Monday, 27 June 2011

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)

There i was o, jejely minding my own business and tweeting away on Sunday when i noticed a tweet about the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) contest showing on Silverbird Television (STV), i immediately became interested, 1st cos i'm Nigerian, 2nd i wanted to see the critera for this contest and 3rd cos i just sha like watching these things. 
Na so i begin dey watch this thing o! There were 34 participants excluding some northern states (all these beauty contest things dont go down well with them especially the bathing suit part!). I started watching late sha, i tuned in when they were about selecting their top 15 contestants. I was not happy with the broadcast at all!!! it looked like something recorded with a camera phone. I sha closed eye to that one and focused on the contest. The stupid guy presenting and trying to form 'Phone'(Phonetics) no just try at all (Chris Okenwa)!! The guy just dey blunder, na God know where dey find am sef, he come dey try crack joke on top! mschew! The top 15 contestants were from Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Delta, Ondo, Gombe, Bayelsa, Ogun, Ebonyi, Enugu, Osun, Taraba, Kogi, Anambra and Niger.
yay!! my State got in to the top 15!! Ondo gal yes i'm from Ondo!
And then there were 5 Gombe, Enugu, Lagos, Taraba, Bayelsa and then it was time to question the contestants! The winner of the MBGN was asked the simplest question 'why do you want to be the MBGN'. How much simpler can a question get seriously!!! my people she first of all stammered to the extent that the presenters had to tell the audience to show some love and they were applauding  before she regained composure, then she just messed it all up, her command of English was horrible then i dunno whether it was 'phone' she was trying to do or what!! you just have to watch it to understand Gaskia! at this point in my mind  i said eeyah this girl is out, funny thing is when i first saw her when they were counting down the top 15, i said dis girl fine o (she resemble Genevieve small) even tho her nose big small but she fine, black beauty, and she get d stats for beauty, she fit win o!

Anyway, next thing i knew Guy Murray-Bruce was announcing the runner-ups (this guys speaking-skills!!hmmm i reserve my comment) 4th runner-up Miss Gombe, 3rd runner-up Miss Lagos, 2nd runner-up Miss Enugu...
And then there were 2! Miss Bayelsa and Miss Taraba. Miss Bayelsa was kinda short but i was so sure that Miss Taraba would not win after that 'fuck up' so i thought o! Then the presenter says the post of the 1st runner-up is very important and if for any reason tthe winner could not fulfill her role as Queen, the runner up would take over, he asked if they were in agreement and pointed the microphone at Miss Bayelsa who said yes, he dint even bother to give Miss Taraba the mic and she did not bother to respond. It was at this point i realised the competition had been rigged and both ladies left standing knew who the winner was going to be and then it was announced that the 1st runner-up was Miss Bayelsa, and the winner Miss Taraba!!
You had to see the shock on my face!!! How could she win after messing up in that question and answer session!! I was watching it with a friend from the north who had been hailing Miss Taraba as per northerner and all until she answered the question! even He could not believe she won!! and anyone that knows me knows i have strong love for the northerners so it has nothing to do with tribalism. If the question and answer part of the contest was not important in the judging process, why was it there? Is a queen not supposed to be chosen based on both beauty and brains? who were the judges sef?!! Here they are; Nollywood actress: Susan Peters, Riverdrill Group’s Chairman/CEO: Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill, LufthansaWest & Central Africa’s MD was represented by Ms. Nike Adegoke, MD Notore Power Limited, Mr. Femi Solebo, Director of Classic Beverages Nigeria Limited,Mr. Bankola Animashaun, Corporate Affairs boss for Eko Hotel & Suites, Ms. Caline Chagoury and Panic Alert Security Systems’ MD, Mr. George Uboh.  

You know that look of anticipation u see when there are 2 people left, how they unknowingly cling to each other for support and all did not happen here o and u know that look the queen has when they announce her name and she's not expecting it, 'the surprised and overjoyed look' Miss Taraba could not fake it! she tried to but just couldn't pull it off. I guess the president and MBGN being from the same place was out of it *shrug

Na so i say make i check my tweets o make i see wetin the people i dey follow see for the mata!! see insults!! MBGN which is the acronym for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria became Most Banged Girl in Nigeria, they said it had obviously been rigged and the girl had slept her way to the top, some said Boko Haram (terrorist group) had threatened to bomb the venue if she did not win, and it goes on and on and on like that...was quite sad. Taraba is even still trending on twitter today. 
Still on the issue, guess what Miss Taraba's name is Sylvia Nduka! yup u are seeing well o...she is from Anambra state. hmmmm...

I went through most of the names of the contestants for each state and most of the looked Igbo, it may just be me so check it out yourselves. 

It would be so much better if they actually went around the country and picked girls who where at least born in these states or even lived there, not people who don't know anything about the state and have never lived there. I heard the 'Miss Taraba' contested as Miss Kaduna in MBGN 2010. hmmmm...
....and did i mention that she's an Accounting undergraduate in UNILAG..*SMH

We have endured the 1st Lady Dame Patience Jonathan's ibons and gbagauns  and now Miss Sylvia Nduka.
Miss Taraba is representing Nigeria in the Miss World contest being held later this year while Miss Bayelsa is representing Nigeria in the Miss Universe contest. I hope they brush both of them up very well especially Miss Taraba's diction!! before people abroad come to the conclusion that Nigerians can't speak well.
I could go on and on ranting, but what will that change? she don win, she don win be that*sigh

They made the mistake of giving Miss Lagos the Miss Tourism sash and crown!!! She's actually Miss ECOWAS while Miss Enugu is Miss Tourism...what kind of mistake is that!!

Her prize includes a brand new Hyundai car and a 3 million Naira cash prize. She also won the prize for MBGN 2011 Best Traditional Costume.
Other winners were:
  • MBGN 2011 Miss Universe 2011 – Sophie Gemal (Miss Bayelsa)
  • MBGN 2011 Miss ECOWAS 2011 – Grace Ndam (Miss Lagos)
  • MBGN 2011 Miss Tourism – Obioma Isiwu (Miss Enugu)
  • MBGN 2011 Miss Photogenic - Tobi Banjoko (Miss Ondo)
  • MBGN 2011 Miss Amity – Delphine Okobah (Miss Ebonyi)
  • MBGN 2011 Miss La Casera – Nwando Ebeledike (Miss Adamawa)
  • MBGN 2011 Model - Oluchi Okafor (Miss Kogi)
  • MBGN 2011 Face of Select Pro - Gabriella Ndu (Miss Abia)

Check  the ffl sites for more info and pics of the contestants
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  1. Am so angry i missed it sha with all the comments on twitter. I cant beliv with all the grammatical errors that girl made she did won. She no even fine and all the other girls were write off joor. wonder what this MBGN is now turning into.... Cant beliv she's gonna represent us in miss world...smh

  2. aaaaah, na wa o. i thought i was the only one vexed by the outcome.There were other girls finer than the Miss Taraba sef, but it's only Ben Bruce and Silverbird that know what stake they have in the girl and Taraba state. They (Silverbird) need competition in the organization of beauty pageants. The days of their monopoly are numbered.


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