Thursday, 19 May 2016

TWO & Counting

* insert Yuna ft Usher-Crush* that's how i'm feeling.
Goofing around on my Trad Wedding day
we cuul lyk datt *wink*
It's our 2 year anniversary!!
We had our marriage ceremonies on May 16 &17 so we consider both days our anniversary. I can't believe its been 2 years already, its still quite surreal although way less surreal to me than our 1 year anniversary
There were not as many highlights as the period preceding our 1 year anniversary, we had been chanced to have many 'firsts' together and make lots of good memories in that time. 
During our 2nd year together was when it sunk in a bit more that we are married, there were highlights of course but more challenges than our 1st year together, i'm grateful to God for helping us overcome and rise above all the drama that can comes with this marriage ride.
I'm looking forward to celebrating our 3rd year anniversary and maybe we'll be three celebrating then by God's grace.
May 16th-We had to go to work, but i dressed up all fancy 'cos i was feeling super-happy, grateful, excited and all the other types of happy feelings *widegrin'. We chatted and spoke on phone during the day and after work hubby made us dinner & we spent the rest of the day together just chilling at home and reflecting on our life, future and all that good stuff. We also replied messages and calls from our loved ones wishing us a Happy Anniversary. We later drove out to get Habib Fura  da nono with coconut slices *Yummyyy!!* (i tink it has become a habit to eat something sweet on our anniversary, y'all know i'm a foodie & sweettooth so really i'll take any opportunity to have sweet stuff) and bumped some jams before heading back home, jisting some more and going to bed reallyyy late.

Yaasss. i seriously dolled up to work, my colleagues never esperred it
Goofing around @work #HappyBunny
Snapchat filters/lens r za besst!! Island gal
May 17th-We had to go to work again of course, and guess who was all dressed up again? Moi!! lol. yup it seems the happy feelings gonna last me thru the entire week and i don't mind one bit. Same daytime routine as the previous day. We went to Al-Basha Restaurant, Maitama for Lunner (Lunch/Dinner). We sat in a private area, ate to our heart's content *foodie/sweettooth mode* and we talked 'bout deep sturves. We took pics (well i forced him to take pics, if it were left to him we would have no pics together and later he'll be begging me to send him nice pics of us *side eye*). Back home, we watched movies and enjoyed the rest of the nite jisting, playing, singing n listening to music, watching youtube dance vids together, etc. I eventually took down my hair (Freedom from Bobby Pins!!) and we  replied messages and calls from our loved ones wishing us a Happy Anniversary once more. As usual we went to bed superrrrlate.
Current fave Snapchat filter #officeshenanigans
Don't u just love stained glass windows
i had to have a solo pic by the window
u dnt wanna know how i forced him to take these pics *evil grin*
What do people do for their 2nd Year Anniversary?? *shrugs* I guess whatever they enjoy. We had fun in our own way and as always made some happy memories *insert Brymo-Happy Memories*.
I am so grateful to God that we are able to pass the 2 year mark, its definitely a big deal to us. It has been the grace of God that has kept us together this long and i pray we will live to celebrate many more happy, goofy, fruitful and prosperous years together. This past year has been quite the journey, even moreso than our 1st year together, a learning process still ongoing. We have had our laughs, tears, quarrels, disagreements, disputes, fun, goofiness, love, lows, highs, and so much more. We are learning more about each other daily, communication, patience, appreciation, and so much more.
Goofiness 98.999%
We choose to focus on the positives, appreciate what we have and make the best of it while improving on ourselves. Remember love cannot survive just by itself, it needs constant nurturing. Contentment while pursuing goals is the key to happiness. We should make a habit of counting our blessings and then we will see how much God does for us.
Remember Teamwork makes the Dream work.
We hope to share many more of our anniversaries with you guys. Check out my posts- Life as a 'new' wifey & Baby Pressure. I might also do a post on my 2nd year of marriage *fingers crossed*.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Meet My Online Captivators!! {3}

Check out the 1st post i did back in 2011 and another in 2014, i still follow and very much enjoy content from the people i listed in those posts.
I've got some more YouTube channel faves, some are new while i have been following some for years. I thought to share. I'll list them in categories though some of them actually fall into more than one category.
Beauty, Makeup & Style
Lifestyle & Inspirational
Food & Cooking

Check out my 'When i'm bored' Tab for more Blogs. I'll also be uploading some vids from the 'Tamerri Festival' on my YouTube page and also watch out for the post on #my TamerriExperience.
Enjoy, be inspired and learn from them. Thank me later. *wink*

Thursday, 5 May 2016

#Storytime-Yaaoch Part 4 (Back to DIY)

This post is loooonnnggg overdue. Check out my other Yaaoch (Wax) Posts. I was able to locate Bnatural Spa (No. 30, Mediterranean str, Imani Estate, Maitama) and although not as efficient as my former Morroccan lady cosmetologist at MB Hammam, this new spa served my purpose well. I was attended to by a Nigerian lady and although she was initially chatty and would complain about me leaving my hair for so long, etc; *rme* after a couple of sessions however we became cordial and i would even tip her 'cos she always did such a good job with my full Brazilian (they call it Playboy Wax) and underarm wax. Whenever the wax couldn't take out all the hair, she would go in with tweezers and take out all the hair and leave me with a super smooth and clean skin. Don't you just hate it when that one hair starts growing and spoils such a good job. 
Anyway fastforward to the main story, on this day, i called as i usually do to book an appointment with the spa and to confirm if my regular therapist was available. They informed me that she wasn't and if i'd like to shift my appointment for a date she was. I said i would have the appointment with whoever was available, i was under the assumption that all their staff were adequately trained and it wouldn't be an issue. BOY WAS I WRONG!! 

I showed up for my appointment on time and was led to the treatment room, i did the usual undressing and got on the bed, the new therapist was not chatty, thankfully, she did the usual trimming and got to work waxing. I was getting my usual full Brazillian (Playboy) Wax which cost about N6,000+ at the time. 
I have a highhhh pain threshold, i have had several waxing sessions and come out smiling. This was definitely THE WORST and tops my Yaaoch Part 3 experience. The therapist had no clue what she was doing and after yanking the wax strips off my skin severally, she started apologizing, telling me my hair was too tough, i had left it for too long since my last wax appointment, she has tried all she can and its not working, bla bla bla. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes when i looked down and realized the hair was basically intact with patches everywhere. I could have done a better job!! I was furious! I just kept thinking, i should have just waited for my regular therapist and avoided this trauma and waste of money. I got up and got dressed with my patchy wax job and my nether regions hurting like crazy. I considered making a complaint and not paying for the service but honestly i was sooo furious, embarrassed and teary eyed that i would have full on started crying. I paid and left and swore NEVER AGAIN!!! I'm done with waxing my nether region. 

My people i never looked back o, as much as i miss the smooth feel and not having to worry about hair for a long time, i'm done biko. I no come this life come suffer. I was also not ready to go back to shaving sticks as i much love being bump and spot free then i got a *light bulb* Scissors! I went on the hunt for small sharp scissors with curved blades, the type you find in a manicure set and i got to work. I got a small stool and sat in my shower and trimmed till i was satisfied. It takes forever but DIY is definitely the way for me. I still use cold wax strips for my underarms and lower legs. I'm gonna do a post soon on all the grooming we females constantly have to do. It can get tiring sha. Trimming with Scissors has replaced my Brazillian Wax until i can buy an epilator and try it out. I'll definitely let you guys know how that goes. 

Quote of the Day #QOTD

Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

STORYTIME! I Washed rice with OMO!

Before we get into the story lemme tell y'all about my plan. I've been watching a YouTuber of recent 'HeyParis' and her Storytimes are absolutely entertaining, hilarious and ridiculous!! I swear y'all need to check her out and come back and thank me. That being said, her storytime vids have inspired me to start something similar on here. I love to tell stories and i have quite a few stored away, this way i can segment my stories under the Storytime Titles, 'Tales by Moonlight' things but obviously this is more of a 'Tales by Screenlight' since y'all are gonna be reading my stories outta some type of screen. I hope you enjoy this new segment and i'm super-excited to get into it and also have this 'on record' for the future. So shall we?
Yup. You read the title right. I indeed washed rice with OMO a.k.a detergent. 
I believe i was about 10 or 11 years old (Year 2000/2001) and i was still in Junior Secondary School when this incident happened, we lived in 1004 estate at the time and although i had a very early on domestic training, somehow cooking was skipped. I hated cooking and being in the kitchen but i loved baking and experimenting if that makes any sense. 
I would always be outta sight whenever it was time to cook, either go visit my cousins and friends that lived in the estate or hide in my room or toilet and act like i can't hear my mum yelling my name from the kitchen. The most i ever did whenever serious cooking was going on was to unwrap Maggi/Knorr Cubes and crush them and after that wash up everything in the sink. I actually enjoy washing up till date. 
Anyways back to the story, on this particular day, my mum was not having any of my hide and seek routine and forced me into the kitchen, she said i should 'wash' some white rice and warm stew for lunch. I had heard of them washing rice before cooking but i had never seen the process. I asked the maid if i was supposed to use detergent to wash it and she sarcastically said 'yes'. How was i to know it was sarcasm??!! I put the rice in a bowl, put some water over it and added detergent (it was either, OMO, Ariel or So Klin) while my mind wondered on how dirty rice must be for it to require this kind of serious washing! I had no idea 'washing' basically meant rinsing out the starch in the rice. I washed and washed and washed this rice but because of the detergent it just kept foaming. I eventually called the maid into the kitchen and told her i was tired of washing the rice and the detergent wasn't going away. Boy did she laugh her head off!! I couldn' understand what was so funny till she said she was just joking about using the detergent. I was too tired and scared of how my mom would react to this huge blunder to even be angry at the maid. We had to thrash the rice and she showed me how to 'wash' a fresh batch. Thankfully my mum (typical Nigerian Yoruba mum) never found out, she would have rained words of fire and brimstone on my head and forced me to be in the kitchen everyday of my life as penance.
That's my story! Hope y'all enjoyed it. Check out my other cooking related posts, thankfully i'm a much better cook than back then and my mum is very proud.
Check out a list of some EPIC COOKING DISASTERS that i had a good laugh on from a Twitter thread featured on Zikoko. I had a good laugh reading this and it kinda made me feel better knowing other people have made mistakes and become better. I hope you have a good laugh off this and if you have had any cooking disasters, don't be discouraged. 
Practice makes Perfect and we all make mistakes. It'll be a good funny story to look back on in the future.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Happy Workers' Day!!

Happy Labour Day!
Happy Bank Day!
Happy May Day!
If you are in Nigeria, Monday is a Public Holiday. Yipee!!
Whatever your work/job/skill/craft, it's our day to lean back and have a lil rest. Enjoy your day off beautiful people!