Monday, 26 November 2012


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Here I am...

Here I am...I stared on as my friends played their fifa 13 and made comments 2d players in the TV,as though they were not d ones controlln them...oh mind was elsewhere,I had had one heck of a day and jst wanted to chill and dance the stress away. Contrary 2norm,my home wasn't feeln as cozy as usual...I did not wanna be there.Thank God its d wknd,else I'd have had a shitty week...I should mention that I had a good week though.Just yst I was d perfect gf,went 2d market durn my office break and later that night,a pot of stew,two soups and 3plates of amala away.I took a long shower at around midnight and decided that would be my shower for the day.I laid down on the Orthopaedic bed,all my joints screaming their pain. Here I am,yells in the air from those who have scored goals in this video game, thinking about my close friend who can't get over her ex and he dsnt gv a fuck about her,I v advised her 2cut off all connectn from him and jst occupy her mind with other things so her thoughts don't drift 2wrds him,but v been in her sort of situation and I know its easier said than done,the task is ultimately up 2her 2will herself from vn feelns for him....I drifted off again 2 the fight that ensued midday btw my friend and is mum,it was intense,unsightly and downright sad as they yelled at one another @d top of their voices,his other friend and I had stayed in d room initially with the TV on high volume trying to ignore their yells,like children with drunk parents hide during a fight,we had to intervene eventually and it was disheartening. They finally cooled off and went to their seperate rooms,we left the house.I needed to have a talk with him,but how best 2do it?He has a quick temper and is touchy about such issues.On the other hand,my Carpenter and plumber had jst finished their work demarcating my kitchen from that of my filthy neigbours!...story 4anoda day...I paid them their balance and called the cleaner to come clean the place 2mw.I did not v d energy and besides,spiders and cobwebs give me d creeps and dt was d major filth. We went in2 my house(more of a room tho-Self contained things).I told him in my most calm and soft voice that I wanted to talk to him,and I did not want him to get upset.I eventually made him see reason,after also bribing him with a stick of  cigarette(which v been tryn 2mk him quit) and escorting him to play dis Fifa 13 game..Here I am...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Choir Goes by Epic