Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2

AND SHE SAID........

So Valentine day has come and gone.....*tada tan na na *


(with more gifts than the hands can carry)


Some claim they'll catch a grenade for love,we don't know if its d hooked or unhooked they'll catch(the circumstance may not arise anyway xcept in countries @war and i doubt the dude would v the courage to make the statement above xcept he is a suicide bomber by

while some admit they will not catch a grenade for even the ones they love, rather they would ask the necessary question which is why a grenade is being thrown @u in the first place.


They took red being the color of love to another level and put smiles on our faces

cupid and she

the cutest lil missy (pic courtesy 'thesmilinghat')

lovely looking ladies

so in

wonder how long he had to wait for the bike with the red

even the monkeys decided to tag along

THE MATURE (or so they say)

who believe valentine's day is for kids or have been hurt by love


they are the November babies

Thanx to twitter updates and some friends, i made a summary of gift received and gifts give! find below 4ur entertainment...


(Range Rover Sports to be precise)

{Key Holder}

melissa darl (mon amie)





{Wine/Irish Cream/Champagne}



{Scented candles}

{Teddy bear}

{Charm bracelets}




{Designer Shirt}

{Designer Jeans}



{Designer Shirt}

{Set of Boxers}



{Football club Jersey}

{Football club souvenirs}

{Tie/Cuff links set}

{Palm slippers}




I believe with these comparisms we can infer that the chics won...

My cousin and i took ourselves out in the evening after work, the whole place was filled with lovers everywhere, some were having a 'letter to your lover' thingy @ the place i had intended to do Karaoke and my burger lounge was brimming full and outta starter platter...
it wouldn't v been easy for anyone w/o a companion i admit, but we still made the best of the evening,we had a turkey barbeque and some drinks and later went to a garden to watch some girls dancing (more of ass-shaking tho) and listen to some music...the was fun i v to admit...

Pictures speak volumes thats why i have so many pics here...#sue :p