Tuesday, 26 July 2011


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How long could you last without your mobile phone?

probably a week if i had to but i'd rather not :)

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Comot dere Jare!!

Na so i siddon jeje for inside motto o...i just dey vex 4inside the stupid traffic i dey...i suppose dey office o, gaskia i no know wetin carry me comot.
My oga com call me na, na im i no fit pick him call...na im my second for office com call me sey oga dey find me o and e be like sey he dey com office!!kai! i don enter am today o..
the traffic no gree move..i dey follow my second chat for fone...na im my eye com catch one yellow face dey look me from inside the car wey dey my front..d way the guy dey look sef, i tink sey him know me or something...after i don look tire and the face no show name for my mind..na im i carry my face comot dey continue my chat...
I no know weda na d look wey i dey look try place the bobo face o,abi na d standstill traffic, abi na smtn else give the guy liver o. i just see sey d guy dey comot from inside the motto..as soon as im comot me i don Malo cap for head with one jagajaga brown waist coat, no even let me describe the trossizz and shirt.. anyway
The bobo come lean on the window wey dey opposite me, thank God sey the tin dey up small sef...the next thing wey i hear na..."Hi, my name is Ike, i like you and i will like to be ur friend" the english try sha..me i just dey shocked say im comot from inside im own motto com dey yan me dis kind nonsense!!
I no blame am sha..na d stupid standstill traffic!i just turn my head continue wetin i dey do with my fone..The bobo com say..."i hope i'm not disturbing you?"...Gaskia laff wan tear my belle but i gats form straight face..thankfully the guy get sense just comot go enter him moto back....See me see wahala o!! i just dey smile...
The driver just dey wonder sey na wa o...na different kind people dey dis world o...sey me i know the guy before? i say no o, i no know am...Luckily sha i got to the office in time and yawa no gas :D

PS.My belle no dey pain me again, i don well now.I DEY KAMPE...lol

Thursday, 21 July 2011

ILL (Tummy Churn)

I'v been ill for the past 3 days and it has not been funny!!!
I hate being ill 'cos i love being independent and doing stuff for myself which being ill makes difficult or impossible. Only God knows what out of the numerous things i ate between Zaria and Abuja made me ill. I got back from Zaria on Sunday night and chilled a bit and then it began... after gisting with Talatu and the peeps... my tummy started to churn real bad!! At first i thot it was just too much gas in my system or the 2rounds of beans(very tasty!!) i had a night before that was acting up. To cut the story short, i could not sleep all night.

DAY 1-Monday
I struggled outta bed in the morning, managed to have my shower and had just finished dressing up wen i started feeling very claustrophobic, the clothes felt too tight and i felt like i was gonna throw up. I hurriedly got out of the clothes and went to the bathroom... I was purging!!!not cool....after a while...i went back again..i was soo weak,could not even stand for too long and dint know what to blame it on outta the variety of things i had eaten during the weekend. I 'pinged' ma boss and informed him of what was going on and that i'd most likely not be coming to work, i also tld ma colleague. when i was starting to feel a lil settled, i went to throw up!! Its been forever since i threwup!! All this time i managed myself. Like i said i hate being handicap.i couldnt eat anything that day. I managed to get outta bed and walk around the house a bit as i know staying in bed only makes me feel worse, then went back to bed tossing and turning and visiting the loo throughout the night.

DAY 2 - Tuesday
I was feeling better but not so much. I managed to have my bath and stayed in bed till round 2pm when my colleague sent me a 'bbm' that they needed a particular document from me!!..*sigh!Why now *rolling eyes...told him there was no problem and i'd find a way to get it to him. 
There was no light!!SHIT!! my laptop was dead KAI!! which kain wahala be dis na! and it was around 12pm, before Talatu and I had our shower and got to Jerry's office it was already 2pm. I managed to finish with the document and send it by 3pm. 
I felt much better, i guess getting outta the house contributed to it. Talatu and i went to Exclusive stores and did a lil shopping and skipping around the n went to Grandsquare where she got their ice-cream that she'd been craving, popcorn and cakes...i could not have ice-cream tho i tasted hers at my own risk...we got home and i slept beta than the previous nights.

DAY 3 - Wednesday
I woke up feeling strong and capable to get to work!! i actually missed my office...i can't stand being idle for long. Going to the office was not gonna happen tho :( ...next thing i knew i was in the loo...WTH!! na e neva do dis my belle yet ni! na wa o....i watched my 'Archer' series with Talatu. we cooked and i managed to put food in my tummy..next thing i know, she's waking me up around 4pm!!wow!! couldn't believe i slept that long. i had my shower and we went out... I had promised her we were gonna get a pedicure 'cos she's on of those DIY (Do It Yourself ) people and had never gotten one. We went to my famous and trusted 'Mamana" (if this woman handle ya leg ehn!!! walahi u no go 1 walk for ground again!)she's dat gud. We got the pedicure and Talatu was just oohing and aahing while i gave her the 'i told u so look.
We went home from there. i wnt to the loo a few times during the night but not so much.

DAY 4 - Thursday
I woke up feeling very lazy, i had told my boss and colleague the day before that i was gonna come to the office...i struggled out of bed just to discover there was no water!!!! WHY ME!! had i finished all the water with my constant flushing? O.O? c'est pas possible!! anyway no time to waste, i got some water from the storage drum, had ma bath and got ready for work. I got to work a bit late and handled some tasks that had been waiting for me. My boss was quite nice and asked if i was perfectly ok and if not i should go home. I told him i was tired of staying at home and i could handle it. The day has been good so far...i have to say i missed the office wireless connection tho.....

That's that!! I'v not been to the loo all day and i hope it stays that way.
SEE Y'ALL sOOn on anoda post!! :) ;)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Eko o ni baje o!! (Lagos will not spoil)

O baje ti! (this is usually the response to my topic) This is like a 2nd part to my "When it rains, it pours" post  on the weather condition in Lagos and the flooding. Lagos was not the only place affected though, Places like Katsina, Ogun, etc were also flooded although the rainfall in this places did not last as long as that of Lagos.
Lagos people are die hard peeps...you can't be slow in Lagos and survive, u gotta be sharp or else... in fact there's no or else!

Even with the rains and all Lagos peeps did not dull!!them still do faaji and sent out some funny bbm broadcasts. Lagos people know how to find a ray of light no matter how thick the darkness is. I'm proud to be a Lagosian (i grew up there). Here are some pics and the bbm messages..Enjoy!!

Lagos State declares Monday 11th of July a public holiday. This is to allow Lagosians go shop for canoes and scuba diving gears, as we all will have to travel on water or underwater this rainy season. Work resumes on Wednesday 12th July. Pls note that all canoes should be registered at the Lagos State Waterways Authority before they hit the waterways, cos the water marshals from LASTMA would arrest unregisterd canoes.
Eko oni baje! Fashola is working, Lagos is sinking!

A woman was found 3houses away from her matrimonial home in another man's bed, when she was asked how she got there, she said it was the flood that carried her there!!LOL. how convenient!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When it Rains, it Pours...

Lagos is my home any day any time, i spent most of my life there and we moved around quite a bit.
We used to live in Lagos @ Ikoyi 1st, then Gbagada, then 1004 Estate Victoria Island till they sold it and kicked our butts to the curb (kidding! but seriously they more or less did), then Thomas Estate, Aja.
I went to school in Ikorodu, went to Yaba often, Ikeja even more often and so many other parts of Lagos i have ventured into. Any Lagosian knows that it rains without warning in Lag and when it rains it pours but of late Sunday to be precise, the pouring has not been nice, places have been getting flooded and i doubt i can even use the word flood on places in the Island, Aja, Lekki, etc. Lagos is more less submerged  and its not just Lag. People, houses and properties have been lost and its quite sad. The state blames this flood on the Atlantic Ocean, blocked drainage systems, people that build on channels that are supposed to discharge water and the rainfall that started at 5am till the next day or so. People were advised to remain indoors and be calm till d rains subsided.


Faaji wateva d situation

Thankfully it seems its over. Here are some pics

Toilet Paper Wedding dresses

Nice, Creative, and Cheap!!!! The groom can also rip it off without guilt ;)