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My TMI Labour & Delivery Story (in Abuja, Nigeria)

I had always tried to imagine what my labour and delivery experience would be like, having watched and read the experiences of others on Blogs, BabyCenter and YouTube, to no avail.
When anyone i know personally gives birth, that's what i'm most curious about 'how was the experience of bringing a child into the world?' Most times the response is pretty vague.
This is my labour and delivery story, i can't say Baby Kiara came the way i had imagined, i mean she came on my birthday, a whole week before her due date. I still cherish every moment of it though and thank God for blessing me with her.
My Labor started on Thursday night  (Dec 21st), i could barely get any sleep because i was in pain and could not find a comfortable position, it eventually subsided in the early hours of Friday Morning and i was able to get some sleep. It started again around midday on Friday (Dec 22nd)  and continued randomly but i was extremely active setting up the house & baby things so i thought it was Braxton Hicks. It got more intense towards the evening that i had to take breaks, squat and walk around to relieve the pain (i was contracting already unknown to me).
I decided to go the hospital to get checked around 8:00pm, i had missed my 38week appointment anyway so this checkup would serve as that. I saw the Doctor, he checked me then told me the baby's head was down, heart rate was fine, my BP was OK and i WAS having Contractions though they were currently irregular. I honestly could not believe it!! My due date wasn't for another week and almost everyone had told me she my come even later than her due date 'cos it was my first baby. I was not ready for this news walahi, anyways i digress. I went for an ultrasound scan,they said baby was measuring small for how far gone i was and asked if i was sure i was 39weeks (My info was clearly on the screen by the way)πŸ˜’ I just ignored them, abi how will i not know how long i have been pregnant lugging my protruding belly around and all the symptoms and what was i supposed to do with this info at 39weeks??!! (I will expatiate on this jist in my Pregnancy Diaries).
I took the ultrasound scan results to the Doctor, he told me to ignore them & not worry that baby's size was fine and the main thing was that the vitals were all good. He told me i could be admitted immediately or come back if my contraction got regular or more painful. I decided to go home to tidy up things for baby's arrival, pack baby & I's  hospital bag πŸ™ˆ (i had procrastinated on this 'cos i thought baby would come on her due date or in 2018, as she & I had discussed o) and wait till my contractions were Regular.
INTERLUDE (Small Jist)- While the doctor was checking me with the sonogram, i had a contraction and he was able to time it and determine my contractions were irregular, na so the matron enter the Doctor's office o and overheard what he was telling me. She said i had to be admitted immediately and she would escort me to the Labour & Delivery ward. See me see something o! πŸ˜’Eskiss ma, i'm not going anywhere, i know you are doing your job o, but my doctor said i can go home and that's where i'm headed. She said ok o, she has advised me as its my first time 'cos i may not make it back in time to the hospital for the delivery. Hian! when no be curse, abeg madam u cannot scare me, i dey go my house. I picked my bag and left. as i was leaving i had another contraction but kept a straight face 'cos i was scared they'd force me to be admitted.πŸ˜…
Honestly i just wanted to be in my comfort zone (Home) while in labor and i did not want any unnecessary 'finger/hand in vagina' dilation checks as i have heard they are really painful.
I got home and informed my fam that baby may get here sooner than expected, packed our hospital bags with my sis and last minute house tidying. I finally agreed to rest when the House was clean & rearranged to my satisfaction. I ate and watched TV.  I went into ACTIVE LABOR (it was a totally different level of pain!!) around 11:45pm just as hubby was giving me my birthday gift. It went on till around 5:00am. I stayed in the room alone with the AC on & lights off and was writhing in pain, hubby was in the room initially but started snoring and after i woke him up a couple of times he gladly excused himself to the parlour (The snore was as if something was sparking in my brain and not in a good way) I honestly felt 0 remorse, i swiftly moved all the pillows and throw-pillows to the centre of the bed and tried to find a comfortable position that i'd feel the pain less. I almost started panicking 'cos i had not finished reading up on coping techniques for labor pain and signs to know how i was progressing, i was literally clueless on this side of things. I tried turning on my laptop to watch the videos i had saved but i could barely look at the screen even on the dimmest screen brightness level (that something sparking in my brain and not in a good way sensation was all i felt) i had to shutdown.
I went on the Baby Center App on my phone with the screen brightness at the dimmest and was able to learn a couple of useful things on stages of labor, how to know i was progressing, what to look out for, how to time my contractions, etc. I used different coping techniques to manage the pain- from practising breathing and praying to mentally psyching myself with positive words 'It is well with me','i can do this', 'my body was made for this', 'God that has brought me this far, will see me true to a beautiful end', 'this is not pain, its discomfort', 'It'll soon pass', etc. I also twerked and vibrated my bum with my arms stretched out &grabbing at thin air (i know it sounds absurd and i stumbled on it by accident while writhing in pain, i must have looked ludicrous), also kneeling or laying in a particular position and putting pressure/massaging my back helped (I may do a detailed post on coping techniques for labor pain). The crazy thing i didn't know about labour was that the pain builds up-it starts at 10 then climbs to like 5000, stays there for a bit, subsides and then comes back again-if that makes any sense. I have a high pain tolerance and i'm really not a shouter (i also wanted to conserve as much energy as possible for 'pushing') so i was quiet throughout my labor and instead ground my teeth or bit my lip or cheek.
I kept going to pee and check myself  (i had read it helps labor progress faster) and managed to take naps in between contractions until i saw my mucus plug then my water broke not long after-it was not a big sploosh as i had anticipated (i had even spread a nightingale waterproof pad on the bed in preparation), it was a trickling as though i couldn't hold my pee. I had my 'bloody show' after my water broke, i quickly cleaned up, wore a pad and changed. I woke hubby and my sis up, told them to get the hospital bags and we went to the hospital. It was the longest ride of my life even though we got to the hospital in less than 10 mins. Baby Kiara was so ready to enter the world, the pressure i felt was so extremely intense that i really thought i'd have her in the car.
I told hubby where to park when we got to the hospital and waddled as fast as i could to the Labour & Delivery ward (we had been told what to do in our prenatal class) with my sis, i told them how i was feeling, my water had broken and i had seen my mucus plug. They asked if it was my first baby and i said yes, they said i should sit down 'cos the doctor was attending to someone else. Y'all should have seen my face contort. lol. i literally said 'I want to Poo really bad!' that was when they took me seriously, begging me not to poo o, that the pressure i was feeling was the baby (like sey i no know πŸ˜«πŸ˜’). They informed the Doctor, hurriedly set up the Delivery Area and gave me a hospital gown to change into, i did not even care if there was any man there, i changed so fast and laid down on the bed. My people my legs had never been spread as wide as it was that day, the doctor said i was crowning, told me to grab my ankles and push (i had read on how to push so i did) i could feel the pain from baby's head pushing down, he said sustain the push and PLOP! Baby Kiara was out-Saturday December 23, 2017 5:20am at 39Weeks. 
My Birthday. I could not believe it! Relief was all i felt and 0 pain.πŸ˜‚
My 1st thoughts were 'That's It?!, She's here?! Just like that?!'😲😲. I had expected to crushing hubby's hand while pushing, pull his beard, cry and all the other things i had been told women in labor do. Alas i was destined to have an easy, 2min noodle fast delivery. lol. I doubt it took 5mins from when i laid down on the hospital bed till she was born. Hubby and my sis even missed her birth 'cos had gone to the car to get our hospital bags. We all had not expected her to come out that fast, both of them were supposed to be with me to see her delivered but came in to meet her on my chest.
Baby Kiara came out with eyes wide open and hungry, they put her on my chest and cut the umbilical cord. I birth the placenta not long after, it was tied into a nylon bag we gave them and handed over to us for disposal. Kiara was taken to a baby bed in the corner where they cleaned her, checked her vitals,weighed her and did the necessary tests and measurements before bringing her to me wrapped up to be breastfed. The nurse cleaned up my thighs and legs with Comfit pads and disinfectant, then the Doctor informed me i was still bleeding a bit more than i should and he'd have to clean me out to know the cause and know if i'd need stitches, he shoved Comfit pads up my vagina to clean out the blood clots (This was painful!😭)then put a pill up my butt and said he'd observe me and the for an hour. The nurse finished cleaning me and the delivery area up, wore me my disposable pant with a Comfit pad, laid a clean nightingale pad on the bed and covered me. I breastfed baby, jisted with my hubby and sis and they took turns carrying her.I filled a form the nurse brought for baby and she was issued an hospital card.
The paediatrician came to see baby not long after and told us she would have to be taken to the NICU to monitor her vitals and keep her under observation due to her birth weight. She weight 2kg which was below the minimum normal baby weight. Hubby followed the paediatrician with baby's hospital bag to oversee things. Once she was settled in, he and my sis had to go buy baby food and other things on the hospital list we had not gotten.

The Doctor came back to check on me, he told me to go ease myself, i went to pee and used a bowl of water to dilute the pee from stinging (i had read about this while preggers). He checked me and said i was still losing more blood than i should.
Y'all, this is where i felt PAIN!!! forget Labor and pushing out a baby, that was a piece of cake.
He had to shove his hand with a Comfit pad up my vagina to clean out blood clots and properly see the tears he had to suture, meanwhile my legs were in stirrups. I breathed n exclaimed FUCK a couple of times, they encouraged me n told me i had been and was still doing very well and it'd soon be over, I kept nodding, thanked them, i was sweating and asked that the AC be turned on which they did. I was very surprised i didn't cry, in my head i was just thinking how can this short doctor have such a long hand, he's practically elbow deep in me!! Is he trying to go to my throat ni?! How can this be more painful than the labor and delivery combined??!! This is the definition of Violation!πŸ˜²πŸ˜±πŸ˜¬πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜·
He injected me in 3 different areas down there to numb me,  I closed my eyes and practiced my breathing techniques throughout the suturing process. It was a tad painful when the stitch caught my lil hairs (imagine if i had not shaved!*smh*). It honestly seemed to take forever and i could feel my legs going numb in the stirrups, apparently i had many tiny internal tears and the doctor was meticulous in getting it all stitched up. He massaged my tummy afterwards to be sure there were no more clots or excess bleeding (also painful). My tummy looked lopsided afterwards. lol.
The Doctor advised i do a regular sitz bath twice a day to prevent infection and emphasized i use lukewarm water. I thanked him and the nurse(who was pregnant by the way) and told them well done.
The  nurse cleaned me up and helped me change into clean pads n disposable undies, i sat on a nightingale pad in a chair (surprisingly i sat comfortably and did not feel any pain) and waited to be transferred to my ward. I thanked the nurse again, told her job well done and asked how her baby was kicking.
Hubby went to see Baby in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) then stayed in the waiting room till i was moved to my ward. I was on my phone afterwards replying birthday chats/msgs.The nurses congratulated me and were really nice. I browsed Browsed, Chilled & ate. They checked my vitals much later and the doctor came to see me. The Nurses did their rounds and gave me my medication. I went to the NICU to breastfeed baby every 3 hours (they showed me how to get a good latch)and observe how she was being cared for. We kept the news of baby's birth to ourselves and enjoyed the peace and quiet.😁😊
I was discharged the next day but opted to stay in the hospital till baby was discharged on the 25th and we took her home. We shared the news of her birth  with family and friends after we had settled in at home.
TMI-I had my 1st poop postpartum easily (i had been dreading this after getting stitched  due to stuff i had read online) good thing i'd been eating veggies and the likes i guess.  Comfit pad is supersoft and disposable undies are bae!
Baby Kiara's birth was the most surreal and beautiful experience i have ever had. I did not feel an instant attachment to her, moreso with her being whisked away to the NICU but the bond grew over time as i carried her, breastfed her, cared for her, watched her and more. The love i feel for her as my daughter is indescribable. It's been 11 months of being a mom and i wouldn't trade it for anything.
I have the best Birthday Mate now although i was reluctant to share my day initially (if you are a late December baby or you've read some of my old birthday posts, you understand why) i don't mind anymore and think its actually kind of special.πŸ’–πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜
I presume if you are reading this you are probably pregnant, i pray God grants you a smooth delivery with baby and mother in the best health. 😘
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Mark your Calendars once again ma peoples! Here are the events i'm excited about for November and December.
1. Art  IN MY CITY {NOV 23-30}
Check out my post on interesting things to do in Abuja.
If i find out about events early enough i will add them here, otherwise Check out INSTAGRAM (and other Social Media) and the links below for other upcoming events, trainings and conferences in Abuja:
Knowledge is Power.

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List of Baby Things to Buy as a First-Time-Mom in Nigeria

I had no clue where to start creating a list of baby things to buy as a first time mom-to-be. I knew i wanted to have the basic and essential items and add on extra stuff i decided baby needs as time went by. I had put our finances and accommodation setup into consideration, i also know i have the tendency to be a hoarder therefore i prefer to not buy anything i don't need. If i care to admit, i am also quite frugal.
I did extensive research online (Pregnancy and Baby Groups, Baby Center, YouTube, Amazon Baby Registries, Google,etc.), asked other moms (both first time and experienced) and got a list from my hospital which helped me come up with this list. 
The list is segmented into Hospital, Mommy, Baby and  Home Needs.
Hospital List (Please ask your hospital for this list and go through the list in the image- you do not have to bring all the items listed to the hospital however it serves as a guide on what you'll need long term)
please forgive its tattered state
  • Nightingale Pads (This is laid under you in the hospital during and after delivery)
  • COMFIT Pad (This is used to clean you up after delivery and you wear it afterwards to absorb Lochia a.k.a postpartum bleeding)
  • Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Milton Sterilizing  Tablets 
  • Cotton Wool
  • MOKO Methylated Spirit
  • Soft Tissue paper
  • Bathroom Slippers
  • Baby formula 
  • Empty Nylons for disposables
  • Detergent
  • Hot Water flask
  • Baby Record Book
  • Naming Ceremony Outfit
  • Sleeping area {Moses Basket, Baby Box, Zip-up Bed, Co-sleeper, Bassinet, Cot, Crib and/or Pack n Play Playard (I opted for the "Graco Pack n Play Playard Bassinet Changer Snuggle Suite LX Baby Bouncer, Abbington" and it came with a bouncer and changing mat)}
  • Baby Beddings (Mattress, Fitted sheets,etc.)
  • Mosquito Net
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Breast Pump & Parts (i recommend Spectra S1)
  • Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes
  • Breastmilk Storage bags
  • Feeding Bottles, Nipples & Sterilizing Kit (or Bucket with lid)
  • Bottle Washing, Drying & Storage Kit-Sponge, Brush, Drying Rack, Storage Bowl with lid
  • Soothie or Pacifier
  • Wardrobe (i opted for the plastic collapsible/stackable kind)
  • Bath Tub (i opted for a collapsible one to conserve space), Buckets, Soapcase, Bowls & Potty set
  • Savlon Antiseptic (it is supposedly milder than Dettol)
  • Body & Bath Products (Soap, Lotion, Oil, Shampoo,etc.)
  • Grooming Products (Set of Baby Combs & Brush, Cotton bud, Nail cutter/file/emery board, etc.)
  • Health & Medical related products (Nose Aspirator, Nasal saline drops, Baby Thermometer, Antifungal creams-Cacatin or Baby Tribotan-, Baby Paracetamol, Silverbird Eucalyptus oil-for steaming if baby is congested)
  • Baby Towels (Hooded and Regular)& Washcloths 
  • Baby Wraps (Receiving Blankets, Swaddles, Soft Blankets, Shawls, etc.)
  • Diapers & Baby Wipes (Research brands)
  • Diaper Barrier Cream (This is optional, most people go for Blue Seal Vaseline, Shea Butter or oils)
  • Diaper Changing Caddy
  • Baby Cup & Spoon
  • Baby Carrier or Backing Wrapper
  • Car Seat (i opted for the Graco Snugride Classic Connect – Little Hoot(0-2years)
  • Diaper Bags 
  • Playmat for Tummy time(i opted for the Fisher-Price Kick 'n Play Piano Gym)
  • Baby Toys (Baby played with the toys that came with her Gym, i also bought a soft cloth books set & luckily she was gifted a lot of toys so i haven't had to buy more)
  • Baby Month & Milestone Stickers
Baby Clothes
We have been very blessed in this area because i bought just the basics for Kiara but she has been gifted with so so so many clothes in different sizes. I'm super thankful for all the gifts, i would have had a hard time shopping for her 'cos there are soooooo many super-cute outfits for baby girls.
This list is just the Basics, you can add stuff that you like to it. Kiara was mostly in onesies and sleepsuits for the first 3months, we hardly went out except to get her immunization and once in a while i'd make a custom dress for her to match with me to attend a wedding.
You can start with buying 12 each of these basics till you figure out what you'll need. Also put sizing into consideration; 0-3months are typically bigger than newborn sizes but i think its better to go for them or 3months 'cos ur baby may be on the big side and if baby happens to be on the small side, u can then get a few newborn sizes (they outgrow clothes really fast) and wear the bigger clothes for them (i love doing this for progress pics, its a delight watching them grow into the clothes).
  • Onesies/Bodysuits (Long-sleeved and sleeveless-plain an patterned)
  • Long-sleeved Sleepsuits (Buy more of the ones with Zips, thank me later)
  • Singlets
  • Bibs
  • Burp Cloths
  • Socks (you can get the ones that look like shoes-supercute in my opinion)
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Shirts or Tops
  • Trousers and Skirts
  • Gowns
  • Pants
  • Headbands
  • Comfy Nursing PJs
  • Comfit Pad 
  • Disposable Panties
  • Bath & Body kit (Soap, disinfectant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, mirror, face & body products shower cap)
  • Nursing Bras & Breast Pads (Disposable & Washable + Reusable)
  • Nursing Tops (you can opt for Button-downs)
  • Nipple Cream 
  • Sitz Bath Bowl
  • Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads (lifesaver if you have haemorrhoids or got stitched)
  • Postpartum Belt (Higly Recommended)
  • Naming Ceremony Outfit (if you are Christian and live in Nigeria, you know the Naming happens 7 days after you give birth)
Home & Others
  • Hand Sanitizer ( I got a Big Bottle 'cos we had a lottt of guests who visited baby)
  • Portable clothes dryer with wheels & cloth pegs
  • Rechargeable fan
  • Generator
  • Washing Machine (Baby laundry is no fun, moreso for a working mum)
  • Car Sun Protector
These are items i got as my baby got older.
  • Height Track sticker
  • Stroller (I opted for the Maxi Cosi Loola Stroller)
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
  • Baby Proofing Items
My Preferred Brands (Proven Quality in my opinion):
  1. Clothing- Carters, George, Luvable Friends and Gerber
  2. Bibs- Neat Solutions & Bumkins
  3. Nursing Bra-HoFish
  4. Breast Pads- Lansinoh and Bamboobies
  5. Pack n Play- Graco and Baby Trend
  6. Activity Gym & Toys- Fisher-Price
  7. Car Seat-Graco
  8. Stroller- Maxi Cosi Loola
  9. Breast Pump, Parts, Storage bags & Wipes- Spectra, Medela and Lansinoh
  10. Bottles- Dr. Brown's, Philips Avent and Tommy Tippee
  11. Pacifier & Soother- Philips Avent
  12. Nipple Cream- Lansinoh & Avent
  13. Diapers- Huggies (Little Movers from the carton), Pampers (Premium Care) & Molfix
  14. Wipes- Huggies Pure & Pampers
  15. Body Products- Natural Nigerian, Coconut oil, Palm Kernel oil & Sheabutter
  16. Hair Products-Natural Nigerian and  Johnson & Johnson
  17. Antiseptic-Savlon Antiseptic
  18. Cereal- Nutriben
This list was compiled and personalized to suit my family, i know some of the items on it may be considered a luxury by some but honestly everything here helped make my transition to motherhood smoother than it might have been in their absence. I believe it's a comprehensive list that can be customized and serve as a guide for moms-to-be on how to get started buying baby things. 
Check out my post on Where to Buy Baby Things in Abuja and watch out for my post on my Labour & Delivery Story.
P. S. It's a great idea to create a Baby Registry on Amazon (even if you live in Nigeria), it can be tiring to complete the registry but it honestly covers all the aspects of items you will need for you and baby postpartum and you see suggestions that might be beneficial to you that you never thought of you might have omitted. The cool part is you get a FREE Welcome Box with different items, free gifts and discounts even without buying all the items on the registry.

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Where to buy Baby Things in Abuja

Where to buy Baby Things was never an issue for me until i had a baby, obviouslyπŸ˜‚. Here's a list to help other new mommies find what they need for their lil ones:
  1. Sahad Stores (Area 11)
  2. New Sahad Stores (Central Area)
  3. PEP (Jabi Mall)
  4. Garki Market
  5. Garki Ultramodern Market
  6. One Stop Baby Shop (Garki 2 near Tantalizers)
  7. Mothercare (Area 11 near SFC)
  8. Children Affairs (Kolda Link str,wuse 2)
Other places you may find useful although not in Abuja:
  1. Online- Amazon (Create a Baby Registry to get discounts on items, gifts and an Amazon Baby Gift Box) and Carters (they have loads of sales)
  2. Online-BabyblissJumiaKonga, Instagram
  3. Lagos Markets
  4. Discounted online sites and pages- CuddleCircle, Playcircle9ja, Abuja Decluttering Hub, MiniSelect
My Preferred Brands (Proven Quality in my opinion):
  1. Clothing- Carters, George, Luvable Friends and Gerber
  2. Bibs- Neat Solutions & Bumkins
  3. Nursing Bra-HoFish
  4. Breast Pads- Lansinoh and Bamboobies
  5. Pack n Play- Graco and Baby Trend
  6. Activity Gym & Toys- Fisher-Price
  7. Car Seat-Graco
  8. Stroller- Maxi Cosi Loola
  9. Breast Pump, Parts, Storage bags & Wipes- Spectra, Medela and Lansinoh
  10. Bottles- Dr. Brown's, Philips Avent and Tommy Tippee
  11. Nipple Cream- Lansinoh & Avent
  12. Diapers- Huggies (Little Movers from the carton), Pampers (Premium Care) & Molfix
  13. Wipes- Huggies Pure & Pampers
  14. Body Products- Natural Nigerian, Coconut oil, Palm Kernel oil & Sheabutter
  15. Hair Products-Natural Nigerian and  Johnson & Johnson
  16. Cereal- Nutriben
P.S. I highly recommend buying things during SALES periods which is typically any holiday-New Year, Labour Day, Bank Holiday, Easter, Independence Day, Eids, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. It will save you a lot of money.
If you know of more places, kindly comment them below.

Monday, 30 July 2018

How to Start Making Paper Flowers in Nigeria

I have been making Paper flowers for almost a year now and i know how daunting and seemingly impossible it can seem for a newbie with interest to get started. I hope this post will come in handy for such a person and help you find your way in the beautiful and colorful world of paper flowers, moreso in Nigeria where getting crafting supplies can be quite a task. 
I will be sharing what i have learnt in the past few months and will update this post accordingly as i learn more things. Some may wonder why i am so willing to share what may be considered 'trade secrets' by some and the answer is simple-because there is love in sharing
Others shared freely their knowledge online to whomever happens to find it so why should i hoard this information? It may change someone's life so that's enough motivation for me to share. 
Ok, enough of me babbling and let's get into it. 

What you need (Tools, Resources & Supplies)

  • PC or Laptop (optional initially)
  • Internet (optional initially)
  • Printer (optional initially)
  • Cutting Mat (or any surface that's flat enough for you to trace on and you don't mind getting glue on)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Glue (UHU or whatever you prefer)
  • Mounting Tape
  • Bone folder (Butter knife or wooden dowel/spoon will suffice)
  • Flower Templates (Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
  • Video Tutorials (Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
Different types of Paper and Sizes
There are different types and weights of paper, i'm not an expert at this so kindly do your own research before purchasing paper. You can ask the person you are buying paper from about the weight (grams) of the paper. The weightier or thicker the paper, the tougher it is to curl or shape but they tend to be sturdier and hold shape longer while the embossed or designed ones can bring some dimension to your craft.
  • Tissue Paper
  • Crepe Paper
  • Printing Paper
  • Cardboard Paper {160 grams per square meter (gsm)}
  • Cardstock Paper (Embossed , Metallic, Glittery, Glossy, Patterned & Plain)
I mostly use Cardstock Paper for my paper flowers to make them study and occasionally mix them with Cardboard Paper for two-toned flower designs or smaller flowers. 

Where to find Free Templates and Video Tutorials

(Petals and Centers)
There are soooo many free templates and tutorials online, you just have to be willing to search for them and also not limit your search to English. I found quite a number of free templates through Russian and Spanish Channels. I suggest using Pinterest to find these channels and Websites or Google Translate the word 'Paper Flowers' and search. 
Always check that whatever freebies you find are not copyrighted and restricted to only personal use. Its also decent to credit the person you get a design or template from if you can find them on the platform you use to promote your craft.
Here is a list of  some YouTube Channels you can get Free Templates and Video Tutorials from:
Stages  of Making Paper Flowers
These are the various stages of making your typical paper flower and depending on the design and style of your flower, you may not have to follow all the stages.
  • Tracing template
  • Cutting
  • Slitting
  • Curling & Shaping
  • Assembly
  • Add a center
Finding Inspiration and designs for Paper Flowers
Pinterest,YouTube and Instagram have been the best places for me to find inspiration and designs to try. They link you to other creators and suggest similar videos to the ones you watch. I suggest checking out related channels or similar posts across these platforms

How to put up Paper Flowers on Different Surfaces
There are different ways to display your paper flowers depending on the surface you are working with. I have listed below a few of the things i use and others i found online,you just have to research a bit on what will work best for the result you want to achieve. Check out this post as well.
  • Glue
  • Mounting Tape
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Commando Strips
  • Masking Tape or Cellotape (rolled)
  • Rope (attached to the back of the paper flower)
  • Wire (attached to the back of the paper flower)
  • Brooch pins
Uses of Paper Flowers
They have such a varied range of uses but here are a few:
  • Events Decoration (Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower,etc.)
  • House Decoration (especially Baby Nurseries/Rooms)
  • Backdrops
  • Photoshoots
  • Crowns, Bouquets & Corsages
  • Props Decoration, etc.
Storing your Paper Flowers
It is important to keep your flowers away from humidity, dust and water in order for them to last long, retain their shape and look good. I mainly focus on displaying them in a dry place and dusting them regularly. you can stoore them as follows:

  • In a box (with a cover and wide enough to not deform them)
  • In a basket (with a cover and wide enough to not deform them)
  • In a bag (with a cover and wide enough to not deform them)
  • In a clear polythene bag with a neck sealer (typically used for packing clothes)
Tools that can speed up your creation process
  • Cricut Machine 
  • Silhouette Machine 
  • Fringe Scissors
  • Bone Folder
  • Scoring Tool
  • Quilling Tool (for rolled centers and roses)
  • Compass Cutter
  • Curved Scissors
  • Punches (There are so many different shapes and patterns to choose from especially when making small flowers)
Sizing and Pricing your Paper flowers
I can only tell you what works for me in this regard. I price my flowers based on their sizes and the amount of labour i put into their creation. I size my flowers by using a measuring tape or ruler to measure their diameter in Inches. 
I make all my flowers myself and handcut them while juggling my job and 7month old so it involves more labour and sleepless nights for me and i price them accordingly. However, i give discounts when i get orders for a Set. Some people also prefer to Rent and return. I also charge differently for express/short notice orders.
You can create your own Templates or make complete packages for a particular style of flower(Templates, Center, Mounting Tape, etc) ad sell them for people to make the flowers themselves.
Your pricing is up to you. I would advice you calculate what the different sizes of your paper flowers consume (cardstock, glue, paint, glitter, beads, rhinestone, mounting tape, rope, wire, etc.) and then you can add the cost of your labour which is essentially your profit. If you are doing the delivery and setup, you may want to also charge separately for these services.

How to Market yourself
Social Media is free and you have a wide audience. Use it to your advantage. Take good pictures and Post your work frequently.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (Follow me @Mimahcrafts)
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
You can display your work at family or friend's events (Weddings, Parties, Birthdays,etc.) for people to see and get interested in ordering them.
You can also use them in styling photoshoots and get free professional pictures to advertise your work.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use Sharp Scissors
  • PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE (with different papers and different designs)
  • Use empty cereal boxes to make Templates for easy tracing
  • Trace out the number of templates you need then you can chill and cut them out while watching a movie or series
  • Inform your customers of the deadline to order and charges for express orders
  • Attend to your orders at least 3-5 days before they are due in order to avoid rushing especially if you do not have a machine 
  • Spray-paint to desired color if the color you want is unavailable
If you find this post useful, kindly share and follow me on Instagram @MimahCrafts. I will update it as i learn.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Fela & The Kalakuta Queens (Live In Abuja)

The Lighting, Graphics, Sound, Costume, Band, Cast and the performance as a whole. 
They got several rounds of applause and cheers during the performance and a Standing Ovation when it was over.
 @patrickdiabuah did an excellent job portraying FELA and the Queens were awesome!
@bapproduction deserves all the accoladesπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Get your Tickets.
Sorry this post is sooo late,πŸ™ˆ you can still catch the 3:00pm & 7:30pm showings today.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My Pregnancy Story & Diaries Weeks 1-5

I finally found some time to come on here with a post while adjusting to this new mommyhood life, do bear with me for now 'cos i can't stick to my 'regular' schedule.
Although i wasn't able to blog about my pregnancy, i documented my pregnancy journey using the Google Keep app on my phone. I decided to write this post as an introduction to my Pregnancy Diaries and as a follow-up to my Baby Pressure post so here goes.
Quick Recap-Hubby & I got married in May 2014 and agreed to wait at least 2 years before trying for a baby. We decided to wait an extra year 'cos Year 2016 get as e be back then and the dreaded biological clock was still on my side. It was by God's grace we were able to stand our ground and not succumb to all the Baby Pressure. Its our life afterall and looking back now, boy am i glad we didn't rush things.
April 2017 came and we decided we were kinda ready to start trying for a baby, before that we had started preconception care at the beginning of the year. Hubby & I did the necessary medical tests again (we had done them before we got married) and reconfirmed we were both medically fit to have a baby. We both started taking folic acid & tried to stick to a healthy lifestyle (diet, drinking more water, eating more fruits & veggies, etc.). I started exercising & was able to lose the 'small chops & enjoyment' weight i had piled on by December 2016 and went back to my regular Size 8 from Size 10. 
We started trying for a baby in April, i have a regular menstrual cycle so i just calculated my ovulation period &we basically just went with the flow and made sure we had sex before and after my ovulation. I honestly did not expect i'd get preggers on our 1st try, trust me if i did we'd have probably started trying in May 'cos i soooo didn't want a December baby talkless of a birthday mate. Alas we all know God's ways are not our ways.
People had made us feel that because we chose to wait, we would find it  difficult to get pregnant at all, not to talk of on the 1st try. That's part of the reasons i"m writing this post & the Pregnancy Diaries, to encourage any couple that have decided to wait a while before having a kid that it doesn't mean they can't get  pregnant easily when they are ready and they can definitely have an easy pregnancy & delivery.
I'm quite in tune with my body so when i started feeling funny and extremely fatigued, i had a strong feeling it was pregnancy but i did not want to jinx it. I stopped my workouts due to the fatigue and watched my diet. Hubby and i discussed and agreed to take a pregnancy test if i missed my period, which i did. I bought 2 of the #100 strip pregnancy tests from the pharmacy (nothing fancy), did them and they were both positiveπŸ’– We decided to keep the news to ourselves (it wasn't easy by the way) till i was past the 3 month mark (the risk of miscarriage and other issues is way less at this point).
Life was still pretty routine, nothing much had changed and sometimes i'd forget i'm preggers and wonder why i feel so tired. lol.
  • SYMPTOMS-Abdominal Bloating, Extreme fatigue, Frequent peeing and Swollen Tender Breasts
  • FEELINGS-Hubby & I were excited n happy to have gotten preggers on our 1st try. I missed being more active n working out, getting good sleep n waking up feeling rested. The whole thing felt surreal.
  • WORRIES-Eating the wrong thing or not eating food with essential nutrients/vitamins,Molar or Ectopic pregnancy,miscarriage,abnormalities or anything going wrong
  • ACTIONS-I Prayed about my worries, signed up on the BabyCenter App, joined Pregnancy, Baby & You BBM Group, read, researched and tried to eat healthy n nutritious food, drink a lot of water and take folic acid daily
Watch out for the rest of my Pregnancy Diaries Series.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Simple & Practical Ways to Spend Less/Save Money

The points below are all tried & tested and work great for me. All that being said don't forget to live a little and splurge on urself when convenient-take a trip, eat out, pamper yourself, get new stuff, etc.
If you build the habit of being accountable while resources are limited, it is easier to follow through when there's excess. Below is the list in no particular order:
  • Have short n long term goals/projects n save towards funding them (keep in mind though that inflation and other economic factors may affect how soon u reach that goal)
  • Prioritize ur needs over your wants (expensive wigs,accessories, jewellry, etc. are mostly wants)
  • Spend within ur means
  • Have a Monthly budget (expenses,income,charity/gifts,misc,etc) It helps you have a good idea of your expenses, hidden money drainers, etc. and to adjust accordingly
  • Have an Alternative source of income if possible-{Blog, Craft, Plan small events, Sell stuff (used/unused) online (Instagram,Facebook, BuyMyLux, Jiji, OLX, Dealdey, Kaymu, Konga, Jumia). etc.}
  • Invest in Yourself-Learn a skill/trade (Makeup, Tailoring, Beads, Baking, etc), Get Trainings & Certications in your field,etc.
  • Invest in Property/Business-e.g. Keke Napep, Put ur car for up for use by Uber or other cab companies, Farming, etc.
  • Invest in People-Help someone start a business and have a share in it or have a payment plan contract with interest or train them in a skill, etc.
  • Sign up for a Health Insurance (Private HMO) NHIS/PHIS
  • Reduce accommodation cost by renting a place with a friend or enjoy rent-free restricted life with the folks if single 
  • Monitor Electricity Consumption
  • Monitor your Phone Data/Internet Subscription consumption
  • Monitor your Phone Credit consu,ption
  • Make a Fixed deposit in the bank towards a future plan (Short or Long term)
  • Skip buying Aso-ebi of people you sre not close to
  • Save from ur gifts n income no matter how little 500 per day is 14k per month and 168k per year (have an account w/o ATM or can have a token kept away for emergencies n replenish)
  • Lend money to only extremely credible debtors except when the request is amount you don't mind not being returned
  • Drive more or walk(its a simple exercise) or carpool
  • Avoid people that ALWAYS leech off u
  • Reduce Unnecessary Clubbing/Outing with friends (Save your drinks/outing money as they r usually triple the regular price)
  • Cook more n eat out less
  • Buy Groceries and Foodstuff in bulk @least a month's worth
  • Farm if you can (veggies, fish,poultry,snail,etc)
There are sooo many other ways we can spend less & save money but i hope this list helps someone. If we evaluate our lives and learn to do things in moderation, we will find contentment & be able to increase our seemingly limited resources.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!

Happy New Year!! 
I know my 1st post for the year is coming rather late, i've my hands full with our lil princess Kiara and that's also why there was no 2017 year end post.
Yes guys, we have a new member in our little family. She arrived on my birthday-Dec 23rd, that's how i spent my birthday so there'll be no 2017 birthday post (Enjoy my Labor & Delivery Story instead).
I got the best birthday gift & i have happily conceded to sharing my day with her henceforth (y'all know i take my birthday seriously).
More posts coming once i'm settled into the 'mom role' and have a routine. I have soooo much to share, especially about the pregnancy, baby shower, labor & delivery, postpartum & adapting to life as new parents so stay tuned.
I'm looking forward to all the year has to offer, may the odds be in our favor. Amen.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Simi - Owanbe | Official Video 2017

Simi's voice is EVERYTHING!! Glad she stayed true to her style of music, her talent is absolutely undeniable.