Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Iyanya -Kukere Official Video

i love this song sooo much i just had to share the video. enjoy

Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Night in town

It was my darling friend's birthday and it happened to fall on a Monday!!of all the days! what could i do but celebrate the addition of another year to S's life. We started our night around 11pm, he came to pick me from home and we went to De-Carribean with his cousins, some of his friends were already there waiting for us. We ordered drinks (Hennessy,Baileys,Chapman,etc) and small chops (peppered gizzard,beef,kidney). The night started out with us sitting around and a bit of chitchat then as the DJ got real hot with the music and we started to dance. It was loads and loads of fun, i danced and danced and one of his cousins (the married one) showed that she still knew her onions! She left after a few hours 'cos she has a husband and 3kids to attend to, we on the other hand continued to rock away, some more friend's of S came around and we all mingled, then his bday mate came around, long story short, there were a lot of peeps and we had loads of fun dancing. We left there around 3am and drove to Aramis, i have to say i had no idea how vibrant the night life was in Abuja! especially on a monday, the streets were lit, the clubs around had their entrances crowded. i had to wonder if all these people had nothing better to do and if not, why they were not asleep in their houses. Young people that looked like they were in Secondary School were smoking and running loose and wild! When we entered Aramis, it was brimming full! i had to wonder, we did not stay there for up to 10 mins. It was already around 4am and as much as i hated to be a buzz kill, sleep was calling out @me real loud and i had to be at work for 8am the next day so i had to tell the birthday boy that i had to go. He decided to drop one of his other friends and i at home and his friend's place was quite some distance from town. What happened after this was jst too funny for me to even laugh (it wasn't funny at the time though but u know how u can just find humor in things past). The police stopped us at a popular roundabout for their usual stop and search procedure, on our way to drop V at home, we were 2 girls and a guy(he was driving) in the car,  all our papers were complete and my friend had his license on him, i noticed things were taking longer than usual and i was very uncomfortable and cranky 'cos it was about 4am and i had to be at work for 8am later that morning, i wanted the whole thing over with ASAP so i could hug some hours of sleep and be a bit useful at work later. Next thing i heard murmurings and they were asking my friend who we were and where we were coming from, in my mind i'm like how the fuck is this any of their business!!!our papers are complete, he has his license, their work was done so what was all these extra stupid questions for. They came around and were murmuring stupid things to V and I but we ignored them, i heard my friend telling them we are his friends and we just got back from an outing. They said we should follow them to their station and despite asking severally what our offence was, we got no replies. We had to follow them to avoid any trouble after all they had guns and we had done nothing wrong for them to charge us with so it will all be settled at the station, just more of our time wasted. Anyone who knows the Nigerian Police especially the ones that stand on the road, knows their behaviour, half the time they involve u in pointless chitchat or try to get a bribe out of you. Long story short we followed them to the so called station with one of them seated in the front seat. My morning was slowly becoming a nightmare!there's nothing i hate more than having anything to do with the police. We got to the place they said was their station and it happened to be some kind of environmental control place i really dunno what they call it, they told us to drive in and we did and we waited for them to come and table their case, so we'd get outta there. You will not believe after we drove in these policemen left!!!! they did not even speak with the officers in the place, they just left so we had to face those ones and tell them we wanted to leave. One of the fools there said we had to wait there till morning since the officers had left as they cannot release us since they did not know our offence!! This was where i lost my cool, i had been seated quietly all the while observing their folly play out. I got out of the car and threatened the officer that i'd be making calls to people that they would not like to see, my friend was also yelling and furious and was already making calls, we asked to see the officer in charge or else all hell would break lose as it was only in this Goddamned Country that one would be taken into custody with no offence committed. About 5mins later, the officer in charge comes out and we manage to calm down and explain the situation to him, he said it was probably because of the way we were dressed that they had brought us there and i pointed out that he had NOT picked us from the street!! we had left our seperate houses, met at the club, had fun and were heading home to rest. He finally stated that the policemen had no reason for bringing us there as it was only in cases where prostitutes were being picked up by men that such arrests could be made. He said even if we were naked in the car, it was none of the police officer's business and that was not their work, he apologized and said he did not want any trouble and could not hold us in custody as we had committed no offence and the stupid officers who brought us there had not bothered to enter and inform them before leaving. I had never feel so insulted and mistreated!! I have heard of police injustice severally but this was a first hand experience! They had used the fact that they were authorities and had weapons to bully us for no reason and they had wasted our time! I was boiling as we got back into the car, we finally dropped V off and had to go pick his other 2 friends at the club before heading home. He told them the story and they were furious, they said they wished they had been there as they would have made a lot of trouble, Trust me, they would have, I'm glad they were not in the car as we would have spent more time there arguing since both of them were quite high, we passed the roundabout the stupid policemen had stopped us and they were all gone!bloody fools and assholes!! I just wanted to get some sleep, it was already 5:30am. I finally got home and got the much needed rest, needless to say i got to work an hour late but i wasn't useless (Thank God!) oh and let me give a description of what V and I's dressing that was considered sooooooo inappropriate, I had on a blue jean tube gown with a sweetheart neckline and a black pantyhose with flat shoes, i had left the house with a pashmina (scarf) but left it on his friends neck. V was wearing a cream loose sleeveless sequined top with jeans and a flat shoe. So please be the judge if these dressings rank as inappropriate! Anyway that was our ordeal with the Nigerian Police that are supposed to protect their citizens who instead mistreat and take advantage of them, even though there are some good ones among them. This birthday is definitely one S is gonna remember for a long time.

Friday, 16 March 2012

I do

I love attending weddings!! especially traditional weddings. There's so much colorful procedure to follow regardless of the tribe. The highlight of church weddings on the other hand is the reception, that is definitely what seals the deal for the guests or for me at least. The venue, colorful decorations, food and drinks, setting, music and new twists the couples add to their ceremony. I love watching the couple dance too, whether dancing into the reception venue or when they dance with guests and get sprayed money. It is stressful when you're the brides friend o, especially when its dancing time because u have to keep bending down to pick the money the couple is sprayed 'cos it supposedly belongs to the bride. I also love all the drama of the couple feeding each other and cutting cake and the bride wearing the cap for her husband and all that charade (cos truth is that's not how they are gonna do it when they are left alone, its just tradition). Sadly i have attended majorly Yoruba traditional weddings where the groom comes with his friends to dobale (prostrate) for the bride's parents and so much money is spent before he gets to see his bride (you have to attend one to understand what i'm saying). For Igbo weddings i know the bride gets to collect a cup of palmwine from her father while her groom sits in the midst of a crowd and she has to search him out,kneel and give him the palmwine before they dance out together, i'm sure there's more to it but that's really the major part, i think. I happened to attend an Efik/Yoruba wedding once and it was delightful! The traditionaldancers had on beautiful attires and the dance was mesmerizing. Did i mention that another thing that gets me? The ATTIRES!! OMG!! the Aso-Oke's, the George's, the Damasks, the Ankara's the Coral beads, Walking Sticks,Fans,Red caps,etc you name it!! Its soo richly beautiful seeing everyone adorn their culture in attires! Then drummers also get me, i mean the local drummers who beat their talking drums and you cant help moving to the rhythm, you should see me at work shaking my ikebe and small bum bum to their beats...lol. Then the local bands too when they are good, they are real good and i can komole and pakuromo well well!
Then again weddings have a bittersweet feel, you reminisce on when u got married, if u are married and how things have been after marriage (its not always as rosy as it seems),even when rosy u think of the days of young love et al or you think about when u'l find ur own man or if u have ur man when u'll walk down the aisle with and have your own moment in the spotlight. Regardless though, its still always fun and an avenue to meet new people and make friends and rebond with forgotten family members. Any which ways its always a lovely occasion even if food doesn't reach you or family members are stressing you out (that's when its a family wedding) or there's drama going on about souvenirs (there always is) things are not going quite as planned. The koko is the bride and groom are now husband and wife and its all about them! I have been a bridesmaid to some friends and cousins of mine and apart from money spent on dresses, shoes and jewellry, i always manage to enjoy myself.
Sometimes i want a lavish wedding, other times not 'cos it can be some much stress worrying about many guest  (catering, sitting arrangement,souvenir distribution,etc). Sometimes i think i'd prefer a quiet 30 people outdoor wedding but then again i attend some lavish weddings and want one with all my heart! In reality though, i'm probably gonna end up having a big wedding, my mum comes from a large family and has about 20 siblings and 5 step-mums, her dad is late, my dad on the other hand is from a fairly large family too, with about 15 siblings and 2 step-mums! Now some of the siblings are married with kids i.e my cousins. This bunch of my mother and father's family is already a crowd thats minus the extended family o! My mum has bee in the civil service for more than 15 years so she has made her share of friends there, add those ones to those coming, then my dad's friends from the Banking Industry and Ikoyi club (he's been a member since before i could breathe). Then add the friends i've made from Secondary school to University to NYSC to Office,etc. That one huge number mehn! and we haven't even put my husband's people into consideration o! The only way i'm avoiding a huge wedding is if i do it in some place people can't get to easily like a far away island or something! Anyways, i will cross that bridge when i get to it. 

I attended my boss's daughter's wedding and enjoyed myself as it has been a while i attended a wedding and i'd been looking for an excuse to get all dolled up and rock my native attire and there's no beta place to look fine and be admired than at a wedding. Enjoy the pics. You can also view my Pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/jemimahnaa/weddings/) for some pics of those really cool traditional attires i was talking about and you understand my love for them.

Opportunites are never lost, someone will take the ones you missed.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Head Massage!

I'm totally hooked on my new hairdresser. This is the first time i'm having a male hairdresser and i must say i'm thoroughly impressed. First of all he's extremely patient and this was what had me going back to his salon after my first encounter there. He attended to me so well even though it was my first time there. The salon is just about 2 minutes walking distance from my office so i decided to try them out one of the days i was less busy at work and wanted to wash my hair, i ended up washing, steaming and blowdrying my hair. Good for me 'cos i wasn't missed at work. First thing i loved was that he handled my hair with the utmost care and anyone that knows me knows i cherish my nappy hair and only place them in reliable hands and once u mess up with them, u never get to touch them again!! That said, he had passed the first test test. The second test was when he had shampooed my hair and was washing it, some hairdressers usually use their nails when washing the hair and end up hurting the scalp, he on the other hand had his nails trimmed real low and used his finger tips instead. The third test was when he was conditioning my hair and this i must say was the deal closer!! He massaged my scalp and i must say it felt real good!! *Happy sigh...lol...and also he asked if i wanted warm or cold water unlike some that just assume and use what they feel, he used warm water all through and at the end used cold water. It was awesome!!!!!!! Pardon my use of so many exclamation marks, i'm just trying to use it to express how i felt. Also he did not complain that my hair was natural or try to make me texturize my hair like most first time hairdressers do instead he combed and straightened it with care and i felt like a Queen when he was done. He's also quite patient with me. I ended up tipping him after the whole
session and i've become his customer ever since and i must say i'm enjoying my hair massage and getting value for my money and tips. He made me realise how sweet a head massage can be and i've tested out my theory on a few volunteers and a lucky few will enjoy the luxury of getting one from me. ;) Also i can stop by at the salon during my lunch periods since the salon is close to my office.
Who says life aint sweet!


Friday, 2 March 2012

Yaaoch Part 2 (Not Really)

Soooo i went to the spa again for my second waxing session and there was no yaooching from me this time. It was just like Smile (my waxer) had said, that after the first time it is not as painful. I went in there during work hours (yh..yh) 'cos i was less busy and my boss was AWOL. I did the same things i did the last time i.e underarms, brazillian. I decided to do my legs too, i.e the lower half, i used to use Veet and it was ok but i was in an experimenting mood and it did not even hurt. It felt like lil pin pricks, i have a high pain threshold anyways so that may have contributed.
This is the longest i've lasted comfortable without needing to shave and if you check the time between my last post and this, you'll see its about a month and some days. I also noticed that my underarms are not as dark as they used to be. yipee!!! anyways, summary is, the procedure did not hurt much and i was done in less than an hour and back to work and i can forget about shaving for about another month. 

My Stars are Aligned

The lines are falling in straight for me, or are they.. its nothing serious but people i thought had forgotten 'bout me seem to be springing up from everywhere and remembering i exist. Some are even dreaming about me!hian! It all started about 2-3weeks ago when i received a call, the number was unknown but i picked up anyway, just to hear a familiar voice, i couldn't believe my ears so i waited for confirmation. I said 'who is this' and he said 'hi, its F'. I was like wow!!this was not even on the list of last calls i expected to receive today. We exchanged pleasantries and he went on to relay the dream he had about me. We hadn't seen in about 4years or spoken in about a year or 2. So u can imagine my surprise. He told me he dreamt he had killed someone for me...weird.lol. anyway he came into Abuja later and we saw and caught up on what had been happening in our lives. It was really nice. Next thing i know M calls me and i'm like ok...Why are all these peeps remembering me around the same period all of a sudden..Then S calls and U calls and B calls and J calls! J i haven't spoken to in a longer while than U, B and S. He said he was just calling to check on me and i was like ok. U and i had been having a fight and he's that kinda proud person that does not like to say he's sorry first, even when he knows he's wrong, anyways he surprised me and called! the T and I have also started talking more often and i must say i'm enjoying it. M has also been calling me more often than he used to and its nice. F also sent an SMS to me after keeping mute for a long period over God knows what! i wonder why guys do that! Yh, so that's it.

I know this happens to a lot of people when people that seem to have forgotten about you just start calling again outta the blues. Maybe it has to do with astronomy or some stars of mine lining up right.doesn't really matter. I'm enjoying the attention though..*wink wink
Seems the same thing is happening to my friend T also.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap Year and a New Month

A Leap year is a year with 366 days i.e a year with an extra day, February 29, added to make up the difference between the 365-day calendar and the actual duration of the Earth's orbit of the Sun.
Leap years occur every four years, except for years ending in 00 that are not divisible by 400.

[Probably because any given date falls two days later than in the preceding year, instead of one]
(Microsoft® Encarta® 2009)
I wonder how people born on February 29 feel though, they gotta wait every four years to celebrate their birthday technically. Anyways,what does it matter, as long as we are alive.

Welcome to a New month too people. Make the best of it.

This year seems to be moving pretty fast or is it just me? maybe..

All the best y'all...XooX