Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Letter to my Laptop

Dear lappy, Oh laptop of mine, why art thou forsaken me. i'v been useless since yesterday when u flashed me the dreaded blue screen and up till now the IT peeps have not been able to fix u. i promise to get an external and back-up, i promise to defragment you and not overload you with junk, i promise to install an updated anti-virus on u, i promise to clean u and not eat on u, i promise to scan the flash drives i put on u before opening them, i promise to start shutting u down and not hibernating always as i usually do.if only you will come back to life and be of use to me. i shall fulfill this promise.
Yours faithfully ************* Tamiko Adyms

Friday, 15 October 2010


I deactivated my facebook account on the morning of September 27 for no particular reason. i made up my mind the night before that i was going to deactivate my account, got to work the next morning, went thru my messages,notifications,wrote a note on my wall,etc. then deactivated the account... did not have a reason to, just needed a break...from what precisely i rally cannot say, just knew i needed to get away from it. What is really there to facebook that some are addicted it? What does it provide its users? The ability to network with friends and family, to acquire more 'friends', to take a peek into their life and share their experiences and thoughts through videos and pictures. You get to spy/stalk on spouses,ex-es,friends,relations,parents, etc. reminds me of an episode of southpark in which Stan did not want to join facebook 'cos he did not want to get sucked in and his friend went ahead to create an fb page for him and he ended up getting sucked in..lol oh well i re-activated my fb account some days back and i realised i did not miss much. too much fuss 'bout fb and with the new app to show ur location what more do stalkers need and some people put way too much info on fb..not worth it. i love netwroking, tweeting,fb and the likes but i'm still cautious cos the truth is anyone can take on the identity of whomever they please or be whatever they wish on the internet.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

British scientist Professor Robert Edward who invented the fertility treatment IVF won a Nobel Prize for medicine. Apparently about 4million babies born to parents who would have otherwise failed to conceive was made possible by his work.He and his partner Patrick Steptoe who died in 1988 developed the technique in which egg cells are fertilized outside the body and implanted in the womb.

The first test tube baby Loise Brown was born July 1978. They were criticized by other scientists and the Catholic Church who called the research unethical,immoral and dehumanising and Nobel Laureate JAmes Watson who with Francis Crick discovered DNA said IVF research would necessitate infanticide. . They prevailed on all this,despite finding it difficult to find a willing clinic from which they could consult so they set up one . Since the birth of IVF, he co-founded the Bourn Hall clinic in Cambridgeshire with Dr. Steptoe to help childless couples and it now treats around 900 women a year.


I have decided that instead of waiting till I have internet connection before blooging and if I truly want to be consistent. I will just type whatever I wanna blog in Microsoft word and when I have internet access I’ll just post it.let’s see how that goes.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Who can one call a friend; I looked up the definition of a friend in my Encarta dictionary and choose the following from the results I got:

  1. Somebody emotionally close: somebody who trusts and is fond of another
  2. Acquaintance: somebody who thinks well of or is on good terms with somebody else
  3. Ally: an ally, or somebody who is not an enemy

We use the term friend relatively depending on what we making reference to.

I use the term friend to refer to acquaintances and people I am close to but when I have to differentiate the relationship between my friends and I, I refer to my acquaintances and allies as friends, friends I trust and share stuff with as my close friends and then the tinier circle of lesser friends whom I’m really really close to and can tell virtually anything as my best friends

I also looked up the word friendship in my Encarta dictionary and choose the following from the results gotten:

  1. Relationship between friends: a relationship between two or more people who are friends
  2. Mutually friendly feelings: the mutual feelings of trust and affection and the behaviour that typify relationships between friends
  3. Friendly relations: a relationship between people, organizations, or countries that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval and support

The form of friendship that exists between my close friends and I is the mutually friendly feelings as explained above and that which exists between my best friend and I is of a higher, more intimate level than with my close friends.

Lately I have been having discussions with myself ‘bout who my close friends really are : an incident happened that triggered this, I’d rather not go into details and although its been sorted out I still had the urge to blog ‘bout it.

I like to think of myself as an open-minded and easily approachable person, I try my best not to judge as I try to put myself in the position of the person involved and try to react in the best way I think i would like to be reacted to if in that situation. I have a lot of friends of different personalities and few close friends with varying personalities also and I still somehow manage to coordinate them and respond to their needs from me in terms on friendship individually while still taking into consideration their different personalities.

I have a big issue putting my trust in any person, myself included, as I have been disappointed by people that I put a high level of trust in, countless times and even I have disappointed myself on few occasions by not meeting up to some expectations I set for myself. It really hurts when people that matter to me disappoint me(its easier to forgive myself than others), so over the years I have built wall after wall of guard around myself to prevent getting hurt when I am disappointed. It’s probably not a good thing but it works for me.

I manage to put a lil trust in my close friends though, that’s why I find it easy to share my strengths, weaknesses, happiness, sadness, worries, hopes, dreams, aspirations, etc with them and I expect them to be able to do the same with me but when the they do not feel comfortable enough to share the above with me then I begin to wonder what is the point of us being friends, if u can’t share these things with me because you are worried things may not work out how you plan or for whatever reasons best known to the persons involved, my walls just crumble and it hurts real bad and I could make very drastic decisions at that point about the relationship we have. If I can trust you enough to share all these things with you without knowing what the outcome will be and you have to wait till it’s all in check before you can share yours with me it really says a lot about our relationship. It hurts even more when for instance it’s someone i consider a close friend that I have known for about 5years or more, shared a room, house, friends and experiences with and I find out you are going for your master’s from a friend from another state or that the masters has been in the pipeline from a someone I consider not as close as we are. Damn!! It hurts real bad. Or whether it’s the fact that I spoke to this person that I consider so close to me some days before the person travelled and made the travel seem so trivial like it was a break from work or something of that nature that I didn’t bother to stop by the house, just to find out later from a mutual friend that this close friend of mine has gone for her studies and will not be back in town till about 2months later. It made me think and come to the conclusion that although I considered this person my close friend, this person probably did not see me in the same manner.

Although I can be very free, naughty, talkative, spontaneous, and all the other words that are used to describe me, I am actually a very analytical person, if some people could take a peep into my brain, I’m 90% sure they would be surprised by what they would find in there. I think a lot, even when I am talking I am thinking and at night before I go to bed I think a lot about a variety of things from work, studies, friends, relationships, skin issues, exercising, food, family, cosmetics, money, shoes, clothes, fashion, birthday gifts, health, French, Hausa, music, movies, my body, marriage TV series, novels, internet, acquiring properties, my blogs, to the future, etc, not necessarily in that order though. So as aloof as I may seem sometimes I still think about my whole day detail after detail and fill my diary to include even the smallest amount of money or outing or experience I had during the day.

Anyway that’s off my mind now, I feel better and sadly another wall propped up by reflex to enhance my disappointment shields. I really wished it were not like this but that’s that.

I like reciprocated actions. Shikena.

Monday, 11 October 2010


Apparently they lifted the ban on us on friday...lol....yipee!!!! i had a feeling that would happen tho....


World football governing body FIFA suspended Nigeria on Oct 4, 2010 from all its activities, over allegations of government interference in the running of football in the country. The implication of the ban is that Nigeria’s super falcons will not participate in the 2010 African Women Championship which begins later in the month in South Africa (so unfair at least they better than the super eagles or should I say super chickens,now they don’t get the chance to show off their skill), it will also deny the Flying Eagles a place to the Libya 2011 African Youth Championship as well as the Super Eagles qualification to the 2012 African Cup of Nations tournament in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The suspensiom will be maintained until the court actions have ceased and the duly elected Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Executive Committee is able to work without any interference.