Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bushy Brows

OK ok..apart from the fact that i have no time to pamper myself the way i'd like. I have decided to let my Eyebrows grow wild and fuzzy so i can get the perfect arch and shape when i decide to tweeze and lucky for me i'm rocking a full fringe @d moment so i wont get too many comments on how bushy my brows are.

I never wanted to touch my brows. Unluckily for me an artistic friend of mine who had nice brows namely Azuka a.k.a Suzuki volunteered to tame my 'bushy' brows, it would define my face she said. After some weeks of pestering i gave in, what the hell i thought, how bad can it be, i mean hers looks nice and all. I told her in very specific words that i wanted a natural look and did not want to have to fill my brows in with a pencil. ok ok she said, i know what i'm doing....time to check the mirror i thot, i was all chirpy just for me to check the mirror and to my horror, half my brows were gone and the rest had been trimmed to the barest minimum. I could not believe my eyes!! O.O anyway i had to learn to use a pencil and i never allowed ANYONE touch my brows again.I learned how to care for my brows and used a razor on them whenever they went out of control but they always grew back so quick and fuzzy so annoying.

I finally stuck to tweezing after my best friend suggested it to me, i checked out some videos on YouTube 'bout how to tweeze and tips to make it hurt less and i finally got a hang of it. Now i'm quite numb to the pain and i dont need to use icecubes on the brows or have a warm shower to open my pores : D. oh well enuf bout my brows!

Here are some links that helped: 

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