Friday, 30 June 2017

Natural Hairstyles I've Rocked

I'm now what you'd call a 'lazy natural' as i try to keep the most minimal & stress-free hair care routine and hairstyles. I was way more into my hair and products earlier in my natural hair journey but as i got to know my hair and its needs i figured out a regimen that works for me. I'm at my desired length now & stick to maintaining it and keeping my hair healthy. I randomly 'cut trim' my hair as i see fit when it goes past a certain length 'cos i find it harder to mange the longer it gets.
I stick to protective styles (Weaves, Wigs, Braids, Twists, Tying Scarves, etc.) most of the time otherwise i'll wear my hair out in ponytails with different parts, 4 stand-alone braids or 4 flat braids down my head. 
Every once in a while though i find a tutorial or event that inspires me to experiment with styling my hair myself or getting it done my someone.
This post is a compilation of pics of different styles i've rocked over the years {2012 till date}. Be Inspired & Enjoy.
Simple Fan Bun Updo
Chunky Flat Twists with Braid-Out 
Old Braid-Out (Packed & Unpacked)
Styled Braid-Out
Fan Buns
Chunky Flat Twists with Braid-Out
Poof Rolls (made-up name)
Crooked Crown Braid with a Donut Bun
Swirl Up-do Weaving by NatMane
Check out these YouTube Channels for 'Hairstyle Inspiration'
Toodles! XooX


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Mark your Calendars once again ma peoples! Here are the events i'm excited about for July.
    {JUNE 28-JULY 8}
2. The Food Expo Abuja {JULY 9}
3. Wed Expo {JULY 21-23}
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If i find out about events early enough i will add them here, otherwise Check out IG (Social Media) and the links below for other upcoming events, trainings and conferences in Abuja:
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PSA-Abuja Co-Working Space

This is a Public Service Announcement/Post! 
I saw this and thought to share as someone (especially small start-ups and entrepreneurs) out there might find it helpful.
"Ventures Park is a cool, artsy co-working space with a community for innovative entrepreneurs, professionals & freelancers to work, meet & network."
Co-Working Rate Card
Check them out here and here.
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Friday, 23 June 2017

WEDDING GUEST EXPENSES. Nigerian Wedding Series II

There are different categories of Nigerian Wedding Guests and the expenses vary depending on what category you fall into and you can fall into more than one category. They are broadly listed as follows strictly for the couple:
1. Close Friends
On the Bridal Train. Transportation arranged by Couple
2. Family Friends (including Sibling's friends)
3. Friends

4. School Friends
Dressed in my own clothes according to the dress code (no stress)
  Dressed in my own clothes. No Dress Code (no stress)
5. Association/Membership Friends (Rotary, Innerwheel, Ikoyi Club, etc.)
6.Church Friends (or any other religion)
7. Social Media Friends
8. Work Friends (Colleagues)
Dressed in the Aso-Ebi
Dressed in my own clothes. No Dress Code. Henna was done for free (no stress)
9. Friends of Friends (including +1s)
Hubby's friend's wedding. Happily his +1
Hubby's friend's wedding. Happily his +1
10. Acquaintances
11. Mo Gbo Mo Ya (I heard, I came a.k.a Gatecrashers)
Depending on what guest categories you fall into and the couple's wedding plans, you will have to dole out cash for the following (and this list is quite generic with the MINIMUM cost estimate highlighted, some couple's events entail way more or less):
A. Bridal Shower/Bachelor's Eve Contribution
      COST ESTIMATE = N10,000 & Above (Male); N5,000 & Above (Female)
Customized Bridal Shower Tees
Surprise Bridal Shower. Contributions from friends
B. Bridesmaid/Groomsman Outfit (Dress/Suit, Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Hair & Makeup-Some or All items listed)
 COST ESTIMATE = N20,000 & Above (Male); N10,000 & Above (Female)
Bridal Train shenanigans
C.Traditional Wedding Aso-ebi (Sometimes its just a Cap or Gele instead of a full attire)
     COST ESTIMATE = N1000 & Above (Male); N2,000 & Above (Female)
Mat Sitting with the Bride in Aso-Ebi
Dancing out with the Bride during the Traditional Wedding
Kamu Aso-Ebi. Free Henna by bride & Free food
Complete Traditional Wedding Aso-Ebi
D.White Wedding (or Dinner)Aso-ebi 
    COST ESTIMATE = N10,000 & Above (Male); N10,000 & Above (Female)
Complete White Wedding Aso-Ebi
E. Wedding Gift/Contribution (Cash or Items or Treat)
      COST ESTIMATE = N5,000 & Above (Male); N5,000 & Above (Female)
F. Making Souvenirs for the couple or wedding guests
      COST ESTIMATE = N10,000 & Above (Male); N10,000 & Above (Female)
Skincare Souvenir I got for a close friend's wedding
Skincare Souvenir I got for a close friend's wedding
Souvenir i got from a friend of the couple at a wedding
G.Sew Aso-Ebis
      COST ESTIMATE = N8,000 & Above (Male); N8,000 & Above (Female)
H. Hairdo/Haircut, Makeup & Gele Tying (can be just one or all three)
      COST ESTIMATE = N500 & Above (Male); N2,000 & Above (Female)
I. Return Trip for the Traditional Wedding (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
      COST ESTIMATE = N14,000 & Above  (By Road); N50,000 & Above (Local Flight)
J. Accomodation for the Traditional Wedding (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
      COST ESTIMATE = N8,000 & Above (per Night)
K. On-site Transportation & Feeding during your stay for the Traditional Wedding  (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
      COST ESTIMATE = N10,000 & Above (depending on location & length of stay)
L. Return Trip for the White Wedding (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
      COST ESTIMATE = N14,000 & Above  (By Road); N50,000 & Above (Local Flight)
M. Accomodation for White Wedding (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
      COST ESTIMATE = N8,000 & Above (per Night)
N. Transportation & Feeding during your stay for the Traditional Wedding  (If outside your domain & no plans have been made by the couple to cater for this)
     COST ESTIMATE = N10,000 & Above (depending on location & length of stay)
The Most (financially, mentally, physically & emotionally) draining categories of wedding guest to be (depending on the kind of person you are on the scale of over-caring to nonchalant) are definitely: (i) Close Friends or
(ii) Family Friends
COST ESTIMATE = N164,500 Minimum (Male); N142,000 Minimum (Female)
These are the people expected to drop dough for practically every single thing listed above, participate in the planning process and even during the events may have to oversee some activities. They are typically running helter-skelter before & on the day of the events to make sure things are in order, picking money being sprayed, making sure assigned guests get seats & are served, making sure the couple stay looking flawless, attending to the couple's needs (since they can't get off the stage to do stuff themselves), etc. They eventually don't really get to have fun till the major events are over, most of the crowd has dispersed and its mainly youngins left. Only then can they eventually rest outta their heels/shoes, eat, drink, take pics with the couple, boogie down on the dance floor, etc. and they may still have to coordinate some stuff afterwards.
but guess what?! It's worth it to them 'cos its a labour of love and that's what friends are for right?yup.
Surprise Bridal Shower Prep & Planning (Before)
Surprise Bridal Shower (After)
Bridesmaid making sure things are in order before the event starts
The Best and Least (financially, mentally, physically & emotionally) draining categories of wedding guest to be are definitely: (i) Friends of Friends (+1s)
(ii) Acquaintances or
(iii) Mo Gbo Mo Ya (I heard, I came a.k.a Gatecrashers)
COST ESTIMATE = N0 Minimum (Male); N0 Minimum (Female)
There is no expectation of these group of people from the couple or their family members. These are the people who can easily overlook if they are discriminated against 'cos they are not wearing the official wedding color code or aso-ebi or if they don't get food/drinks at the wedding or if a family member of the couple addresses them rudely, etc. because they have hardly invested any time, resources or effort into the couple or any of their ceremonies.
If things go pleasantly, great! If not, better luck next time and they take their leave. They usually have a good time especially if seated or acquainted with the right group of people.
Happily hubby's +1
We the guests that typically fall into the active categories truly appreciate when couples (and their parents/family members) don't take our efforts for granted and even go the extra mile to reduce the load on our shoulders- from getting us free/discounted accommodation, providing transportation & feeding for a limited time, throwing their own shower, getting affordable & still lovely aso-ebis/bridesmaid outfits, making arrangements for seating at the events, souvenirs, etc.
Free Hotel Accommodation arranged by the couple
Home Accommodation arranged by the couple
Clearly Designated Seating for Couple's Friends
Clearly Designated Seating for the Bridal Train
Food & Small Chops for guests
Guest's Food
Tasty Dessert Spread for Guests
Tasty Dessert Spread for Guests
Fun Photo Booth with Props for Guests
Fun Guest Signing Tree
Ultimate Couple!! Provided a schedule & Catered to invited friend's accommodation, on-site transportation & feeding.
I have fallen into practically all the different categories highlighted above and i'm definitely writing from experience. I will be doing a wedding series titled 'Best Wedding Ceremony' (From 2014 till date) and it will focus solely on my experience participating in the different wedding events from my perspective as a Guest. I hope it'll provide some guest-friendly wedding planning tips (without breaking the bank) for future couples.
Therefore my dear couples-to-be, i hope this post enlightens you a bit to the major commitments (Financial, Physical, Mental, Emotional and otherwise) that some of your guests make to be a part of your beautiful union and events. It wouldn't hurt to be considerate of them during your planning process and appreciate the time, resources & effort taken to celebrate with you afterwards. They are not 'just guests'. Yes, you will still be married with or without them present but if you've gone through the hassle of renting a hall, decorating and all of that, you will definitely feel it badly if absolutely no one showed up to celebrate with you.
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