Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Post of 2012

I'm grateful 4how my 2012 went,the world did not end after all!! although President Jona tried to dampen d beginning with his whole subsidy drama,I had a pretty good 2012. Amidst a lot of other things,I got my own place,I experienced increase in all areas of ma life especially financially, I achieved most of the things on my To-do list 4d year,anoda year was added to my year n I had a great day and last but not not the least,to name a few, God gave me the best gift eva!!Ma booo. I thank God for all these things and more,and even if I have a thousand tongues it wouldn't be enough to give thanks.I thank him for keeping my friends and family and you all out there who read this post.
See you in 2013 by God's grace!!!

23rd birthday on the 23rd of December

Lol!!yh yh I'm syked about d age no/date clash :D.My birthday was great!
I had to just do a quick post before had a small get together and got lots of gifts,I felt super duper loved and it fell on a sunday so I started the day in God's House and I absolutely enjoyed it.I'll update dis post after the crossover night.I'm off to Church to thank
God for all he did 4me dis year.