Friday, 14 August 2009

Wakeema Hollis

So this is ma celeb look-alike...bee-stung lips and eyes i think..wnt mind goin inot modelling if i can get over being shy that is.. plus got some stuff bout ma shisha...m gonna reduce smokin it to the minimum..will post the stuff i got on it later but in summary its sed to be more dangerous than cigarettes which kinda contradicts wat i read wen i googled it ...oh well...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


ma braiding
Wakeema Hollis ,lawv her and tink we got more than 1 thing in common c if u can spot 'em...wink :)* Me
Me on weave
Me on twists
finally uploaded some pics n m gonna put some more up..i braided ma hair and i'm carrying it around for the 1st time and i'm actually lawvn it, den deres the man drama in ma life(sortin)...smoked apple flavour shisha today and it was so coooolll..i gotta totally have it in ma house...then m trying to sort out ma sch sturvs after finally gettin ma offer..guess m just gonna take things 1 at a time and it'l be alryt.......home alone wt ma mama kinda cool kinda annoyn but l wat else..guess tha ts it for now..oh yh m workin on ma revoir...sooo i'll be able to confidently say Je parle francais....aite..ciao!

Friday, 7 August 2009


Did ma Big chop on monday and i've been dieing to post about it and put pictures up..o.k i went to the salon had took out ma weave and had ma hair washed and conditioned and almost forgot to tell the hairdresser to do ma chop but luckily i remembered :) and told her to do the cut almost cried while it was being done dnt even know how i got the courage to tell her to cut it but i did and when she had cut it all of and dried it i was totally lawvn the hair and wulda even wanted her to cut it some more but i just let that thot go..she straightened it out and i must confess i was lookn so hot got so many stares and a close friend of mine was just so suprised at its fullness and texture and said most gals would kill 4ma hair a female friend actually thot it was a kind of its not straightened anymore so i kinda carry it afro n i lawv it but m afraid l soon tire of the afro tho dunno wat l do den but guess we'll just have to wait and on saturday got ma unconditional offer to durham after ma long wait guess the patient dog does eat the fattest ma friend has gotten hers too so dat just double joy for me all we gotta do now is get our visa and go to school..yipeee!! then yesterday just turned out to be very beautiful,got ma laptop charger fixed,got money for my afang/ukazi soup,got anew gadget and had money paid into my account ma day wulda been complete tho if i'd smoked shisha like i did on wednesday with my friend who i just introduced to it and he totally loved it...sooo coool..thats d update for now..oh and ma friend was involved in a car accident and even though he was injured i'm happy he survived and is much better now....Its been a beautiful week all in all cant thank God more.