Wednesday, 31 May 2017

African Hair Summit

The African Hair Summit 2017 will be holding on June 2nd and 3rd 2017 at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.
You can register as a participant and find out more on their website
AHS 2016
I attended one session of  the African Hair Summit Last Year-June 2016 and I had a lot of fun.
I got to take pics with one of my all-time fave Nollywood iconic actresses, Kate Henshaw (Check her out in the 'Candlelight' spinoff 'Do Good' on Africa Magic) and she even complimented me that i had a lovely smile *BLUSHHHH* lol.
She's their Ambassador.
It was a nice, well thought-out event, i spotted Igbo Curls (Chinwe Juliet), Natmane and the CEO Mina Stones at the event. Lumo Naturals had a stand where they gifted some guests free hairdos and had their products on display.
There was a short documentary played followed by a very insightful talk by Dr. Kemi on hair and skincare products, ingredients and harmful chemicals in them and more.
I also got to see Jessica Bongos perform, i'm a fan of her style of music.
I bought some Shea Moisture products at their stand with their 15% discount and got a free bag.
I got salon flyers for natural hair friendly salons and checked some out.
My friends came to join me there, we checked out other stands and they also bought some products before we took pics and left for lunch.
I'm glad i was able to step out of work and be at the event even though i couldn't stay till the end.
I plan to attend this year's own as well if my schedule permits *fingers crossed*

STORYTIME! First Bank Mobile Banking Theft

Story story-Storyyyyy; Once upon a time- Time Timeeee
Today's Story is about an Old Man who was a victim of Mobile Banking theft.
This is a true life story i happened to witness at a Garki branch of First Bank Nigeria in Abuja late December 2016.
A friend and I went to the bank and while carrying out our transactions, we saw this old well dressed man walk in looking slightly frazzled, we thought nothing of it and faced our business. We were drawn into the convo regardless due to how audible the voices of the old man and the bank teller were. The old man had come with a friend and spoke a bit of Hausa, he had come to withdraw 100k and complained about the incorrect balancd he got after his transaction. The bank teller supposedly dug up his account statement once he had duly authorized the action and upon scrutiny by both parties found out credit card recharges, amounting to about 50k, had been made via his mobile banking app to his personal phone line that had the app on it and other lines (which were switched off when they tried calling it). They also found money transfers were made to two different accounts to the total sum of 200k. In Total the money stolen from this dear old man came to 250k (no b small money o!chaiye!!).
Most people in the banking hall within earshot of the matter felt for the man, other people laughed and made unsolicited comments or drew their own conclusions.
The old man was visibly upset by the whole incident, he said had never made a transfer on his mobile banking app as he didn't know how to.
He was advised to request a copy of his bank statement so he could identify the thefts, names and bank details the transfers were made to as well as the phone no.s that were credited so he could raise a case with the concerned banks and have the thefts investigated formally as a criminal case. The Top suspects for the theft are his kids, or a tech-savvy relative close to him. They most likely helped him setup the mobile banking app and have access to his pin and token.
He went to the customer service section to continue his complaint and sort out the mobile banking app while the other customers discussed the matter and speculated-some said it must be his kids as kids of these days are smart and floor their parents in all these new tech,they also have easy access to the devices hence one had to be careful.
Na so we see am o my people. We no know the end of the tori. I pray the old man followed up the matter seriously and the culprits were caught. Its painful to lose one's hard earned money moreso by theft.
Moral of the Story- Lock ur phones (we all have sensitive info on our phones theses days to risk having them without locks) and keep your phone code to yourself. Keep your banking app/online portal pin to urself and safely store away your token whenever it is not in use. Technology can sometimes work against you if you don't take the necessary safety measures.
No be only thief wey carry gun sabi steal. Till next time...


I'm still cruising on Yuna ft Usher-Crush and loving it one year later😁 
My brooch bouquet πŸ’šπŸ’œ
Grinning all the wayπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ˜
It's our 3 year anniversary!!
As you probably already know we had our marriage ceremonies on May 16 &17 so we consider both days our anniversary. Has it really been 3 years since we said 'I do'? The 3rd year honestly breezed by just like our 1st year and we got to share a few more 'firsts' together and create beautiful memories. 
There were also more highlights in the 3rd year than in the 2nd, thankfully. 
We have definitely grown to love and understand each other even more in our 3rd year journeying through marriage. 
I'm looking forward to celebrating our 4th year anniversary and maybe we'll be three celebrating then by God's
May 16th-It was a weekday and we had to go to work but i didn't get all dolled up and fancy like our last Tradiversary. We chatted and spoke on phone during the day and after work we ordered in some food for dinner (i tink it has become a habit to eat something sweet/tasty on our anniversary, y'all know i'm a foodie & sweet-tooth so really i'll take any opportunity to have sweet/tasty stuff). We spent the rest of the day together just chilling at home and reflecting on our life, future and all that good stuff. Hubby gamed and i caught up on my Korean drama and YouTube. We also replied messages and calls from our loved ones wishing us a Happy Anniversary and jisted some more before going to bed reallyyy late.
Massage Room
May 17th-We both had the day off work luckily. Yay!! Hubby treated me to a much needed massage (twas bliss i cant even lie) at Crestal Spa and we both got a couple's pedicure afterwards. We stopped by Quarter Cafe to pick up some pancakes with white chocolate toppings and i got hubby a refill of his fave perfume. Guess who was all dolled up as usual for a dinner date? Moi!! 
I had initially planned to surprise Hubby by taking him to Panache Restaurant and i called to make a reservation. Imagine my annoyance when we got there and it was completely dark, they said their generator had a fault, it couldn't be fixed and they had to close early in the day. They said they had tried to contact me to inform me to no avail. I wasn't even about to let them spoil my mood, thankfully i always have a Plan B for Restaurants as a FourSquare and Tripadvisor user. 
We switched over to Plan B- Zuma Grill @ Transcorp Hilton and it was an absolute delight!! I happily reviewed them on TripAdvisor.
The highlight of our dinner was getting a surprise anniversary cake from them. Isn't that so sweet?!
We took pics (well i forced him to take pics as usual, left to him we would have no pics together and later he'll be begging me to send him nice pics of us πŸ˜’). Back home, we enjoyed the rest of the nite chilling, me watching my korean drama and YouTube and him watching his series. I eventually took down my hair and we  replied messages and calls from our loved ones wishing us a Happy Anniversary once more. As usual we went to bed superrrrlate.
Couple's Pedicure
Quarter Cafe Oreo Pancakes yumminessπŸ˜‹
Snapchat filters obviously rock!
I think we have established that good food is key part of our celebratory process from our past 2 anniversaries #foodies so its now officially an anniversary tradition πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
We had fun in our own way as usual and made happy memories.
I had been thinking of writing hubby a love letter, i was initially fixated on it being handwritten which led to me procrastinating. I eventually settled on sending it via email and was able to make it my own and special using emojis. It took a while to put down all i wanted to and i still omitted some things i later remembered after i had sent him the letter. I sent it on May 18th and he was definitely not expecting it and pleasantly surprised. I love writing and find it the best medium for me to eloquently express myself most times. It is one thing that has stuck with me from a very young age when i used to write in my organizers and diaries and i still do till date. I'm thinking of making it a yearly thing as i was entertained and delighted at his reaction to my heartfelt words.
Men like to feel special and appreciated too; it is a big deal to find a way to communicate your love and appreciation for your SO in a way they can comprehend.
I am so grateful to God that we are able to pass the 3 year mark, its definitely a big deal to us. It has been the grace of God that has kept us together this long and i pray we will live to celebrate many more happy, goofy, fruitful and prosperous years together. This past year was way smoother than the preceding year and we have grown a whole lot since. We have our ups and downs but we know with God on our side and both of us willingly putting in the 'Love Work', we'll keep marking more beautiful milestones together.
We choose to focus on the positives, appreciate what we have and make the best of it while improving on ourselves. Remember love cannot survive just by itself, it needs constant nurturing. Contentment while pursuing goals is the key to happiness. 
We should make a habit of counting our blessings and then we will see how much God does for us.
Teamwork makes the Dream work.
We hope to share many more of our anniversaries with you guys. 
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Where Have I Been?!

I swear it was just the 1st of May and next thing i know its the 31st and June is practically upon us.
I feel like i have been off here for more than just a month though and i feel bad for leaving you guys hanging but i'm sure y'all understand life can do the most when it wants. From mid-April till date my schedule has been ridiculously hectic! It's by God's grace i survived mehn-from work to home, extra-curriculars, events, etc. 
I'm super light and feel unstoppable now though as i 've gotten a lot of things off my to-do list and sorta have a better schedule for June so hopefully y'all will be seeing me on here more. I thought about posting QOTDs or YouTube vids but honestly that would have been me half-assing it 'cos i did about 2 posts like that towards the end of April just to make up for my absence.
Thanks to my 'Just Do It' motto for the year, my aim is to try to churn out 4 posts monthly on average, basically 1 post a week and i couldn't keep up this month though the motto has positively helped my procrastinating attitude in other things.
I feel like i'm back on track today though, if y'all will still have me-i know you will 😁. I have so mannnyyy posts in my drafts, its just for me to find time to complete them or add pics and then publish for your viewing pleasure, so bear with me biko.
I'm feeling quite ready for the new month 'cos yesterday i got some major cooking outta the way and today i got some work tasks &mails out of the way, sorted out my laundry, paid house bills, renewed my internet subscription, submitted some important forms, updated our home budget, got my house cleaned thoroughly and i'm finally blogging!
I know how it feels when bloggers don't put up posts and I really missed being on here, so let's hi5 it out✋πŸ™Œ and never be apart for this long againπŸ˜™.
It really is never too late to get in the swing of things, even if its on the last day of the month. lol.