Friday, 20 November 2009

BGLH Badge

Na wa o!!

Mehn! it was a beautiful day on the 18th of November, i went to NIIT class, saw a friend then went to French class, then on ma way home from around 8pm, ma beautiful day went sour. I was walking by the side of the road with my friend and the this car drives up slowly beside me, a guy brings half of his body out the window and drags ma bag off ma shoulder after hitting my hand with his gun to halt my struggling and they zoom off. i was stunned 'cos all this happened in like 10 seconds..i dint feel good at all 'cos that bag contained a lot of things. This happened in Zone 4, Abuja on the narrow road by PHCN, there are no street lights there.
They definitely hit a Jackpot...ID cards, ATM cards, phones, make-up not less dan 20k in all, gold jewelry i was planning to change at Wuse Market (all hail the queen of procrastination), ma class notes, diary, flash drives, camera, memory cards (with all my grad pics).. and money (luckily i had made most of the payments i needed t)..u name it they were all in dat bag.My friend gave me cash to bus home..but i v gotten over the loss and yesterday i retrieved ma lines and blocked ma ATMs. 
In everything give thanks, i do, coulda been worse, i coulda been shot, on top bag; i know God will replace all i lost with even better things. My mum sed its 'cos December is around the corner, thieves are now more desperate, 'bout two weeks ago my friends phone was stolen from her bag while we were at the bus stop about to go to the redemption camp in Keffi; guess we gotta be more careful b4 they steal us in their desperation. I'm in a better mood now and getting over the theft of ma bag and the items in it, the most painful was my diary and memory cards with my pics funny enough. God dey...i have learnt from this experience, would never have guessed Abuja would be the place for me t get robbed and in the streets for that matter.

Monday, 16 November 2009


hmm..i almost dint blog tonight o..i got back from NIIT class exhausted and had to revise wat we were thought in preparation for was a veri beautiful day,i washed some pending clothes,listened to ma french audio teached while having ma shower, sprayed the house and left for class.after class i went to have lunch at SFC then went to a friend's place till much later,and back home..did ma usual browsing,night prayers,etc...i v to go to bed early o..i wanna c d dentist 2mw...sweet dreams..v decided to take things 1step at a time

i need motivation

i vnt blogged since sept..19th..sheez dats bad of me..i nid motivation o..truth is i kip a diary on ma pc of day to day events but since i cant copy and paste it here i get weary just at the thot of havin to type it all..l try ma best th..and hopefullly d bits and peces willc m together.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Been a long time

It's been a while since i blogged and it aint totally ma fault...i think...a lot has happened meanwhile...well all i have been thinkin bout bloggin on just flew outta ma head.m loving jeremiah's song i'm a star..tink its d video that got me hooked on best friend and confidant has gone back to school and i'm quite sad but i believe we'll make it...i'm taking french classes and so far its been good...sallah holiday is coming up for the muslims on monday and tuesday to end their fasting period rilly hope moi un petit ami has ma time he's always so busy with work that he hardly calls or texts and when i do it takes him a while to reply..i do ma best not to be a nag by not complaining but truth is i'm getting fedup there's nothing i love in a relationship more than attention and heknew this before we got together.i'm hoping for both our sakes that this is just a phase that'll pass...(one of the reasons i dont do long distance relationship).well thats the update on me for now i think..oh and i had to defer ma admissinon to durham(m vewi sad bout it)thanks to recession or thats what ma dad says.oh well i believe at the end all tins will work out for good..nid to get a beta job till nxt year tho and occupy myself..m tinkin of doin a certified computer course and learn an additional langage to french while waitin, and better ma driving skills etc etc.oh yeah and get better at making hair on ma head and other pips.thats d deal for now and by the Almighty's grace his plan for me will come to pass..btw..i'm loving ma keri hison revoir!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Wakeema Hollis

So this is ma celeb look-alike...bee-stung lips and eyes i think..wnt mind goin inot modelling if i can get over being shy that is.. plus got some stuff bout ma shisha...m gonna reduce smokin it to the minimum..will post the stuff i got on it later but in summary its sed to be more dangerous than cigarettes which kinda contradicts wat i read wen i googled it ...oh well...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


ma braiding
Wakeema Hollis ,lawv her and tink we got more than 1 thing in common c if u can spot 'em...wink :)* Me
Me on weave
Me on twists
finally uploaded some pics n m gonna put some more up..i braided ma hair and i'm carrying it around for the 1st time and i'm actually lawvn it, den deres the man drama in ma life(sortin)...smoked apple flavour shisha today and it was so coooolll..i gotta totally have it in ma house...then m trying to sort out ma sch sturvs after finally gettin ma offer..guess m just gonna take things 1 at a time and it'l be alryt.......home alone wt ma mama kinda cool kinda annoyn but l wat else..guess tha ts it for now..oh yh m workin on ma revoir...sooo i'll be able to confidently say Je parle francais....aite..ciao!

Friday, 7 August 2009


Did ma Big chop on monday and i've been dieing to post about it and put pictures up..o.k i went to the salon had took out ma weave and had ma hair washed and conditioned and almost forgot to tell the hairdresser to do ma chop but luckily i remembered :) and told her to do the cut almost cried while it was being done dnt even know how i got the courage to tell her to cut it but i did and when she had cut it all of and dried it i was totally lawvn the hair and wulda even wanted her to cut it some more but i just let that thot go..she straightened it out and i must confess i was lookn so hot got so many stares and a close friend of mine was just so suprised at its fullness and texture and said most gals would kill 4ma hair a female friend actually thot it was a kind of its not straightened anymore so i kinda carry it afro n i lawv it but m afraid l soon tire of the afro tho dunno wat l do den but guess we'll just have to wait and on saturday got ma unconditional offer to durham after ma long wait guess the patient dog does eat the fattest ma friend has gotten hers too so dat just double joy for me all we gotta do now is get our visa and go to school..yipeee!! then yesterday just turned out to be very beautiful,got ma laptop charger fixed,got money for my afang/ukazi soup,got anew gadget and had money paid into my account ma day wulda been complete tho if i'd smoked shisha like i did on wednesday with my friend who i just introduced to it and he totally loved it...sooo coool..thats d update for now..oh and ma friend was involved in a car accident and even though he was injured i'm happy he survived and is much better now....Its been a beautiful week all in all cant thank God more.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


i'v decided to do ma big chop tomorrow after taking out ma weave..hope i still have d courage to do so pics pics.....i need pampering seriously a pedicure manicure soak in the spa massage anything u can think is a necessity..

Koko Mansion

The search for the perfect kokolette is on...Selected kokolettes will be launched into the world of glitz & glamour in the luxurious Koko Mansion showcasting their beauty, brains, talent and style, as they compete to be the perfekt kokolette. The last kokolette standing gets a diamond ring, a brand new luxury car and 5 million naira plus other 'koklicious' prizes. If u have wat it takes, pay N5000 or £20 in any branch of GTBank in Nigeria or the UK and visit for registration and further info.... Saturday PUNCH 30-05-09 First of all wat dose kokolette mean if i am to take its interpretation from the entertainer's song i think i would prefer not to be referred to in that term..then again there are those juicy prices for the contestants...wonder how many girls have and will apply at least their money will make up part of the sum for the prizes..lets se how the show goes and what the 'kokolettes' have to give to get wat they want...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Environment

Been attending this international conference on renewable energy and it's extremely insightful and i've actually come to c that we have brains in this country (Nigeria) and lots of ideas our main issue is implementation of these ideas plus we are extremely blessed in this country and can actually be giants in every term of the word if only people would suppress their greed and aim of acquiring wealth and think of one another for a doesn't v to be the government as we always say the government is made up of people like u and me...if there were total darkness on a street and u alone put a lamp in front of ur building before long people will c the light and emulate..we shouldn't always wait for the govt...there's so much more i'v gained from this conference i'd like to share but as u know m a lazy blogger though in due time l post it..also we have to start thinking bout our environment,climatic change,greenhouse gases,etc...until we let go of our selfish desires and wealth accruement for family there will not be positive be cnt..oh plus i took this time to figure out ma temperament..strenghts/weaknesses so i can work on it...i'm a m making up for ma weakness by concentrating on ma strengths and trying to discipline myself in areas i think the world would also be a better place if we all take time to study ourselves figure out our temperaments and learn how to work on it to help better relation with other temperaments.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hmm..been a while

I know i know it's been a while since i posted and i have so many things to post about tho they all just flew outta ma well for now i'm attending an international conference on renewable energy and after that will be goin for ma friends wedding before i head back to abuja and figure out what to do with myself so thankfully for now i'm occupied.....i'm reading this book by Tim Lahaye (Why you act the way you do) and trying to get to understand my temperament and all that ish so i can work better on myself..will update this post with what i gained from the book when i'm done reading..cheers for now..and i will try to put up pictures v taken...d connection is just so damnn slow sometimes its very my hair is under weave for now think after this l do ma big chop wait a while then lock it cos m really feeling the length no..ok thats a summary of whats been goin down...adios@!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy New July

It's a new month yipee!! dint do much today..stopped goin to work yest and waking up late today felt so so so i've been keepin up with my exercise....finally got to book ma flight to lag..i hope the conference is fun and all sha looking forward to it but dont knw wat to do wit meslf meanwhile but i'll figure it out i always find smtn to keep me occupied,copied all ma docs frm work yest and cleared ma desk so proud of me,twould be nice idf i could go for a vacation again while i await this my master's thingy...which reminds me i should call ma agent but i'll do that tomorrow first thing or better still l pay him a visit...big grin : )).cant wait to get this hair off next monday and pour water on it,hmmmm i can feel it already i think ma hairs grown an inch tho..yh yh back to ma vacation no money for now to go to dubai again this one m planning for school so mayb l just do ghana or somwhere close but still fun..God dey..Happy new month y'all hope u make the best of it 'cos thats wat i plan to do...ciao!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Man in the Mirror

I'm starting with the man in the mirror, i'm asking him to change his ways & no message could have been any clearer, if u wanna make the world a better place take a look @ urself and then make a change.....u gotta get it right while u gottime..u cant close ur mind.... This is just the chorus of the song and it speaks volumes to me, if u wanna make d world a better a place start with u.......

Dream dreams

Dream dreams no matter how big u can't fully comprehend the essence of dreams, its dreams that become reality, i have big dreams o as in very big ma self..i see myself having my own empire,having a phantom no matter how many new cars come after it that are more'm gonna have a bike..a lamborbike to be precise once i get someone to build it..m gonna have a shisha/hookah room in ma house no matter how small or big i decide to make it(yh yh call me an addict), i'm gonna have a good husband and good cute kids(amen to that)..and so many other things v dreamt off..they actually keep me goin when m in ma alone zone and they come to me they drive me to work harder so i can get d best outta me and make ma dreams reality...keeping the she in ma mirror motivated...


The rich also cry

Monday, 29 June 2009

random thot brewing since saturday

ok 1stly m supposed to close from dis office tomorrow..gotta get t internet..2ndly gotta transfer all ma docs from ma office system to ma laptop btw today and m feelin much beta today took some medication saturday..m hungry's death just dawned on me yesterday when i was listening to his songs made me real sad and i actually cried...very rare trust me i rarely cry when people die even those close to me..think thats just how i was configured so u knw just how bad the realization hit me..listening to keep it in the closet..i hope he died of natural causes cos if some1 killed him that's very m transferring ma docs to ma laptop now and clearing ma desk of all pending...its funny how some things u think u've locked up jolt u to reality..a twist of the arm and feeling of helplessness brings memories of that guy u were crazy bout tho he used to hit on u..think its the feeling of helplessness that takes ur voice..humming somebody's watching me...had so many things i wanted to blog bout but they all seem to be flying outta ma head, so annoying and i dnt like writing stuff down no more people just like snooping round (guess its human nature 'cos i also do it i got thinkn yest bout how unfit i've become..i cant do ma chinese bend no more and some things i used to do wtht stress b4 now really i made up my mind to keep ma star player motivated and looking as fly as possible..despite how ill i was feeling and ma sad micheal mood...i lookd for ma old videos i loved dancing to in school piled them all up and played each of them and danced ma heart out and trust me i haven't felt that good in a while after that i got on ma ass did 50 situps..did i mention i used to do a hundred of it with legups and yoga, etc every morning in school, wth extras on saturdays mayb 200..u may ask y i stopped..mehn! i got lazy and no more motivation, then there were so many flabby bellies around to keep me goin not to get 1 and d compliments were also a great boost plus i had friends to work out with, but the ones here just don't care tho cos ma mind is made up and after the situps and legups yest and stretches and the way ma body hurt i knew i had to keep i cant wait to get rid of this braids i got on wanna feel ma hair and pour water on it....i need a new wardrobe is good abeg..well sha vewi soon ..i'll take me time but 1 things 4 sure m gonna earn that tho..its so funny how things just seem to work out for me wtht really being in the plan..frm nursery sch's death just dawned on me again probably 'cos i'm still listening to his songs..who is it..i would totally understand if a public holiday is declared 'cos of him cos he affected the whole world..while watching my Zee cinema yst micheal was also on the news and believe it or not they also got some steps from him for their indian songs from him...made me sad i totally love indian movies, cant get enough of them,was up till late watching Zee...mehn! life wuld be so dead without music glad there's music in the world.i feel like looking natural today so dint put make-up on..i can feel my skin breathe, ma sunscreen's fininshed o gotta buy a new 1, mehn! dey should pay my salary quickly o..popc has gone back lag..m happy dont blame me or call me we dnt get along that well when w c..distance totally works for us,although i enjoyd his stay o...i need a new system..and i wanna convert d hard disc in ma old system into an external..i'll sort that out later...

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Friends..u'll fall in2 1 category

Love is like a butterfly, d more u chase it, the more it eludes u. But if u just let it fly it will come to u when u least expect it. Love can make u happy but often it hurts, but love is only special when u give it to someone who is really worth it; so take ur time & choose d best.
Love is not about becoming somebody else's perfect person it's 'bout finding somone who helps u become d best pron u can be
Never say i love u if u don't care Never talk 'bout feeling if they aren't there Never touch a life if u mean 2 break a heart Never look in the eye when all u do is lie The cruelest thing guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her & dis works both ways
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good u are 4 each other
Love ain't 'bout it's ur fault but i'm sorry not where r u but i'm right here not how could u but i understand not i wish u were but i'm thankful u are
Heartbreaks last as long as u want & cut as deep as u allow them to go, the challenge is not how to survive hem but to learn from them
How 2 be in love; Be consistent but not too persistent Share & never be unfair Understand & try nt to demand u'll surely get hurt but never keep d pain
It breaks ur heart to see d 1 u love happy with someone else but its more painful to know that the 1 u love is unhappy with u (Totally tru i gotta say)
Love hurts when u break up with sm1. It hurts even more when some1 breaks up wt u. But love hurts d most when d person u love has no idea how u feel about him or her...
A sad thing 'bot life is when u meet some1 & fall in love, only to find out in the end it was never meant to be & dat u have wasted years on some1 who wasn't worth it. If that person doesn't worth it now, he/she won't be any more worth it year or 10yrs frm now
My wish 4 u and 4 me is a man/woman whose love is;
Honest,mature,strong,protective,encouraging,neverchanging,rewarding & unselfish....
Friendship fails when communication is unclear, truth is violated, integrity forsaken, time uninvested, risks not taken,control is d goal, trust is broken, self-interest is d rule, manipulation is allowed & God is ignored...........

Life Lines

Humming in ma head..Micheal's man in the mirror i'm writing the lines
  • When u lose, don't lose the lesson
  • Take into account that great love & achievements involve great risk
  • Respect yourself, others, and take responsibility for your actions
  • Learn the rules so u know how to break them properly so true
  • Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship (hmm...i'll try)
  • When u realize u've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it
  • Remember, not getting wht you want sometims is a good thing(yh i remember my unanwsered
  • Spend some time alone everyday (i do that a lot... i think)
  • Open ur arms to change but don't let go of ur values
  • Remember, silence is sometimes the best answer (i totally love silence)
  • Live a good, honourable life, then when u get older & think back, u'll be able to enjoy it a 2nd time
  • A loving atmosphere in ur hme is d foundation of life
  • Sare ur knowledge it's d way to achieve immortality
  • In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with current situation, dnt bring up d past (dis is kinda hard for me and i think most people but m making a conscious effort towards practising it)
  • Be gentle with the earth
  • Once a year go someplace u've never been
  • Approach love & cooking with reckless abandon
  • Judge ur success by what u had to give up to get it
  • Remember dat d best relationship is on in which ur love 4 each other surpasses ur need 4 each other
  • Avoid bad habits (dis is so much easier said than done)
  • Always listen to good advice
  • Be alert always, then wait perhaps what u're looking for will find u (i wonder if dis works tho)
  • Always be ready 4 surprises in life (i think i am it's been a while anything caught me off guard)
  • Always look at where u're going
  • Be determined in achieving ur goals (i try o keep ma star player motivated..wink*)
  • Don't let situatins confuse u (i try)
  • Don't stop ur curiousity, Dont't stop learning (yh ignorance is costs so much more)
  • Always comb ur hair (y is dis even on the list i can totally survive wtht combing ma hair)
& most of all SMILE...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Micheal Jackson..King of Pop(Legend)

1958 - 2009
So many thots been running in ma head all day to blog...and this had to come first Micheal Jackson is dead at 50yrs...when i think about it i think he could have done more...made a come-back but all dat rests with him in the grave..may he R.I.P...despite all the accusations leveled against him(true or not) and his life in general it is undeniable that he mad a very clear mark in music,his print boldly shows in the sand of personal favorite album was thriller...loved it so much..liked Bad too and some did i even come about knowing dad..yh thats the answer i grew up hearing a lot of Micheal songs,lionel richie,bob marley, name a dad used to be a DJ so we had the turntables back den and the big discs i remember we had Mariah Carey's Honey funny how technology has simplified all these things..back to Michael matter the color of his skin and the reason he gave for changing it i love his music till date therefore i still consider him without hesitation the King of Pop..people are still gonna hate on him and some are still gonna be die hard fans..i dnt think i fall into any category but he will definetly live on for decades to come through his songs...loved his videos(Remember the time,black or white,thriller,et), dance moves, creativity in general....funny how much love u can get when u dead and cant apprec8 it...all in all...the world of music and dancing mourn u Michael..R.I.P.
Apprec8 what u have, it may not be dere forever and all it may need to stay may be ur Appreciation of its existence.Kapish.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


i'm totally looking forward to this passing out of a thing, not the parade tho..think that will just be a lotta stress m vewi happy to be done wit nysc plus i got a mini-reply from the school i applied to for ma masters got me a bit elevated and made me feel i v at a least a little direction.I've submitted ma two forms..remaining one other form and final clearance from ma "boss" will drag that 1 as long as she can m sure...any which ways i'm closing from this office 30th of june./...adios DBI

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dancing & Exercise

Dancing is such a fun kind of exercise even tho i been lazy recently...procrastinating my sit-ups and leg-ups and little yoga stunts...i feel myself getting stiff..arrgh..gotta focus need to be fit ma only form of exercise lately is walking from the junction to work and ma morning stretches..not good enuf tho..and v not been eating ma fruits as usual and can feel the change in ma body and hair promise to get back on track even if i just start on weekends..i dancing too...hmmm..wat else..oh yh and drinking lots of i come Fitness!! 26-06-09 Yipee!! i'm so proud of myself after ma resolution to start exercising again i actually stuck with it, when i got home from work i did 20sit-ups, 10 leg-ups, jogged around a bit and did some not so stressful yoga stretches...proud of me> ; ) and i almost forgot i danced like crazy with ma friend..felt ma muscles wounded...but it also felt very good..m glad m gettin back in shape plus v been eating ma veggies and drinking lots of i actually did 50situps dis mornin..culdnt do leg ups was late for work...m feelin so good if i can keep dis up i'll be fit in no time altho i have to start eating fruits again..oh yh i took one bite of an apple dat counts...

Life in brief

Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many pple call u and its not about who u've dated are dating, or haven't dated at all. It isn't about who u've kissed, what sport u play or which guy/girl likes you. It's not about ur shoe or ur hair or the color of ur skin or where you live or go to school. In fact it's not about grades, money, clothes or colleges that will accept you or not. Life isn't about if you lots of friends or if you are alone and its not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life isn't just about. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. Its about how you feel about yourself. It's about sticking up for ur friends and replacing inner hate with love. Life is about avoiding jealousy overcoming ignorance and building confidence. It's about what u say and what you mean. It's about seeing people for what they are and not what they have. Most of all it's about using your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise; These choices are what life's about Author:unknown

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

heart break

Hypocrisy or Sincerity's wat happened ma cousin got pregnant yeah pregnant...and she's not yet married which on theNigerian scene is a total catastrophe....can't blame them or can i...the thing is she's 29 yrs old so i really dont see wat they yapping about i believe she's old enough to take responsibility for her actions without anybody stressing her, thats another thing, she decided to keep the baby and that jjust caused anoda drama in the house...imagine the so-called"christians" in the house want her to get an abortion ...i dont get which sin is greater in their books fornication or murder...then again guess its the same in their books...arrgh almost went crazy yesterday when she told me they wanted her to still g ahead and get rid of the baby after she'd told 'em she wanted to keep the baby..i mean it just makes sense she's old duh almst 30...her juniors and mates have like 2 or 3 running men are scarce these days not to talk of good ones i just dnt get y they are all against her having her kid and they all trying to stress her...i mean are they tryna tell me 2wrongs=right...she's trying to make the best of the situation..and i'm really proud of her 'cos if i were in her shoes i'd be devastated confused,etc to say the least and i'll totally understand ma parents yelling at me cos m still young regardless if ma mates have kids and i have my whole life ahead of me..wouldnt just make much sense having a kid now.....reminds of when one of ma aunts got pregnant in school and decided to keep the baby and dint tell no one bout it till she was like 8 mnths gone..totally understand now 'cos they'd have either pressured her into getting rid of the baby or made her life hell..she gave birth to her kid..finished school and is working....apart from it being murder sef dnt tink ppl look at the risks enough..every1 just wants to save face and act dignified even when the case is totally she could die in the process from excess bleeding or smtn like that,she could destroy her womb,etc....i believe in the long run keeping the baby makes more sense and if u find a man that cant deal with ur baby in the long run he's not worth it and doesnt really love you like he says....

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ma Hair & Stuff

Took out ma weave yesterday and pourin that cool water on ma hair had neva felt so good....lav the texture of ma hair..i'm totally feeling ma natch ish..wink* after conditioning and combing..sadly lost some hair but ts all good i guess i towel dried and applied ma treatment...hmmm..olive-oil,then wrapped the hair up and went to bed..feling great after having a well...woke up today feeling great got a ride to work....lucky me cos it was raining..wink* to work in ma good spirits...think its partly cos of ma hair..but then cant be sure m just saying ..then went for a marketing meeting with clients..had ma waffles v been craving sharwama.. and am eating away..wonder how i getaway with eating all this stuff and not adding a pin..all ma fat friends envy me...gotta thank God for that...mehn ma fingers are aching so l

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Over-Reactor

This is the boss who doesn't seem to be happy unless everyone's in panic mode. Everything is over-inflated. It's not an issue, its a problem. Its not a problem its a crisis; its not a crisis its the end of the world. This boss can often be quite fun to work with when things are going well, but the moment things go wrong, the old stress-o-meter spikes big time. The most common mistake people make while trying to deal with their over-reacting bosses is to try and placate them- to soothe them and reassure them that everything will be okay.This approach usually backfires, as bosses will now feel compelled to argue in support of their position. The rant escalates, along with your stress. The best approach to take with an over-reacting boss is an agree-echo-resolve technique. You agree with his(her) assessment of the situation, echo his concern and introduce a possible solution. Be careful you dont come across as mocking your boss but do make a point to absolutely support his(her) concern. One of the reasons that the Over-reactor behaves that way is because he(she) thinks overreacting is the only way to get people to take action. The more he(she) sees that you are as committed as he is, the less he(she) will rant in future........Good luck The Guardian June 5,2009-pg29

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Mehn!! just had an interview, i totally dont like facing a panel i prefer one to One/ went well tho thank God..m keeping my fingers crossed...In God I a wedding on saturday my 52yr old uncle..vewi happy for him tho..need to c the tailor and get ma outfit tho..gotta look pweety..; ) ..u cant blame me na..then gotta take measurements....oh well..mehn! i'm anticipating botu ma admission for masters..God abeg o..hope everything clicks sha....g2g read ma blackgirllonghair blog now and get more motivation in staying natural..Thank God for blogs..l8r

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Been A while

Its been a vewi long while i blogeed and i have missed it lyk crazy alots happend in that period...guy BFF's buff-dae which was mad fun, frnds getn sometyms stressful job..buying of clothes and shoes,...sleeping,eating,waking up,parent's wedding anniversary,relatives giving birth,..waiting for ma admission to school,.....etc........oh well..i'll try to be more diligent this tym arnd.but for now dere's real not much goin on ma friends buff-dae is 2mw,ma church's anniversary is dis friday-sunday,ma uncle is getn married on the 30th.thats bout it for now and still hoping and praying ma school admission works out..guess i just gotta leave it all in His dts off ma chest its back to work...l8r.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

CruELLa dE ViL

How evil can people get...forget josef fritz 4 a while..lets go to bosses ..just because u at the top now does that mean u should treat every1 under u like u were never under people..i dont get how people think ma boss...whew!!i swear she can't move forward if she keeps up with her nasty human relations.i wasn't feeling fyn for a week so couldn't go to work and when i call her to inform her all she can say is make sure u bring ur excuse duy from the doctor..EXCUSE ME for taking my health seriously..then again i went to the office to get ma PC and submit ma excuse duty and she couldn't ask if i was o.k for work all she says is are u @ wiork today..nawa o...mchew!!then she sed we have to review my work b4 she can sign ma PC and she found two outsanding jobs from wen i wasnt @ work and she says i gotta do it b4 she can sign WTF!! bitch ..i told her i aint well and i aint doin notin ur fuckin company hasnt even payd me for 2 months....anyways she signs d stuff and i do ma thing...monday till i saw her cruella face again...biatch... Episode 2 hmm..yh ma boss was at it again..i applied on the 8th of June for a 4day leave to apply for my transcript and attend convocation ...she sed nothing about it thru-out that week...i came to work on the 15th which was when i was supposed to go on leave then she's acting all holier than thou like she dint see that memo on her table thruout last mind was alrdy made up that nothin was stoppin me frm goin to lag so i totally wasnt buyn her bullshit...i stayd at work for a while then went to make ma hair which took like the rest of the day ..came back to the office wen i was done to get ma bags and she's all up in ma face like i went to make ma hair durin office my mind m like bitch if u'd just signed ma leave form we wouldnt be having this argument i dint bother informing her that i hadnt even planned to come for work that day..she just kept blabbing how i'l receive a formal note on this from her the next day and bla bla bla...psshh!! madam i aint comin to work was totally roflmao in ma head and just kept ma cool while she blabbed which is her hobby by the way...well well to cut the very long story short i went for ma vacation in lag and had loads of back to work early moday morning and continued ma duties as usual..tho she wrote a memo to the HR that i had left wtht permission but mehn dint give 2 bout that,,,cnt wait to be outta here by the end of the month.. Its not healthy to work in an environment where u are constantly frustrated,put down and oppressed to say the least i'd rada earn minimum wage and be happy with ma job, happy at work,etc not like what i see by the people in the marketing & sales dept. of dis institute..Hell NO!!! l pass on the 100grand....and be happy

Episode 3

Ma boss has a cold and so errbody else must die of heat..madam had a cold o and said the air conditioner should be switched off not caring that there's no ventilation in the office and its a department where customers come for enquiry, its so annoying but wat can be done she's the boss..we go reach dia by God's grace..amin...time for discharge clearance no mata how long she gats sign and she started givin me speech about how i'm resourceful and she shoulda graded me higher than 92 like i care ..sheesh 90-100 is in the same range missy so i dont really give 2 and telling me i'm not loyal cos i left without her permission,abeg abeg just sign the discharge is wats goin thru ma head wish i had a chance to give her a piece of my mind also,like ask y we dint go for training,thruout our stay while other corp members went, and y her staff are always looking depressed once she comes around...but i dint get the chance to give her a piece of ma mind,...its all good tho...managed to get maself cleared so so its enjoyment till 7th..yipeeee!!!

Last 2 Saturdays

O.k i been stalling on posting this forever...twas my shisha nite and it was off the hook,first we went bowling sadly i dint get any strike : (..oh well i still scored kinda high tho ..hmm..after bowling and playing pool for a while(not like i knew wat i was doin) went to ma shisha spot and i got both strawberry and lemon flavor..hmm..hmmm..hmm i as so happy i felt high then we small chops and wen home but it was the shish that made my day....and also i got some of the products i had seen on BGLH and wanted to try on ma hair....which was grat i'll comment BGLH about it that was it

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

100 things

LaSt DonE Last phone call - Evalsam Last text message - Jummie Last song i listened to - Suddenly Last tym i cried - sometym last month(cnt remember) HaVe I eVeRs Dated someone twice - Yes Been Cheated on - Yes Kissed Someone - Yes Lost some1 special - Yes Been Depressed - Yes Got drunk & threw up - Yes fOuR FAvOriTE CoLouRs Green Blue White Grey hAvE I Made new friends - Yes Fallen outta love - Yes Laughed until i cried - Yes Met some1 who changed me - Yes Found out who my true friends are - Yes Found out some1 was talkin bout me- Yes(na dem get their mouth to use talk wetin dem want) Do i have pets - No Do i want to change my name - sometimes What i did for ma last birthday - was on the road for bout 10hrs What tym i woke up today - 6:10 What i was doing @ midnight last night - Sleeping Something i cannot wait for - To make my Green Last tym i saw my dad - January One thing i wish i could change about my life - What i'm listening to right now - Give it up to me(Sean Paul) Have i ever talked to a person named Tom - What's gettin on my nerves right now - nothing Most visited webpage - Facebook Nicknames - bebe,adyms,fatai rolling dollar Relationship Status - In a relationship Zodiac sign - Capricorn Male, Female or Transgendered - Female Long/medim/short - medium Do i have a crush on some1 - What i like about myself - ma stature Piercings -Yes(both ears) Tatoos - No Righty or Lefty - Righty FiRsTs Surgery - None Peircing - Dunno Best Friends - Lara,Lara & Obinna(Primary sch) Sport joined - Game Played - Car Race Pet - None Vacation - Cant remember Crush - Femi Abba Haruna(dat i can remember) rIghT nOw Eating - nothing Drinking - water Already missing - Him I'm bout to - read for ma SOD test Listening to - Live your life(T.I & Rihanna) Thinking about -Him Waiting for - (5:00 closing tym) FutUre Husband - Yes Kids - Yes Career in Mind - Energy Consultant & Provider Better WITH the OPPOSITE sex lips/eyes - both Hugs/kisses - both Shorter/taller - taller Older/younger - older Romantic/spontaneous - both nice abs/arms -both Sensitive/loud - in between Hook up/relationship - both troublemaker/qiuet - in betwen Have I EvEr Drank hard liquor - Yes Lost glasses/contacts - glasses Had sex on 1st date - No Broken some1's heart - No Been arrested - No Turned some1 down - Yes Cried when some1 died - No Liked a friends boy/girlfriends - Yes dO i BeLiEvE iN God - Yes Myself - Yes Love @ 1st sight - lol..Yes Heaven - Yes Santa - No Kiss on 1st date - depends Angels - Yes Truthfully answered Is there some1 i'd wanna be with right now - Yes Had more than 1 boyfriend/girlfriend @ a tym - Yes Wish i could change things bout ma past - Some Are all above true - Yes

Enjoy every moment..

When we wake up in the morning we have 2simple choices; Go back to sleep & dream OR Wake up & chase those dreams >>>>>>>>>>the choice is urs<<<<<<<<<<<< First i was DYING to finish high school & start college & then i was DYING to finsh college & start working & then i was DYING to marry & have kids & then i was DYING for my kids to be old enuf so i can go back to work but then i was DYING to retire And NOW i'm DYING & suddenly realised i forgot to LIVE >>>>>>>>>>>DON'T LET THIS BE YOUR STORY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< When u keep saying u busy, u'l never be free When u keep saying u have no tine, u'l never have time When u keep saying u'l do it tomorrow, ur tomorrow will never come APPRECIATE UR CURRENT SITUATION AND ENJOY THE DAY

Totally Random

  1. I lawv music a lot(all genre i just gotta lawv d bit and know the lyrics)totally lawvn naija music more tho it puts a spark in me brain if u know wat i mean
  2. I have a lotta female friends
  3. I love eating ice cubes : )
  4. I have a Maed sweet tooth; gimme chocolates,sweet and all
  5. I lawv dancing, thats ma stress reliever
  6. I have full lips
  7. I lawv shoes
  8. I find sleeping very easy, all i need to do is close my eyes..
  9. I can eat buckets of food and i don't add a thing..guess i got fast metabolism..dnunno..
  10. I make friends easily
  11. I try to keep fit and follow healthy living tips
  12. I really wanna go to a spa sometym and be xtremely pampered..working on it
  13. I lawv bball even tho v neva playd i will l8r on
  14. I like tall people admire fine people
  15. Relationships and get comma..
  16. I think a lot..its really bad..even in church..once i wake up in the morning.
  17. I write stuff in ma diary..random..spendings..all kinds at the end of each rally helps me
  18. I lawv having fun and try t be meself at all tyms and really dnt give a damn wat u tink if u don't matter
  19. i lawv mixing ma world there's no such tin as colour riot only pattern riot..i design and modern clothes in dat world
  20. i lawv green i think its the coolest color ever
  21. i hate dirty and untidy pips..their attitude to cleanliness really pisses me off
  22. I'll go outta ma way to make those i care about happy and comfy
  23. I lawv ma stature and who i am
  24. When i make up my mind on something i stick to it
  25. I'm a hopeless romantic and somehow thru all d goods and bads i still believe in love if u dont..jump in a
  26. i'm bout 5'8 tall
  27. i'll be 29 in ten years
  28. My eyes and hair are black
  29. i can speak one nigerian language...yoruba..working on adding hausa to it tho
  30. My favorite drink is water
  31. i like having ma tea as lipton with honey and other way

till further notice..........................

For the sake of it

  • What is my name - Oluwatosin
  • A four letter word - Once
  • A boy's name - Opeyemi
  • A girl's name - Olivia
  • An Occupation - Optometrist
  • A colour - Orange
  • Something i'll wear - Oven-gloves
  • A meal - Oats
  • Something found in my bathroom - Oaken mirror
  • A Place - Ondo
  • A reason for being late - Obstacle on the way
  • Something i'd shout - Ouch!!!
  • A movie title - Oliver Twist
  • Something i'd drink - Orange juice
  • A musical group - One republic
  • An animal - Ostrich
  • A street name - Obafemi
  • A type of car - Omega
  • The title of a song - Only u

I'm done...whew!...i'm really happy..someone was just sitting in ma office and next thing he says i'm really beautiful and gives me money...cooll......

MA Hair

It's a beautiful day...splendid!!....couldn't wait to try out all the tips i got from the BGLH and i did hair has never felt this good after 10+ months of no relaxer.....m loving the texture the feel and all...still have to go shopping for more products tho....and cut off ma split ends..will probably do that this weekend...i feel very good today...more focused...lets see how it goes...think i'll have shisha early to be thinking bout it.....i aint addictedv o..

The Cause

now i know the cause of todays mood swing and heaviness..the plague of women..when there is hated when absent is sought..oh well ..still at work digging deeper in2 me hair ish..


I woke up today,really reluctant with ma mums voice ringing in ma head that i am gonna be late for work....finally got outta bed had a shower and got to work...sed a prayer..but i just was n't feeling right..then i got on the internet and got lost in ma black girl long hair ish..well about the hair i've made up ma mind to do without relaxers and see how treating ma hair naturally goes ; ).i knw it'll be cool tho...m 10months on without relaxers and i'm loving so so so so many things on ma mind..probably wats weighing me v been stabbing driving classes, not been doing ma exercises, vnt been reading for ma SOD test, man ishs, masters ish and all dat..well i guess i'll just v to take it all a step at a tym so it doesnt get to me..but btw i get calls frm those that lift ma spirits and remind ma that i'm loved and all dat mushy's almost close of work think i'll smoke some shisha and clear ma head....then read for ma SOD test..exercise??..hmm..tomorrow...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I'm addicted to ma newly discovered blog tanx 2 ma friend GAMINE..u d bomb!!! I'm going seriozz natchi..