Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Laptop!!

I finally got a new laptop!! Actuallyyyyyy i got the new laptop almost 5 months ago. I had to get one 'cos my old one has been given me issues. First the battery went bad and i had to get a new one,then the powerpack got fried, then the disk space got full and it got really slow (my fault) and the final straw that broke my back was when the charging point broke and fell in the laptop so whenever i had to power it, i'd have to use a pen or something to hold it still so it wouldn't move in when i plug it (i'm not about that life biko!). I got the new laptop and even a multifunction printer and felt so good and all but now it was time to clean out my stuff and move to the new laptop. I can procrastinate for ever!!!! My hubby would ask every now and again when i'm going to move my stuff and i kept giving the excuse that i wouldn't feel comfortable moving them except i have a hard drive with enough space so that i can just move all my stuff at one time *yimu.
Well he finally asked me nicely to try to start using my new laptop within the week and i just sucked it up and started to move my stuff from the old one to it, it took me about a week to move all the major folders but i'm glad that's over!!! I still need to install some apps and software on the new one so i can get as comfy on it as i was on my old one. I do miss my old laptop, for now its serving as storage space 'cos i'd hate to lose all my stuff because my HD crashed or got lost or something, so its nice to have a permanent backup somewhere, also with the light situation in this country, having a second laptop is not a bad option for when the battery is drained on one. I have only ever owned 3 laptops in my lifetime, funny enough all HP brands. I gave out the very 1st one which i used throughout my Uni till i started working after my NYSC and this new one will be my 3rd one. I think i've been a good caretaker to them so far. I'm starting to love this new one so far but sometimes i still miss my old one though. Change is the only constant thing.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Meet my Online Captivators 2!!

Y'all know i'm an internet addict! This a Part II to a post I did sometime in 2011 and trust me I have garnered many more since then and i'd love to share my top faves with you all, hope you find the as interesting and captivating as I do. They range from comedy to dance to hair/weaves to makeup to web series to blogs to vlogs to inspirational and more.

Youtube Channels
  • Shameless Maya
  • BubzVlogz
  • Enibaby4
  • Gossmakeupartist
  • African Comedians
  • Bovi Ugboma
  • Heyfranhey
  • CEO dancers
  • Peakmill
  • ItsmyRayeRay
  • BeautybyJJ
  • ItsJudyLife
  • Dope 2111
  • Naptural85
  • An African City
  • BasketMouth TV
  • Allnatural28
These are the peeps that gat me hooked online! I have known some for a while though but they were not in my last post so i thought i'd include them in this. What r urs?? I'd like to know.


Guess what i recently remembered i have? A Tumblr account!! Totally forgot about it mehn, crazy thing is i used to be soooo into it, checking out posts and all and then my interest just fizzled out. I think it was my lack of internet access at the time that caused it and then i just forgot about it. Social Media sha! Everly evolving, a new thing comes and it seems it'll be popular forever but there's always something newer that comes up and takes its place, though it may still have its loyalists and resurrect form time to time.
e.g. Keek, MySpace, Hi5, etc. 
Do you have a Tumblr account?? Here's mine