Thursday, 29 December 2011

Make ur Pounded yam with a Food Processor

Tried, Tested and Proved!! Go to this link for more details.

Have a happy holiday!!

Monday, 26 December 2011

A Very Merry Berry Christmas indeed

wishn everyone reading this a merry christmas and happy boxing day!

Nothing beats spendin time wit family and friends. ii lovee mine muchos!

Don't 4get Jesus Christ is d reasom 4 season.

May th souls of those lost in the bomb blast at St. Teresa catholic church,Suleja rest in

Saturday, 17 December 2011

my secret- the diagnosis

Friday, 16 December 2011

Congrats Yagazie Emezi Francisca on your graduation!!

As whoever read my blog may know i have online captivators (i.e. those who have caught and kept my attention on the worldwide web. go here to read bout that (

Its the Graduation of one of my online captivators, Yagazie Emezi Francisca, and although these past few weeks have been crazy for me, particularly today, cos of an event we are planning at my place of work. I find it necessary to express my happiness and joy about her graduation!! I'm really pleased for especially for scaling through her Statistics exam. I'm also awaiting my results and i hope its good news!

My boss must not catch me posting this so i'm typing in a hurry, therefore pardon my typos.
Congrats Yaga!!!!!!Better things are still to come....Cheers Babay (Igbo accent)!!lol.. Back to work for me.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy Birthday!!!! Les twins!!

artwork by Jeanne
JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE LES TWINS (two of my online captivators)!!!

8th Wonder by ChocolatMood

Two-of-a-kind individuals, united from the soul;
bound together by a shared purpose to achieve a common goal.

Precious gifts of the womb, emerging from the same seed;

like Yin and Yang, each fulfilling what the other needs.

Two sides of one coin, yet not quite the same;

exquisite objets d’art with exotic eyes and untamed manes.

A pair of tall, majestic pillars, with a bold sense of style;

the 8th Wonder of the world, spreading awe for thousands of miles.

One is a fierce Beast, as graceful as a gazelle;

the other a Blaze of glory, firing up the dancing trail.

With inspiration from MJ, they take the world by storm;

mediocrity never exists when pure excellence is the norm.

artwork by alli

Monday, 5 December 2011

Worst Date Ever !!

No need to mince words people! This date i'm about to jist u about takes the 1st position for worst date i've ever been on in my life!! I really should not have been nice to this dude.

We work in the same office but not the same unit...i try to be nice to everyone at work and say 'good morning' and smile and all but obviously i'm not ALWAYS chirpy and happy go lucky. Dude happens to be yoruba and once he found out i was yoruba started bugging me for a date. He keeps telling my colleague he likes me and the nutty missy doesn't fail to pass the message across!! He somehow got my bb pin, i added him outta courtesy and he starts buggn me and getting upset when i dont respond to his stupid messages. Anyway>>>>>after pestering me severally i gave in and told him he could pick me up at home and we can get to know each other better or go on a date or whatever! On that fateful day, he called to check if we were still on with the date and i told him we were..he called me at close of work and i told him to take a chill pill as i had not even closed yet, talk less of getting home and resting then changing for a date. I told him i'd call him wen i was ready which i did...I did my best to look nice and not as tired and uninterested as i was feeling. I got to his car and he asked where i wanted to go..I had this confused look on my face and was thinking 'u mean all these while u'd been bugging me for a date, u had nowhere in mind u wanted us to go'!!!sheesh!! i told him i dint have anywhere in mind and we could go wherever he wanted, he throws the ball back at me that we'd go anywhere i suggested, i gave in and suggested 'Drumstix'. I'd been craving their waffles all week after all. Please try to guess this imbecile's response (have to use the word 'imbecile' fr you to understand my anger at his response)...he said oh that's too far,i'm going towards the outskirts of town once i leave here. I'm like so why were we tossing around this where do i wanna go ball in the 1st place...we take off from my place and he asks if i know anywhere in the area we can chill, i tell him i don't, that i don't hang out around my place, i just go home from work and crash, i usually hang out in town, i dunno if this dude was deaf or what but he starts asking me if i know a particular bar in the neighbourhood, i did not even bother to respond. After driving around for a while, he takes me to this plaza-ish restaurant. I had not eaten all day and was literally starving! The way this restaurant was, i asked for just a pie and juice outta courtesy. We get a seat and i'm like ok, i guess we can have a nice convo and jist or something. All through the journey he had been saying i was a different person, i wasn't smiling as i usually do @wrk and bla bla bla....i told him it was probably 'cos i was tired. We are seated and guess the stupid question this dude asks me 'why did ur boss restrict our access'. They had installed this new access control doors in my office to restrict visitor access and all that, my boss had been in charge of monitoring the access door installation and use at the initial stage before handing it over to the IT department to follow up issuing cards and all...and so u see why this question is a date killer. I replied that my boss did not restrict access and that it was a management decision which my boss had handed over to the IT department to handle. Next question: he asks about Zaria an i say Zaria's fine and my studies are ok, He then asks about my colleague who's doin a Full Time course in zaria, i say she's fine and should be in school, the he asks me why she's not doing the course part time like i was and i'm like duh! that's her business and choice not mine...Next question: he asks why i am being so cold and different than i usually am at work, i told him i was tired and all the dumb questions he'd been asking me was exhausting me more...well i dint say dumb sha..cos i was still trying to be nice...then he asks if we can re-schedule the date and i told him there'd be no need for that. I told him i was ready to head home. He dropped me off and i looked at the time, you wouldn't believe from the time he picked me from home till he dropped me, we had only spent about 45mins together!!!How boring can a guy get!!GEEESSSSS!!!

Exams are Over

Yay!!! My exams are over!!They were ok,thank God. I can sleep well at night now and i have my weekends back to myself. No more Zaria trips for moi!!lol...well at least for now. I still have a report to hand in but i'm not gonna rush it or stress myself...I think i'll give my self a treat with all the stress i'v gone through these past weeks. I need to make my hair also...gotta find time to squeeze in for that and i need lots of sleep and to get my social life back on track. Looking forward to all that and Christmas around the corner :D ....XoXo

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cooking is good for the body and soul

I cooked!!yay its been forever since i cooked mehn and it felt good!! almost kinda cleansing. I made two soups Edikaikong and Efo-riro.
I woke up very early and went to meet 2 of my friends at their place to accompany me to the market. I wrote a list while at their place, then withdrew money from the ATM along d way and we got set buying. I have to say going to the Market to buy foodstuff is one of my major issues. Going to the market is stressful!!bargaining and all that. Luckily though we had a barrow boy follow us around and collect watever we bought to keep in his barrow. I bought practically everything, from rice, beans to yam, pasta,sardines,etc. I bought everything i could think off 'cos i had not intentions of visiting the market anytime soon. Luckily again i got a cab before even getting out of the market area, i payed the barrow boy for his service, thanked my friends for following me to the market and told them i'd let them know when the soup was ready so they could come chop!

I got home and carted all my goods to the kitchen, i cleaned out the wardrobe and arranged everything where they should be. The cleaning and arranging took 4eva!! Like i sed i hadn't cooked in a long while :D..anyway i cleaned out the fridge also then set out to preparing ma soups, i was suprised i still remembered how to cook them sef. just as i finished the cooking, my best friend came around, i asked him if he was interested in eating and he said YES!lol.. so i cleaned up the kitchen and made Eba for himself and i 'cos i was starving,i hadnt eaten since i went to the market around 10am and it was already 8pm...I served the food and we started eating, he just kept commenting bout how awesome the food tasted and even i had to admit to myself when i tasted it that i'd done a good enjoyed the meal, watched Kevin Hart's 'Seriously Funny' and relaxed a bit b4 he went home. The silly boy took a pic of the food and put it as his status then wrote 'perfect timing' as his status felt gud wen i saw it tho...During the week about 3 of ma other male friends ate ma soups and commended it. I also took some of the soup with me when i went to visit my mum and warmed it for dinner for them and my dad and brothers couldn't stop licking their fingers, they even asked for more, alas i brought just one bowl. Its practically finished now and i'm dreading going to the market to get foodstuff to make some other soups.
I'm happy 'cos i've been eating healthy since my market waka and i made other people happy and filled eating my food. Funny enough though my friends that followed me to the market have not been chanced to eat out of it and they are so gonna beef me when i tell them its finished ehn!!lol...make dem no vex...

I should make Efo Elegusi  and Ila Alasepo later sha..i hope i'm chanced to go to the market tho...thanks t my Zaria trips i don't have my weekends to myself, i was able to do the last market runs 'cos it was a Sallah holiday period, so i dint have to go school.

Anyway!!till me next cooking post..toodles!!!xOxO

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You've been Hacked!!!

Not you. Well actually my sister was hacked on Saturday. It was not a nice experience. I had just gotten back from Zaria, i was exhausted from ma 3hour journey and the traffic we had been stuck in for about 1hour before entering the City. I got to my friends place to pick up some laundry he had helped me collect while i was away. Oh and did i forget to mention that i held the urge to pee for this 3hours and the heat was crazy.. so u can understand or relate to how i was feeling. I rushed into the house and eased myself, i checked my phone later while trying to sort my stuff out just to see some bbm messages from ma cousin in Canada, she was complaining bout some pics my sister put on facebook (fb). 
I had seen a notification earlier that my sister had tagged me in a picture but i couldnt be bothered to check 'cos i was exhausted from my journey, but after i saw those messages from my cousin i had to know wat d pic was. I have about 1500 + friends on fb, people i have met in various places and some even on fb so i could not afford to be tageed in just any sort of picture. My sister on the other hand has just about 90 something friends 'cos she's hardly ever on fb by the way.

I called my sis after chatting with my cousin for a bit who told me they were nude intimate pictures my sister had posted. I could not believe 'cos my sister is soooooo not that kinda person, like i said she's hardly ever on fb in the first place. 

My sis was sooo pissed when i was talking to her that i was like the 10th person calling to ask her 'bout the pics and she had not even been of fb for about a month. She said it was more annoying that she did not even have internet access to get into her account and remove the pics. I offered to help her do it since i was the one who had opened her fb account and yahoo account for her.

We had no clue just how bad it really was!!
Apparently she had received a mail from fb and yahoo about some kinda password change or something and my sis doesn't bother herself bout stuffs like this so she dint even attend to the mail, unlike me that i'm all security conscious and all.

Anyway, i tried to access her fb account with the username and password she had given me but it kept bouncing (i was doin all this on my phone so imagine how frustrating it was), i then tried the forgot password option so they could send another password to her box and i could delete the 'explicit' pics and they rejected the yahoo account. I decided to log into the yahoo and find out wat was goin on,but yahoo rejected  the password also. That was when it dawned on me that my sis had been hacked. Luckily tho since i was the one that opened the account for her i had used my email address as her alternate email. I tried the forgot password option for yahoo and put in my email...then they mailed me a new password. Just then i got a mail from yahoo to confirm if i should be deleted as an alternate email from my sisters account and then i got another mail to confirm some strange email address as her alternate email. That was when i realized that the hacker was still at work, but had a made a fatal mistake of adding the alternate email  'cos now i knew the email address of the person behind the whole thing.

I removed the strange email address and reconfirmed my email address as the alternate email, then i logged into my sister's yahoo account with the mail yahoo had sent me then changed her yahoo password. Before all this while i was still having issues with logging into both accounts, i had untagged myself in the picture the hacker had tagged me in and blocked my sister's account and i had told my cousin in canada to report my sister's account so they would block it.

I tried to log into my sister's account with the new password i had gotten and they told me i had to log in on a computer and bla bla bla 'cos my cousin had reported the account.

I did not have a system with internet access so i called my cousin to log in and deactivate the account and i would sort it out as soon as i got internet access. This was around 12 midnight, i was finally able to shower and go to bed. I got an internet stick the next day and got to work. I re-activated the account and increased all her security features,contact info,etc deleted all the pics the hacker had put up...then checked for the people the hacker had added and blocked every one of them then deleted the message correspondences, imagine the person had been having some nasty explicit chats with those people!!

After that i posted an apology message on her wall and told her friends the account had been hacked. i sent her the new details of the accounts and told her to be more careful with her password and then i sent her the email address that had tried to boot me out as my sister's alternate email. She recognized the email address immediately as her ex-boyfriend's!!!! imagine!! All this drama i had gone through, it was her ex-boyfriend at work!! Some may say oh it was just nude pics, but my concern was my sis had family members as friends and most of them had called her about the pics and if u know how Nigerian family members are, u'd know that some would not even bother calling to find out what's goin on before reporting the parents and then its gonna be a totally different drama from there, plus this asshole had accepted friend  requests and was chatting about having sex with them and what not!

I adviced her to beware of the guy sha, (i couldn't do more than i had already done). She later called me that she had confronted the guy and he said although that was is email address, he had also been hacked and was no longer using that addy. Do u think he's telling the truth? I don't.

It wasnt a nice experience all in for y'all out there u need to up the security on ur social networking sites and e-mail addresses before its hacked into and u're ridiculed or worse.

Frank Ocean!! *happy sigh

I first heard about Frank Ocean on twitter, some of ma peeps had been making a noise about his music so i decided to get them and listen. The first song i listened to was 'we all try' and i was hooked for days! I had no idea it was a black guy though until i did a google search on him. What a pleasant Suprise!

I love his songs-Swim good, Nature feels, There will be tears, Novacane!! i can't believe i did not publish this post since. I did it after i did the Adele post. 

Joke of the Day

A boy called FM radio station & said "I have found a lost purse with $100,000, a Mastercard and I.D of one Mr. Ifeanyi Arato, plot 4 Park View Estate Ikoyi. PRESENTER: How honest U are boy,so do U want to return the purse? BOY:No! I just want 2 dedicate a song to him....MY HELPER OOOOO...MY HELPER......LOL=)) Have a stressfree day

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Meet My Online Captivators!!

I looooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the internet.
I don't know how else to explain it. So much out there we can reach at just the click of a button!i could go on and on! There are some people that have caught my fancy and held it in place though and they keep me coming back for more! Through their pictures, videos, blogs, etc. Here are my top of the list fascinations in order of how i found them by destiny!!lol
  • Bella Naija- the blog keeps me up to date and entertained.i especially love the'Events this Weekend' posts

  • YagaZie EmeZi - i love her completely and totally!!Her blog,tumblr,youtube vids,tweets,fb pics (the hair #team natural),etc...i feel like she's a part of me i lost or something like that!lol

I'm absolutely mesmerized with all these peeps!! I can't get enough and it feels good to be able to meet people miles away via the internet and have a form of connection.Most of my friends or the people i like and can relate to most times have attributes that i do not posses and would have loved to or sometimes which i just admire!

So.....u cn imagine my excitement when Yagazie Emezi liked my pics on fb or when Laila-Jean commented a wallpost on fb....i was grinnin go hard it hurt!!lol..just like DonJazzy retweeting one of ma tweets!lol
I'm not a celeb crazy person but i know how peeps who love their celebs behave (beliebers -Justin Beiber and little monsters-Lady Gaga)

These are my own Celebs!!lol...i'll let u into more i discover on the World Wide Web!!lol...yh i laff a lot!...i even have laughter wrinkles and i embrace them wholeheartdly!! ..xOxO...

Pampering Me!! MB Hammam (Ladies Spa) 2

Hi hi hi, i have missed blogging soooo soooo much!! wish u all could take a pic of my brain...i sometimes tink in blog about stuff i wanna share but don't get around to sharing...anyway enough whining...
Anyway this is a sorta continuation to ma post which can be found at this link

I love sharing the fun experiences i have with people i love, so it should come as no surprise that i shared ma spa experience with two of ma friends. I gave one of them as a birthday present and the other just for the fun of experiencing it.

Ok..i know i was supposed to do a post since forever on my raffle draw win at MB Hammam and how it felt et al and trust me i have done it in ma head countless

It was great guys!!!i enjoyed every bit of it and i dint pay a dime!!it was an authentic win!!not the type that u'd have to pay a lil something to get ur win. I called to book a time that i'd be available then went there. I showed the ticket from my massage which had entitled me to the win and they went to work straight away. I did the Basic Hammam then had a foot massage in the lounge while waitin for the person to do my facials...I had a Jordanian Dead Sea Facial (tink that's what its called). The Basic Hammam was almost the same as the Traditional Hammam i did with my friends which i am writing about, just that some products were not used.

I got to the venue first since i was sponsoring...i had called earlier in the week to book for 3 of us at 2pm on Sunday. Mel came in jst a few mins after i did. The lovely lady at the reception called someone to usher us to the changing room where we changed into our robes and slippers and shower caps and we kept our belongings in a locker and had the key on us.

A Morrocan Lady came to get me and poured some warm water on me, oh did i mention u only have your panties on so we went with spare panties although they had disposable panties there for those who were not ready to use theirs. Anyway yh...after pouring the water on me she rubbed something dt looked like black soap (Saboul Beldi-Olive based soap) on me then they shipped me off to the steam room in a robe. Mel and Chide met me in dere and we relaxed with our cool cups of lemon water. We jisted while sweating out all za left d steam room 1st since i came in 1st (20mins). She rinsed off all dt stuff and sweat off me then used some nice scenting  soap to bathe me and then she rinsed that off again then told me to lie on the tile slab in the shower room and then she began the dry scrubbing with a Loofah-like sponge (you get to keep the sponge and use it on other visits) after wetting it and rubbing what looked like 'alum' on it.

I felt awesome mehn! She scrubbed all the dead skin off practically every inch of my body and it felt heavenly. When i was bout to turn on my other side, i saw all d dead skin that had been scrubbed off and i just felt greeeeeeeaaaaattttt!!lol I swear u have to experience it to understand, anyway after all the scrubbing, she rinsed all the residue off then used some Moroccan mud/clay mix (Rhassoul) all over me and some on my cheeks and forehead, left it for a bit and den rinsed it all off with warm water. I then got a proper rinse down.
You have to bear with me as my description of the experience is what i can remember.
She then sprayed a mix of Argan oil and Rosewater all over me so my skin was glistening...She wrapped me up in a robe, wore ankle socks on ma feet and made me wear some therapeutic looking slippers like that with stones bulging out of it dat are supposed to target some parts of the body...think i v some pics so u get what m saying.
                                                               therapeutic slippers

I was led to the lounge by anoda lady where Mel and Chide came to meet me later on, we were served tea in the cutest lil cups and crackers and laid down on the flat bed in d lounge.It was very cozy and serene and also had a massage chair for whoever was interested and a leg massage machine.We just chilled and jisted and later had to snap out of it...

the outer area of the lounge with the leg massage machine

We went to the dressing room,rubbed some of their Argan body lotion (and changed into our outfits went down to the reception and looked at some of the other services they offer and took a look at their Ladies Gym.
Mel and Chide thanked me for the treat and i was happy they had enjoyed it. I took a cab home with a grin on my face throughout...
Ok!!dats d full detail of our Spa day. Hope u kinda enjoyed the experience with me as you read.....xOxO :D

Oh and before i forget i needed a Manicure and Pedicure badly to make the Pampering Me Episode complete, the hands and feet work too much to be neglected or not pampered. There's this lady-Mamana-she's d best mehn!! I've shared the pedicure experience with two oda peeps, a guy and gal. Had to tk dem to experience it..Imagine both of dem had neva had a pedicure before!!O.O I just had to treat them!! imagine afterwards they dint wanna walk on the ground again o...sooo funny...But 4real dis Mamana Lady is the Truth! D energy she puts into her work keeps me coming back for more. :D...ok dts all for now xOxO                                     
that's mamana!!
22 enjoyn herself and dodging my camera lens
soaking away the stress

Me in grinning mode wen it was all over

Monday, 10 October 2011

Lazy Mode


Thursday, 15 September 2011

ME {Perfectly Flawed} ... i :) :D

K...where do i start...I love me!! yup..

I was inspired to do this post by my latest internet fascination Yagazie Emezi thanks to a post on her blog, u can find it here

I am 5'8 inches tall, medium light skinned complexion and "Imperfectly Perfect and Perfectly Flawed".
I have high shoulders that make me look like i'm proud to an unknown observer, one of my friends calls them hanger shoulders
I have small boobs
I have a cute dark, stretch-marked bum
I have bee stung pale pink lips 
I have flat big feet size 40/41, my ex-boyfriend used to call them footballer feet
I have pointed elf ears
I have an uneven blends together and forms a nice mix a twirl of vanilla and chocolate
I have and uneven hairline with a widow's peak
I am wide not fat (that's what they say)dunno
I have a lower pouch on my tummy (its bin forever i exercised and i eat tons of food)
I have an alto voice not the high-pitched sexy voice of females i'd have liked like the Hausa's
I have spread toes and not so cute toenails
I don't have a slim waist
I have sexy hips (so they say)
My skin is not as supple as i'd like it to be
My armpits are darker than my body complexion
My two front teeth are different colors
I have small eyes
My face is quite spotty tnx to pimples and acne and my ever-pinching fingers!lol
I have smile lines and frown lines 9i do both quite often but i think i smile and laugh much more than i frown though)
I have natural hair (used to be relaxed but i cut all that off and grew out my napps)
I have slim beautiful fingers and white lovely fingernails
I have long eyelashes
I have a firm body
I have an oval head (I have gotten a really low cut before so i know)
I have an obvious forehead (kinda like Rihanna'
Well, thats all li can think about right let the story begin...:D

When i was in secondary school, i used to get teased 'cos of my lips day my parents came to see me in school on visiting day and one of my friends had to walk up to them and tell them how beautiful they were and when she came back to me she asked me where they had gotten me from in other words i wasnt hot enough to be the kid of this stunning couple. Even one of my teachers had to mention to me after class how beautiful my mum was and how i wasn't fine enough

Here's ma comment on her blog -  "I can totally relate to ur post and its got me so inspired i think i'm gonna do a post on my blog if i'm not too lazy...everyone has issues i'v come to realize, that girl with the figure and face we envy is envying something on anoda girl and sooo on..I have high hangerlike shoulders, i'm wide not fat,i have beestung lips,i have a lower pouch on my tummy,i have small boobs,my complexion is not even,i have a funny hairline with my widow's peak,my two front teeth are different colors,i have an alto voice,i have elf ears,i have flat size 41 feet with not so cute toenails,i have darker armpits than my complexion,i have a dark stretch-marked bum, i could go on and on and on...One may ask how do i feel bout all these things;Truth is i love em!!!every single thing i just mentioned, its not easy but i learned to love my body very early in life and i haven't stopped...i stare at my body everyday in the mirror and realize i'v come a long way, i wouldn't have surgery to change anything bout it!!The things i can adjust i do and i realized if i care for my body and eat healthy i'm good and people will love me for me.i'll do a more detailed post on my blog.There are People i admire and believe they were perfectly created but i don't wanna be them..all this things make me Me and i'm gonna keep loving me..anyone who has a problem with these things can take a hike...The jabs i got in secondary school strengthened me and helped me to grow to love ma body and i'm still loving it.. {for a detailed read} cheers!"

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I stumbled on this and was so excited to

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 love with Adele

I had been listening to Adele in bits and pieces and finally decide to get her whole album recently and i'm happy i did!!!!
I was immediately in love with 'rolling in the deep' from the first time i heard it!!it just stuck! now practically the whole Album is stuck!
  • Rolling in the deep,
  • Rumor has it
  • Set fire to the rain and
  • Turning Tables are my faves!!
The album has been on repeat to and from my 3hour trips to Zaria and at work and i aint tired of it!

between i like her eyes...xoxo

I feel like eating Tapioca!!!!

I  was jejely lounging at the office and goin through pics of 'Yagazie Emezi' my latest fascination and loved person on the internet when i saw a picture of Tapioca!!! I don't need to tell you that a craving for it was immediately stirred in my belly...
Its been soooooooo long i had tapioca and i used to love it sooo much! I think the last time i had it was when i was in Lagos. They usually had a Tradefair at the Tafewa Balewa Square which was close to my mum's office at the time. She'd tell one of her staff to take me there to look around, learn how to price things and buy stuffs.  I used to buy Paladin stickers with quotes on them in two languages and they were colorful (that's why i used to buy them) and they had Paladin Notebooks and Tissues.. anyway back to tapioca
We stumbled on a place they were selling tapioca,i tried it out of curiousity with coconut milk and i was hooked! it tasted awesome better than my oats, i bought 2 sachets i think with 2 cans of the coconut milk. I took it to school and my friends and i finished with the coconut milk and condensed milk (very thick sweet milk). I did not really get to try it after that though 'cos i neva found it in shops whenever i went to buy my provisions for school..used to wish i had bought more..oh well
I'm gonna keep an eye out for it in stores henceforth tho. I love Food!lol
Sowi i haven't updated my blog in a while, been writing exams and working at the same time, hasn't been easy but God has been faithful...i'll do a post about that later sha..xoxo..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ask me anything

How long could you last without your mobile phone?

probably a week if i had to but i'd rather not :)

Ask me anything

Monday, 25 July 2011

Comot dere Jare!!

Na so i siddon jeje for inside motto o...i just dey vex 4inside the stupid traffic i dey...i suppose dey office o, gaskia i no know wetin carry me comot.
My oga com call me na, na im i no fit pick him im my second for office com call me sey oga dey find me o and e be like sey he dey com office!!kai! i don enter am today o..
the traffic no gree move..i dey follow my second chat for im my eye com catch one yellow face dey look me from inside the car wey dey my front..d way the guy dey look sef, i tink sey him know me or something...after i don look tire and the face no show name for my im i carry my face comot dey continue my chat...
I no know weda na d look wey i dey look try place the bobo face o,abi na d standstill traffic, abi na smtn else give the guy liver o. i just see sey d guy dey comot from inside the soon as im comot me i don Malo cap for head with one jagajaga brown waist coat, no even let me describe the trossizz and shirt.. anyway
The bobo come lean on the window wey dey opposite me, thank God sey the tin dey up small sef...the next thing wey i hear na..."Hi, my name is Ike, i like you and i will like to be ur friend" the english try i just dey shocked say im comot from inside im own motto com dey yan me dis kind nonsense!!
I no blame am d stupid standstill traffic!i just turn my head continue wetin i dey do with my fone..The bobo com say..."i hope i'm not disturbing you?"...Gaskia laff wan tear my belle but i gats form straight face..thankfully the guy get sense just comot go enter him moto back....See me see wahala o!! i just dey smile...
The driver just dey wonder sey na wa different kind people dey dis world o...sey me i know the guy before? i say no o, i no know am...Luckily sha i got to the office in time and yawa no gas :D

PS.My belle no dey pain me again, i don well now.I DEY

Thursday, 21 July 2011

ILL (Tummy Churn)

I'v been ill for the past 3 days and it has not been funny!!!
I hate being ill 'cos i love being independent and doing stuff for myself which being ill makes difficult or impossible. Only God knows what out of the numerous things i ate between Zaria and Abuja made me ill. I got back from Zaria on Sunday night and chilled a bit and then it began... after gisting with Talatu and the peeps... my tummy started to churn real bad!! At first i thot it was just too much gas in my system or the 2rounds of beans(very tasty!!) i had a night before that was acting up. To cut the story short, i could not sleep all night.

DAY 1-Monday
I struggled outta bed in the morning, managed to have my shower and had just finished dressing up wen i started feeling very claustrophobic, the clothes felt too tight and i felt like i was gonna throw up. I hurriedly got out of the clothes and went to the bathroom... I was purging!!!not cool....after a while...i went back again..i was soo weak,could not even stand for too long and dint know what to blame it on outta the variety of things i had eaten during the weekend. I 'pinged' ma boss and informed him of what was going on and that i'd most likely not be coming to work, i also tld ma colleague. when i was starting to feel a lil settled, i went to throw up!! Its been forever since i threwup!! All this time i managed myself. Like i said i hate being handicap.i couldnt eat anything that day. I managed to get outta bed and walk around the house a bit as i know staying in bed only makes me feel worse, then went back to bed tossing and turning and visiting the loo throughout the night.

DAY 2 - Tuesday
I was feeling better but not so much. I managed to have my bath and stayed in bed till round 2pm when my colleague sent me a 'bbm' that they needed a particular document from me!!..*sigh!Why now *rolling eyes...told him there was no problem and i'd find a way to get it to him. 
There was no light!!SHIT!! my laptop was dead KAI!! which kain wahala be dis na! and it was around 12pm, before Talatu and I had our shower and got to Jerry's office it was already 2pm. I managed to finish with the document and send it by 3pm. 
I felt much better, i guess getting outta the house contributed to it. Talatu and i went to Exclusive stores and did a lil shopping and skipping around the n went to Grandsquare where she got their ice-cream that she'd been craving, popcorn and cakes...i could not have ice-cream tho i tasted hers at my own risk...we got home and i slept beta than the previous nights.

DAY 3 - Wednesday
I woke up feeling strong and capable to get to work!! i actually missed my office...i can't stand being idle for long. Going to the office was not gonna happen tho :( thing i knew i was in the loo...WTH!! na e neva do dis my belle yet ni! na wa o....i watched my 'Archer' series with Talatu. we cooked and i managed to put food in my thing i know, she's waking me up around 4pm!!wow!! couldn't believe i slept that long. i had my shower and we went out... I had promised her we were gonna get a pedicure 'cos she's on of those DIY (Do It Yourself ) people and had never gotten one. We went to my famous and trusted 'Mamana" (if this woman handle ya leg ehn!!! walahi u no go 1 walk for ground again!)she's dat gud. We got the pedicure and Talatu was just oohing and aahing while i gave her the 'i told u so look.
We went home from there. i wnt to the loo a few times during the night but not so much.

DAY 4 - Thursday
I woke up feeling very lazy, i had told my boss and colleague the day before that i was gonna come to the office...i struggled out of bed just to discover there was no water!!!! WHY ME!! had i finished all the water with my constant flushing? O.O? c'est pas possible!! anyway no time to waste, i got some water from the storage drum, had ma bath and got ready for work. I got to work a bit late and handled some tasks that had been waiting for me. My boss was quite nice and asked if i was perfectly ok and if not i should go home. I told him i was tired of staying at home and i could handle it. The day has been good so far...i have to say i missed the office wireless connection tho.....

That's that!! I'v not been to the loo all day and i hope it stays that way.
SEE Y'ALL sOOn on anoda post!! :) ;)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Eko o ni baje o!! (Lagos will not spoil)

O baje ti! (this is usually the response to my topic) This is like a 2nd part to my "When it rains, it pours" post  on the weather condition in Lagos and the flooding. Lagos was not the only place affected though, Places like Katsina, Ogun, etc were also flooded although the rainfall in this places did not last as long as that of Lagos.
Lagos people are die hard can't be slow in Lagos and survive, u gotta be sharp or else... in fact there's no or else!

Even with the rains and all Lagos peeps did not dull!!them still do faaji and sent out some funny bbm broadcasts. Lagos people know how to find a ray of light no matter how thick the darkness is. I'm proud to be a Lagosian (i grew up there). Here are some pics and the bbm messages..Enjoy!!

Lagos State declares Monday 11th of July a public holiday. This is to allow Lagosians go shop for canoes and scuba diving gears, as we all will have to travel on water or underwater this rainy season. Work resumes on Wednesday 12th July. Pls note that all canoes should be registered at the Lagos State Waterways Authority before they hit the waterways, cos the water marshals from LASTMA would arrest unregisterd canoes.
Eko oni baje! Fashola is working, Lagos is sinking!

A woman was found 3houses away from her matrimonial home in another man's bed, when she was asked how she got there, she said it was the flood that carried her there!!LOL. how convenient!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When it Rains, it Pours...

Lagos is my home any day any time, i spent most of my life there and we moved around quite a bit.
We used to live in Lagos @ Ikoyi 1st, then Gbagada, then 1004 Estate Victoria Island till they sold it and kicked our butts to the curb (kidding! but seriously they more or less did), then Thomas Estate, Aja.
I went to school in Ikorodu, went to Yaba often, Ikeja even more often and so many other parts of Lagos i have ventured into. Any Lagosian knows that it rains without warning in Lag and when it rains it pours but of late Sunday to be precise, the pouring has not been nice, places have been getting flooded and i doubt i can even use the word flood on places in the Island, Aja, Lekki, etc. Lagos is more less submerged  and its not just Lag. People, houses and properties have been lost and its quite sad. The state blames this flood on the Atlantic Ocean, blocked drainage systems, people that build on channels that are supposed to discharge water and the rainfall that started at 5am till the next day or so. People were advised to remain indoors and be calm till d rains subsided.


Faaji wateva d situation

Thankfully it seems its over. Here are some pics