Monday, 21 November 2016

Female Grooming

This past week i was quite overwhelmed by the amount of basic grooming i had to get done along with work and my other daily activities. I had to mentally force myself to get them done and look 'decent' and feel free and light. The most annoying being anything to do with waxing and trimming, i enjoy tweezing and have to caution myself not to overpluck. lol. Here's my list:
  • Eyebrows: Grooming methods- I trace out the shape, tweeze and use a fancy blade for extra clean up if necessary. Check out my post on brows, i pretty much still use the same technique.
  • Ears: Grooming methods- I use cotton buds to clean mostly the outer part of my ear and a bit of the entrance, Don't go poking your ears with cotton buds to get all the wax out and have it squeaky clean, it'll just make your ears produce even more wax. The wax is also there for a reason, it protects your ear canal. If you have pesky ear hairs, buy a 'Nose Ear Trimmer' to get rid of them.
  • Nose Hairs: Grooming methods- I just tweeze out any pesky ones that grow way out of my nostril (very painful!). Alternatively you can use a trimmer or small scissors to cut the overgrowth
  • Chin Hairs: Grooming methods-I tweeze the black obvious hairs (I have quite some facial hair but luckily the majority are pale and blend in with my skin). This method works great for me and i don't have to deal with any bumps or rash.
  • Finger & Toe Nails: Grooming methods- I Cut and File as required because i keep my nails quite long and hardly wear nail polish
  • Underarms: Grooming methods- Cold strip waxing & Tweeze
Cold Wax Strips
  • Pubic Region: Grooming methods- I have used all sorts of methods to be rid of the hairs but was scarred by my last warm waxing experience, read here, so for now i'm into trimming with small scissors till i'm satisfied (it takes a very steady hand and a lot of time!!). I hope to get an epilator wen dollar goes down (procrastination caught up with me) or a shaver, my friend swears by her Grundig shaver, she says its stress and pain-free. I'll update you guys on how that goes. 
cuved scissors
  • Legs (half-leg): Grooming methods- Cold Wax Strips
  • Head Hair: Lol!! This one i have to write a different post on my regimen. I mostly DIY but on super lazy days i go to a salon for some TLC. So watch out for this post
That's it! It is a long list right and imagine all the above being due for grooming at the same time! I know typically most ladies have to deal with the stuff on my least than most guys.
Sheesh!! But when they are all sorted i feel as free as a bird in the
Do share your basic grooming habits and methods you find easy and pain-free.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Pan Sweet Potato MeatPie

You can call this the 'lazy' style of making the Nigerian Meatipe.
I used a combo of Dooney's Kitchen Meatpie Recipe (For the filling) and All Nigerian Recipes 'Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert' Recipe (For the dough) and i got awesome results. Only thing i did differently was use Sweet Potatoes onstead of Irish Potatoes 'cos i prefer them.
It's basically meatpie in a pan and way faster and simpler than making individual meatpies. I might try my hands at Shepherd's Pie next since they are quite similar. I'll let you guys know how that goes if i do.
I cut my meatpie dough too low after setting it in the pan so i did not have enough in some areas to pinch it closed with the dough cover and have that nice edge crust effect, i'll do better next time. 
This Pan Meatpie is part of my Christmas Menu for this year. Keep an eye out for my post on how i manage the Christmas cooking by myself, with enough prep it's not tootedious and my neighbours lurrrvv
Enjoy the pics of the prep process &final results of my Pan Meatpie :
Filling made with sweet potatoes
Flour for dough prep
Worked dough resting
Dough prepped and in pan
Dough cut to pan size (i cut it too low)
Dough cut and filling spread in
Pan Meatpie is Ready
Pan Meatpie in Pan
Pan Meatpie served
Juicy Tasty Slice

UPDATE- 2ND ATTEMPT(Christmas Eve 2016). I think it came out better and it definitely had more filling. Yummyyyy.
Check out my other cooking related posts and i hope it inspires you to whip up some easy tasty meals, snacks, etc.

Friday, 18 November 2016


This post is a follow up to my last post on Events in Abuja for September and October. I will 'try' to stick to posting this bi-mothly.
Mark your Calendars once again ma peoples! Here are the events i'm looking forward to attending for the rest of November and in December (by God's Grace):

1. Femi Kuti Live in Abuja {NOV 18} Tickets


3. eNigeria Conference and Expo  {NOV 22-24}

5. One Environment Clean Up Project {Dec 10}

6. Trace Afrobeats Show {Dec 11}

7. 'A Husband's Wife' Play {Dec 11}

8. Art meets Trade {Dec 10 & 11}

9. Food Expo {Dec 11}

Check out my post on interesting things to do in Abuja.
If i find out about events early enough i will add them here, otherwise Check out IG (Social Media) and the links below for other upcoming events, trainings and conferences in Abuja:
Knowledge is Power.