Friday, 15 April 2011

Xoxo (1)

XoXo is supposed to mean hugs and kisses...

 This post though is about my fitst kiss ever! I remember it like it just happened a few hours ago. I was at home that day (1004 estate Crescent F108), bored outta my mind and watching TV. Mobile phones were not so popular then, and the ones that were in mainly in use here in Nigeria were by made Motorola mostly and were quite big in size and the numbers started with 090(not-nine-not). Anyway, i was sitting around watching the TV and then a call came in on our 'Starcomms' landline. I pick up and its my boyfriend telling me he was coming over, i thought he was joking, i told him i was at home anyway and waiting for him. He surprised me by actually coming..after watching TV together and jisting for a bit, we looked each other in the eyes and i guess we just knew we had to kiss,i removed his facecap (he liked wearing caps) and ran my hand through his hair, i had never done it before but i just knew how to and it was as exciting and full of fireworks as i had read in a variety of novels and fantasized it would be. I was drunk on the testosterone being exchanged with the touch of our tongues. It was great to say the least, anyway after that we could not stop staring at each other, my own thoughts were spiraling out of control. I was very sad when it was time for him to go, i remember him standing and about to leave, he was much taller than him. Our maid had just come back from school and my mum would soon come back from work, so he really had to leave except he was ready to meet my mum .
Contrary to everything my brain was saying i didn't let him go, i had to make this moment last as long as i could,relive my fantasy. I remember him standing in front of me and looking down and i moved the footstool and stood on it so we were level and stared at him through glazed eyes and kissed him again and again till i heard the door bell.My Mum!! lol.i ran upstairs to change from my 'to impress' skimpy outfit. and came back down to meet ma mum. I greeted her and as i expected she was already questioning my boyfriend. Thats how he met my mum. All this happened while i was waiting for my SSCE result to come out and get into University. 

I got into the University later on and we dated for a while till he traveled abroad for his studies. We had to break up due to some minor issues but mainly because i CANNOT do long distance. Anyway, where i'm going with this is we kept in touch for the 5 years we were apart via the internet and mobile phones as they became popular. We met again after all those years and out of curiosity we kissed again one night and the sparks were still there and it felt the same. Oh well he's outta the couuntry again and we are keeping in touch.

That's that about That :) 
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