way too much and ruining my beautiful coils (my hair is more coily than curly). Luckily I have very thick strong strands so they will get their coilness back as I desist from heat.

My old hair regimen (when I had a small fro and shorter hair)
My shorter hair was more malleable and it was during this phase I really bonded and fell in love with my hair, you can read my hair journey here and here. I learnt a lot from blogs, websites and Youtube videos about transitioning, hair types, caring for my hair, hairstyles, products to use, etc. Feel free to visit these ones and search for more-, FusionofCulture channel on youtube, There are soooooooo many more out there and you can find out what works best for you with research and practice.
I shampooed and conditioned my whole hair @ once (no parts)
I do an apple cider vinegar rinse
I would towel dry and rub some Sheabutter and Elasta QP mango butter on it
And run a comb through my curly fro and add a bow or scarf and be on my merry way
I mostly rocked my hair in fros when it was shorter and ponytails when it was long enough for that.
I also fixed closed weaves (I don’t leave my hair out) of different styles and did braids, twists and weaving, with(out) attachments, once in a while as well ‘cos I love changing my look.
I also tied scarves whenever I was having a bad hair day or feeling too lazy to style

V05 shampoo and conditioner
Elasta QP mango butter
Olive oil cholesterol/sheabutter/conditioner/eggs for steaming

My new hair regimen (during/after my Natmane Hairdo)
While my hair was weaved I would spritz it with water daily and use either sheabutter/moringa oil/olive oil or cocounut oil on it
After I loosened my hair, I detangled (with my fingers) and put it in 4 parts and I re-detangled/ shampooed/conditioned/combed and plaited each part when I was done with it.
I dried the hair a bit with a towel and then with a hairdryer (used cold air) and applied shea butte on it and dried it a bit again. I made sure there was enough moisture left in it and put it in plaits and wore a satin cap before going to bed.
The next morning I took out the plaits, fingercombed it and put it in a ponytail and plaited the ends. I spritz some water on it and some coconut oil brushed the edges and went to work.
I keep my hands out of my hair as much as possible
I style my hair with scarves, bow pins, butterfly pins, bands
That’s about it for now, the weather is too hot for me to try a twist/braid out which will end up poofy at the end of the day.
I also fix closed weaves (I don’t leave my hair out) of different styles and I braid, twist and weave, with(out) attachments, once in a while as well ‘cos I love changing my look.
I also tie scarves whenever I’m having a bad hair day or feeling too lazy to style

I use Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner, Moringa oil, shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil
Apple cider vinegar (for a rinse)
Olive oil cholesterol/Sheabutter/eggs/Manshanu (animal fat-popular in the northern part of Nigeria)/honey {for steaming}
I am not soo big on products as these ones work real well for me, I do wanna get some essential oils though and try out some clays and I’ll be good!

You can check out my Pinterestpage for my pins on my Nappy hair love board for more hair info, blogs and websites 
Product pics cmn soon.stay tuned.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Follow The Nigerian (Freshest Travel Blog on the Web!)

Check out the freshest informative blog on the web block.lool. They got you covered when it comes to travelling as a Nigerian with a Nigerian Passport and they are spreading their travelling wings swiftly (Hopefully the whole world will be covered soon). We all know how much 'fun' it can be travelling with the Green Passport. 
Click FollowtheNigerian for more info and thank me later. 

Quail Eggs

Excerpt From

According to, experts in natural treatment methods claim that quail eggs have positive effects on people with stress problems, hypertension, digestive disturbance, gastric ulcer, liver problems, blood pressure and lipid control, migraine, asthma, anemia, various types of allergies, eczema, heart problems, bronchitis, depression, panic and anxiety. Quail eggs are also known to stimulate growth, increase sexual appetite, stimulate brain functions and generally rejuvenate the body. They have been proved to be a very valuable source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus and other essential micro-nutrients, minerals and amino acids. 
Go to Punch for the complete article. 
I am definitely adding Quail eggs to my diet! Healthliving things!!lool

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Win an all expense paid wedding and more!!!

You all know how much i love weddings!!!sooo i definitely had to share this with you guys when i saw it. check out for more details. 
All the best!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Deepbrown & Kinks: Rainy Season Protective Styles (Featuring Me!!!)

I got my hair (no extensions) hooked up be Miss NatMane some weeks back and i totally loved and rocked the do! Igot so many compliments on how refreshing it was to see a chic without a weave (even from weave addicts! and how nice the hair looked on me. I styled it in a no. of different ways and it was very easy to work with. Natmane also gave me some tips on how to take even better care of my hair and i'm already trying out some and loving the results!Merci mademoiselle, looking forward to another stlye hookup with ya. Check out Deepbrown & Kinks: Rainy Season Protective Styles:  for the post and here are some pics on how i rocked the style. Oh and before i forget, my boo kept making jokes about how small and cute my head is and saying he did not know i had no 'Ogo' (pronounced back head...lool).