Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wig Newbie

I'm a wig newbie and currently have just one wig which i started wearing sometime in September but i'm really loving it and motivated to get some more styles. The one i currently have is Synthetic and the style is a fringe with layers by the sides and long mid-back length hair behind and it cost just  'bout N2500. It makes my life as a lazy natural easier.
To think i used to find it funny that my mum and her friends wore wigs, when i was younger. They were definitely on to something good. lol. 
It's been months since i've been to a salon and i only go there to get weaves in, I wash and condition at home then braid/cornrow my hair flat into four/six lines (depending on how lazy i'm being), after this i either rock a turban, natural hairstyles or a my wig. This has been my routine for the past few months and the quickest/easiest way to tame my full and long mane.
Comfortable, not hot underneath, basic to diva in minutes, easy to maintain, freedom to take it off when home, versatile-can rock different hairstyles as often as i like, it fits sturdy

Scared of it falling off, self-conscious 'bout it, can't move my head with reckless abandon esp in the clubif someone mistakenly grabs at it, my not-so-neat/cute braids underneath will be exposed
Here are some ladies inspiring me to embrace 'Wigdom' with open arms as they rock awesome styles, colors and textures- BeautybyJJ, PatriciaBright, Peakmill. Check them out on IG and YouTube.



Tying Gele Myself

You guys already know i love weddings. I love playing dressup and getting my face beat and effritin on fleek. lol. The look is neva quite complete though without a 'gele' (headtie) adorning my head, the beautiful piece that brings the whole look together, whether aso-oke, sego, net, etc. I love how the 'gele' can take my look from basic to diva, whenever i'm in a traditional attire, that being said, tying gele is not an easy something! 
Without Gele
With Gele
Look is just not complete without a Gele
You have to have had some practice to get the fabric into pleats and then properly lined up, it is also quite an arm workout achieving this feat. This is why the majority of women would rather stop by a makeup studio, on their way to the wedding ceremony, to have it tied for them or get someone come over and do the tying. This service usually costs between N500 to N2000, for me anyway, and when it's on the higher end it honestly pains me to give out this money; so i decided it was time to learn to get it done myself, instead of sulking everytime i had to get my gele tied.
Tying this Gele cost N2000
Where would i learn this skill for free? i have had a number of failed attempts trying to freestyle. My beloved YouTube of course! Same place i learnt how to get my makeup on point and a couple of other things, the only thing i had to sacrifice was my data and it was worth it. I got to work searching for videos and downloaded the relevant ones, up next was practising. I started practising with my softest gele fabric then tried my hands on my 'Sego gele' and rocked it to an event. Everyone said i did a good job. *big grin* Next up will be 'aso-oke', i'll let you know how that goes, in the meantime i'll keep practising armed with pins *wink. I must say, tying gele is quite an arm workout. 
Below are pics of the gele i tied after watching vids & practising. i tried ba *wink
Tied myself (1st attempt)
Free of charge (DIY) :D
2nd attempt
3rd attempt
3rd attempt (ma fave so far)

Disclaimer: I am not this fresh in reality o, I wish! Na camera, lighting and editing help my condition. lol.
Here's my fave Youtube Channel (Chichichikito) with all the info on how to tie different styles and types of gele. I hope you find this post useful and inspires a DIY gele so you can stop doling out cash for this service like i have. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Skypainters Nigeria

As our mornings unfold and the sun rises, we easily get caught up in the routine of the day. The clouds shift, sometimes hiding a blazing sun or releasing rain drops as we seek shelter from Mother Nature. Amidst all this, if we could stop for a second, we can behold the beauty freely given in the skies above. If we are quick enough, we can capture pieces of these moments through our camera lens to treasure. When the sun eventually sets, the moon takes its place and the stars may decide to grace the skies alongside it wherever you are, you can lie back and relive your captured piece and properly take in its beauty; The hustle kept aside for the dawning of another day.
These captured moments are what Skypainters Nigeria is about. Raw and unedited captured pieces with a few lines to enhance the beauty of each piece

Check them out here

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lil Miss Four Eyes

I'm back on my glasses p guys. Nerd alert*
The first time i ever got glasses in my life was during the hols of Junior Secondary School (JSS2) 3rd term after much nagging to my parents. Dad n Mum had glasses n I thought it made them look cool, smart and serious. I had been trying to get one since forever and done everything possible to make them believe i needed one- I sat very close to the TV, squinted n did many other tins i can't even recall. I went back to school and resumed JSS3 with 2 new tins- a super lowhaircut (i may do a post on this and how i cried as my hair was cut and packed the hair into and empty nature essence cream container *sadtimes) and circular framed glasses (supposedly corrective lens) in sky blue plastic frames. Terrible! I was diagnosed to have myopia (short-sightedness) i don't think I ever took any pic with those glasses. I didn't want them anymore but my prayers or actions had worked and my sight wasn't already ruined or maybe that's just how my eyes were from birth *shrug. Thinking back now, i do thank God for unanswered prayers-i remember praying to have Asthma so i wouldn't have to do Morning Duties in school and other weird prayers i thank God for not answering. 
I only wore my glasses in class (Sec. Sch. & Uni) so I could c d black/white board. I eventually let them just sit in  their case after Uni, i had rocked 'bout 3-4 recommended glasses by this time. 
I went to get my eyes checked (for glaucoma, etc.) and got prescribed new lens n antioxidants sometime around July . I'm loving my new frames though, i think i picked a better shape & d world is clearer/sharper now. I wear them about though (when i remember) I'm still adjusting to the renewed feeling of having it on my face,pressed against my nose. I have to say this one suits me way better n I love d touch of color plus I don't have to squint anymore (premature eye wrinkles ain't so cute and i definitely wanna have my sight in old age). Everyone's getting used to seeing me in them now and i think i'm growing into them nicely too. Don't u think?


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pic of the Day

Enjoy the Present and make the best of it. You cannot go back to the Past and the Future is yet to come.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Val's Day as a Married couple

If you follow my blog, you already know my thoughts on Valentine's day, if you are new to my blog, check out these posts to know what i mean. It is just another day. More of a cliche now to show love only on this day and shower your significant other with gifts and all that good stuff. 
Moving on, this post is just about my first valentine's day as a married gal and if the way i feel about it has changed. I still feel the same way about it by the way and although i told my S/O we were not gonna do anything, he still got me cupcakes (cakes are NEVER a bad idea!) and a NACK lovebox (if u know me u know i love anything NACK and i'm an unofficial ambassador of the brand). I cannot hold a grudge against him for not going with my let's have a normal day idea. He proposed to me on Feb 15, read here, so we decided to have a change of location and just chill for the weekend at a coded hotel. It was really nice and we hung out with our friends, who happened to lodge in the same hotel, later in the day. We played couple games with them, watched movies, the guys played video games. I have to say it was good fun, good food and good people. 
Excerpt from a post i did on Val's day a while back:
"Do we have to pick just one day to show love to our dear ones in material form or should we embrace making it a habit to do this daily. Truth is while we may be waiting for February 14 to come, our loved ones may not wait around.
Show love whenever you can and to whoever you can...Xoxo"