Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yaaaaoooch!!!!!!!! (even with a high Pain Threshold)

....and so i waxed!

I no know who send me message o...I was bored at work and the headache i had been having at one side of my head since 4am was just beginning to dull out. I did a mental run-through of all the stuff i had to do and the one bugging me was that i had to SHAVE!! hairy underarms are not sexy on guys or gals!! but we all know how annoying and dulling it can be to do routine stuffs, as much as we try we lax a bit and next thing u know, u wanna wear a tank top and that hair is all over the place saying 'i told you so'.

Anyways enough of my babbling, i picked up my phone and called my fave ladies spa (MB Hammam) to book an appointment for underarm waxing which cost 2000 Naira. I went along with my friend who just wanted to see what the place was like thanks to all the deserved hype i had been making about the spa.
We got there and I decided i might as well try the brazillian wax while i was at it. I changed in the dressing room and waited for the person to attend to me another room.

...and then she started, gaskia i no know who send me message o!!wey i for just dey use my shaving cream/stick jejely. She  first put some baby powder on my underarms and then rolled the hot wax ('cos it was not warm o!) on my underarm from some deodorant looking thing like that, all this time i was cool o, then she placed the strip where she had placed the wax, she  rubbed it for a bit and FIAMMMMMMMM she pulled it off!!!!! It hurt so bad I screamed inside me and clenched my teeth, i could see the hair that had once been on my underarms on the wax strip. The woman no even take easy or give me time to rest! She just dey wax, dey strip dey go. I don peme finish inside, i just dey pull brave face like sey e no too pain me. When she was done, i decided i ssssssoooooooo was not doin any brazillian. The pain had been bad enough here talkless of down there. While i was thinking all this i thot she was done o 'cos she
had moved her bright light and had put aside the my dreams o... she pulled out tweezers and plucked out all the stubborn ones that had not come off with the wax!! Aye mi o!! i had not planned for this. I told her i did not want to do the brazillian anymore cos the pain was too much, she just calmed me down and told me i had done very well for a first timer as others usually scream at the top of their voices. She said she'd give me some time to relax and if i still did not want to do it, there was no problem.
After relaxing for about 15mins i decided WTH lemme just get this over with! You know those comprehensions they used to make us write in Secondary School? the 'had i known' ones? well thats how my story turned out! HAD I KNOWN i would have left after doin my underarms. I will not bore you with the details but it was 10 times more painful than that of the underarms. Anyway i went back to work and by the time i closed i wasn't sore anymore and by the next day it was as if nothing had happened.

After all this drama i acted i had to ask the lady why waxing was better than shaving and she sed it does not make the area darker in color as shaving does and one does not get bumps. Trust me i did not take her word for it o. I googled her response when i came to the office and got similar responses, they said the hair grows out finer 'cos its removed from the roots when waxed compared to shaving so i guess she was telling the truth. I guess this wont me my last time there then,hopefully the next time will be less painful. i'll try to get the mini strips so i can try doin it myself. oh well..till then! i'll let you know how that goes.

Here are some useful links i found while surfing the net:

epilator (multi tweezers!! arrgh!)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Look

Gave my blog a new look. hope u guys likey!lol


i do!....

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

What's the last thing you watched on TV?

Misfits season 3

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012

Happy New Year!!!Today is the beginning of the week, month and the year. This is the beginning of endless blessings and we'll enjoy this year in grand style by God's grace! Amen!!!

Emi wa a se opo e l'agbara Oloun!!

God go make us bigger o!!