Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back to School

I have decided to take matters into my hands since the required funds for ma Msc Renewable Energy in Durham University was not forthcoming and i had to defer my admission twice (sadly). I applied for a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Management (part-time) at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I got the admission and i have started taking lectures on weekend, Friday and Saturday to be precise.

My lecturer are awesome, i have to say i'm really impressed with them 'cos coming from a 'Private' university,i expected less from a 'Federal' University;this was actually one of the reasons i decided to take the course there, also 'cos ABU is one of the few reputable universities and my fascination with the Hausa language which i intend to learn by all means.

It has not been easy doing a 'Half Day' at work on Fridays before travelling to Zaria for my lectures, then to Kaduna on  Saturdays after lectures to chill with Talatu and take some Hausa lectures and then come back to Abuja on Sunday and my week begins all over again. I love the challenge though and what better way to learn Hausa than to embed myself in the environment and relate with the indigenes.

The main reason i'm taking this course though is 'cos i wanted to do the MBA but cos my 1st degree is in the sciences the y suggested i take this as an 'in' to diversify. I believe the knowledge will be useful for me and hopefully i will eventually do my Msc and both will be of use to my career.

My lecturers explain the courses they take very well,i don't even need to read (but i will) 'cos they take their time to explain the topics so well and they answer the questions raised, they don't just come to class and tell us to read a textbook without explanations,which i thought was the norm in universities that are not private. One of my lecturers has a blog, where he says he'l post our assignments, a twitter a/c and a facebook a/c, you cannot imagine how impressed i was!!

I have also begun learning the language better from bike men and bus conductors and fellow student (some of which i have told of my interest in the language and have promised to be of assistance)....so lets see how it goes!

By the way, it feels good to be back in the school environment!
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  1. Whao! For how long now have you been running this routine (I mean the work + ABU + KD)?

    Maybe 'cos it's a business faculty and the lecturers are more aware of the business benefits of social media, but try scanning the Engineering faculty and you'll be surprised to see lecturers that don't know how to check their e-mails.

    I went to a Federal University (of Technology, Akure) and I'm still unhappy about the strikes I endured.

    By the way, I recently joined the Beginners class at Alliance Francaise. I have been doing self study since 2009 and have only filled notebooks to show for it.

    Seriously, how long do you think it will take me to be able to write you a two page love letter in French? I know you've been to Alliance Francaise, any other (enfait, tout) tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Bonne chance en apprende a langue Hausa.

    N.B. Not desirous of writing you a love letter, I plan to do my master in France with french as langue of instruction in say 3 ans temp.

  2. i've been doing the routine for about 3months now...i'm pleased with my lecturers o.can't imagine being taught by anyone that isn't technologically advanced, it will be so frustrating!
    About alliance francaise,self-study really helps and they are good tutors,should take u about 6-8 month tops to write a good love letter if u are diligent with ur study, writing is actually far easier than speaking. my advise is u surround urself with as many french speaking people that u can find,speak french everyday and do not be worried about making mistakes 'cos its normal if u want to get better,listen to audio tapes(there are so many online) and mimck them...thats all i got.. hope it helps u

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