Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Natural Nigerian Tuesday!! Hair Journey pics

I got featured on Natural Nigerian's page for her Natural Nigerian Tuesday posts! Glad i was able to send her my story and pics cos it mad me dig through this blog for my first post after my BC in August 2009, I have come a long way since then and learnt a lot, and i am still learning and enlarging my naturals circle. It was fun reading that post and reliving it. Here's the link to the post and do Like her page. Hope you enjoy it. 



My writeup
"Natural Nigerian Tosin lives in Wuse 2,Abuja. Read more about her big chop in 2009 on her blog: http://tamikoadyms.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-bc.html

"My natural hair journey began about 4 years ago when I had the intention of locking my hair.I let the hair get very due and after a while I did the big chop.I loved the new texture and curls of my hair and enjoyed taking care of it myself so much so that I let go of the idea of getting dreads.I learnt a lot from youtube,www.bglhonline.com (at that time it was still a blog) and many other sites. My research made me more conscious of ingredients in the products I use and their effects on my hair and dis made me more curious about the ingredients in other products I used for my body. It made me do a lot more research and eventually make a decision to change to a healthy living lifestyle. I decided to go all natural and live healthy, I became more aware and choosy of the products I use and d food I consume and I can truly say I'm a better person all around thanks to these changes. Friends who laughed and were confused about me going natural have now joined me. Being natural and living healthy is a lifestyle not a trend. I'm glowing,energetic and can't remember when last I was ill.I love my thick, full, nappy, black hair people r always dying to touch!"

After BC-August 2009
March 2010
December 2010

December 2010

August 2012

October 2012-Straightened hair      
August 2013-Hair straightened
August 2013 (same day as above)-Embracing Shrinkage after some raindrops
January 2013-At a friend's wedding

April 2013-took my braids out n goofing aroung
June 2013-Curly
June 2013-straight

Please Share it! :)


  1. You have got some pretty nice hair gurl... Can't wait for my hair to be dis long. Just did the BC 2weeks ago. I hope I get much growth in years time.

  2. I want to follow your blog...nice

  3. @Ifeoma Sophia thank you! Sorry my response is coming so late, i'm sure u've seen much growth since you last commented. With proper care and a good diet your hair will be healthy and retain growth.


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