Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Green eyes and Natchi Hair(Nappy Head)

Love my green contacts..m getting blue 2mw..and i'm happy with ma hair growth only challenge is goin to the salon they always try to convince me to put relaxer and they just comb it anyhow...mchew!!!l survive shawish gamine were arnd to boost ma hair morale tho.i'm on ma afro kinky braids for now so i'm safe frm the salonists..a lady commented that she liked it,it looks full healthy and curly...i blushed a bit ...i knw ma' been kinda slack onmy exercising so i been walking more anddancing whenever i get the chane..mostly belly stuff tho i enjoy that..i've also been kinda slack on ma fruits intake..its gonna be better this month tho 'cos we fasting and m gonna be using strictly fruits to only challenge now remains brushin before bed..dunno y its so hardbut it is when i hve time i'll take a trip to the dentist mayb he'll find smtn to motivate me..or an alternative... I've learnt so far that to get rid of bad habits replace them with good ones...happy nu month!!

Babies,coneption and the likes!!

Everything about babies amazes me, from when the millions of sperm are released and one his he egg to form a foetus to their growth in the womb,to when they are conceived lookin as tiny as imaginable or smtimes even tinier than immagined, to them sucking on their mother's birth,to the growing up..hmm...thats a lot of stages which i pray to experience someday..while in church today babies just kept going in and outta ma hands,either asleep or to eat or the likes...i love kids but babies even more,their frgility supercedes me and is incomprehensible,some the stature of their mothers who might have gained not more than an extra pound and some that gain loads of pounds..Children are a beautiful gift from God regardless of ther sex or the no.s in which they come..i noticed babies r attracted to me and me to themm..really cant say why but somehow i manage to make them smile and even the ones that wouldnt allow anyone apart frm their mother carry them i have succeded in wooing even if not for a long tym..if not that it isnt bibical or morally right to have a child outside wedlock..i believe i would have had 1..i can hardly wait to experience how it feels to be connected to another being by my umblical cord..God kep me till then ad make it i haven't come across any ugly baby..even the deformed ones have innocence as a sort of beauty,their large goo goo eyes and pupils..aww...can't wait to have mine


Money's slow to enter,quick to do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Work Ethics!!

i don't like offices without work ethics e.g dis my office there's too much "yorubaness","hausaness" and lil "iboness" that the office is more or less an informal setting.An organisation where the boss speaks yoruba to the workers and they have to rely in yoruba to else they could get penalised..firstly the yoruba culture as far as am concerned has too much hypocrisy in it;for instance you can't tell an adult he's lieing even when he is,or that he's doin something wrong when he obviously is,u have o put respect even if u insult the person one's he turns his/her back...the adults are always right..etc.then there's so much use of brother,sister,uncle,aunty as a sign of respect..imagine this in an office setting it's highlyirritating,i wanna work in a place where my views can be voiced in english i don't have to think of how to tell an older person what he's doin is wrong ..etc..and i have also noticed that use of language promotes gossip..this was d norm at lunchtym in my former office 'cos majority of the workers were ibo..we need proper work ethics to be able to commune well with one another cos those that don't speak the ruling language in the organisation usually feel left out and thats how people break out into tribal roups of gossip in the office...thats my observation for now

Work Ish!!!!

Bin dieing to post this since friday but nepa and sleep were not in agreement with me.Got a query at work yesterday for leaving when i was told to stay behind and i was told to replyiin writing why i shoul continue working in the company...i laffed when i read this letter even tho it hurt me real bad..dunno y i cnt help stuff like this get to me when i knw its haters behind it,and there will always be haters..truth is they keep you goin and on ur got to me reald bad anyway cos a meeting was called and me and 2 other colleagues were told to read out the letter in front of everyone after some pips just finished gettin hit me like a bomb 'cos if i say i was expecting it thats a big lie..i was even very sober that all ma french pips noticed it but i had to say it was fatigue..huh!..glad i dint leave sch tho..'cos that's how low my morale was...after class we watched a movie..La maison de bonheur..and it brought bouts of laughter outta ma mouth and prbly improved my listening skill a bit...after that i felt much better and when i got home had a cold shower..poured the water down slowly frm ma head..and i dnt think anything coulda felt better or more refreshing...this same work is the 1 i compplain bout that i stay late in order to meet targets,d same 1 i face to and fro traffic for and get home exhausted..every1 is human and i believe at some point we all require some form of appreciation even those of the choleric temperament,which i happen not to fall in2.asides not being appreciated but being put down at every opportunity which just makes my morale low and not motivated to put in any extra effort than i need to.On the day the query was referring to i left work at 7:30pm because an application we were meant to use was malfunctioning and that was the third time i was trying it to no avail..i notified my team leader and he DID NOT say i should stay behind (so i wonder why that was put in the query).I replied the query when my anger had calmed down so i could think rationally and use the correct words...i indicated that i had met all my targets from day 1 of work even when it meant staying extr hours and that i would hv waited a while longer if i had been told to but i wasn't.i thanked them for a chance to prove my efficiency and i await a feedback on monday...i'll blog about the work ethics in the office at night..for now i gotta head to church..i'm late already..a bientot!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010


It's been agood day so far,dint face trn,what could be better!! even though i'v been kinda brk i kip getin just enuff cash to get me throygh the day..what can i do but thank God for this...i got ma freen contacts yst..i been dreaming to have them and i finally online is me to post pics..soonest and also of my hair which i have to say i'm xtremely pleased about it's growth.hmm...I AM PROUDLY NIGERIAN..anyday but it's hard to keep being proud of your country wen there r so many f*ups..1st the President iss AWOL and did not pass authority down to the vice which leaves me wondering if he expects the country to be at a standstill till his return. I also think the constitution should be reviewed 'cos i dnt understand why the vice-president is more or less a dummy until power is handed over to him by the president and which translates that he is irrelevant when the President is on seat..i think a Vicis supposed to support the head whether present or absent..else what is he being paid for...that aside we move to the 23yr old "terrorist".....Mutallab..i wonder what got into him nad he's supposed to be learned now he has singlehandedly managed to get Nigeria on the blacklist like things were not bad enuff already;...then we move to th Jos Crisis where the muslims are just making mincemeat of Chistians, it is quite appalling the extent of religious conflicts in this country..some may say its because of illiteracy they are easily brain-washed but what can be said about some1 like Mutallab who is well-read and exposed...then we move to the Ministr of Foreign affairs who messed up during a tv show hardtalk where he spoke with so much disregard and inexperience for his position as far as i'm concerned,and a similar case with sahara reporters...what of anambra state that's without a governor..funny thing i wonder is how come we not yet at war like other countries which don't even have half of this issues and bomb themselves day and night..Nigerians are survivors they continue to exit even in the toughest conditions and for this i gotta give sm kudos 2 dem...I pledge to Nigeria my country to be \faithful,loyal and honest......

Monday, 25 January 2010

La Semaine

The week as started and so far its been good,if there's one friend that kips me on ma blog toes its GAMINE and i love her was really stressful but i managd to get arnd all listed out to do. i'm always happy when i tick em all wen i get hm at night it gives me a feelin of achievement..i have reduced my reaing of books and i gotta work on that at least 1 book a week. On the other hand though i have been listening to audio i listened to Anthony Robbuns Powertalk,very educating, it was talking about how tounderstand people and convince them..some people move away from loss while some move towards gain...i plan on getting more of this books. i have observed that human psycology really catches my interest so i plan to do wat i can now to gather knowledge..information is essential 4growth as far as m concerned even ma devotional referred to that today..for spiritual growth 1 must be well-fed just as it applies to physical growth and brain development.i'v also been listening to some french audio tapes which is improving my accent and vocabulary. DISCIPLINE It is necessary to make a headway in life..discipline of the body and its members,the mind...if 1 is able to achieve this i believe notin is impossible to such a person. i'm trying to achieve that with my self..God help me.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Past week

This past week has been so stressful..walahi!shuttling bt french class and work..i gotta wake up by 5 to leave hm early 4wrk else i'll face crazy traffic and even with my early rise i spend nothing less than an hour going and 2 cmn back cos of sm stupidly positioned speed bumps and constuction work that's taking forever, then i gotta hussle and meet my target at work before heading to french sch and coming home,the annoying thing is i gotta work on saturday's also it really sucks but wat can i do...omo wa se o ri all though i give God thanx 'cos smtyms i wndr hw i get the strength..then i been listening to anthony hopkins how to read body's really insightful how our body speaks more non-verbally than verbally and how being able to decipher this language could help a situation,..had to save it on ma phone 'cos there's no time to listen to it i still go french school though and i have to say i'm gettin better..came across a title 'When No is Okay' in my Open Heaven's devotional and in summary it was talking 'bout when we pray to God for something and it seems we are not getting it it's either we r asking amiss or he's waiting for the right time or,there's smtn better than what we r asking for which requires a little we should learn not to presssure God into giving us less than He wants to.well that's bout it for now...gotta go to bed..i got an early call tomorrow...wish i had a machine tat could transl8 ma thot into blogs ..i always have a lotta things i wanna blog about but once i get on the page it all flies away..anyway..y'all have a great week ahead..l b back he here soon

Thursday, 21 January 2010

so Far so good

yup far i've been good on ma resolutions...have been havin Carrots and Oranges as part of my healthy living.I have managed to juggle work and school, i have to say its quite stressful but God is faithful..i have also managed to keep in touch with ma close friends..gamine espescially and i'm happy about that.and i've been sticking strictly to ma bathing at nights..m still tryn 2get used to the brushing part..i gaggle with water and salt tho whenever i cnt work up the strength to i have been bloggin far je suis tres heureuse et mon francais est meilleur...not much upd8 4nw apart frm dat...a bientot!!

Monday, 18 January 2010


It took all ma willpower for me to be bloggin today..i was in a mad traffic on my way to work and had a repeat on ma way bk home. i had to jump right int the shower on gettin home to clear ma head else i woulda just fallen into bed ...which would have been disastrous cos i gotta prepare 4 2mw..dint do much at work 2dy..ordered sm clothes online from my friend who makes 'em i gotta admit they're really cool and i'm reallly proud of how far he's gone to say the least.. French school is goin on well, thanks be 2God 'cos i really dunno hw i gt d strength to do all these things...haha that reminds me i forgot to mention that my cousin whom i blogged about earlier that was pregnant has given birth to a baby gal...yup.and i'm her Godmother, i named her Anjolaoluwa(we r enjoying the riches/grace of God)anjie for short and i plan to go visit her with gifts as soon as i can get off work...that's 'bout it for now...a demain..

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

His Promises concerning me

My Living Words For This Year
  • II Tim 2:15;22-23 - It is By His grace that we are not consumed
  • Heb 12:2a - Be diligent to always present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth
  • Matt 6:33-34 - 'But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you'......
  • Deut 28:1-14
  • Matt 6:25-34 - My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory;....
  • Rom 8:28 - And we kow that all things work together for good to those who love God,... be cont.

Sunday, 10 January 2010


The title of this post is so like some sci-fi movie year..Thank God for allowing me, my family, relatives and friends make it into the new year..i got so many resolutions made..some i'll post some i won't and by his grace i hope i'll be able to stick to them 'cos if there's one thing v come to realise it's that we need His help in every step we take. 2009
is a year i won't forget in a hurry. i love writing because it keeps me focused,i can track my progress and back-track on past events and i must say it has helped me in self-analysis and to improve on my person over time. My main resolution in 2009 was to abstain from alcohol and i was able to stick to that eve up till now. I took my NIIT course and started attending french school and was able to sit for the A2 i can say i dint waste d 5months i had after youth service.i can say the exit from 2009 into 2010 was full of hope for better achievements.....
Truly it sounds like one of the years i thought i'd never see 'cos rapture (the coming of Christ) would have taken place. i enter this year full of hopes, dreams, plans, goals and resolutions.
I termed this year the year of New beginnings
My Resolutions
  1. Develop a closer relationship with God
  2. Be diligent in paying of tithes and offering
  3. Stick to #resolution
  4. Improve on me all round and be the best i can
  • Time Management - Wake up Early, Be Punctual to work, Come home early, Don't Procrastinate
  • Health - Exercise, bathe and brush before bed,have regular medical check-ups, eat fruits, eat healthy
  • Mental - Read more, learn more
  • Extra Curricular - Take swimming lessons and salsa class
  • Anger Management - try to be more patient, humble and listen.
  • Family - Help out more at home, spoil my mum and siblings
  • Languge - Keep improving on french and Hausa skills
  • Blog - at least once a week except wen there's no internet
  • Friends - Shed off leeches and Keep in touch with true friends
  • Truth - Be more truthful and honest

Well..that's it for help me God..Amen