Wednesday, 29 July 2009


i'v decided to do ma big chop tomorrow after taking out ma weave..hope i still have d courage to do so pics pics.....i need pampering seriously a pedicure manicure soak in the spa massage anything u can think is a necessity..

Koko Mansion

The search for the perfect kokolette is on...Selected kokolettes will be launched into the world of glitz & glamour in the luxurious Koko Mansion showcasting their beauty, brains, talent and style, as they compete to be the perfekt kokolette. The last kokolette standing gets a diamond ring, a brand new luxury car and 5 million naira plus other 'koklicious' prizes. If u have wat it takes, pay N5000 or £20 in any branch of GTBank in Nigeria or the UK and visit for registration and further info.... Saturday PUNCH 30-05-09 First of all wat dose kokolette mean if i am to take its interpretation from the entertainer's song i think i would prefer not to be referred to in that term..then again there are those juicy prices for the contestants...wonder how many girls have and will apply at least their money will make up part of the sum for the prizes..lets se how the show goes and what the 'kokolettes' have to give to get wat they want...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Environment

Been attending this international conference on renewable energy and it's extremely insightful and i've actually come to c that we have brains in this country (Nigeria) and lots of ideas our main issue is implementation of these ideas plus we are extremely blessed in this country and can actually be giants in every term of the word if only people would suppress their greed and aim of acquiring wealth and think of one another for a doesn't v to be the government as we always say the government is made up of people like u and me...if there were total darkness on a street and u alone put a lamp in front of ur building before long people will c the light and emulate..we shouldn't always wait for the govt...there's so much more i'v gained from this conference i'd like to share but as u know m a lazy blogger though in due time l post it..also we have to start thinking bout our environment,climatic change,greenhouse gases,etc...until we let go of our selfish desires and wealth accruement for family there will not be positive be cnt..oh plus i took this time to figure out ma temperament..strenghts/weaknesses so i can work on it...i'm a m making up for ma weakness by concentrating on ma strengths and trying to discipline myself in areas i think the world would also be a better place if we all take time to study ourselves figure out our temperaments and learn how to work on it to help better relation with other temperaments.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hmm..been a while

I know i know it's been a while since i posted and i have so many things to post about tho they all just flew outta ma well for now i'm attending an international conference on renewable energy and after that will be goin for ma friends wedding before i head back to abuja and figure out what to do with myself so thankfully for now i'm occupied.....i'm reading this book by Tim Lahaye (Why you act the way you do) and trying to get to understand my temperament and all that ish so i can work better on myself..will update this post with what i gained from the book when i'm done reading..cheers for now..and i will try to put up pictures v taken...d connection is just so damnn slow sometimes its very my hair is under weave for now think after this l do ma big chop wait a while then lock it cos m really feeling the length no..ok thats a summary of whats been goin down...adios@!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy New July

It's a new month yipee!! dint do much today..stopped goin to work yest and waking up late today felt so so so i've been keepin up with my exercise....finally got to book ma flight to lag..i hope the conference is fun and all sha looking forward to it but dont knw wat to do wit meslf meanwhile but i'll figure it out i always find smtn to keep me occupied,copied all ma docs frm work yest and cleared ma desk so proud of me,twould be nice idf i could go for a vacation again while i await this my master's thingy...which reminds me i should call ma agent but i'll do that tomorrow first thing or better still l pay him a visit...big grin : )).cant wait to get this hair off next monday and pour water on it,hmmmm i can feel it already i think ma hairs grown an inch tho..yh yh back to ma vacation no money for now to go to dubai again this one m planning for school so mayb l just do ghana or somwhere close but still fun..God dey..Happy new month y'all hope u make the best of it 'cos thats wat i plan to do...ciao!