Wednesday, 25 March 2009

100 things

LaSt DonE Last phone call - Evalsam Last text message - Jummie Last song i listened to - Suddenly Last tym i cried - sometym last month(cnt remember) HaVe I eVeRs Dated someone twice - Yes Been Cheated on - Yes Kissed Someone - Yes Lost some1 special - Yes Been Depressed - Yes Got drunk & threw up - Yes fOuR FAvOriTE CoLouRs Green Blue White Grey hAvE I Made new friends - Yes Fallen outta love - Yes Laughed until i cried - Yes Met some1 who changed me - Yes Found out who my true friends are - Yes Found out some1 was talkin bout me- Yes(na dem get their mouth to use talk wetin dem want) Do i have pets - No Do i want to change my name - sometimes What i did for ma last birthday - was on the road for bout 10hrs What tym i woke up today - 6:10 What i was doing @ midnight last night - Sleeping Something i cannot wait for - To make my Green Last tym i saw my dad - January One thing i wish i could change about my life - What i'm listening to right now - Give it up to me(Sean Paul) Have i ever talked to a person named Tom - What's gettin on my nerves right now - nothing Most visited webpage - Facebook Nicknames - bebe,adyms,fatai rolling dollar Relationship Status - In a relationship Zodiac sign - Capricorn Male, Female or Transgendered - Female Long/medim/short - medium Do i have a crush on some1 - What i like about myself - ma stature Piercings -Yes(both ears) Tatoos - No Righty or Lefty - Righty FiRsTs Surgery - None Peircing - Dunno Best Friends - Lara,Lara & Obinna(Primary sch) Sport joined - Game Played - Car Race Pet - None Vacation - Cant remember Crush - Femi Abba Haruna(dat i can remember) rIghT nOw Eating - nothing Drinking - water Already missing - Him I'm bout to - read for ma SOD test Listening to - Live your life(T.I & Rihanna) Thinking about -Him Waiting for - (5:00 closing tym) FutUre Husband - Yes Kids - Yes Career in Mind - Energy Consultant & Provider Better WITH the OPPOSITE sex lips/eyes - both Hugs/kisses - both Shorter/taller - taller Older/younger - older Romantic/spontaneous - both nice abs/arms -both Sensitive/loud - in between Hook up/relationship - both troublemaker/qiuet - in betwen Have I EvEr Drank hard liquor - Yes Lost glasses/contacts - glasses Had sex on 1st date - No Broken some1's heart - No Been arrested - No Turned some1 down - Yes Cried when some1 died - No Liked a friends boy/girlfriends - Yes dO i BeLiEvE iN God - Yes Myself - Yes Love @ 1st sight - lol..Yes Heaven - Yes Santa - No Kiss on 1st date - depends Angels - Yes Truthfully answered Is there some1 i'd wanna be with right now - Yes Had more than 1 boyfriend/girlfriend @ a tym - Yes Wish i could change things bout ma past - Some Are all above true - Yes

Enjoy every moment..

When we wake up in the morning we have 2simple choices; Go back to sleep & dream OR Wake up & chase those dreams >>>>>>>>>>the choice is urs<<<<<<<<<<<< First i was DYING to finish high school & start college & then i was DYING to finsh college & start working & then i was DYING to marry & have kids & then i was DYING for my kids to be old enuf so i can go back to work but then i was DYING to retire And NOW i'm DYING & suddenly realised i forgot to LIVE >>>>>>>>>>>DON'T LET THIS BE YOUR STORY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< When u keep saying u busy, u'l never be free When u keep saying u have no tine, u'l never have time When u keep saying u'l do it tomorrow, ur tomorrow will never come APPRECIATE UR CURRENT SITUATION AND ENJOY THE DAY

Totally Random

  1. I lawv music a lot(all genre i just gotta lawv d bit and know the lyrics)totally lawvn naija music more tho it puts a spark in me brain if u know wat i mean
  2. I have a lotta female friends
  3. I love eating ice cubes : )
  4. I have a Maed sweet tooth; gimme chocolates,sweet and all
  5. I lawv dancing, thats ma stress reliever
  6. I have full lips
  7. I lawv shoes
  8. I find sleeping very easy, all i need to do is close my eyes..
  9. I can eat buckets of food and i don't add a thing..guess i got fast metabolism..dnunno..
  10. I make friends easily
  11. I try to keep fit and follow healthy living tips
  12. I really wanna go to a spa sometym and be xtremely pampered..working on it
  13. I lawv bball even tho v neva playd i will l8r on
  14. I like tall people admire fine people
  15. Relationships and get comma..
  16. I think a lot..its really bad..even in church..once i wake up in the morning.
  17. I write stuff in ma diary..random..spendings..all kinds at the end of each rally helps me
  18. I lawv having fun and try t be meself at all tyms and really dnt give a damn wat u tink if u don't matter
  19. i lawv mixing ma world there's no such tin as colour riot only pattern riot..i design and modern clothes in dat world
  20. i lawv green i think its the coolest color ever
  21. i hate dirty and untidy pips..their attitude to cleanliness really pisses me off
  22. I'll go outta ma way to make those i care about happy and comfy
  23. I lawv ma stature and who i am
  24. When i make up my mind on something i stick to it
  25. I'm a hopeless romantic and somehow thru all d goods and bads i still believe in love if u dont..jump in a
  26. i'm bout 5'8 tall
  27. i'll be 29 in ten years
  28. My eyes and hair are black
  29. i can speak one nigerian language...yoruba..working on adding hausa to it tho
  30. My favorite drink is water
  31. i like having ma tea as lipton with honey and other way

till further notice..........................

For the sake of it

  • What is my name - Oluwatosin
  • A four letter word - Once
  • A boy's name - Opeyemi
  • A girl's name - Olivia
  • An Occupation - Optometrist
  • A colour - Orange
  • Something i'll wear - Oven-gloves
  • A meal - Oats
  • Something found in my bathroom - Oaken mirror
  • A Place - Ondo
  • A reason for being late - Obstacle on the way
  • Something i'd shout - Ouch!!!
  • A movie title - Oliver Twist
  • Something i'd drink - Orange juice
  • A musical group - One republic
  • An animal - Ostrich
  • A street name - Obafemi
  • A type of car - Omega
  • The title of a song - Only u

I'm done...whew!...i'm really happy..someone was just sitting in ma office and next thing he says i'm really beautiful and gives me money...cooll......

MA Hair

It's a beautiful day...splendid!!....couldn't wait to try out all the tips i got from the BGLH and i did hair has never felt this good after 10+ months of no relaxer.....m loving the texture the feel and all...still have to go shopping for more products tho....and cut off ma split ends..will probably do that this weekend...i feel very good today...more focused...lets see how it goes...think i'll have shisha early to be thinking bout it.....i aint addictedv o..

The Cause

now i know the cause of todays mood swing and heaviness..the plague of women..when there is hated when absent is sought..oh well ..still at work digging deeper in2 me hair ish..


I woke up today,really reluctant with ma mums voice ringing in ma head that i am gonna be late for work....finally got outta bed had a shower and got to work...sed a prayer..but i just was n't feeling right..then i got on the internet and got lost in ma black girl long hair ish..well about the hair i've made up ma mind to do without relaxers and see how treating ma hair naturally goes ; ).i knw it'll be cool tho...m 10months on without relaxers and i'm loving so so so so many things on ma mind..probably wats weighing me v been stabbing driving classes, not been doing ma exercises, vnt been reading for ma SOD test, man ishs, masters ish and all dat..well i guess i'll just v to take it all a step at a tym so it doesnt get to me..but btw i get calls frm those that lift ma spirits and remind ma that i'm loved and all dat mushy's almost close of work think i'll smoke some shisha and clear ma head....then read for ma SOD test..exercise??..hmm..tomorrow...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I'm addicted to ma newly discovered blog tanx 2 ma friend GAMINE..u d bomb!!! I'm going seriozz natchi..