Wednesday, 17 August 2011 love with Adele

I had been listening to Adele in bits and pieces and finally decide to get her whole album recently and i'm happy i did!!!!
I was immediately in love with 'rolling in the deep' from the first time i heard it!!it just stuck! now practically the whole Album is stuck!
  • Rolling in the deep,
  • Rumor has it
  • Set fire to the rain and
  • Turning Tables are my faves!!
The album has been on repeat to and from my 3hour trips to Zaria and at work and i aint tired of it!

between i like her eyes...xoxo

I feel like eating Tapioca!!!!

I  was jejely lounging at the office and goin through pics of 'Yagazie Emezi' my latest fascination and loved person on the internet when i saw a picture of Tapioca!!! I don't need to tell you that a craving for it was immediately stirred in my belly...
Its been soooooooo long i had tapioca and i used to love it sooo much! I think the last time i had it was when i was in Lagos. They usually had a Tradefair at the Tafewa Balewa Square which was close to my mum's office at the time. She'd tell one of her staff to take me there to look around, learn how to price things and buy stuffs.  I used to buy Paladin stickers with quotes on them in two languages and they were colorful (that's why i used to buy them) and they had Paladin Notebooks and Tissues.. anyway back to tapioca
We stumbled on a place they were selling tapioca,i tried it out of curiousity with coconut milk and i was hooked! it tasted awesome better than my oats, i bought 2 sachets i think with 2 cans of the coconut milk. I took it to school and my friends and i finished with the coconut milk and condensed milk (very thick sweet milk). I did not really get to try it after that though 'cos i neva found it in shops whenever i went to buy my provisions for school..used to wish i had bought more..oh well
I'm gonna keep an eye out for it in stores henceforth tho. I love Food!lol
Sowi i haven't updated my blog in a while, been writing exams and working at the same time, hasn't been easy but God has been faithful...i'll do a post about that later sha..xoxo..