Monday, 30 January 2017

2016 Fashion Trends

I am not a trendy person. I just don't follow trends. I follow or incorporate fashion i like and feel fits me. I recall back in Uni big (abortion belts) belts, 'Drivers' Shoes and gypsy skirts were some of the biggest trends.
I think 'Peplum' is one of my all-time fave trends. Comfort is an important aspect of my fashion style.
There are so many trends these days, i wonder how proper fashionistas keep up. In 2016, i was more aware of the existing trends thanks to Instagram and some sites i frequent. The ones that stood out to me the most were:
  • Chokers
  • Velvet Turbans
  • Off-Shoulder Tops & Dresses
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Fringe
Chokers-The only trend out of the above i just wasn't feeling was the 'Choker' trend. I really am not a fan of neck jewellery talkless of chokers. I find them restrictive and it feels like a weight is on me when i do wear them. I can't imagine how i'd feel wearing chokers. I'm just not about that life. They look really cute on some people tho. 
Velvet Turbans- I believe this is a Nigerian trend and you can spice it up by using a brooch with it. I like this trend because i'm a huge fan of head wraps and i now have a use for my abandoned velvet dresses and wrappers. Remember when Velvet aso-ebi was the trend ba. I still wear some of my Velvet wrappers but some others can hardly fit me or i'm just not loving the style i sewed with them any longer. 
I repurpose these outfits and cut out my velvet strips to my preferred size and use them. Saves me buying countless colorful velvet turbans that will go out of style again eventually.
Off-Shoulder Tops & Dresses- I have early on been a fan of my shoulder and collarbone and as a member of the humble-boobed community, i prefer to show them off then a non-existent cleavage. You can therefore imagine that i was really a fan of this trend. It was a bit of a struggle finding a balance though, 'cos i don't like to have my back out. I think is till rocked the trend. 
Some people really went all out-like elbow length- with this trend but that's not my cup of tea.
I rock canoe necklines and off shoulder dresses like no tomorrow.

Bell Sleeves- Yasss!! I'm here for this trend, I don't know why but i just find i like it and its pleasing to my eyes. I also like that you can vary the styles to rock the sleeves and it can make an outfit appear casual or glam depending on the style/fabric/length,etc.
Fringe-I have been loving this trend from afar. I can't wait to find a style to debut it. I am quite excited with what i've seen so far though.
Hopefully 2017 will birth more trends i can love. *fingers crossed*

Sunday, 29 January 2017

How I Gain Weight

I know most people that read this will probably be like "Seriously! We need a post on weight loss mahn not weight gain! You have no idea how much weight i put on during the holidays".
Well i gat u, i already wrote about how to lose the holiday weight fast and i am personally finding it useful currently. Can you imagine that i moved from a Size 8 to Size 10!
Woe unto small chops & cakes!
Majority of my clothes did not fit after the holidays and i'm definitely not ready to accept this new size and change my wardrobe. Nope!
I have started working out, eating really healthy, snacking mainly on watermelons, counting my calories and i'm currently on a 40 day church fast. Fasting is not only a spiritual exercise it also helps detox the body when done properly and combined with a healthy diet. Thankfully i'm almost back to my regular size and i won't stop till i get my Teyana Taylor bod😁 *fingers crossed*
Anyway enough of my stories ba, this post is about how to gain weight not how to lose weight.
There are people who struggle with weight gain and for a variety of reasons either because of stress, eating too little, high metabolism, burning more calories than is consumed, etc. I recommend the Superskinny vs Supersized show for anyone facing this challenge. You will definitely learn a thing or two about how to improve your diet. I typically lose weight when i'm really stressed with work and extra-curricular activities.
Being skinny does not always mean you are healthy/fit. We need to always find a balance, if not you end up fatigued and burned out very easily.
Food is Fuel for our Body.
I'm no professional but this is how i gain weight somewhat healthily:
  • Know your Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • It goes without saying that you will need to eat and not just eating your regular portions. 
  • You will need to increase your food intake even if it is slowly and more times a day 'cos it will take a while for your stomach & body to adjust to not getting full quickly. Try to eat at least 3 proper meals a day and increase it from there
  • Accept that it may take some time to add the weight
  • Accept that you may add weight in places you don't want to except you are also on a good workout routine (e.g thighs, stomach) 
  • Balance your workout with a proper diet- It could be with smoothies and fruits before you can access a proper meal
  • Eat a balanced diet- It should include good fats & oils, protein & carbs at the very least. You want clean calories
  • Eat coconuts, avocados & dates
  • Drink full-fat yoghurts (I recommend Habib Yoghurt) esp with Fura (ground millet)
  • Dairy & Whole Eggs are great for weight gain
  • Drink Water only before or after your meals not during
  • Do not keep climbing the scale to see how much u've gained-You will be disappointed, instead measure ur weight loss by how ur clothes fit or by using a tape rule
  • Meal planning you can have a timetable, make a list and cook from it or prep ur meals for the 3days-1week ahead. Planning ahead helps you if you are not one who enjoys cooking or has time to eat out.
  • Diligently keep a daily food diary/calendar (click here) to account for how well you eat daily (You can take pictures of what you eat as a photo diary)
  • Involve a close friend or family member to help you on your journey and keep you accountable
  • Switch up your meals every once in a while. You can go to restaurants or find new recipes online to spice things up
  • Take Multivitamins especially the ones that improve your appetite
  • Stock ur fridge, freezer and pantry with the good/healthy stuff and snacks (Fruits, Veg, Nuts, etc)
  • Find useful resources online
  • Get enough sleep, rest or downtime especially when stressed
  • If your case is serious you may want to consult a nutritionist or dietitian to recommend a n effective solution for you.
I hope this helps someone out there that has been struggling with weight gain.


Friday, 27 January 2017

For my love of Henna

Henna Design in progress @Millenium Park
Henna, Laali, Laale. Kunshi, Mehndi, soo many names. Whatever name it's called in your part of the world, this post is dedicated to my love for it.
Henna Design on my hands and feet
I believe its such a beautiful artistic expression and i love it more 'cos i can always switch it up every once in a while. I never knew about Henna Body Art till i ventured into the Abuja (North Nigeria) during my NYSC in 2008 and it was love at first sight for real. I had to get it done ASAP and there has been no looking back after that. I even tried to design it on myself using the Rani tube henna, sadly i am not not gifted at this art; Maybe with a lot of practice sha i can get better.
If you follow my blog i'm sure you are aware i am quite a fan of most things Northern Nigeria has to offer-language, food, meals, fashion sense, etc. So this probably isn't surprising.
To the best of my knowledge, in Nigeria, Henna Art used to be seen mostly on Northern Women/Young girls (regardless of religion) and Western Muslim Women/Young girls with the most elaborate designs done on Brides-to-be but it has now been adapted by many Nigerian ladies regardless of tribe,culture and religion. Some get it done just for their wedding ceremonies, festivals and other similar events & celebrations while others, like me, get it done to have it beautify our body. 
Here's a few things you should know before getting a Henna Design on your body:
  • The Henna mix is essentially a dye and can be formed using solely the leaves from the Henna plant or with a mix of other plants,materials with similar dyeing properties
  • Henna is also used for other things asides body art 
  • Some people are allergic to ingredients used in making the henna paste (especially people with sensitive skin), so please do a lil patch test to know if your skin can handle it
  • Some Henna Artists use harsh materials for their mixtures which may burn the skin
  • Henna Artists typically customize their paste mix to their individual preference and desired color 
  • It takes a while to fade off depending on the potency of the ingredients in the paste mix (3Days-2Weeks)
  • The more you exfoliate/scrub your skin, the faster it will fade off
  • It takes even longer to fade off your nails
  • You can adorn any part of your body (hands, feet, back, tummy,etc.) with a henna design
  • You can allow your Henna Artist freestyle or you can find a design online for them to replicate for you
  • The Henna mix can stain your skin in variations of Black, Brown or Red 
  • Your Henna design can be very simple or elaborate. Its totally your choice.
  • Your Henna Artist can switch up a design by using different colors, adding glitter or stones. It all depends on your preference
  • The skill of the Henna Artist varies per individual, some are really good and do a very neat job while others have shaky hands and it shows up in the art
  • Wear something you don't mind getting the henna paste on when getting your henna design done 'cos it stains clothes and is difficult to wash off
  • Choose a comfortable position to get you henna design done so you don't numb from lack of blood flow and so that it can dry without you staining yourself and things around you
  • You need to let the Henna mix dry very thoroughly before peeling and washing it off for the color pigmentation to be bold
You can typically get henna done at a friend's wedding where its part of their custom or get the contact of a henna artist from them for a home service (its pricier though especially in Abuja). Some spas also offer it as a service, check out 'The Henna Place' (Lagos).
When i'm really 'craving' it and there's no wedding in sight i go to Millenium Park, Abuja to get it done. There's a lady there called "Mama Twins", she does a good job with the design but it doesn't stay on your skin for too long. Her price ranges from N500-N1500 depending on the design you want and how long you want it to last on your skin.
You can reach her on these no.s 08187379628/09032090260.
Some Instagram Accounts i like:
I had to rummage my Pictures Folder to find some of the henna designs i have gotten over the years. Enjoy!
Please Ignore my pretty toes🙈Focus on the beautiful design


2015 (Zanzibar, Tanzania)
 2016 (Millenium Park)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!
Motto for the year- Just Do It.